Get New Teeth Turkey


Get New Teeth Turkey

With the developing technology and dental treatments in dentistry, it is possible to get successful and aesthetic results in a shorter time. Treatment periods that last for months and cause disturbing patients can now be completed more quickly and safely. The main reasons for this;

  • Development of digital dentistry.
  • Increased experience with the number of applications in implant treatment.
  • The development of early loading implants and early loading techniques.
  • New teeth veneer and crown materials are more effective and can be applied quickly
  • Increased material quality in dental laboratories and clinics.
  • Can you get new teeth in one day?

With digital dentistry, the treatment times of the patient are incredibly shorter. In patients coming for a new tooth, the required treatment time for 1 dental veneer decreased from 10-15 days to 1 day. The digital measurement taken from the patient with the Cerec CAD-CAM ( computer aided design- computer aided manufacturingsystem )is transferred to the computer software. The tooth is designed on the scan image in Cerec software and transferred to the CNC system that will prepare the veneer. E-max, celtra duo or cerec original ceramic blocks can be attached to the CNC machine and 1 tooth veneer or coating can be prepared within 15 minutes. With this system, it is possible to apply for a tooth or more teeth. With the digital Cerec CAD-CAM system, the mouth image scanned can be shared with the laboratory. The laboratory can design teeth and produce new teeth via the transferred scan. In this system, the first scan image of the patient can be taken and a smile design can be made on it. Together with the patient, new teeth can be examined and the smile design desired by the patient can be obtained. Advantages of Cerec
CAD-CAM system;

  1. The system works very fast.
  2. Scan image is perfectly sensitive.
  3. There is no need for temporary teeth.
  4. The design can be evaluated before veneer or crown are produced.
  5. No impression is taken orally
  6.  Perfect veneer and crown adaptation to the tooth
  7. Monoblock material usage

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - New Teeth Turkey
Myra Dental Centre Turkey - New Teeth Turkey
The changes in implant technology are incredible for new teeth. İt is possible to replace all your teeth in one day. In the past, patients had to wait at least 2 months when implants were placed. The implants were integrated to the bone after 2 months in the lower jaw and 4 months in the upper jaw, and were ready for the crown. The patient remained toothless during this recovery period in the past. The patient’s quality of life was very low and he did not have teeth to eat. With new dental implant treatment protocols, patients can replace their teeth within 1 day after implant surgery.
The impression of the jaws is taken from the patient at the first appointment. The tooth prepared at the second visit after 5 days is checked. Afterwards, the patient is operated and implants are placed. Teeth prepared after implant surgery are screwed and fixed on implants. With this process, full set of implant and mouth reconstruction is completed. All on 4 treatment concepts are suitable for a toothless jaw as a full set of implants.
For All on concept;

patient’s age and patient’s gender
patient’s state of health
the amount of bone in the jaws is ,evaluated

All on 4 concept is suitable for 65-70 years old. For younger people, all on 6 or all on 7 concepti is preferred. As people’s physical strength and chewing force of the jaws decrease with age, all on 4 concepts are sufficient. Adequate comfort and quality of life can be achieved with 4 implants per jaw. In people under 65; It is a more guaranteed option against all on 6 or all on 7 chewing forces and for longer use. In Myra Dental Center Turkey, especially the patient’s age and physical condition are very important for us which All on treatment we choose.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Cosmetic Denture
With the all on treatment protocol, the patient passes the recovery period comfortably and comfortably after implants are placed. In the second visit 4-6 months later, the first applied teeth are removed and permanent new teeth, which are better in terms of aesthetic function and usefulness, are placed. With this system, people can begin to use their new teeth by replacing their irreversibly damaged teeth in a short time like 1 day. All on concept is the process of replacing all teeth with full set of teeth implants.

System success has been increased by innovations in implant thread design, more fit implant internal connections, adaptation of temporary dental technology over implant to needs. The development of immediate implantation systems provides advantages not only for full set of teeth  implant implants but also for single dental implants. In this way, as soon as the patient’s tooth is pulled, implant can be applied immediately. This concept’s name in dentistry is immediat implant placement.

