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Emax Dental Crown

The methods used in dental treatments are constantly improving. Emax Dental Crowns is a new generation of aesthetic dental veneer treatment. It is applied to correct the appearance of anterior incisors, especially in patients with aesthetic anxiety of the front teeth. The patient, who is disturbed by the visual impairment in the front teeth, suffers from self-confidence. Emax dental is the most preferred dental veneer used in this sense. The fact that the incisors are stronger in chewing and shredding is the reason for using this treatment method. Application to the front teeth increases its durability. Generally, long-term treatments such as implants and zirconia are preferred for incisors and disintegrating teeth. This treatment needs to be decided by the dentist. Because the front teeth must be suitable for this treatment.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Emax Dental Crowns Veneers

The premium Emax Dental crown selection we prefer includes the cutting edge smile technology, making us to copy the design of you are going for or create a custom made design in which you have full control over the final result.

Emax Dental Crowns in Turkey has been performed for many years. For this method of treatment, we can briefly say maximum aesthetic treatment. It is the best porcelain veneer. It is more sensitive than zirconia or metal veneers. Therefore, it is not applied to every tooth. It is necessary to take care of the teeth with aesthetic veneer. For this, it is necessary to clean the inside of the mouth with antiseptic fluids and to brush the teeth regularly. If personal care is disrupted and necessary care is not taken, the life of both natural teeth and artificial teeth will be shortened.

What is Emax Dental Crown?

Emax Dental Crown is provided by the use of ceramics made durable without using metal. Emax Dental Crown is performed by reinforcing the ceramic material with the use of glass ceramics and bringing it to high durability. It is a veneer method widely used in aesthetic dental applications. Lithium disilicate porcelain is an application that consists entirely of ceramic and has no infrastructure. Emax veneers are rapidly spreading in the field of cosmetic dentistry, as it has excellent aesthetics and long-term durability.

Emax regulation is generally preferred in the application of crowns and veneers in the front region. Also, Emax method can be applied for short bridges in the back parts. Emax veneers, which have a very important place among dental treatment methods, are metal-free aesthetic porcelain and these are porcelain fired in glass ceramics and with increased durability. Porcelain veneers one of the rawest and harmless veneer raw materials with the human body.

Metal substructure is not used in Emax veneer. Using glass-supported porcelain as a substructure reduces the risk of any allergic reactions that may occur in the patient. Bad smell and bad taste caused by metal in the mouth are prevented with aesthetic porcelains without metal. At the same time, disturbing black shadows occurring on the gums in the metal infrastructure are prevented by this way. Aesthetic porcelain can be used for a long time because it has a very high degree of light transmittance and cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.

The light transmittance and color-tone harmony of the veneer is quite good. All natural cracks occurring on the natural tooth in the veneer can be reflected by applying white coloring. Since Emax veneer surfaces are polished, it prevents plaque accumulation. Thus, it fits very well with the gums and there is no problem of gingival recession. It prevents the formation of caries as there is no exposed tooth surface. These problems are frequently experienced in metal supported veneers.

Emax Dental Crown Method

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Emax Dental Crowns Veneers

Emax dental veneer method is generally preferred in anterior dental aesthetics. It is a method applied in incisors, canine teeth and small molars for the purpose of aesthetic correction. In single tooth deficiencies, Emax bridge prosthesis can be applied. Even though it is a more durable method compared to zirconia or metal veneer, it has an aesthetic appearance very close to natural teeth in terms of light transmittance. But in terms of durability, it is weaker than zirconia veneers.

Emax Dental Crown Method is not preferred for posterior teeth. Our teeth, which are our source of self-confidence while talking, also show our characteristic feature to the person we communicate with. You will notice this situation in people with whom the teeth of the person you are talking about turn yellow, missing or perplexed. If you have any of these problems, you can try this treatment method, which is preferred by Hollywood stars.

Since their light transmittance is very good, they give the closest aesthetics to the natural tooth. It does not create gray or purple coloration at the gingival level. Less abrasion is made on the tooth compared to zirconia or metal substrate veneers. There is no allergic reaction. It’s hot and cold conductivity is very low. Emax veneer enables single tooth restorations, bridges in the anterior tooth and molar region, inlay, onlay and laminate applications. The most important advantage of the Emax method in the teeth is that it has a feature that can transmit light and gives a natural tooth appearance without any metal substructure on the front teeth.

