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Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Digital Smile Makeover

Teeth and gums whose appearance is impaired due to various reasons affect the face shapes and smiles of the patients negatively. Smile makeover procedure is a treatment method that provides patients to get a natural and beautiful appearance as much as possible with a few procedures. Briefly, it is a chain of processes that evaluates the relationship of some aesthetic criteria such as lips, gums and teeth separately and with each other, detailed aesthetic analyzes are made and evaluation of the way of smiling. With Smile Makeover in Turkey, patients with perfect smiles are starting a new life.

The implementation of this procedure in Turkey dates back many years. Thousands of patients from European countries leave Turkey with a happy smile. The compatibility of factors such as lip level, height of teeth, gingival level, tooth color, tooth alignment, lips and teeth when we laugh and laughter line are important factors in performing aesthetic smile analysis.

What is smile Makeover?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Digital Smile Makeover

With the smile makeover process, the gums of the patients get their normal appearance, the colors of the teeth, cracks and fractures are corrected, and the closing of the teeth is corrected, and the muscles return to their normal state. Smile makeover is applied by the dentist by examining all details such as the structure of the face, skin color, teeth and lips. With several successful sessions, problems in oral health are corrected and treated. It is very important that teeth and gums are in harmony in smile design. These should appear at a certain rate during the smile. This is the purpose of the procedure anyway.

More aesthetic and healthier teeth can be obtained by the fact that the front two teeth are slightly longer in women, the teeth of men are homogeneously distributed, and the teeth and cheeks are supported. With the computer-aided smile programs, you will be able to see how your smile is in harmony with your face before the treatment, before the procedures start and after the application. A correct smile makeover, joint decisions to be made by the dentist and the patient are determined.

How is Smile Makeover performed?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Digital Smile Makeover
Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Digital Smile Makeover

Smile makeover is a procedure that is used to combine orthodontics and artistic perspective, which is the most widespread branch in aesthetic dentistry treatments, and to provide a personalized and ideal smile. With smile makeover or smile aesthetics, it is aimed to reveal a smile form suitable for the person's facial features, gender, lip shape and expectations. What is important in the smile design study is the patient's request. The patient and the dentist agree on a specific treatment plan by mutual agreement. Initially, pros and cons should be discussed in detail and the treatment program should be clearly defined. There may be conditions that cannot be intervened such as jaw structure or significant gum loss. After this process, the application phase is started. First, gum health is treated and brought to the required level and the procedures are listed.

The duration of treatment can be single session or, if necessary, multiple sessions. The duration of treatment is determined according to the procedures to be performed. Aesthetically pleasing smile criteria are very important. The most important criteria for the aesthetic smile are the appearance of the cutting part of the teeth while talking and the teeth 'curving with the lower lip. In addition, the dentist who will make a smile makeover should evaluate not only the front teeth of the patient, but also the gums, all the teeth, face shape, skin color and lips. Patients will be able to see in advance how they will look after Smile makeover at this stage. The loss of the person's back teeth reduces the quality of the smile. However, it can have beautiful smiles with a support to be provided to the back teeth or cheeks with smile aesthetics. Laboratory stages are done on digital platform

Smile makeover treatment; It is applied in collaboration with prosthetics specialist, periodontologist and orthodontic specialist. A smile design is made by taking into account the face and smile symmetry, smile width, age and gender, and inside and outside appearance of the person. To get healthy and aesthetic teeth, you can have a Smile makeover in Antalya. Smile makeover is a comprehensive treatment that results from a combination of many factors. A wide range of medical analyses are performed and after these analyses, the arrangements to be made are planned on the computer and wax-up is prepared. Mock - up control is done. The transition to permanent restorations is made after these stages.

Why do I need Smile Makeover treatment?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Digital Smile Makeover

When communicating with someone in social life, the first thing to notice is our mouth. Because, we perform the speech function with our mouth! Teeth are the first attention. With smile makeover, you can change your smile and facial features completely. In some people, there is a lot of space between the upper teeth, and an unpleasant appearance can appear when smiling. This situation has a negative impact on the person both visually and psychologically.

Smile makeover is a treatment method applied for the solution of all these problems. If you think why you need this treatment, you should first believe that you will have this treatment to make you feel better. A beautiful smile is the window that opens out to man. A comfortable smile has a very important role in self-expression. Healthy and aesthetic gums are undoubtedly the basis of the smile design.

