Why are veneers so expensive?

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According to many dentists, porcelain veneers and laminates, although they look expensive, can be a very convenient alternative to their beautiful and aesthetic posture, as well as actually protecting our teeth from further damage. You can find different veneer prices in each country, but the important thing is to work with a dentist who prepares the best teeth according to the standards, takes measurements and has an aesthetic vision. Two physicians can do a job of the same quality for different fees. It can even be done better for cheaper. The reason there is no fixed price is because there is a free market. The reason zirconium tooth prices differ from those of old metal substructure porcelain is that the materials they are produced are expensive. Nickel-based alloy, which forms the substructure part of Metal substructure porcelain, is cheaper than zirconium. The production of zirconium teeth, i.e. laboratory stages, is also more difficult. The production cost of a zirconium tooth is 3-4 times higher than a porcelain tooth with a metal substructure. This is reflected in the dental veneer treatment fees.

What sets Veneers prices?

When determining Veneer prices, the skill of the physician, being well-known and the environment where the workplace is located, a lot of reasons such as the laboratory where he works are factors to this. Aesthetic applications in dentistry may differ according to the needs of each patient. The length, color, shape should be adjusted harmoniously with the patient's facial measurements and skin color. Although the experience of the physician according to the patient is too much, the wishes of the patients should not be ignored. Zirconium, which is preferred in dental veneer infrastructure, is a mine generally extracted from countries such as USA, Austria, Brazil and Russia. Only obtaining the material is not enough for dental veneers. In order for the material to become a dental veneer or dental bridge, it needs to go through many stages. First, zirconium powders need to be compressed and made suitable for use as blocks. With this block, it is predictably not cheap. However, zirconium blocks make up a small fraction of the prices of zirconium dental veneers. The main cost of dental veneers is the investment, maintenance, renovation and workmanship of devices and equipment.

Which dental veneer should I prefer?

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Both the long-term use of the teeth that provide the beauty harmony of the mouth and face as well as the treatment in a way that does not disturb the person and those around him in visual sense is possible today with zirconium coating teeth. Conforms to the requirements of modern medicine in the treatment of dental patients and dental, offering aesthetic and quality materials are both strong and different characteristics the Outer to eliminate deficiencies and non-related concerns surpasses. Zirconium dental veneer properties are better understood during use and improve the quality of life of the patient. In addition, zirconium veneer prices are quite appropriate when based on visual quality. In short; zirconium is the best!

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