How is Emax Dental Crown performed?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Emax Dental Crowns Veneers

Teeth that look bad, lose their aesthetic feature, fracture in teeth, change color, distorted teeth are situations that disrupt the image of human. This situation also causes lack of self-confidence in social life. These problems can be avoided with Emax dental crown treatment. This veneers feature is that they are light transmissivity. It is very similar to the natural tooth. It is also preferred in terms of having a wide variety of color options and adaptation to other teeth. Emax application is a treatment method that the dentist must decide. This method applied by aesthetic dentists is done if the teeth are suitable. Emax Veneer can be applied if there is a situation that will really create an aesthetic concern or excessive deformation of the front teeth.

Emax Dental Crown Method is not preferred for posterior teeth. Our teeth, which are our source of self-confidence while talking, also show our characteristic feature to the person we communicate with. You will notice this situation in people with whom the teeth of the person you are talking about turn yellow, missing or perplexed. If you have any of these problems, you can try this treatment method, which is preferred by Hollywood stars.

In Emax porcelain veneer, metal is not put into the teeth and excessive cutting and shrinking is not done in the teeth. Thinning is done up to a maximum of 0, 7 millimeters. Therefore, it is a treatment done without any harm to healthy and natural teeth. The Emax veneers are completed in 2 sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. After a detailed clinical and radiological examination of the patient, aesthetic applications are successfully applied after choosing the most suitable material. Thanks to Veneer, the color and smoothness of the tooth is in the desired format. Gaps between the teeth also disappear.

Emax Dental Crowns are made of metal-free aesthetic porcelain that is compatible with the body. It is a more aesthetic and healthy method compared to other veneer methods. Especially the color does not fade is the main reason for the Emax method. Application time may differ depending on the number of teeth. However, generally the veneer process is completed in a very short time. The patient has a new image of his teeth painlessly and painlessly. After the application, the patient can immediately return to his former life. But teeth must be maintained regularly and properly. Thus, healthy appearance does not disappear for a long time.

Emax Dental Crown material

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Emax Dental Crowns Veneers

Emax is actually the brand name of the empress porcelain veneer. It is a veneer that is made by using only a 3-dimensional scanner called cad-cam with porcelain material, and its design was designed entirely in computer environment. Porcelains are not in powder form. They have ready molds. It is much more durable and aesthetically perfect compared to normal porcelain as it is formed in ceramic particles compressed under pressure. Since it does not have a metal substrate, it can be made much thinner transparent.

Therefore, it is much more aesthetic. Its production is done in a laboratory environment with special computer-aided scanners and printers systems. It can be used for single tooth deficiencies as well as for a few tooth deficiencies that occur in areas with low pressure intensity because it does not directly participate in chewing. Emax Dental Crown is often preferred in aesthetic treatments, but it does not guarantee lifetime durability.

Emax Dental Porcelain

There are many dental treatment methods used to have an aesthetic smile and healthy teeth. These treatment methods used are determined by the dentist depending on the type of teeth of the patient or selected according to the patient’s special request. Emax Crown treatment in Turkey began to be widely applied. Among the new generation options, full ceramic crowns, Emax laminated, Emax veneer, glass ceramic veneer is the most preferred methods. Emax crown is the process of shrinking the tooth completely with Emax Dental porcelain. The crown, which can be used as an infrastructure, can also be used in one piece. This method, which is used for covering incisors, canines and small teeth, is also used for aesthetic purposes.

Emax porcelain, which can also be used to compensate for tooth deficiencies, is frequently preferred due to its light transmittance and being close to natural teeth. The patient, by applying to the aesthetic dentist, learns whether the tooth structure is suitable for glass ceramic crown. If there is no objection, a local anesthetic is applied and the tooth is cut, then the impressions are taken and the temporary veneer is applied. After the necessary procedures are done in the first session, dental rehearsal is performed in the second session. In the next session, after the necessary rehearsal is done, after checking the contact, anatomical, biological compatibility and functional integrity, glass ceramic crowns are applied permanently. Total healing time of the teeth varies depending on the dental structure and bone structure of the patient.