In the implant placement after tooth extraction: a sinus lift operation has not been performed, bone graft has not been used, if the bone stiffness is sufficient; the crown can be fixed on the implant the same day as immediate loading.

Today, with the increase in aesthetic expectations and the appearance become more important, people; they are not happy with worn teeth, crooked teeth, and an unpleasant smile. The celebrities’ white smiles and excellent smiles are also achieved thanks to the veneeers. Veneers are the only alternative for crooked teeth and colored teeth. With Braces and invisalign, the distortion of the teeth can be corrected, but the form and color disorders in the teeth cannot be corrected. With a whitening, a Hollywood white smile cannot be unattainable. Although the original whiteness of human teeth varies from person to person, hollywood white is not a natural color.

With invisalign and braces, tooth distortions and misplaced teeth can be corrected. This procedure is a dental treatment that lasts about 12-18 months. After the procedure, the patient’s own teeth are properly aligned on the jaws. However, deformities in the teeth remain.

Changing the concepts of beauty has revealed the need for full set of new teeth and a beautiful smile. The change of people’s concepts of beauty has brought along the need for white teeth and full set of new teeth for a beautiful smile.

For full set new teeth, there are crown and veneer treatments that can be applied to patients. With get full set of new teeth veneers and teeth crowns; crooked teeth, colored teeth, damaged teeth, incompatible gum-teeth  aesthetics, disfigured teeth can be perfectly smiled in 5-7 days.

Dental veneers have been used as a treatment in dentistry for nearly 40 years. With the more successful results of tooth bonding cements, veneers have become longer lasting. Dental veneers did not give such excellent results before using the new generation full porcelains like e-max with celtra duo. For veneers, only 0.6 mm of scraping is sufficient from the front surface of the tooth.

If the tooth shape is suitable, lumineers which is the prepless veneers can also be applied. 

Getting full set of new teeth veneers and gum contouring treatment can be applied together and the compliance of the teeth with the lip line can be adjusted. The most important advantage of full porcelain is that they provide a near-perfect natural appearance. Crown and veneer new teeth can be made with full porcelains. 

Full porcelain crowns are single layer,because of that they are more aesthetic than zirconium crowns for get new teeth. Celtra duo is the newest and most aesthetic material among full glass porcelain. Zirconium crowns are a more durable material than full porcelain.

Since zirconium is a biocompatible material, it has started to be used in dentistry at increasing rates in the last 20 years. While zirconium was not used in dental crowns, dentists had to scrape too much from the tooth. For zirconium crowns, it is enough to shave around 1 mm to 1.2 mm from the tooth.

Based on the relationship of teeth with each other and jaws with each other, it is decided which crown material to choose for new teeth. Zirconium is not a veneer material for a new tooth. The material to be used for veneer treatments should be a single layer.

Computerized production systems are used in the our laboratory for the production of new teeth crowns and new teeth veneers bin Turkey. After sending the impression taken from the patient to the laboratory, a copy of the jaw is obtained from the stone model. The copied jaw model is scanned in the digital scanner and digital sampling for new teeth is obtained. New veneers and crowns are digitally designed with a special computer program. Digitally prepared veneeers and crowns are transferred from the computer to the digital CNC milling device. New teeth are produced by milling from selected zircon or full porcelain blocks. After the new teeth are polished, they are sent to the clinic.

Treatment times were longer with the metal-based porcelain, which was an old crown material, but the success of the crown after treatment was shorter. In order to get a successful aesthetic result from the treatment, which lasts between 12-20 days, it was necessary to shave near the teeth 2 mm. Since the tooth was shaved around 2 mm, there was a long lasting sensitivity in the tooth. There was always a slight grayness on the new teeth because there was a metal substructure under the porcelain. As the metal substrate contained nickel in metal based porcelain, the gum soon became red and non-aesthetic. 

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Cosmetic Denture

How much does it cost to get a full set of new teeth with implants?