For an aesthetic smile design, the gum health is first evaluated and the process is started. If it has pigmented gums, individual gums are treated with laser or traditional methods to turn rose pink color. If there is gingivitis, or gum disease, tooth surface cleaning and polishing are performed, and more importantly, effective oral care techniques are taught. It is aimed to regain gum and bone health by performing various surgical procedures, If gingival disease has advanced to bone, periodontitis has occurred. So smile makeover treatment is not just for aesthetic purposes. You should definitely take this treatment to protect your oral and dental health.

Is the Smile Makeover treatment permanent?

Smile makeover treatment methods are very diverse; are personalized plans and may include different protocols. Depending on the application, it may require a special care method. It would not be right to say that the smile makeover lifetime is permanent. But we can say that it can be effective for at least 10 years. The veneers in Turkey and bridges made during the treatment can be used for an average of 10 years. In wire and plate treatment, plaque and lingual reteriner can be done to prevent the treatment from returning. The troubles observed in routine dentist controls are eliminated.

The important thing is that dental health and aesthetics are combined. People who care about the oral and dental health may have aesthetic expectations, that is, a smile design may be needed. Genetic and environmental factors are the source of many formal or formal disorders. These disorders can trigger problems that may arise later in the oral and dental health or negatively affect the social life of the person. As a smile makeover treatment, you can get rid of these problems for 10 years. Considering the scientifically accepted rules in the Smile Design, the most appropriate treatment planning is made and applied to the patient. After applying smile design treatment, the patient's oral and dental health checks are carried out with 6-month control appointments and the continuity of the smile design is ensured.

Smile makeover criteria

Horizontal Alignment: A smile parallel to the line passing through the eyeballs and the line passing through the middle of the teeth is the most suitable form of smile.

Symmetry: The curve drawn to connect the incisors of the front teeth should be the same as the curvature of the lower lip. The better the harmony in these lines, the more attractive and beautiful the patient’s smile will be.

Gingival Line: The gingival line that appears when you smile should be parallel to the upper lip line. The gingival line is like the frame surrounding a beautiful painting that gives meaning to your smile.

Circular line: When you smile, the incisors of the upper teeth should be arranged in a circular line from front to back. In dentistry, this line, called the spee curve, gives aestheticism to smile.

Smile Width: For an aesthetic smile, a certain proportion of the teeth in the back of the smile line should be provided to appear. If this is not achieved, the dark areas in the corners of the mouth will not create a pleasant image.

Embouchures: The areas called embouchures are natural and triangular-shaped spaces between the tips of the teeth. For an aesthetic and ideal smile, the sizes of the embrasures should increase from the front teeth to the back teeth.

Gold Rates: The width and height of the upper incisors in the visible area should be 1/16 of the width and height of the face, respectively. For an aesthetic smile, teeth must also follow this rule.

Dental Ratio: The ratio of the width of the front two teeth to the height should still match the golden ratio so that adequate aesthetic appearance can be obtained.

Color and transparency in teeth: Teeth never form one or the same color. The natural tooth color is also not pure white in color. In the natural structure of the teeth, the colors of dentin and enamel are different. This difference is different between the incisor of the tooth and the part close to the gum. One of the important factors that make up the color of the teeth is light reflection and light absorption; the light permeability of a tooth near the gum and the light permeability of the incisors are not the same. The color and transparency of the tooth varies by part.

How many sessions is the smile makeover completed?

Smile makeover is to bring the smile of the person to the desired state by applying processes such as zirconia crowns, bonding, whitening, gingival operations, bridges, tooth length adjustment and lip shaping. The gums of the person whose smile design is made have a normal appearance, the colors of the teeth, cracks and fractures are corrected, and the closure of the teeth is corrected, and the muscles return to their normal state. Smile design; every detail such as the structure of the face, skin color, teeth and lips are examined by the dentist.

Smile Makeover treatment time takes an average of 2 sessions. Analyzes are made in the first session and your data are recorded, and in the second session, the design that will emerge after the treatment is shown with the Mock Up application. Treatments are started according to the methods determined as a result of the design. Although the following sessions vary depending on the condition of your teeth and the procedure to be performed, they are usually completed in 3 sessions. According to the needs of the patient, smile design can be done in a single session, and it may take longer in the treatments that require chin relations.

First you need to decide what you want. With only 1 hour of whitening treatment one can have a very nice smile. If the person has a problem in the gums, a beautiful smile design can be provided by only treating the gum and then whitening. Sometimes the gums are good, but the gums may be inflamed. This time, you can have a healthy and beautiful smile with dental cleaning or curettage treatment. If there are problems in terms of health and aesthetics in dental appearance and gums, the treatment process may be a little longer.