Beautiful Smiles with Emax

Emax Dental Crowns procedure is an important and successful application in terms of aesthetics and health. Careful care is required if you want to have healthy and beautiful smiles. We also need teeth for healthy chewing. Many treatment methods are applied to the yellowing or decaying teeth as time passes. Many innovations have also been introduced in technology, dental care and treatment methods.

Emax dental crown treatment is applied to make the teeth appear whiter than they are. With this treatment, you can have teeth like pearls that world celebrities have. Many teeth are applied to catch this smile. Problems such as lost tooth, unhealthy tooth in Emax application are not interfered. New innovations are occurring in dental treatment methods over time and this enables dental health to be more effective. Living a peaceful life with your teeth helps you to have the best quality of life.

Today, Emax Porcelain is among the methods used in dental treatment. The most important advantage of this method is that metal is not used. It will be an ideal choice for those who are allergic to metal. In addition to being transparent, it is preferred because it is close to nature. This treatment method is a matter of expertise. Applying the right technique will help achieve the best results. If the patient has teeth that are perplexed, with serious shape and color problems, Beautiful Smiles with Emax can be regained after the teeth are cut and miniaturized.

Emax Dental Crown pros

The most important of the Emax Dental Crown advantages is its natural tooth-like structure. Thanks to its light transmittance and structure that is compatible with your gums and your own teeth, it allows you to smile beautifully. There is no problem of coloration and staining in Emax veneers, which retains its smooth surface and color for many years. One of the biggest advantages of this application is that patients who cannot make veneer due to metal allergy can easily choose. Here are other pros of Emax Dental Veneer:

An important aesthetic requirement for all-ceramic prostheses is that they must have adequate translucency suitable for your natural teeth. Emax crowns have the ideal blend of transparency and realistic appearance, making them suitable for the restoration of anterior teeth, and they are more translucent than zirconia crowns.

Emax does not contain metal alloy. This does not appear on the ugly gray line gums of the metal underneath, and the crowns look just like your natural teeth.

Emax veneers are made of lithium disilicate, which is glass ceramic and has excellent durability. Therefore, Emax crowns do not crack or break during clinical use. Less sawdust than zirconia crowns.

One of the advantages of Emax crowns is that they are produced quickly using cad-cam milling. Emax veneers are prepared from a high quality monolithic block of lithium disilicate. All the dentist has to do is prepare the teeth and make plans with software support.

Emax crowns can be prepared in very thin sections as they have excellent durability resistance. Thus, the most appropriate aesthetics is provided and the natural tooth structure is preserved during preparation. The more tooth structure, the better your oral health. When you have more tooth structure, your tooth will be stronger.

The biggest plus of Emax veneer is that it is not only limited to ceramic crowns. On the contrary, this system can also be used to manufacture veneers, interior veneers, laminate veneers, Lumineers veneers, and even short span bridges to replace the front teeth.

Thanks to its polished surface feature and perfect gingival edging; since plaque accumulation will be much less, it is also extremely healthy periodontally.

It is biocompatible with all soft and hard tissues.

While precious metal alloys cause an allergic reaction in individuals, Emax, which is full porcelain, does not cause any reaction.

Metal infrastructures are reflected in the gums in metal substructures; however, e-max veneers are completely tooth-colored and in harmony with the healthy pink color of your gum.

It is extremely resistant to abrasion.

It is very low compared to liquid absorption alternatives.

Emax Veneers, thanks to their special adhesives that do not dissolve in the mouth and can be chemically adhered to the tooth.

As it does not change color and shape over time, it retains its aesthetic feature.

Emax Dental Crown cons

Of course, as with any dental treatment, it is possible to mention the disadvantages of Emax Dental Crowns. It is more expensive than metal supported veneers. It is preferred in short bridges since it cannot provide the resistance required by long bridges. In rare cases, Emax crowns may break when placed on occlusal surfaces. This is because they are thin. However, Emax crowns are more suitable for anterior teeth, as we do not use them for hard grinding. If you want to use Emax veneer for the posterior teeth, your teeth need to be further cut to obtain sufficient thickness. Since Emax is more translucent than zirconia, it looks more natural than zirconia. Emax veneer is suitable for replacing only one tooth. Another disadvantage is that it cannot be used in multiple tooth loss.

