What Is Dental Implant?


The dental implant is simply a screw made of titanium or zircon, which the human body accepts as its own part. It is a titanium screw system used to make prostheses on tooth deficiencies. Dental implants placed in the jawbone act like tooth root. In single tooth deficiencies, it is possible to complete the missing tooth without touching the neighboring solid teeth, and in multiple tooth deficiencies, it is possible to use fixed prostheses instead of mobile prostheses thanks to dental implants. It is possible to fix mobile prostheses, which are difficult to use especially in the lower jaw, in the case of full edentulousness, and that tend to get out of the mouth with implants.

Dental implants, which are usually made up of titanium-containing materials, are structures in the form of artificial tooth roots. Dental implant In Turkey, have been made from zirconium material in recent years. Zirconium implants are more resistant to breakage. In the long term, sometimes titanium implants can be broken, especially in the part of the neck. Therefore, zirconium material was started to be used instead of titanium. In this way, breakages can be prevented.

How is dental implant performed?

The purpose of the dental implant procedure is to create a slot for the implant to the jaw bone and to place the screw in this area. During the dental implant application, if the patient does not have a special request or an obstacle to the operation, it is sufficient to numb the area to be performed with local anesthesia. Depending on the patient's preference, sedation can also be performed under general anesthesia. To put it simply, in operations that do not require advanced surgery, firstly, the gingiva of the region is removed precisely, with burs, an area of ​​appropriate diameter and length is created in the bone and an implant is placed in that area. What we call immediate loading can be applied directly to the tooth or the gum is closed. Self-melting stitches or silk stitches are used.

There are cases that can be loaded immediately, but not suitable for every case. After the operation, the physician's recommendations should be followed carefully. It should be sensitive about the application of ice, necessary medicines, and drinking. Afterwards, one should pay great attention to oral hygiene. The main issue in the treatment of implants is to replace the teeth that people have lost for certain reasons, and to make the roots of the teeth, which serve as their own teeth and that will enable them to use them healthily and at the same time without any problems for many years.

Why is dental implant performed?

Dental implant is a type of prosthesis that can be applied to this area when permanent teeth are missing, imitating the root of the teeth and aiming to restore the aesthetics and chewing ability there. If there is enough space in the jawbone, it can be successfully applied in almost all tooth deficiencies. In addition, implant treatment is applied in order to increase the retention of removable full dentures, also known as palate prostheses, thus increasing the comfort of the patient. Today, even in patients who have lost all their teeth, removable or fixed implant retained prostheses are preferred.

A dental implant can be placed in the same session following the extraction of the tooth, or it can be placed in an average of 2-3 months after the recovery region is expected to complete. Thanks to the dental implant, patients can provide their lost teeth with artificial teeth with the same comfort and regain their quality of life. In order to lead a quality life, it is important to treat your tooth, which is one of the important factors in the human body, for losses caused by any reason. After the implant method, there is no change in the natural appearance of the person's face.

What is dental implant material?

In general the implant material is of 2 types; titanium implants and zirconium implants. Although titanium implants are well known, some brands have zirconium implants and provide successful results. As a result, most Turkish dentists prefer Titanium grade 4 implants in dental implant in Turkey, although there are not many differences. Titanium implants have both long-term cases, becoming more known is a matter of preference. The material used in the structure of the implant is made of highly durable, high-tech titanium, which is considered tissue friendly by the body.

Titanium minimizes the body's response to foreign substances, as it is one of the elements with very high biological compatibility with the body. Since the implant application started, the implants have undergone many changes in shape and surface properties. At the last point reached today, implants in screw style and root form are widely used. Implant treatment; In terms of dentistry, it is truly a miraculous solution as mentioned and it is a healthy treatment with absolutely no side effects.

Dental implant types

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Until 20 years ago, the implant was produced in the form of thin flat plaque called blades, but this situation changed and turned into a cylindrical shape, and finally turned into a form that could mimic the natural tooth root anatomy as much as possible in contemporary dentistry. Together, those in the form of plaques have been completely removed from production. Dental implants are artificial teeth closest to natural teeth with today’s technology. Implant provides better chewing and speaking opportunities than teeth, bridge and prosthesis.

Today, dental implant treatments are the most preferred. It is possible to classify dental implant types in several groups. Implants are collected under separate headings depending on their relationship with bone tissue, the support given to the prosthesis and the material to be used. In connection with the developing technology, the types of implants are constantly increasing. Dental implant types commonly used in dental implant treatment in Turkey are as follows:

Endosteal intra-bony dental implant

Endosteal implant is one of the implant types used in one tooth or more than one tooth deficiency. Implants that are applied inside the jawbone are called intra-bone implants. Intra-bone implant application is the most used implant types today. Today, the most used implant type is screw type implants. Intra-bone implants are collected under 4 main groups. These implants are screw type, cylindrical type, blade type and vent type.