İn Myra Dental Centre Turkey; we suggest implant brands to our patients according to the case and the patient’s need for implant treatment. Straumann group implants which is the most successful implant brand in the world, are applied in our dental centre. 

The Straumann Roxolid brand provides worldwide and lifetime warranty. One teeth implant price is 695 £ and this includes the aboutment price. A Straumann brand implant application price is £ 4200 or above in London.

We recommend the Alfa-gate brand as the 2nd alternative to my patients. Alfa gate implant brand is a joint production of German and Israel. This implant brand has been produced and used since 1996. The price of an Alfa Gate implant in Myra Dental Center Turkey is 450 pounds.

 Another brand of implant that we apply to our patients is the Zinedent implant. Zinedent implants are a member of Straumann Group implant. The Zinedent brand is sold in the UK as Neodent implant.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Cosmetic Denture

How much does it cost to replace all your teeth?

When you need treatment for all teeth, we will help you find the most advantageous and quality solution for you in Myra Dental Center Turkey.

Pricing varies according to the material selected for crowns and veneers. Among the new teeth crown materials, the most affordable one is zirconium. The price of a zirconium crown is 185 £.When the smile design is made with a full set of teeth, this lower jaw contains 10 crowns and the upper jaw 10 crowns, totaling 20 crowns. In this way, the best price is 3700 £ for a total of 20 crowns.

Celtra duo is the newest and most aesthetic material among full glass porcelain.

You can get more information about affordable price for new teeth in Myra Dental Centre Turkey.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Cosmetic Denture

New Teeth Turkey

Veneers for dental treatment in Turkey Today as Myra Dental Center in Turkey, we will talk about new teeth in Turkey.

What are veneers? The English term veneers means facade. A veneer is made of ceramic or a plastic-ceramic mixture. The veneers are permanently glued to the dentist on the visible side of your front teeth. So your original discoloration or malocclusion is simply obscured. Since every tooth and every smile is different, veneers are made individually at the dentist. What is the cost of veneers? As veneers are not a medically necessary treatment but are aesthetic choices, as a rule there is no reimbursement by the statutory health insurance or private insurers. Even if you have dental insurance, this cosmetic treatment is not always taken over. You want a permanently beautiful smile despite tooth discoloration, congenital white or yellow spots as well as malocclusions? Veneers can help by dimming their front teeth or just a front tooth, leaving you with an impeccable smile.

Learn what procedures are available and how much your individual veneers cost. Laminate veneers prices and costs Are the veneers costs covered by the health insurance? As a rule, the costs for veneers are not covered by your health insurance. The health insurance often considers the treatment as a cosmetic procedure. The goal is usually the beautification of the front teeth or a single front tooth. A treatment with a veneer is thus a pure private service without cost subsidy of the health insurance.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Cosmetic Denture

How much does it cost to get new teeth in turkey?

The process is important. The cost of veneers is variable and varies in the way the procedure is applied.Which veneer procedure is used will be decided by your dentist depending on: Your personal wish the degree of your malocclusion the discoloration of your teeth as well as the extent of your defects on the tooth In addition, the materials used (ceramic, ceramic-plastic mixture) lower or raise the costs of your veneers. For more information about price of laminate veneers, please contact us.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Cosmetic Denture
You can contact us for your all questions like what is periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontium and is triggered by bacteria and the inflammatory response of the body. This chronic inflammation destroys the jawbone. This can lead to tooth loss in the advanced stage. Periodontitis always starts with gingivitis. Signs of periodontal disease can be frequent gingival bleeding. But also changes in the tooth position, longer and loosened teeth, bad breath and occasional pain are signs of periodontal disease. The statutory health insurance makes for periodontal treatments only with a pocket depth of more than 3.5 mm. Of course, it makes sense to start the periodontal treatment earlier (as far as it is detected early), since the healing options are much better. However, if periodontitis is treated at an early stage, the costs will not be borne by the statutory health insurance, the costs incurred must be borne privately. However, many dental supplements take over the cost of periodontal treatments, if the health insurance does not pay for the costs. Do not forget to call us to get information about cheap new teeth Turkey.

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