Who is suitable for Emax Dental Crown?

This process is preferred for visuality, not for carious, broken teeth. Especially the rate of application in the front teeth is quite high. Emax porcelain veneer is one of the most frequently used methods in distorted teeth and video teeth sequences that disturb the patient. Emax porcelain application is an aesthetically preferred treatment application besides a dental treatment. It is a more preferred method if there are too many broken, rotten teeth in the mouth.

Emax porcelain is a treatment applied to the front teeth. Since metal is not used inside, this method is not applied to the posterior teeth. Emax porcelain application is applied to people who have long lost teeth and have visual aesthetic anxiety. This method is also not recommended in patients with too many missing teeth in the mouth. Emax is also not suitable for rear incisor and shredder teeth. Porcelain is more suitable for making anterior teeth as a method. It is a preferred tooth veneer method due to aesthetic anxiety.

Porcelain is a method that can be used for many years without problems when oral and dental care is performed regularly. It is not preferred in patients with long tooth loss. This is because; long tooth cavity is not suitable for construction. Metallic veneers are preferred, especially since the back grinding teeth are based on durability. Visually, it is applied to the anterior and visible teeth in patients who have Emax due to aesthetic anxiety.

Why is Emax Dental Crown not performed to all teeth?

There are some reasons for not using it in all teeth. It is not used in the back teeth because it is not very durable. Treatment methods such as implant, zirconia, which are more permanent and strongly in tooth loss or caries in the back region, are preferred.

Emax Dental Crown is the most aesthetically most advanced veneer made of porcelain with reinforced porcelain in its substructure or completely reinforced as a block. There is no metal substructure or zirconia substructure in such veneers as in other veneers. It is preferred because of its aesthetic superiority compared to alternative materials, especially in anterior group teeth where aesthetics are very important, in single tooth veneers, or in short bridge applications where there are rarely one or two missing teeth, and in teeth that are too much to lose laminate. In short, the biggest factor is that they are not very durable. That is why Emax Dental Crown not performed to all teeth.

Emax Dental Crown lifetime

Emax Dental Crowns require a lot of attention and care. This delicate work, starting from the process of tooth preparation, continues until the process of simantation of porcelain teeth. Since they are Translucent, even using a different color adhesive can negatively affect the whole result! Every simantation used in adhesive requires much attention and follow-up. In other words, the adhesive material of glass ceramic porcelain differs from zircon and metal sub structured porcelain. Because of their very natural and transparent structure, it may be a disadvantage for the patient to reflect out changes in their own teeth color.

For example, if the root canal treatment has changed the color of the teeth or if the patient’s own tooth color is too dark, zircon must be preferred or internal bleaching, the process should be started after bleaching. Another disadvantage is that it is limited to use as a bridge in mouths that lack teeth.

Aesthetic veneer Emax teeth need to be carefully looked at. For this reason, cleaning the inside of the mouth with antiseptic fluids, brushing the teeth regularly and flossing is essential. If personal care is disrupted and the necessary care is not done, both natural teeth and artificial teeth are shortened in life. As a result, although we want to get beautiful and white teeth, doing this with natural methods will ensure that the teeth will last longer. Otherwise, damage to natural teeth and secondary use, artificial teeth will cause short-lived.

Differences between Zirconia and Emax

Dental veneer treatments are usually performed by covering the surface of the teeth after it is understood that the tooth cannot be saved due to decay or a different reason in patients. These procedures can also be applied not only for treatment but also from an aesthetic point of view. Different methods can be used with many different materials and products during treatment. The most appropriate type of veneer is determined for the patients by taking into consideration the main factors such as the patient’s condition, the dentist’s advice, the dental structure and the cost. In this way, the benefits and advantages to be obtained from the tooth will vary according to the veneer materials in question.

