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How can you take before & after pictures ?

Second step ,when we receive your first application , our dental team contact with you on whatsapp ,mail or phone.They will want your teeth photos from different sides of your mouth and if you have a x-ray,pls share with dental team. If you send us several teeth photos of your mouth from all the sides with your smartphones or xray before coming to Antalya Turkey ,we can make a specific dental treatment plan. Ideally we need 5 dental photographs. You can take each photograph from these positions: closed bite check, from the left (closed), from the right (closed), open mouth upper jaw, and open mouth lower jaw. All photos must be very clear for checking . After your photos , the dental team and cosmetic dental team will check all details of your pictures after than evaluate and prepare a treatment plan for the optimum and target treatment you need.It may be full set of veneers,bleaching or teeth implant treatment like that. Later,you will be informed of your dental plan treatment details with affordable cost.We can send you some before and after photos or videos like your cases and we can share some patients videos about their treatment like your case (How did they find us? Why did they choose us? What was their treatment plan? Are they happy with result? …) Our dental team explain your treatment plan with every details from start to end step by step to you with mail, phone or video call or whatsapp message.After than we will decide and inform how many days we need for your dental treatment.if you need Dental veneers so we need 5 days or if you need implant treatment so we need 3 days enough for first visit also.İt depends on which dental treatment you need in Turkey .We want to feel you like your home because maybe this travel or visit will be first time to Turkey in your life so We are very pleased with our Myra Dental Centre and we want you to leave with a big new smile after dental treatment. We will do our best to make you feel happy in Myra Dental Centre. We would like to answer all your questions from beginning to end and we would like to tell you every step in details.