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Gum Contouring in Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Contouring in Turkey

Gum Contouring which is also known as Gum reshaping, is a technique used to reshape the gum line.

Used For: Creating a more attractive smile line in order to reshape the gum line.

Teeth and gums are important for oral health. Any discomfort that occurs in these areas significantly affects our oral health. Due to the protection of our oral health, a wide variety of dental and gum treatments are applied. The most important of these is gum surgery. Gum Contouring, which we call Pink Aesthetics in smile aesthetics, is a process performed for aesthetic purposes. Having healthy and white teeth may not be enough for a perfect aesthetic smile. Teeth and healthy gums should be compatible. The purpose of aesthetics in dentistry is to create a perfect smile. This situation cannot be achieved with bruised, colored teeth, nor can it be achieved with inflamed, purple colored bleeding gums. Gum Contouring is a treatment method provided in the field of aesthetic dentistry and it is also applied to treat gum problems. Gum Contouring in Turkey is a frequently applied procedure on aesthetics. Do not think of this procedure only aesthetically. It is a form of treatment that expresses the changes and arrangements made in the color and structure of the gums. Treatment should be considered as a whole. Gums are firstly healthy with proper treatment, the patient gives the necessary importance to oral care, and then aesthetic procedures are performed. In other words, this process cannot be done without correcting the existing problems in the gums.

What is Gum Contouring?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Contouring in Turkey

An indispensable part of a natural, healthy and pleasant smile is the health and aesthetics of the gums. Healthy gums should be light pink, tight, firmly adhered to the teeth and bone, and at the appropriate level. To achieve this ideal relationship between teeth and gums, the procedure for gum health and aesthetics is called Gum Contouring. This procedure can be done with more than one method. Different methods are applied according to the treatment purpose of the patient. This process alone means nothing. It is not possible to obtain satisfactory results from any dental treatment or prosthetic application that will be performed on unhealthy gums, both in aesthetic and medical sense. With the various operations performed by periodontologist, both your smile and your oral health will reach the ideal level. Gum Contouring treatment consisting of many applications such as deep and superficial stone cleaning; Treatment of gingival recessions with grafts, treatment of melting in the jaw bone with bone powders and tissue stimulants, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, botox application to the upper lip and phrenectomy treatments.

Gum Contouring Applications

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Contouring in Turkey

Gum contouring in Turkey is basically applied in 4 different stages. First, the gums are treated and existing problems are treated. Then aesthetics and correction processes are started:

Regenerative: these procedures are applied to stimulate and regenerate supporting tissues damaged by periodontal disease, the mechanisms of the body’s own making.

Gingivectomy: this method is performed to remove excess gum growth and in areas where deep pockets are formed. Then, the contours of the gums are corrected as needed, the gum physiologically put into a form and aesthetic appearance is provided.

Gingivoplasty: this procedure removes excess visible gum or asymmetric gum levels. Since local anesthesia is applied to patients, necessary corrections are made without feeling pain. If necessary, they provide a more aesthetic appearance with full porcelain lamina or zirconium porcelain with no metal support.

Crown lengthening: If your gums are seen when you smile and your teeth are short, you can get rid of your gums that appear more in a short time with laser or electro surgery.

How is Gum Contouring in Turkey performed?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Contouring in Turkey

Gingival recession adversely affects the aesthetic appearance. The well-evident root surface often causes cold-hot sensitivity. The gum can be pulled together with the bone under it due to behaviors such as stomach acid, clenching teeth, grinding teeth, eating nails, gnawing hard objects. Before the Gum Contouring treatment, the factors that cause it must first be identified and treated. In Gum Contouring treatment, the so-called root tissue is closed by applying a procedure called soft tissue surgery. The gum tissue that disappears due to gingival recession is carried out in order to restore the gum tissue. A good tooth-to-face correction should be made prior to these procedures, and the patient should follow all instructions and follow the dentist's recommendations until the end of treatment. It is very difficult to replace the lost gum with a new one. Even if you have white and impressive teeth, color changes in your gums, the level of the gum to the tooth, can shadow the beauty of your teeth. For this reason, for a beautiful smile design, you should first eliminate the problems of your teeth and the appearance of your gums and then make the necessary applications for your dental aesthetic.