Emax crowns and zirconia crowns are both aesthetic dentistry practices. Since the light transmittance of Emax crowns is greater than zirconia crowns, a more natural and aesthetic image is obtained when Emax crowns are applied. Zirconia crowns are more durable than Emax crowns. In cases where there is a lack of more than one tooth, zirconia bridge dentures are applied because Emax bridge dentures cannot be applied due to their fragility.

Today, the best-known method of dental veneer is porcelain and zirconia veneer. In addition, the Emax dental veneer process is mainly applied for the incisors in front. It is not for the teeth that have lost their health or are trying to be restored, but rather for the teeth that have a bad aesthetic appearance and that irritate the person. Since Emax is much weaker in terms of durability, it is not preferred for the teeth in the posterior region.

Zirconia and Emax comparison can be made both health and aesthetic in this aspect. Emax and zirconia veneer differences should be studied in two basic groups. The advantages and disadvantages of both veneer substances will be evident when the evaluation is made in terms of Health and aesthetics. Accordingly, the most basic differences between zirconia and Emax veneer are as follows:

Zirconia is stronger and more durable than Emax veneer,

In terms of permeability and appearance Emax veneer provides a more aesthetic and natural appearance than zirconia,

Zirconia is a veneer type which is preferred for aesthetic purposes, whereas Emax with more health concerns.

Emax veneer is more suitable for the front teeth, while zirconia may have higher benefits for the back teeth.

Both veneer methods have many different advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, the physician’s decision and patient status should be taken into consideration before choosing the most appropriate method and material during the treatment.

Emax Dental Crown Care

It is important that you do routine dental care. Ideal for tooth brushing, mouthwash Emax veneer care for oral health. Dental floss is important for the Emax Dental Crown Care. As mentioned earlier, Emax porcelain veneer is more delicate than other veneers. Especially in breaking down the nutrients that will apply high pressure on your front teeth should be considered. In addition, we can recommend you to have your dental care done once a year as a control examination. In this way, it is possible to have a quality smile. Care is important to make your smile last longer. In particular, it is necessary to brush regularly and apply for dental calculus every day. It is also useful to stay away from drinks that damage tooth color such as tea and coffee. Thanks to regular tooth cleaning and eating habits, Emax veneers will become long-lasting.

Emax Dental Veneer treatment in Turkey

As a natural result of developing technology, you can now change tooth color and size. This process that provides dental aesthetics is called Emax veneer. In Emax Dental Veneer treatment in Turkey, glass-reinforced porcelain is used. Moreover, Emax veneer produced in laboratories with special techniques and computers looks like your natural tooth. It is used especially for anterior teeth and small molars. It is very successful in terms of aesthetic appearance. The first choice of patients coming to Emax dental veneer treatment in Turkey is Antalya. Because Antalya Emax Dental Veneer treatment is a form of treatment in which the most successful results are obtained.

The process begins with a preliminary examination. In this process of examination, the patient’s expectations, problems with teeth, how they want an image, how many teeth should be applied to, whether there is tooth decay, unhealthy teeth, the number of teeth are examined many factors such as. After this examination, these problems are treated before starting Emax application. After getting ready for Emax veneer, the second stage is started. In the second stage, the dimensions of the gingival to be applied Emax are taken. These measurements are taken in the computer system and precise measurements are created.

After the Emax crown dimensions are taken, it is sent to the laboratory for the teeth to become physical. The preparation of the teeth can vary from a few days. In this process, temporary teeth can be worn in order to prevent patients from being victimized and aesthetic. The patient is called to the clinic again to have the teeth coming from the laboratory.

Rehearsal is done for the prepared teeth. Necessary preparations are made considering the patient’s dental comfort, chewing, biting, speech and facial expressions. As a last step, Emax veneers are adhered to the teeth as required.

Antalya Emax Dental Crown

The biggest problem of metal-backed porcelain veneers used for a long time is the negative effect on the aesthetics of the metal infrastructure used to strengthen and support porcelain. The more light is reflected from an object, the more visible that object is. In this case, the negative effect of the metal under porcelain on aesthetics is seen. The Metal absorbs light, does not reflect it, and the scarcity of returning light bundles causes us to see a raw opaque porcelain veneer. Due to the tendency of continuous corrosion of the metal substructures separating, the gums darken over time and form a gray image.