Subperiostal dental implant

Subperiostal implants are a type of implant prepared by measuring over bone. They spread the chewing force over the entire bone. It is used to keep the dentures of patients with complete teeth deficiency in the mouth. However, they are not preferred much.

Trans mandibular dental implant

Trans mandibular implants are applied for the lower jaw. It is applied to increase the support in cases where the bone length is insufficient. The success rate will be quite low. Since they are applied to only one area, they are not preferred much. 

Intramucosal dental implant

Intramucosal implants are structures produced by Titanium. It is used to increase retention in prostheses.

Who is suitable for dental implants?

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Implants cannot be applied to every person. Sometimes it is more appropriate not to make any implants. In patients with impaired general health, it will not be correct to apply implants to people with bad habits, individuals with improper jaw bone structure. If bone loss has progressed due to systemic diseases, too much cigarette consumption or bad habits such as clenching, toothlessness for a long time or gum diseases and bad habits, the existing bone structure will not be suitable for implant application. Implant treatment can be applied to anyone over the age of 18 who does not have any major health problems. For dental implant application, it is required to have completed bone development. Gums must be healthy before implant treatment.

Dental implants have both a certain length and a certain amount of thickness. The dental implant to be applied to the jawbone must have sufficient thickness and volume. Especially in patients who use blood thinning drugs, medications are discontinued before treatment. Those who have osteoporosis can get implant treatment after the appropriate treatment upon the recommendation of the physician. It should be known that as long as the health conditions of the sick people are good, there is no other situation that will prevent the implant application. At the same time, implant therapy can be applied to all people with good general health and no other serious illness. At these stages, it may not be preferred for young patients who have not completed their bone age.

Planning before dental implant

Dental Implant Before the treatment, an appropriate Implant planning should be made for the patient using appropriate Radiography Techniques. Decide how many Dental Implants will be placed in which area. Dental Implant surgery with a specialist team in a sterile environment together with proper planning gives a very successful result. Dental Implant Treatment is a small surgical operation and a comfortable healing process is provided with the necessary drug support after the procedure. One of the things that patients should pay attention to on the first day after the procedure is to apply cold buffers and to stay away from hot foods and drinks. In addition, patients who smoke should not smoke for a week after the Implant application.

The person who will meet will need to be knowledgeable, skilled and have many cases before, so when you decide to have an implant, you have to research carefully and find the right dentist. When planning Dental implants, you should give this priority. If planning is not taken into account, very big problems arise. It takes an irreversible path in the treatment of the person. A very detailed planning is essential for the implanted cases. There is 3D implant planning process in Turkey. Before starting dental implant application, special tomogrophies are taken and the whole jaw is transferred in computer environment. Where and how much bone in the computer environment, where, which vessel and nerve passes, it is necessary to look at it by rotating it in 3 dimensions and plan the implants accordingly.

After dental implant

After the Dental Implant operation, the patients have a great task. Some patients fully follow the advice of their doctor, while others unfortunately do not follow these recommendations. Follow the recommended recommendations are important both for successful fusion of the implant with the bone and for patients to have a comfortable postoperative period. It has been proven by many studies that antibacterial mouthwashes used regularly after the operation improves the quality of the surgery. The application of cold compresses intermittently for the first 48 hours by the cheek to the operation area of the patients reduces postoperative swelling, bleeding and pain complaints. Cold compress application is the second golden rule after regular drug use and is very important.

After every surgery done in the mouth, patients should definitely continue brushing regularly. There is no harm in touching the operation area of the toothbrush or toothpaste or even cleaning the sewing threads is effective in terms of healing the wound area more easily. It is very important to eat soft foods, to consume plenty of fluids and water, to eat warm and cold foods. Nutrition is very important in this process. Patients ‘ inability to eat to avoid damaging the surgery site can lead to reduced overall health and body resistance! After the implant treatment is completed, attention should be paid to the foods eaten for several months.

During this period, which is considered as the period of fusion of the titanium implant to the jaw bone, soft foods that are not hot or cold should be preferred. In this way, the stability of the implant is not damaged. It is possible to see blood for the first day after surgery. Even when you wake up in the morning, you may even see blood scars on your pillow. In the first 24 hours, be careful not to spit and rinse your mouth so that the healing process begins.

