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Gum Shield in Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Shield in Turkey

Pain problems related to the chin and face area are generally felt in the temples, in the ears or on the chin. This type of pain is usually caused by improper closure of the teeth or by nighttime clenching or grinding due to stress. In the solution of such problems, painkillers or muscle relaxants provide short-term relief, but do not act in the long term. The use of Gum Shield gives more successful results in the long term. Although these transparent appliances used in the mouth and removable are similar to each other, they are basically completely different from each other. Gum Shield is an appliance made of hard, flexible or soft plastic applied to the upper teeth. Gum Shield, produced in Myra Dental clinic, is made in Turkey. Compared to other products, it is very high quality and the product is absolutely free of chemicals. There is no substance that can harm oral and dental health. It is specially designed. The patient is measured and produced within a few days. Using poor quality Gum shield can create serious problems. We recommend that you pay attention to this issue.

Used For: It is used to protect your smile line and to protect against grinding and clenching during the sleeping.

What is Gum Shield?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Shield in Turkey

People who clench their teeth while sleeping at night and squeak are not very effective in using drugs. This problem can cause serious problems until the teeth break in the next stage. Gum shield is a special oral plaque designed to protect teeth from abrasion that can occur by grinding teeth during sleep. Gum shield is specially designed and prepared by the dentist. It is prepared according to the upper jaw for some patients and the lower jaw for some patients. This condition varies according to the structure of the mouth and teeth. It is very different from the product used by boxing people. Although there is similarity in shape, the purposes of use are different. The outer surfaces of grinding due to wear on people, often symptoms such as headaches and jaw pain when they wake up temperature changes of a person’s teeth, gritted, squeezing the sensitive individuals and people during the day in times of stress especially in cold, driving, increased stress and tension while working at a computer can be used at times when there has been a change.

Why to use Gum Shield?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Shield in Turkey

For various reasons, teeth and gums may be damaged due to involuntary movements of the jaw joint, such as bruising, grinding and rubbing, some people involuntarily squeezing their teeth while sleeping. Gum Shield is an auxiliary tool used to prevent these possible damages. These appliances have different functions and features. By using the apparatus determined as a result of the examination and subsequent diagnosis of the dentist, the involuntary movements of the patient are prevented from damaging the teeth. After the first examination, the patient’s mouth and teeth measurements are taken and a gum shield is made accordingly. Transparent gum shield is suitable for both day and night use. These are recommended for patients because there are involuntary movements in the jaw joint during the day. One of the reasons for using Gum shield is stress-related bruxism. In these cases, besides using gum shield, the patient may need to receive psychological support simultaneously. Dental plaques are generally used except for eating. When hot foods and beverages are consumed, the protective night plate should be removed. The gum shield, which has a transparent structure, can be used at night or during the day.

Gum Shield material

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Shield in Turkey

It is necessary to consult a doctor, as teeth grinding harms not only the tooth tissue, but also the palate, gums. Otherwise, it can go up to tooth loss. Gum shield is a prosthesis that is prepared by clinical technicians or dentists and is attached to the teeth at night to prevent teeth grinding. Thanks to this plate, the teeth do not rub against each other. According to the complaint of the person, they can be worn simultaneously for both the upper and lower teeth. Gum shield is prepared separately for each patient. After the measurements are taken by the dentist, a mold comes out of the shape of your dental structure from a hard silicone material. This transparent colored mold is placed on the teeth before bedtime. You should keep this application in your mouth for at least 4 hours. It is recommended to stay in the mouth overnight to achieve a healthier result. In some patients, night plate can be worn during the day. Gum shield material is hard silicone. It does not contain any harmful chemical components. Gum Shield production in Turkey is very high quality. The use of Turkey Gum shield is done only with the advice of the dentist. Gum shield is an innovative orthodontic treatment. It not only ensures patients achieve the desired result, but also guarantees sophistication in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Orthodontists can perform a much more successful treatment by predicting treatment with 3D software. Because, the 3D software allows the patient to control the change much more! For the production of gum shields, the dentist takes measurements by mouth. These dimensions are transferred to the computer with the 3D scanning method called CAD-CAM system. The teeth transferred to the computer are moved by computer simulation and the production process is completed in this way.

Why patients prefer to use Gum Shield?

Using Gum shield at first glance can be very boring. It may not be a very pleasant thing to have something plastic in your mouth all the time. This feature is extremely important for those who want to have their teeth treated, especially when they have to work. Gum shield usage in Turkey is very common and is increasing every day. The reasons for using this treatment method are as follows:

Especially to prevent children and the younger generation from wearing braces and being called by unwanted and psychologically distorting nicknames,

From the outside, it can’t even be noticed by the closest ones.