Why is gum contouring performed?

In some cases, the gums may need to be cut. For this, needles and gels are used to numb the gums. It is ensured that the patient does not feel the pain in this way. However, such procedures can be done with laser treatment unless it is necessary to cut it. Even small corrections to Gum Contouring give excellent results in some patients. As a result, only the interventions to the teeth may not be enough in the operations performed for aesthetic purposes. The procedures to be performed after a good oral examination should be determined. These should be followed and completed in a certain order. Perfect prosthetic restorations should be completed by providing a healthy and symmetrical appearance on the gums. Today, innovations brought by technology have led to the discovery of many inventions to be used in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Among these, bonding and lamination applications can be attached to the anatomical structures such as tooth, enamel and dentin, providing a long-lasting and aesthetic appearance. Gum contouring procedure is the operation applied in the treatment of severe gum diseases. Surgical operations become inevitable for the treatment of progressive gum diseases. For example; when gingivitis reaches an advanced level, it can reach the gums, tooth root and jaw bone. In such a case, as we said, a surgical operation will be inevitable. Gum Contouring also has its own varieties. This surgery can be performed to protect oral and dental health, or it can be done for aesthetic purposes. Gum Contouring is usually done in case of gum recession or during gum shaping processes.

Who is suitable for Gum Contouring surgery?

First of all, you must be over 18 years old to be able to have gum contouring treatment. Because, it is imperative that the mouth and teeth structure complete its development. Applying this treatment at a very young age can create some problems. The dentist who will apply the treatment will decide this. Gum Contouring in Turkey is carried out under these conditions. Even if the patient wishes to have this treatment for aesthetic purposes, the general health of the gums is always examined and the problems identified are treated. Until these are completed, the patient is not processed. gum contouring surgery, in other words, periodontal flap operation is an operation to be performed in case of serious gum disease. The first symptoms are obvious tenderness, bleeding, bad breath and redness in the gums. If these progress, it may be decided to perform gum surgery on the advice of the physician. Depending on the condition of the gums and the extent of the discomfort, the dentist decides which teeth to operate on. If necessary, all teeth can be operated on. It is usually performed under local anesthesia and is a short-term procedure.

Gum Contouring healing process

During Gum Contouring treatment performed by applying local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain. Pain relievers determined by the dentist can be used for pain that may occur after the operation. Since laser applications are generally used in treatments and there is no bleeding, the healing process is faster than other treatment methods. Gum Contouring healing process is about 10-14 days. After Gum Contouring surgery, the patient feels very comfortable. If the dentist’s instructions are taken care of, the recovery time will be quite short and fast. He uses the prescribed medication regularly and comes to the appointment to remove his stitches a week or ten days later. Full care takes place after about a week of careful removal of the stitches.

What are the common problems in the gums?

The most common problems in the gums are swelling and bruising caused by gingivitis. After the treatment process of these problems, the patient's attention to oral care and hygiene will accelerate the positive outcome of the treatment. The treatment process that continues with the support of laser therapy is shortened and the possibility of this problem being repeated is reduced. After the mechanical cleaning of the gums, the bacteria called pocket laser and causing discomfort in the gums are easily cleaned. The condition, called Gummy smile, is the condition in which the gums appear excessive during a smile. When a person's smile is designed, the excess in the gums is determined. This excess is removed and reduced by laser or cautery in a comfortable and painless manner and without any bleeding. The use of laser in this procedure reduces both bleeding during the surgical procedure and shortens the healing process in the gums. Gum inflammation or age-related disorders may occur. The biggest problem in this regard is the black cavities that occur between the teeth. Depending on the problem in the gums, the appearance of the teeth as if they are elongated creates an aesthetically negative appearance. In this case, the patients are provided with the addition of the gum and the closure of the empty areas with this problem. Advances in surgical techniques make this form of treatment more successful.