Antalya Emax Dental Crown is now the favorite of the world in the choice of aesthetic materials because their core infrastructure is also made of porcelain and because they reflect all the light that falls on the surface. These materials are adhered to the tooth with Adhesive Systems and can even be provided to reflect the original color of the tooth if desired. Alternative adhesive agents exist in different opacity and colors. This makes Emax porcelain a versatile use area, but increases the importance of technical sensitivity and the capabilities of the dentist. Antalya Emax treatment is carried out with some stages. These stages are as follows:

Treatment plan is made by taking panoramic periapical X-rays

If necessary, fillings, root canal treatment and gum treatment are completed

Teeth are prepared by eroding and the same session is made of composite temporary veneers

Dental measure is taken and laboratory stages begin

Emax is rehearsed

Treatment by applying and bonding the veneer in the mouth

Turkey Emax Dental Veneers Prices

Emax dental application is one of the aesthetic dental operations that have been applied frequently in recent days. This treatment method is not aimed at treating the disease, but is applied to give the teeth an aesthetic appearance. This application, which stands out for aesthetic veneers, is applied to the front teeth. This sturdy and non-durable application is not suitable for the back teeth. Implant and zirconia treatment are applied for posterior teeth instead of Emax. Emax laminated tooth prices are higher than other applications. Turkey Emax Dental Veneers Prices vary according to the clinic that will perform the application and the economic conditions of the day. You can call us to find out about the price and get information about the service.

Antalya Emax Prices are Turkey’s most affordable prices. With Emax treatment in Antalya, you will have new teeth that shine brightly and enjoy the sea, sand and sun of Antalya. Emax Dental treatment is a sensitive treatment and the health institution that will perform the application must comply with the hygiene rules. You can get positive results with the treatment of specialists in a healthy environment. If the issue is health, you should consider the quality of the job rather than its cost. You can get together with cheap prices and quality service in Turkey.

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Emax Dental Veneer Frequently Asked Questions

We get dozens of different questions every day. We brought together questions from our patients or guests who want to be treated. Here are the most asked questions asked about Turkey Emax Veneer and Antalya Emax Treatment:

Emax veneer contains crystal structure in its structure. It is similar to the crystal structure of natural tooth enamel. Light transmittance is the same. Therefore, teeth can be made in the same color, form and light transmittance. It is especially preferred in the front teeth.
It can be somewhat costly due to the production of the ceramist. This is reflected in our dentist. However, the quality of an aesthetic work depends on the material used and the time allocated by the team to the patient.
The advantage of Emax veneer is that they can pass the light and provide a natural tooth appearance without any metal substructure on the front teeth. It enables successful and proper crown bridge application. With a good oral care, you can extend the duration of use. It does not cause an allergic reaction.
As the teeth are numbed with local anesthesia during the procedures, no pain is felt. Some teeth may not even require an anesthesia.
Veneers are very fragile until they are glued and quite durable after gluing. Any habitual or hard food that can break the tooth can also break veneers. Teeth grinding, pencil biting, eating hard nuts can damage teeth as well as veneers.
Emax care is just like normal teeth. It is a routine practice that requires brushing 2 times a day, using dental floss once a day and checking the dentist every 6 months.
The infrastructure of the generally applied porcelain prosthesis is a gray metal alloy. Metal-supported porcelain veneers can create a gray reflection around the gums when used for front teeth. The gum appears to be gray. The reason for this image is that the metal alloy in the substructure of the porcelain coat dissolves and accumulates in the gum area over time. In addition, because the infrastructure is metal, the light transmittance of the porcelain decreases and these veneers appear in a dull matt color. Due to these aesthetic problems, the use of Emax protests has increased in recent years. In Emax dentures, veneers can be made entirely from porcelain material without infrastructure, or they can be made using a white color infrastructure. In addition, since the light transmittance of Emax restorations is very close to natural tooth enamel, they create a more natural and aesthetic appearance.
If you want, we can give you the best price by including flight tickets, accommodation guidance and all expenses while giving you Antalya Emax Dental Crowns Price. Call us for details!