This is a condition that can cause pain, pain, or pain during treatment.

Shortening the start of treatment and getting beautiful smiles as soon as possible,

To be able to monitor how tooth structure will be during the treatment period, moment by moment through digital media,

Aesthetic Orthodontics treatment,

The structure of the mouth and teeth caused by the fact that it is completely bio material definitely does not disrupt,

During the course of treatment, the pelt does not cause speech and does not affect your speech.

Gum Shield Treatment in Turkey

Do you even know that just exceeds ten thousand of the number of patients who prefer Turkey to be treated Gum Shield? Yes, it may seem like a very simple method of treatment, thousands of patients from abroad, prefer to Turkey for it. Gum shield, which is prepared within the scope of Gum Shield Treatment in Turkey, is in perfect harmony with your teeth and definitely does not affect your speech as in other treatment methods. As they can be attached and removed very easily, you cannot use it on your special days under the control of the doctor. You can call us immediately for an Gum shield design and make an appointment. If your teeth are suitable for treatment after your appointment, your measurement is taken. The measurements taken are sent to the laboratory. Gum shield is produced completely for you and you start treatment in an average of 1 week. The duration of your treatment takes an average of 3-5 months depending on the location of your teeth. Gum shield will be used for at least 22 hours a day and is worn for 2 weeks. When you decide to be treated, your plates are produced exclusively for you with the highest technology printers. Then you continue the treatment under the control of your doctor. With the gum shield you will change every 2 weeks, you will get the smile you dream of every day and you will get rid of all your troubles. The gum shield that you need to wear for 22 hours a day does not restrict your social life and freedom. You can put it on and off at any time. There are differences between braces treatment and Gum shield treatment. It should not be confused with these two treatment methods.

Gum Shield benefits

Gum shield is a simple and practical solution for those who do not want to attach wires in the treatment of crooked and crooked teeth, which is one of the problems that many people experience. Gum shield is not only used by patients with problems with clenching or grinding teeth. It is also a miracle treatment method that corrects crooked teeth. Wire therapy; It is a treatment that fixes the teeth with the right-left, front-back, forward-backward and up-down movements by using the brackets and memory wires that are attached to the teeth and remain on the teeth until the end of the treatment. Today, thanks to the developing technology and medicine, gum shields have replaced these wires and brackets. Gum shield is recommended for patients who do not want to wear wires and only want to correct the distortions in their teeth. In this way, people can give their teeth a perfect form where they can smile in pride and confidence, without feeling any difference in daily life, without giving up their daily social activities and habits. In Gum shield treatment, first the mouth examination and then, if the patient is suitable for the treatment, the teeth should be transferred to the digital environment by taking measurements inside the mouth. Gum shields are made of personal and hard plastic. During the treatment period, these plates are replaced with a new transparent plate every 2 weeks and after each change, the teeth move in the desired direction. It is necessary to wear about 20-22 hours a day. In the remaining 2-4 hours, it can only be removed to eat and brush teeth. The advantages of gum shield are as follows:

The most important advantage of this miracle product is that it is invisible. No one will know you’re using gum shield unless you tell them.

Gum shield treatment improves the problem of perplexity in teeth more quickly than conventional orthodontic treatments.

When you’re using Gum shield, you can take the record off and eat and drink anything you want. There are no restrictions, such as in wire treatment.

Before and after Gum shield treatment, patients can see before and after their teeth on the computer and make their decision accordingly.

Since there will be no metal brackets on your teeth during Gum shield treatment, there will be no problems in your teeth and gums during the external brushing process.

Someone with Gum shield treatment can remove a transparent record at any time and easily handle things without a record.

Gum Shield risks

Although some experts prove that problems such as jaw slipping occur during the use of gum shield, this has not been proven. There are no proven gum shield risks and harms. You can use it safely. It does not provide any disadvantage to the patient since it is produced exclusively for the individual. There are no proven gum shield risks and harms. You can use it safely. It does not provide any disadvantage to the patient since it is produced exclusively for the individual. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the gum shield material and taking measurements according to your mouth structure. The gum shield, which does not feel comfortable in the mouth, can cause various problems. The gum shields produced at Myra Dental Clinic are safe and have no side effects since they are tailor-made. Gum shield, which is used for 12 hours a day, unfortunately will not give the teeth the desired effect. It is a disadvantage that it cannot be applied to every patient, such as classical orthodontics. Gum shield treatment can be applied to 80-90% of patients, but up to 10% of patients who cannot apply this treatment, braces treatment is recommended. Due to the mechanical condition of the system, it cannot be used in patients with very small teeth.