The gum, which was opened by surgical intervention, is sutured and closed after treatment. It is very important that the sutures do not get blows in the period that they should wait until the gum heals. It would be quite correct to stay away from harsh foods or not behave in a way that could put pressure on this area until the stitches are removed by the dentist.

After the surgery, painkillers and antibiotics given by the dentist should be taken regularly on the hour and day. Even if the pain is gone, pain medication should be used until the planned day. Because painkillers, besides pain relief feature, it can be used for a while due to its swelling reducing properties.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

The dental implant has many advantages over other applications. Among the advantages of dental implant is its permanence. The dental implant looks and feels like your own tooth. Movable prostheses that do not adapt can move in the mouth, causing you to roll or pause your words. Dental implants allow you to talk comfortably without worrying about moving dentures. Since the implant is part of you, it removes the discomfort you may experience, unlike removable dentures. Prostheses that cannot stand still can make it difficult to chew.  Dental implants do not need cutting other teeth near you, such as a bridge.

Since the teeth next to it are not cut and their health is not deteriorated, oral health is also protected. Implants are very durable and can be used for many years when they are in full compliance with the bone, regularly monitored physician control and ideal oral care. Movable dentures may feel the need to be removed by patients from time to time. In addition, if you have dental implant treatment in Turkey, you can take advantage of the price advantages.

What is the success rate in implant treatment?

The success rate of dental implant success rate in Turkey is very different with that in other countries. It is far superior to European countries. Because when we say the success rate in implants, it is aimed to fuse the implant with the bone and keep the prosthesis on the implant in the mouth for a long time if possible. Not only the success of the implants on a country basis, but also the success of the physician who applies the implants is the most important measurement criterion today. Dental implant success rate varies depending on the location of the implant in the jaw where it is fixed, but in general, the application of implants has a success rate of 98%. If the dental implant is properly cared for and the oral health is preserved, it is a life-long application.

Is dental implant safe?

Dental Implant treatment should be done in a sterile environment with an experienced team. If this environment is provided, a safe and comfortable operation takes place. The first stage of implant treatments is the surgical procedure. The second stage is the prosthetic process. For this, oral, dental and maxillofacial surgeon and prosthesis specialists should work in harmony with each other.

First of all, the experience and sufficiency of the physician who implants this is very important. Another factor is the implant brand. It is important for you to learn the implant brand that will be applied to you and to request and keep the certificate of the implant applied by the company and the clinic so that it is easier to find solutions by contacting the relevant company in case of future problems.

The most important considerations to be considered are the knowledge and experience sufficiency of the physician who will perform the treatment and compliance with the hygiene and sterilization rules in the clinic where the implant will be performed. It is the most natural right for patients to receive information about the implants that will be performed to them and to keep the implant certificates that will be given to them after the procedure will facilitate the solution of the problems that may occur in the later period.

Dental implant risks

Although a dental implant is a very successful treatment method, if it is done unsuccessfully by the dentist, if the implants are not done correctly, various side effects can occur if the purpose of the treatment is commercial concern. 

Excessive use of implants in the patient's mouth can cause various side effects. The main goal of the dentist is to successfully complete treatment with a small number of implants. Implants can be made from a variety of materials, as well as titanium. 

Implants manufactured with such commercial concerns are cheaper. For this reason, people who want to start treatment with the implant should choose their preferred center and choose reliable clinics. The various side effects that may occur during treatment with the implant are also associated with the general human health condition, except that the implant is not properly used or performed using a substance other than titanium. 

It is very important for a person to provide oral hygiene after implantation and not neglect hygiene and cleanliness. In such cases, even if the implant treatment is successful, several problems may arise in the long term. Titanium used in orthopedics is also preferred as a manufacturing material for implant teeth. Because the implants are integrated with the jawbone, side effects can be seen if the application is made wrong or if the application is made badly. 

Even if the implant is applied in the mouth more than the patient needs, it can cause negative effects. Damage to the implant includes inflammation and infection of the surrounding teeth in some cases. Infections that occur when oral health is not paid attention are often more common in those with smoking habits and diabetes. If the Implant patient has problems such as gum withdrawal, the roots of the implant teeth may be exposed. In this case, bacteria build up and the development of infection is seen. In order to prevent the formation of bacteria and not to endanger the implant teeth, oral and dental care should be done with care. 

The most important of the risks of Dental implant is the rejection of the implant by the body. Tooth losses may occur if the immune system does not want the implant. It is more common in people who are allergic to titanium, who squeak their teeth and smoke. Implants made with titanium, which is bone-friendly, have recently been made with other substances. Because of these materials used due to commercial anxiety, it is inevitable to experience problems in implants. Improper implant use, not paying attention to oral care, implant brand, doctor's unconsciousness can cause problems in treatment. 