Gingival treatments are started first. Dental cleaning, gingival curettage and gingivectomy if necessary. The completion of these treatments is done on the same day and a few days are waited for the gum to heal. Meanwhile, mock up is prepared with the measurements taken from the patient and applied to the patient. The shape and structure of the prosthesis that is planned to be made in the mock up procedure is determined. At this stage, the expectations of the patient are also learned. After determining the way of smile, what kind of prosthetic procedure is decided. Laminate veneer porcelains are recommended, especially if the front teeth are intact and our problem is only deformity. Briefly; smile makeover procedure time varies according to the patient's condition.

Before Smile Makeover treatment

The first step in the smile design is to accurately determine the aesthetic expectations of the patient. Problems are determined on the models prepared with the patient’s mouth measurements and treatment plans are made. Then, measurements are made with the help of special programs in the computer environment with the mouth and face photographs of the patients and designs compatible with the face are made. The most similar images that will occur after the treatment are presented to the patient with the support of the programs and their ideas are taken. Thus, the patient knows what to cover after treatment. If orthodontic treatment is not needed after the planning phase, first of all, level disorders in the gums are treated. If there is a tooth deficiency, the implant is applied and other necessary surgical interventions are made.

The most important criterion to be considered before Smile Makeover is the age of the patient. Because with the advancement of age, problems such as wear occur in the teeth and the lip muscles relax over time. Therefore, first of all, a treatment process suitable for that age begins. Another important reason is the gender of the patient. Because the structure of teeth differs in men and women. In women, the teeth are slightly curved from the corners, but in men, the mouth is more prominent.

Apart from these, your gum appearance and tooth structure determined in accordance with the preliminary examinations is one of the factors that will affect the treatment process. With the photos taken before and after, the treatment process can be easily followed and the smile design can be clearly seen. The last criterion evaluated is lips. The thickness, symmetry and curvature of the lips are checked and in this direction, the most suitable tooth appearance is made. Smile makeover in Turkey, all in accordance with these criteria are planned and implemented to give you the most beautiful smile.

After Smile Makeover treatment

The aim of aesthetic smile design is to provide a natural aesthetic appearance, but also to obtain healthy and functional teeth. In short, we cannot say that the aesthetic appearance will always function well. The important thing is to combine these 2 factors to get perfect results. An aesthetic smile is provided with a healthy mouth. Healthy teeth should be lined up in a proper order, so the gums should also be compatible with each other. Teeth should be sufficiently supportive to the lips and the profile should be quite good. There should be no gaps between the teeth or existing gaps should be harmonized with each other.

Color defects should be removed and the person should be able to laugh whiter. Missing teeth should be removed with implant or bridge treatment and the tooth sequence should be maintained. In short, teeth, gums and lips should be in harmony. After smile makeover, all this should be done and the patient should be presented with the features he wants. Changing your oral hygiene habits to provide the most appropriate care for your restorations will enable you to maintain your new smile in the years ahead.

Therefore, after smile aesthetics, you should pay attention to dental care. Extremely abrasive toothpastes and brushing habits scratch the surface of the restorations, and polish and other polishing applications such as tooth paste will fade. Therefore, non-corrosive fluoride toothpastes are recommended. Brush your teeth two to three times a day to get the best effect.

The use of dental floss is a key factor for removing residual residues and plaque, and also prolongs the life of restorations, preventing dental decay. The use of dental floss is important for everyone, but especially in people with porcelain laminated veneers, gum tissue health is even more important than it should be. It has been proven that mouthwashes containing alcohol have a negative effect on composite fillings. Also, over time, the alcohol content in mouthwashes can cause the bond between your restorations and your teeth to wear out. Therefore, prefer non-alcohol mouthwashes. To preserve the beauty of your new smile in the long term, follow your dentist’s instructions.

Treatments performed in Smile Makeover

Smile makeover is a type of treatment done with many different treatment methods of aesthetic dentistry. Among the smile makeover treatments, we can list tooth whitening, porcelain laminates, composite laminates, ceramic veneers, zirconium veneers, orthodontic treatment, implant treatment and gum surgery if necessary. While determining the treatment method, many factors such as the health of the gums, the health and color, position of the teeth and the relation of the upper and lower jaw are decided by taking into consideration. Although it varies for each patient, the following treatment methods are procedures applied in smile makeover treatment:

Teeth whitening

Pink aesthetics (Gingival aesthetics)

Zirconia and porcelain veneers veneers


Orthodontic treatments

Laminate veneer porcelains

Lip contour and contouring


Composite fillings etc. dental aesthetics methods are used.