How to clean Gum Shield?

Before each use, brush the gum shield with a soft bristle toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste. The gum shield cleaning process should be set as 1 minute for each plate. When cleaning the gum shield, make sure that it is thoroughly rinsed after each cleaning. We recommend the use of the gum shield cleaning product when necessary and once a week. Do not perform gum shield maintenance with denture cleansers. Do not wash with mouthwash products. These products can damage the gum shield surface and cause your plate to lose its transparency. When you remove Gum shield from your mouth, wash it immediately with cold water or under warm aka water. If you see residual or plaque on it, you can rub it a little using your hands. If you feel that Gum shield is not clean enough, it will be helpful to soak it in water for at least 5 minutes. You should avoid frequent prosthetic cleaners, mouthwashes, toothpaste, boiling water or any abrasive or whitening cleanser. All of this will damage your records. You can leave your plaques in a brow drop of vinegar or a teaspoon of carbonate in a solution that you will prepare. Using a soft-tipped toothbrush, brush your plaques under warm water in a paste-free manner. This will also allow you to clean all food residues and bacteria that are not cleaned in stages 1 and 2. In fact, brushing is the most important stage of gum shield cleaning. If you feel inadequate cleaning you can use liquid soap but do not use toothpaste. Finally, before you put your plaque in your mouth, repeat the first step, i.e. wash your plaque again. Make sure there is no residue from the cleanser. This way you can use your records as clean and solid as possible for as long as possible.

Use of Gum shield in orthodontics treatment

They are actually transparent plaques, referred to as transparent braces in orthodontic treatment. There are no braces actually. In order to eliminate the bad appearance of the braces, gum shield system has been developed. The biggest advantage of transparent braces from classical orthodontic treatment is that they do not appear. It is an ideal solution for people who cannot get braces because of their social environment or business life. It is also an important convenience that it can be attached and removable. Gum shield usage is very comfortable for patients. For example, when a patient undergoing braces eats, the food remains between the braces, there are wounds on the cheeks of his lips, and there are rules that must be followed to prevent the braces from being damaged while feeding. People who receive gum shield treatment do not experience similar problems. While eating, they remove gum shields and eat their food. Of course, this situation sometimes creates a disadvantage. In other words, the teeth of patients undergoing braces will recover in any case. But the teeth of people who are treated with gum shields will recover when they use regular gum shields. While preparing gum shield, you need your teeth size, photos and x-ray. Your x-ray is used to examine the root angles, lengths and positions of your teeth, while in your photos it is used to predict the appearance after your teeth are straightened. Gum fields are prepared on the computer. The measurements taken from your teeth are transferred to the computer by reading with optical readers. On the measurements transferred to the computer, their teeth are slightly corrected and a new measurement is created. The first plate is applied on the new impression created. Then the teeth on the new impression are corrected a little more and second plates are applied. In this way, 15-20 gum shields are created by correcting the teeth a little. Gum shield should be used 20 hours a day or more unless your doctor tells you otherwise. When you start using gum shield for the first time, your teeth will have pain like braces. Pain may occur in your teeth that are not accustomed to orthodontic force. If you have pain in your teeth in the first days you start using gum shield, you can get it from the painkiller you always use. This pain in your teeth is not a cause for concern. It will decrease and disappear within a week. Gum shields prepared specially for you are used in two-week periods. The dentist decides whether to pass to your next plaques.

Gum shield disadvantages

Although Gum shield disadvantages are not so much, it may not be useful for patients in some cases:

Patients must use gum shield for at least 20 hours a day to create the desired effect. They can only be removed before eating and brushing teeth.

Treatment may take longer if the patient neglects to wear a gum shield due to his indifference. This may even make the condition of the teeth worse.

Patients with teeth grinding problems wear the gum shield much more.

Gum shield is more expensive than traditional braces.

Who is suitable for gum shield treatment?

Patients with shortness of distance between the teeth, that is, the place that has a narrow space for their teeth to be placed inside the mouth, to the people who have the teeth leaning over each other, seem to be intertwined and have a perplexed appearance, to the patients who have diastema and discomfort between the teeth, to patients with symmetrical errors in the alignment of the teeth and 12 People over the age of gum shield treatment can be applied.