If the patient is brown-skinned, the natural light pink appearance of the gums becomes darker due to melanin pigmentation. This type of coloration is successfully treated with a laser treatment lasting 15 minutes. Despite the appearance of the gums when smiling people in the surgical practice if the problem persists, two points under the nose than Botox when it is applied without a change in the person's expression, appear to fall slightly downwards in this way of gum with the upper lip can be prevented. If the teeth are not adequately cleaned and properly, the nutrient residues that have accumulated between the teeth will produce bacteria. This type of accumulation, called bacterial plaque, causes tooth decay and gum inflammation as well as the formation of tooth stones in the teeth. In addition, microorganisms that will reproduce in the plaque can cause negative effects such as problems in the gums. Botox application was made at the retreats as in gum, teeth, and gums to be healthy to pay attention to cleaning the teeth of persons, must be used with brushing and flossing your teeth. Botox applications that create aesthetic miracles in every area of the body are among the applications that help to remove defects in the gums in the area of pink aesthetics.

Benefits of gum Contouring

Gum Contouring, which is made to provide an ideal and aesthetic smile, treats the gums and also provides the patient with a psychological comfort. Advantages Gum Contouring in Turkey:

All existing gums are treated

Healthy and aesthetic gums appear

Teeth loss is prevented

Disproportion between tooth lengths is eliminated.

Possible inflammations in the gums are treated.

Smile problems are fixed.

Tissues that support teeth regain their former health.

Nowadays, a variety of applications in order to resolve the problems of your teeth and gums are performed by dentists. In addition to the destruction of gum diseases, pink aesthetic applications that can be done not only with aesthetic anxiety but also to protect the health of the mouth and teeth are performed in order to resolve the situations that disrupt the structure of the teeth and cause tooth loss.

Gum contouring risks

There are some points to be considered before Gum contouring surgery, as well as some complications that may develop after surgery and some points to be considered for these. Gum contouring risks are the same as in any dental surgery. In other words, unless there is an extraordinary situation, there is no harm in terms of health. As with any surgery, complications that may occur after gum contouring include infection. Oral hygiene is not paid attention to, during or after the operation may occur during the exception situations, infection may occur after the operation may cause. This problem is seen especially in patients who do not follow the instructions of the dentist after surgery and who do not use the recommended medications regularly. If the infection occurs, one of the most important symptoms of this condition will be the patient’s fever. Infection usually brings with it high fever. But other reasons may also cause this. During the operation, the teeth and gums may bleed due to the procedures and strain applied. However, in case of bleeding, the mouth should not be shaken immediately. With clean, moist gauze, pressure can be applied for a period of time to stop the bleeding. However, if the bleeding continues for a long time, you should contact your dentist immediately. As we said, the pain will start to be felt during the surgery due to the effects of local anesthesia on the patient’s teeth and gums due to the procedures and difficulties applied. The process of healing is somewhat painful, especially after the surgery. Pain relief is usually given by the physician for this type of pain. After the surgery, swelling may occur in the gums that have been forced. Some swelling is normal for a few days after surgery. During this time, ice application can be made from outside the mouth to decrease the swelling. Pressing the ice on the swelling at intervals of five minutes allows it to heal faster.

Gum Contouring Treatment Methods

Different methods are applied in this procedure. Gum Contouring Treatment Methods can be examined in two ways: non-surgical treatment methods and surgical treatment methods.

Non-Surgical Methods

They are the treatment methods applied without any surgery. It includes precautions taken to stop a condition or factor causing gum ailments or to prevent damage.

Ultrasonic Scrapers

Ultrasonic scrapers are a treatment method used in initial treatment. This treatment is not recommended, as it may pose a risk to patients carrying pacemakers. Cleaning of bacteria plaques on the tooth, cleaning of tooth stones and stain cleaning can be done easily. It does not damage tissues during treatment. The healing process of the gums is shorter. Ultrasonic scrapers are a very advantageous treatment. There are also disadvantages such as the sound from the instrument, the need for an aspirator to receive the water accumulated in the mouth, the defect in the teeth when not used properly, and the difficulty of accessing the deeper stones in the teeth. But its disadvantages are less than its advantages.