Not all of these procedures can be used in treatment. These are only whole treatments. Different methods are determined and applied according to the patient. Do not assume that you will be all of these listed treatments in the treatment of smile makeover. Only the dentist can decide this. Let’s say that all these treatments can be successfully done in Antalya smile makeover treatment.

Smile Makeover advantages

With smile makeover, you can have healthy and natural teeth. You can shape your teeth as you wish with the developed aesthetic dentistry technology. Smile makeover advantages are as follows:

You can have the smile you want.

You can smile more comfortably and confidently.

Your gums get their normal appearance.

The color of your teeth is balanced, cracks and fractures are treated.

The gaps between your teeth get better and your jaw problems are treated

Your physical appearance will improve.

Your teeth are prevented from breaking and rotting.

You will have healthy oral hygiene.

A beautiful smile provides advantages in many areas of life. It increases success in both our appearance and communication. Here smile design is to apply a beautiful smile by applying medicine and art together. Smile design is a treatment with very effective advantages. It is much more effective if it is done with dental and facial aesthetics. Facilitates communication between people who perform the process, such as a dentist, technician, and medical team. The program of the smile design is made at the beginning of the treatment. The patient concretely sees the result at the beginning of treatment. It enables the physician and the patient to make decisions together in the smile design.

Smile Makeover disadvantages

There is an aesthetic expectation that the patient expects it to happen. However, it may not be technically possible to achieve the expectation or, if applied, may cause serious damage to the teeth. The dentist may decide at this stage that the patient is not fit for this treatment. The Smile Design for everyone will not be the same. Treatment should be started if it can be taken within limits. In other words, it is the patient’s will that is important in the study of Smile Design, but in some cases it may not be possible. The cost of treatment can be a bit expensive. Because of a sensitive technique and expensive materials, you cannot get high quality aesthetic dentistry services cheaply. But still Turkey Smile Makeover prices are very convenient.

Most aesthetic dentistry procedures are not covered by health insurance. The substances used cannot be preserved forever. Porcelain crowns and laminate veneers are much stronger and more durable than they are now, but you can’t use them forever. They may break or crack, or the filler used may weaken.

Young people may need to repeat this process every 10 to 15 years. There are also different titles that we can list among Smile Makeover disadvantages. Dentists who are experts in aesthetic dentistry procedures can adapt the materials used very well, they can shape and polish the materials used to be really impressive, but they can’t change the shape of your mouth, the color of your skin or your overall appearance. Dental restorations should suit you to look natural. Aesthetic dentistry improves your appearance, contributes positively but does not completely change you. When you have this treatment, don’t expect your whole life to change. You need to be better and relaxed and even laugh in an impressive way will have very positive contributions to your social and business life but you need to be in realistic expectations.

Is the smile Makeover different for men and women?

There are some differences between men and women in the treatment of Smile makeover. Teeth should be compatible with the facial Oval in females. The teeth are more rounded, oval-lined, and the teeth are more square or rectangular in shape. The male and female structure is quite different from each other. Therefore, the Smile Design is adjusted in different ways. Men's facial features should be sharper and more pronounced than women's. In women, the softer nose and brow arches are duller. The teeth have the same parallelism. As a result, both sexes face lines and teeth lines to achieve harmony when the appropriate aesthetic is provided.

Criteria to be considered while making smile Makeover

Factors such as age, gender, lips, gums, tooth color shape and positions, face shape, skin color are taken into consideration in smile makeover in Antalya. Treatment methods depending on age may differ. The tissues of young and old patients are different. Therefore, different methods are preferred. Depending on the age, changes can be made in the treatment method. Gender criterion is also very important. Since the smile lines of men and women are different, designs are made according to gender. The lips that determine the smile are an important factor to be considered when designing the smile. Thickness, thinness, sagging, fullness and especially lower lip condition are the factors that need attention during restoration. Gingiva is very important in the treatment of smile makeover.

The gum with a health problem should be corrected before treatment. If teeth colors and shapes are impaired, they should be treated in advance. Methods such as teeth whitening can be applied. Tooth fractures are corrected and veneers are performed if necessary. The patient’s face shape is a factor that determines the smile makeover treatment. There should be harmony between face shape and teeth. The teeth of someone with a long rectangular face and those with a long and angular round face can be more rounded. Skin color is also among these criteria. Teeth colors should be chosen according to the skin color.

Is Smile Makeover an expensive procedure?