Gum shield treatment stages

As with any dental treatment, this treatment method has several stages. Gum shield treatment stages are done with the planning determined by the dentist. In the first stage of the treatment, a measurement is taken from the lower and upper jaw of the patient who will be treated with gum shield. The patient’s teeth are photographed. An intraoral x-ray is taken, if necessary, after in-mouth and out-of-mouth photographing. These photos are used before and after the gum shield. These measurements are sent to the gum shield laboratory and your teeth are analyzed digitally. Your dentist’s decision and your wishes are evaluated and your teeth take their final shape on the computer as you can understand. This process takes approximately 1-2 weeks. After the digital gum shield analysis, the dentist invites you and if you are satisfied with the last digital state of your teeth, gum shields production is started. Gum shields production time is about 1-2 weeks.

The second stage of gum shield treatment is the production stage. Teeth-colored buttons are placed on the teeth with a key gum shield for 1 lower and upper jaw, which is used to put white buttons on some of the teeth. These buttons are similar to the porcelain brackets in conventional wire treatment and are almost never visible in the mouth. If the amount of distortion in the teeth is high, very small abrasions called ipr can be made from the right and left of the teeth, these abrasions are also called stripping. These abrasions vary between 0.05mm and 0.30mm and do not cause tooth decay and sensitivity since they do not exceed tooth enamel. After all these procedures, the dentist applies your first plaque and asks you to practice. You may feel pinching and pain in your teeth when the first plaque is applied. There is no need to panic for this, you can use a painkiller recommended by the dentist. When your plates are finished, you should use reinforcement plates for 1-2 months depending on your treatment. The reinforcement plate is a little harder than the plates you attach normally and it is used for your teeth to get used to. Gum shield treatment can return as well as orthodontic treatment. In order not to return, an invisible wire called retainer is attached to the back of the teeth.

How to use gum shield?

While attaching the gum shield to your teeth, gently push it towards your front teeth. Then press your right and left molars into your teeth until your plaque is placed in a way to apply equal force with your fingers. You can remove your plaque from your teeth with your fingertip starting from any molar tooth while removing it. Do not use different methods to prevent damage to the Gum shield. Do not use any sharp objects when removing the gum shield. When you remove the gum shield, rinse it with water, shake off excess water and keep your transparent plate in its special box. Before each use, Gum shield should be brushed with a soft toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste. Gum shield cleaning process should be 1 minute for each plate. Gum shield should be removed before eating and drinking. After each meal and snack, your teeth should be brushed and dental floss should be used.

Gum Shield Turkey prices

It is very difficult to give a net price in dental treatments. Gum shields prices in Turkey; it varies according to the size and conditions of the patient’s mouth. First of all, the patient’s mouth structure, duration of the treatment, difficulty and the number of plaques that should be used are among the factors affecting the price. Since the mouth structure of each patient is unique, it can be difficult to get a price without having to examine the dentist. The treatment of each patient is different, and you can find out after examining the dentist. Orthodontic treatment with Gum shield has become an increasingly applied procedure in recent years. Gum shields, which is applied as an alternative to braces in orthodontics treatment, is an effective and practical method for correcting the teeth. Gum shields are prepared according to the received tooth size.

Gum Shield in Turkey

Orthodontic treatment is a dentistry department that deals with placement disorders in the teeth. Orthodontic treatment, that is, wire treatment, is the dentistry department that fixes the teeth while using the brackets and memory wires that are adhered to the teeth and remain on the teeth until the end of the treatment, thereby correcting the teeth with flexible movements. Thanks to evolving technology and dental medicine in Turkey has entered our lives with gum shields correction fulfilling the duties of these wires and brackets. It is a specially made dental plaque that covers all teeth in a transparent way, allowing the teeth to be corrected by means of an invisible gum shield, which is recommended to patients who do not want to use braces and only want to correct the perplexity in their teeth. Turkey Gum Shield is applied by specialist dentists. Your success rate is close to 100%. Patients from many countries in Europe who visit Turkey for this treatment are successfully treated and returned to their countries in a short time. Gum shield treatment, which is a brakeless treatment method, is a movable orthodontic treatment method used as an alternative to brackets for adult patients in Turkey. More and more orthodontists in Turkey are using this method to treat the distortions, congestion, rarity and positioning disorders in the teeth. Metal wires and brackets are not used in transparent apparatus. If the patient wants these plaques, they can easily remove and wear them before eating, brushing their teeth or flossing. Transparent apparatus has many systems. Usually, each session consists of three plaques and if our patient can come every six weeks, it is beneficial to take a measurement of the teeth after each session. However, it is enough for our patients from abroad to come once every 18 weeks in three activations. This makes it easier for our patients who want to come from outside the city or abroad to receive orthodontic treatment with transparent corrective plaques.