Usually, only medication is not used to treat gum disease. In order to supplement or help the treatment performed, the drugs recommended by the dentist can be used during the treatment process.

The treatment of diseases that cause gum problems

Sometimes gum ailments the disease can occur as a symptom or effect of another disease in the body. These conditions can be observed, especially in diseases that cause the body’s resistance to decrease. Therefore, another disease that has to constitute a sign of gum disease, if a drug or method that will be used in the treatment of this disease, dental-related illness would do to good.

Surgical Methods

The most commonly used methods in the treatment of Gum Contouring are surgical methods. These surgical methods are generally types of gingival surgeries. In addition, there are varieties of surgical methods such as flap operation, gingival curettage, root surface straightening and laser treatment.

Flap Procedure

The flap procedure is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia to the gums. Flap operations are generally performed if there is still inflammation and formed pockets in the gums after curettage and surface smoothing. The gums are opened and the roots or inflamed bone are treated. Diseased gums are cleaned. If there is bone loss, substances such as grafts and membranes are added here. Treatment is completed in this way.

Surgical Root Surface Smoothing

Gum Contouring is one of the methods frequently applied in the treatment of tooth stone cleaning and surgical root surface Smoothing. Plaque can usually hold onto a rough surface. Therefore, the tooth and root surface should be straightened. In this process, the teeth are removed from the stones and plaque; the irregularities on the root surfaces are removed.

Gum Curettage

Gum-related ailments are usually preventable or treatable ailments. Various methods are used in this. In the treatment of gum diseases, gum curettage method is also used. Curettage treatment can also be called deep cleaning. The teeth and root surfaces and inflamed tissues in the gums are cleaned and removed from the mouth. Then, the treatment is completed with the medication recommended by the dentist. This treatment is aimed at deep cleaning and tightening of the gums, which are inflamed due to bleeding and edema. The root surfaces exposed after this treatment are not a side effect or damage that has occurred from the treatment. This condition can be observed in healthy gums. However, sensitivity can be seen on these exposed root surfaces after treatment. This condition is not a permanent problem and will improve over time.

Laser Treatment

There is no pain and bleeding in gum treatments with laser. Therefore, patients prefer laser treatments more frequently. Removal of soft tissue lesions in the gums and sensitivity in the gums can be treated with laser treatment. Laser treatments are also serious solutions for the treatment of stains on the teeth and laser treatments can be used easily for aesthetic treatments of the teeth.

Gum Diseases Causes

Gingival diseases can occur due to hereditary reasons or external factors, as well as due to the person’s deficiencies and mistakes in dental and gum care. Oral care is one of the most important things to be done to protect dental and gum health or oral health. Regular oral care prevents the formation of bacteria and inflammations. Simply brushing your teeth regularly is not an adequate oral care application. We need to carry out our oral care routine more broadly and comprehensively using the right techniques and the right materials. When the wrong tooth is brushed, the gums can be damaged, causing bacterial growth and inflammation. It is important to go to the dentist regularly to maintain oral health. Diseases seen in teeth and gums can cause other important diseases as well as symptoms of various diseases. Their detection is extremely important to start treatment with early diagnosis. To do this, it is essential to visit a dentist regularly, at least once every 6 months. One of the biggest mistakes in toothbrush selection is to use a hard toothbrush. Bacteria-free teeth are not related to the stiffness of the toothbrush. This issue is mostly related to brushing technique. Brushing with the wrong toothbrush and wrong technique can damage teeth and gums. Generally medium-hard toothbrushes should be preferred and a correct brushing process should be performed. In this way, our oral care routine will be more accurate and effective. Choosing toothpaste, which is as important as toothbrush selection, can damage our teeth and oral health. It is wrong to choose toothpastes, which are called whitening, considering that they will provide extra whiteness.