The implant may need to be removed in people with titanium allergies during dental implant construction. This condition can be seen especially in those with immune system problems. Dental Implant side effects can be seen as a condition of sinus problems. In case of smoking and infection, the jawbone may have trouble boiling with the implant. In addition, implants placed in the upper jaw lead to sinus problems in some patients are also among the risks of the dental implant.

How long does dental implant treatment take?

The duration of dental implant treatment depends on the process of fitting the implant screw with the jaw bone. If this adjustment is completed in a short time, the construction of the prosthetic teeth in the mouth and the upper part of the implant is started. This adaptation process may take 3 months with the tooth to be attached to the average base. Implant is a very easy application. A single implant operation takes around 15 minutes.

Lifetime of implants

Dental implants have a much longer life span than other conservative dental treatments. According to the researches, it is observed that even implants made from titanium 30 years ago are highly preserved. To understand why implants last so long, it may be more revealing to look at the properties of titanium.

As dental implant lifetime can change in a way that is compatible with all your other diseases, firstly the main effect is related to more attention to oral and dental hygiene than normal. After exposure to such a long-term pre-treatment and post-treatment period, considerable attention should be paid to the oral health required to ensure that the implants do not lose their health and that the expected time is not wasted. Especially in implant treatment, where dental control should never be neglected, even though an unhygienic mouth is formed, it should not be misleading that implant teeth do not carry a risk of decay and wear. 

Dental implants in Turkey

Dental treatment is a very sensitive form of treatment. The dental implant in Turkey is applied to the European standards. You can be a professional dental treatment in all cities, especially Antalya. Every year thousands of patients prefer Turkey for dental implants in Antalya. This success of Turkey, of course, is due to its success rates and reasonable prices. 

Turkey Dental implant prices

Except for upper prosthesis and surgery costs, one implant price may vary depending on the situation of your mouth and jaw structure. In addition, in order to obtain successful results in implant applications, it may be necessary to perform other dental surgeries other than implant application. For example, in the construction of implants for toothless cavity, when there is not enough bone support in this area, bone reinforcement should be done in this area using graft material. Therefore, the graft fee can also be reflected in the price of the implant treatment. You can call us for current Turkey Dental implant prices and find out the net price. Antalya is the city where dental implant treatment is most intensive. Antalya Dental implant prices are more affordable than other cities.

Full mouth dental implants cost Turkey

Implant prices are shaped by many interconnected factors. For this reason, not every clinic and centre performing the treatment can give the same price to the patients who want to have the treatment. Also, sharing implant prices on the internet is legally prohibited. Therefore, to get detailed information, contacting us will provide you with clear information. Full mouth dental implants cost Turkey is very advantageous compared to Europe. Fully fixed porcelains, bridges, hybrid prostheses, all-on-four systems, Full mouth dental implants, locater, bar holder prostheses.

Prices vary in all. In some patients, bone rate and tissue can be insufficient. It may raise some additional fees in terms of implant prices during the treatment process. Because the lack of bone tissue prevents the implant from being done! The bone strengthening process is called bone graft. This procedure is done with bone powder to make the jawbone suitable for the implant process. Until this point, of course, there is no pain or problems in terms of the patient. However, making these transactions requires great experience and professionalism.

If you want to have a dental implant in Antalya, our clinic can give you an all-inclusive price. So you can get a net price, including transportation, accommodation and all other expenses. For this, just send us photos of your mouth structure. We can make you an appointment if we have to, and we can make the first exam free of charge.

Why should I choose Turkey for dental implants?

Dental health expenses in the Western European country are excluded from basic health insurance coverage. Thousands of people travel to Eastern European countries, mainly Turkey, for dental care each year. The main reason for this is the high cost of dental health in the countries where people live. In many developed Western European countries, dental health-related expenses are excluded from basic health insurance coverage. This forces the citizens of Western rich countries to go to Eastern Europe and Turkey, where this service is Cheaper.

A tourist from anywhere in the world to Germany for implant treatment, while spending a minimum of 10 thousand euros, tourists coming to our country for this service pays a price such as 3-4 thousand euros. Moreover, it receives better quality treatment and services in Turkey. In oncology treatment, Turkey is moving towards becoming a center of health tourism. When it comes to dental health, Turkey is among the world’s leading countries in terms of both service quality and patient satisfaction. Dental implant treatment in Turkey is one of the most preferred treatments. European countries, welcomes Turkey, quality service, come to the fore with low cost and high quality of workmanship.