The differences between Transparent Braces and Gum shields

The most obvious differences between Transparent Braces and Gum shields are their appearance, material used, cost and patient comfort. Gum shield treatment; It is the least obvious and the most comfortable in the teeth in transparent braces systems. With this feature, it is also known as radio orthodontic treatment. Most patients come to the orthodontic physician thinking that they will wear a transparent appliance. Gum shields may not be used in advanced orthodontic disorders. For example; in one patient, treatment planning can be done in combination with both transparent plate (appliance) and fixed orthodontic treatment. Aesthetic-looking porcelain-ceramic brackets are known as transparent braces. Although there are no braces on the plaque, transparent plaques are often known as transparent braces and are mixed with other fixed braces. Porcelain ceramic braces provide a more aesthetic image throughout the treatment. Care should be taken care of because they are sensitive. Porcelain braces, also known as ceramic braces, are designed to suit the adult lifestyle. Porcelain braces cover the fact that there are brackets on your teeth as much as possible. Unlike traditional braces, porcelain braces are made of a compound substance similar to glass and do not prevent your teeth from appearing. With Gum shields, it is possible to provide a faster treatment and it is preferred by patients because it is more aesthetic. In addition, the image caused by the wires creates a feeling of discomfort by the patients, and therefore most patients do not favor orthodontic wire treatment. In addition , gum shields is indispensable for orthodontic treatment due to its shorter duration of treatment , easier adoption by the patient ,easier use , painless easier treatment, more comfortable cleaning, not affecting speech and many more reasons.

Gum Shield Frequently Asked Questions

We receive hundreds of emails every day for Gum Shield treatment in Turkey. We publish these questions asked by our guests with their answers. In this way, you will learn the answers to the curious questions for Gum shield treatment in Antalya. And here are the gum shield frequently asked questions:

Force is applied to ensure the movement of the teeth and therefore domination occurs during Gum shields application. This pain, which is felt when applied to the teeth for the first time, is not felt when adjusted after a certain time.
You will have checks once a month. You will receive 2 new transparent plates each time you check. These plaques are changed every 15 days.
Gum shields must be worn for approximately 20 hours in a day, and it is necessary to remove them while eating. You can only take 1-2 hours a day and rest.
You can drink normal temperature or cool drinks. Gum shields are thermoplastic so they can be deformed in heat.
It is not noticed that patients who have been treated have a gum shield in their mouths unless they say it themselves.
You may have some problems while getting used to the first days, but you will have no problems afterwards. You can remove it for a short time when you make a long speech.
It is cleaned twice a day with warm water using a toothbrush.
There will be no yellowing compared to someone who has never used cigarettes, and of course you will only replace it with 2 weeks apart.
Since computer technology is used, force is not applied to the area where motion is undesirable in the treatment of gum shield. Transparent plaque treatment time may be shorter than normal orthodontic treatment time, since it is used in mild to moderate intricacies. Patients who received gum shield treatment in the observed patients do not have any concerns about the end of treatment.
It is a cost-effective treatment compared to standard braces, as it has special features. But gum shield treatment in Turkey is very affordable.
Your inside and outside mouth photos, X-rays and 3D digital measurement taken by the mouth digital scanner (cad-cam) are transferred with a button. The 3D digital treatment plan is created by Orthodontic Experts within 3-4 days. In this invisible system consisting of aligner in removable series, each aligner is produced specially for your teeth.
Before treatment, oral care and all carious teeth and dental stones are essential. Depending on the condition of the patient, your doctor decides whether or not to pull your teeth 20 years old without gum shield treatment. Then the measurement is taken and the construction begins.
It is valid for all orthodontic treatments. After your treatment, very thin, invisible wires are attached to the inside of the teeth. These wires are attached to the teeth in order to prevent movement or return. Your orthodontist determines the duration of these wires.
Immediately inform your dentist if the gum shield is lost or broken. Your dentist will probably tell you to use the next plate. A few days after your doctor orders new plaque instead of the missing plaque, your renewed plaque will arrive to you.
There are alternative methods of many treatments in dental treatments. If the desired result cannot be obtained in the gum shield treatment, your orthodontic problem is advanced and if you are disturbed by the appearance of the brackets, the frequently preferred porcelain braces treatment can be applied as an alternative treatment. Since they are less pronounced than metal brackets, they provide a more aesthetic appearance throughout treatment. They are also known as transparent brackets. The dentist can apply the most suitable bracket option after performing your orthodontic examination.