These whitening toothpaste, which is specially produced for people who use cigarettes and which contains a large amount of corrosive substances, cause permanent damage to the gums and gums in continuous use. The amount of paste to be used in a must be paid attention. Dense and coarse granulated toothpaste should not be used for a long time. It is known to be very effective in genetics of heredity in a significant part of gum disorders and other dental diseases. If you have dental problems, you should be more careful. Some ailments can lead to serious problems in the teeth and gums. Especially the disorders that affect the body’s resistance and reduce it directly affect our oral health. For example, in diseases such as heart, blood pressure, kidney disorders, diabetes, bleeding in the gums are observed. In addition, because the development of infection in diabetes patients is faster, this situation affects the gums. Jaw trauma can occur for several reasons. Trauma to the jaw can lead to situations such as impact, jaw to remain open for longer than normal, jaw to be forced. In addition, chewing gum and teeth for a long time, such as gnashing situations can trigger the formation of jaw trauma. As a result of this kind of discomfort, the person’s jaw, face and neck are constantly pain occurs. In addition to these, it can cause disfigurement or pain in the teeth and gums. Jaw trauma can lead to gum ailments due to these reasons.

Before Gum Contouring treatment

Gum contouring treatment has 2 stages. The first and most important step is to eliminate the infection and ensure that the patient learns how to effectively and regularly maintain oral health by applying gum, tooth and interdental cleaning. With the elimination of the infection, it is possible for the physician to clean the root surface of the microbial dental plaque, tooth stone and tooth stone that causes the disease and the patient to protect this situation. This process is called initial therapy. It is an indispensable stage of treatment and is completed in a few sessions depending on the patient’s condition. In this stage, replacement of bad and flood fillings, filling of rotten teeth, alignment with the edge of the gum and correct shape of prostheses such as correction of local factors that facilitate the retention of bacteria, root canal treatments and, if any, extraction of rotten teeth are done. If an incurable condition is detected in the first stage, periodontal surgery is performed. After initial treatment, factors such as pocket depths, gum growth, the presence and shape of osteoporosis, the amount of gum, affect the decision to undergo surgery. All periodontal diseases and defects cannot be treated with the same surgical procedures. The factors that determine the choice of treatment are the characteristics of the patient and tissue and the course and prevalence of existing periodontal disease. The main purpose of surgical treatment is; to eliminate pocket depths, to try to compare the bone-gum and tooth relationship to the original, thus creating an environment that the patient and the physician can easily clean.

After Gum Contouring treatment

After Gum Contouring treatment, the medication and instructions given by the dentist should be followed in order to heal within a short period of time. After meals, the mouth must be shaken. If the patient is using prosthetics, he or she should use the prosthetics as little as possible for two weeks after surgery. After the operation, ice can be applied to the related area from the outer part to avoid swelling. Patients should be more careful, especially on the first day. After Gum Contouring, the paste placed to protect the incision area should not be removed. The drugs given by the doctor should be used in the correct doses and times. Any situation that traumatizes the area should be avoided. After the operation, the incision areas should not be touched by a toothbrush, while the other areas should be brushed with a soft toothbrush. After the consumption of food, mouthwash should be done with warm and high quality and clear water.

What should be considered after Gum Contouring procedure?

After the procedure, do not eat or drink anything before the effects of local anesthesia and feeling lethargic. Feed on soft foods that aren't too hot at first. Choose soft foods. Apply ice to the procedure area. This application will prevent possible swelling. Sleep with your head higher than your body at night. Do not rinse and spit with water for several hours after the operation. Spitting often causes you to discard the clot needed to stop bleeding on the surface of the wound and cause the bleeding to stop late. The first few hours may be bleeding as a leak in the surgical area. This will give your saliva a red color. Do not rinse your mouth during this process. If the bleeding is severe, apply pressure to the area for 30 minutes with a clean damp gas buffer in areas where periodontal pat is not used. If the bleeding doesn't stop, please call the dentist. Use the medication prescribed for you as indicated and until it is finished. Start using painkillers and antibiotics immediately after the operation and your mouthwash a day later. After some operations, some pain and swelling may occur in the area. Swelling will increase most in the second and third days and gradually decrease in the following days. The pain will go away within a few days, the swelling and bruising within a week. Do not use cigarettes and other types of tobacco for a week to avoid increasing the risk of bleeding after the operation and to delay recovery. Smoking can cause infection in the wound region, especially in bone graft operations, and tissue necrosis in free gum graft operations. Avoid foods and drinks that are too cold, too hot, sour, sweet, bitter, acidic and spicy for the first few days. Otherwise there may be sensitivity and the area of operation may be damaged. Do not brush the area of the operation for the first week, you can brush other areas, you can do the interface decontamination.