Antalya Dental implant

Dental and oral treatments involve a lot of methods. There are also several treatments for preventing dental problems and more aesthetic teeth. The Implant application is one of the most widely practiced and preferred treatments by humans by dentists. It is basically the process of replacing missing teeth with new teeth.

The Dental Implant is defined as small screws used in those who lack teeth and applied to the roots of the tooth. This treatment is done without damaging other teeth and the patient’s missing teeth are completed. After the Implant treatment is applied, a certain healing process takes place. Within the scope of this process, the area that is first healed becomes the gum and surrounding area. After the surgery, this area will take a short time to heal. In a period of 7-12 days, it becomes possible to remove the stitches. Then, the healing process between the bone and the implant continues.

Antalya Dental implant offers the opportunity to make highly predictable and final predictable dentures for patients and physicians. Now, partially edentulous patients with single or several missing teeth, thanks to implants and crowns with superstructures, achieve the desired aesthetic and function without any treatment on their existing natural teeth. Dental implants in Antalya are made by our expert and experienced surgeons using implants produced by brands that have been accepted all over the world, have international respectability and validity throughout the world, and have been produced by many scientific publications and researches. You can contact our clinic for more detailed information about implant surgery and its advantages.

In which cases dental implants cannot perform?

The patient must not have any obstacles to implant application in general health. People with insufficient jaw bone may have some bone diseases that prevent bone structure. Patients with this condition are not treated with implants. Patients who have received radiotherapy in the head and neck region, young people who have not completed bone growth and development, and patients who have a lot of cigarette smoking are not suitable candidates for implants because smoking suppresses wound healing in the mouth and reduces implant success.

Dental implants can be applied if appropriate conditions can be created by consultation with doctors of patients with systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hemophilia and autoimmune disease, using bisphosphonate, corticosteroid or immunosuppressive medication. Implant treatment is not performed in patients with heart disease and who are constantly dependent on dialysis. However, it is stated that patients with this condition can have implant treatment under the supervision of a doctor, if necessary tests and tests are appropriate. It is decided whether to make implants according to the results of the evaluation of the dentist and the doctors they are treated with. Patients who will have implants should take care of oral hygiene. Natural teeth can protect themselves from trauma and infection in and around it. However, the implant is a dental metal piece and does not have a self-protection feature. In this regard, oral hygiene is very important.

Dental implants in Turkey FAQ

We’re getting a lot of questions about dental implants in Turkey. It is difficult to answer these questions over the phone and by email. Especially we get many questions for dental implants in Antalya. That’s why we created a dental implant guide to frequently asked questions and we will answer them here.

Is the Dental Implant always Successful?

In Antalya dental implant treatments, implants are given a 10-year warranty of 98%.

Can the Implant Be performed to Everyone?

Almost everyone with a dental deficiency is a candidate for implant treatment. However, some conditions, such as chronic conditions, excessive smoking, or drug addiction, can impede treatment. Your doctor will give you information about whether you are suitable for implant treatment or not after detailed examination.

Will my friends know that I have an Implant?

The purpose of implant treatment is to regain comfort and function in your natural teeth. Therefore, even after implant treatment, even you do not understand the difference between your implant and your real teeth.

How long the treatment does takes?

Dental treatment duration varies according to the treatment type to be performed. Sometimes dental implant may end in a few days.  Sometimes 4 months or more may be needed. If bone graft is required, this period may be a bit more. 

Will I Feel Pain During Treatment?

Contrary to popular belief, implant procedure is an easy procedure. No more pain is felt during tooth placement using anesthesia than during tooth extraction. However, if necessary, your tension can be reduced by sedation. In more complex cases, the procedure can also be performed under general anesthesia.

Why can't you give an average price over the phone or by mail?

In dental implant treatments, treatment should not be planned and the price should not be given without examining, taking the necessary x-rays and evaluating the patient's face correctly.

Is there a Life Implant? Does the implant tooth fall?

It is not possible to give such a guarantee by the doctor or anyone else. Factors that may cause the patient to lose their natural tooth are also risk factors for implants. I had an implant, though I do not need to brush my teeth for a lifetime, thoughts cause Periimplantitis. It can cause implant loss.

At least how many implants should be placed for implant-tissue-supported prosthesis making?

In the lower jaw, the symphysis area may be sufficient to place two implants between the mental foramen. Depending on the sufficient amount of bone in the upper jaw, at least four implants should be placed in the canine and small molars area.

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