Yes, smile makeover prices are expensive in Europe, but you can have this treatment in Turkey with very affordable prices. There are factors that determine treatment prices. Prices vary depending on which of the treatments that are valid for Smile makeover treatment will be applied to the patient. Smile makeover prices in Turkey are very cheap and you get professional service.

Smile Makeover in Turkey

Turkey is a country with self-renewing treatments in dental aesthetics. Smile makeover in Turkey is carried out in a professional manner with aesthetic dentistry methods. Porcelain laminates, crystal supported or zirconium supported veneers are produced with small whitening bonding systems with tooth whitening or in combination with all of them. The important thing here is to make a decision together with the dentist and the patient and determine what the patient needs. Different techniques have been tried in recent years in smile design in Turkey. With the rehearsal method, it has become possible to design the smile by coming together with the aesthetic dentist and the patient, showing the teeth with some special candles in the mouth, feeling the teeth in the mouth.

Smile Makeover Turkey prices

Smile makeover is a treatment that can be done with many different methods. In addition, there is no clear pricing policy since it is a treatment method that varies according to the patient. But Turkey Smile Makeover Prices are at least 2 times cheaper than other countries. In order to determine Antalya Smile Makeover prices, the patient must first be examined privately. A tailored treatment plan is made, taking into account the structure of the patient’s teeth, their order, and tooth loss, if any. Unlike what you know, Smile Makeover is not just about teeth. Lip structure, the structure of teeth and gums are also factors that affect the color Smile Makeover prices in Turkey.

Antalya Smile Makeover

Dental treatments in Antalya attract thousands of patients from all over the world. Its success in dentistry has made Antalya a privileged city. The Antalya Smile Makeover, where dentistry and aesthetic art are applied together, is performed by experienced dentists who are experts in this regard. This treatment is performed with the patient’s request, expectation and the experience of the doctor. In this process, where the harmony of the dentist and the patient is important, features such as the oral and dental structure of the patient, face shape, sex and age constitute the tricks that ensure satisfactory results in the treatment.

Smile Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to have a beautiful smile asks us what they wonder about smile makeover. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions among these questions and publish them with the answers below:

In smile design treatment, it is not always necessary to cut teeth and do veneer. Generally, your aesthetic expectations can be met with easier and protective methods such as composite laminates, bonding, recon touring or teeth whitening.
In all aesthetic applications, the goal is to apply personalized treatment. When smiling, the level of gums and their symmetrical appearance are as important as the image of the teeth. Sometimes it is necessary to intervene with the gums by laser. If only gingival intervention is sufficient, it can be treated with diode laser. However, if a more advanced arrangement is required, treatment with hard tissue or combined laser device is required. Hard tissue lasers are also more preferred for post-processing comfort.
At the end of Smile makeover treatment, you will be free from stains on your teeth, deformities on your gums, improper arrangement of teeth, more than necessary between teeth, discomfort caused by lost teeth due to some situations, aesthetic concerns due to dental disorders and disproportionate appearance on the tooth neck. When these mentioned problems are eliminated, your smile will be more beautiful and confident and will add a different ambience to your life thanks to the design of the smile.
The upper the teeth and gums while laughing more apparent, however, the application of Botox and dermal fillers to surgical and medical patients who afraid of dental treatment can be performed. Botox injection, performed 3-5 mm sideways from the side border of the nose wings, can cure the problem of smile with gums. In cases where the upper lip is insufficient, smile design can be done by adding volume to the lip with dermal filler application.
With special software, all the details of the facial features are transferred to the computer. In line with this data, the software creates the most appropriate Smile Design for the person. In Aesthetic Dentistry, 100% patient satisfaction is achieved thanks to the application that visually describes the dental structure that is best suited to the patient. We use Cerec CAD-CAM system and smile design software.
The digital smile design is prepared in 3 to 5 days. This process can vary depending on the person. At this stage, according to the information obtained at the first appointment, it is evaluated by the dentist in a digital environment. Once the necessary corrections and retouching have been completed, the resulting design needs to be transformed into a model. Then, the model created is being tested inside the patient's mouth at the second appointment. This is how the processing order is sorted. Digital smile design is applied by taking into account the patient's facial features, ear, nose proportions and jaw structure.
At every stage of Smile Design from the beginning to the end, temporary teeth are prepared so that you can spend your daily life comfortably on your teeth and not have an aesthetic problem.
If we are going to interfere with the entire smile line in determining the color of your teeth, you can choose a color that is appropriate for your skin and face on the color scale during the treatment.

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