Is there a relationship between gum diseases and systemic diseases?

Gum disease is a major risk factor in cases such as heart and lung diseases, diabetes and premature birth. The development mechanisms of heart disease and periodontal diseases are similar and both diseases occur more frequently in older age, men, low socio-cultural level, smokers with high blood pressure, and stressed individuals. In the studies, it was stated that people with oral infection had 25% more heart attacks compared to individuals without the infection. Periodontal disease causes microorganisms and harmful substances they secrete play an important role in diabetes. It has been determined by scientific studies that more periodontal diseases develop in non-controlled diabetes patients than in controlled diabetes patients with the same level of oral hygiene. Periodontal treatment also facilitates the control of blood sugar, that is, diabetes. Breathing of microorganisms that are effective in periodontal disease or the collection of these microorganisms in the respiratory tract leads to the development of lung diseases. The microorganisms that are effective in periodontal disease and the harmful substances they secrete pose a threat to the fetus-placenta unit.

How long does Gum Contouring take?

Gum Contouring in Turkey is applied in 2 ways. In the first method called grafting, the piece taken from the patient's palate, called graft, is applied to the area where the gum is pulled. In the second method called scrolling, if there is a solid tissue next to the area of the withdrawal, the tissue is shifted over the withdrawal and closed. Treatment can vary between 3 weeks and 6 months depending on the severity of the disease. After Gum Contouring treatment, regular controls are required with an interval of 3-6 months.

Which methods used in Gum contouring treatment?

Procedures such as gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, gingival grafts and removal of gum pigmentations are Gum contouring surgery methods. Only the dentist can decide which method will be used when and at what stage of treatment. These are procedures that are carried out for a certain period of time depending on the patient's conditions and oral health.

Gum Contouring In Turkey

In Turkey, where Dental treatments are successfully applied, all dental diseases are treated. Gum Contouring in Turkey is performed by specialist dentists. The duration of this procedure, which takes place in hygienic clinics and by specialist dentists, depends on the condition of the patient. That’s why we recommend, when you come to Turkey for treatment; make your holiday plan in the same period. Because treatment can take a long vacation in Turkey, and he can within the time limit. Gum contouring treatment in Antalya is the best option for patients.

Antalya Gum Contouring prices

Gum contouring treatment is sometimes done as an aesthetic method and sometimes as a mandatory treatment method. To find out if the insurance company has met this treatment, you can get information from them. The method of treatment and the condition of the disease will also be determining factors in this fee. For this reason, Antalya Gum Contouring prices may change. To find out the most current prices, you can call and get information right away. Prices vary depending on which treatments the dentist will apply and what techniques to take.

Gum Contouring Frequently Asked Questions

Gum contouring treatment is a very sensitive and expert procedure. There are dozens of questions that patients who want to have this procedure are curious about. Gum Contouring in Turkey that frequently asked questions about are as follows:

After Contouring Gum treatment, almost all of the mouth becomes quite sensitive. Extreme cold or extreme hot feeding is prohibited for about three weeks. The nutrients to be consumed in the first stage of liquid, then pass to purée and about three weeks after the Solid is asked to return. In this way, both sutures and root health is maintained. The most accurate information about this will be given by the doctor who performed the operation. Besides feeding to protect the mouth, protein-based diet can also be applied to increase the rate of recovery.
The recovery period after Gum Contouring can take approximately three to four weeks, depending on the patient's condition. To avoid slowing the recovery rate during this three-week period, smoking should never be consumed. It is not recommended to consume cigarettes afterwards in order to protect dental health. However, those who want to drink must give up their desire to smoke for at least a month.