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Laminete veneers in Turkey are done with best quality products and cheap prices compared to other countries.


Dental Lumineers are perfect for asking a smile design that requires subtle changes in shape on your natural teeth and overall smile design

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If you’re considering ways to restore your teeth and enhance your smile, then you have a great option with dental crowns in Turkey

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Teeth that are damaged or broken. Crowns can be sculptured to bind your existing teeth and close the gaps. The advantages of zirconium crowns in Turkey

New Teeth Turkey

Veneers for dental treatment in Turkey Today as Myra Dental Center in Turkey, we will talk about new teeth in Turkey.

What are veneers? The English term veneers means facade. A veneer is made of ceramic or a plastic-ceramic mixture. The veneers are permanently glued to the dentist on the visible side of your front teeth. So your original discoloration or malocclusion is simply obscured. Since every tooth and every smile is different, veneers are made individually at the dentist. What is the cost of veneers? As veneers are not a medically necessary treatment but are aesthetic choices, as a rule there is no reimbursement by the statutory health insurance or private insurers. Even if you have dental insurance, this cosmetic treatment is not always taken over. You want a permanently beautiful smile despite tooth discoloration, congenital white or yellow spots as well as malocclusions? Veneers can help by dimming their front teeth or just a front tooth, leaving you with an impeccable smile.

Learn what procedures are available and how much your individual veneers cost. Laminate veneers prices and costs Are the veneers costs covered by the health insurance? As a rule, the costs for veneers are not covered by your health insurance. The health insurance often considers the treatment as a cosmetic procedure. The goal is usually the beautification of the front teeth or a single front tooth. A treatment with a veneer is thus a pure private service without cost subsidy of the health insurance.

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How much for new teeth Turkey?

The process is important. The cost of veneers is variable and varies in the way the procedure is applied.Which veneer procedure is used will be decided by your dentist depending on: Your personal wish the degree of your malocclusion the discoloration of your teeth as well as the extent of your defects on the tooth In addition, the materials used (ceramic, ceramic-plastic mixture) lower or raise the costs of your veneers. For more information about price of laminate veneers, please contact us.

You can contact us for your all questions like what is periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontium and is triggered by bacteria and the inflammatory response of the body. This chronic inflammation destroys the jawbone. This can lead to tooth loss in the advanced stage. Periodontitis always starts with gingivitis. Signs of periodontal disease can be frequent gingival bleeding. But also changes in the tooth position, longer and loosened teeth, bad breath and occasional pain are signs of periodontal disease. The statutory health insurance makes for periodontal treatments only with a pocket depth of more than 3.5 mm. Of course, it makes sense to start the periodontal treatment earlier (as far as it is detected early), since the healing options are much better. However, if periodontitis is treated at an early stage, the costs will not be borne by the statutory health insurance, the costs incurred must be borne privately. However, many dental supplements take over the cost of periodontal treatments, if the health insurance does not pay for the costs. Do not forget to call us to get information about cheap new teeth Turkey.

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