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Zirconium dental veneers present aesthetic appearance with dental crowns. The advantages of zirconium crowns in Turkey

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In aesthetic dentistry, zirconium supported porcelains are new generation dental veneers developed as an alternative to metal supported porcelain. Zirconia veneers obtained by cutting white blocks prepared from zirconium dioxide eliminate the disadvantages of old model metals. In this way, they meet the aesthetic expectations of the patients. In terms of light transmittance, they are very similar to the natural tooth structure. Zirconium is an infrastructure used in tooth veneer construction. It is very resistant to the pressures on it. It is biologically tissue friendly. No scientific evidence has been found in scientific research to cause any allergies. Zirconium dental veneer, like other dental veneers, is a type of crown that is applied on the tooth or applied in the form of a bridge to complete the missing tooth. It is offered as an aesthetic alternative to metal porcelain tooth coverings. Because the image is more vivid and natural, especially zirconia veneers in Turkey have been used increasingly in the front teeth veneers.

Read Our Zirconium veneers reviews. Discover our best prices and benefits ! Dental crowns are recommended to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay or injury. They are also frequently used to restore dental implants and support dental bridges. In some cases, your existing teeth are abnormally shaped or if you are not happy with appearance of them, that can be recommended for a smile makeover.

The biggest advantage of separating Implant treatment from other treatments is that it does not damage neighboring teeth. In other words, the adjacent teeth do not need to be cut during treatment. Chewing sensation is very close to normal and there is the possibility of treatment without interfering with other teeth. This is why dental implants are one of the most widely used methods of treatment. Dental implants in Turkey are one of the most widely used dental procedures.

What is Zirconia Veneers?

They are dental veneers applied by using a special method by processing zirconium, which is a white alloy, without using metal in its substructure. Zirconia veneers are the closest and most aesthetic veneers to natural teeth. Therefore, it is the most preferred type of veneer in aesthetic dentistry and by patients. Zirconium material is hot and corrosion resistant. Due to its light transmittance feature, it provides a more transparent appearance. Therefore, it is frequently preferred. As the light transmittance of zirconium porcelain veneers is higher compared to metal veneers, they do not form a dark color on the gums and there is no possible gingival black color reflection condition like metal coated porcelain teeth.

In addition, with this feature, it prevents the matte appearance occurring in the teeth and ensures that the teeth are seen more naturally, more transparent and healthier by taking a closer look to their original color. Zirconium veneers are very compatible with gums. The risk of developing gum disease around their veneers is lower than that of metal-backed porcelain teeth veneers. One of the reasons why zirconium veneers are preferred is that the zirconium has good heat insulation property compared to other metal alloys. There is no cold and hot sensitivity in zirconium veneers. Zirconium veneers can be used safely on the front and back teeth. In addition, zirconium dental veneer, which is a tissue-friendly material, is an alternative dental treatment method that can be used for individuals who are allergic to metal.

How is Zirconia Veneers applied?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey -  Zirconium Dental Crowns Veneers Turkey

Zirconium veneer treatment is applied in a similar way to other dental veneer treatments. The most defining difference between dental veneer treatments is, of course, the type of material used for veneer. Just like metal-backed veneers, zirconium dental treatment is applied before the veneer on the teeth to be made minor corrections and changes are made. With these corrections, the tooth is usually reduced and given a form so that it can fit the veneer exactly on it.

Zirconium veneer, which does not cause any damage to the teeth, is given to production with CAD / CAM technology in the laboratory environment according to the mouth and teeth structure, which is specially measured. Porcelain superstructure is processed on zirconium substructure produced in appropriate color for the tooth and it is ensured to be aligned with the tooth in clinical setting. In the final stage, special tooth veneer adhesives are applied to the tooth and integrated in such a way as to remain permanent. Zirconium treatment in Turkey is performed by experienced dentists in Turkey. Antalya, in particular, has the best health standards in this regard. Antalya zirconia veneer is also more economical than other cities.

Zirconia Veneers FAQ

We try to give clear answers to your questions as best we can. We are getting a lot of questions about zirconia treatment in Turkey and zirconia veneers prices in Antalya. But apart from these, there are dozens of different questions. You can find answers to all these questions in Zirconium veneer frequently asked questions section.

In the 5 days period for the treatment is expected that you can have 3 appointments to fulfill your dental crowns for smile design. And patients usually prefer 7 days minimum to get treatment for 5 days except the flight arrival and departure days.
Any products such as whitening products or cosmetic dentistry, do not work on teeth whitening for your dental crowns. In the case of maintaining good oral hygiene, it will take many years to discolour for your E.max© crowns. Even if you are smoking, it will still take many years to the shade to be darken.
We have a vita colour shade card including 30 tooth colours which called universal tooth shading system. Known as BL1 and Hollywood white (the whitest one available in the world.) can be applied. We have all opportunities that available on universal colour range, such as Hollowood white to natural white to yellow and even brown. The most popular colours are Hollywood white and natural white. Within your consultation, we discuss with you about your choise to make you have the perfect matched colour with your eye, skin, hair colour, and other facial details.
Your all treatment including cosmetic treatments such as dental crowns with smile design is effected with local anesthetic which numbs the related area. Therefore you will not feel the treatment.
On your first appointment, you will get a full consultation in our clinic, including tomographic X-Ray to check the teeth under your gum line. After this consultation we will make any required preparations. If required, we will provide you temporary teeth. Therefore there is no need to hesitate this treatment will affect your daily life till you return a few days later for trial fitting. At following appointment we will check if the adjustments need to be made or not before your final appointment. On the final appointment, your new dental crowns will be placed into area. If there is a need for further adjustment, this will be done in the next 24 hours.
Any finance plans including monthly payments can not be provided for our patients.

At Myra Dental Clinic we believe in patient satisfaction, in this sense we arrange everything upon your availability; just let us know which dates you want to have your appointment with our dental team or ask us for arranging your holiday for you. If it’s your first visit to Turkey, before we organise your whole dental holiday at your request. We arrange everything including; your first quotation for your flight tickets and hotel along with bring you to our dental clinic to get your treatment and bring back you to your hotel again. Our aim is to make your dental holiday comfortable and make your treatment easy for you – as we already have for many patients from all around the World till now.

Please note that we do not get your credit or debit card details on the phone, for this reason we are not able to book the flights in behalf of you.

If you want us to arrange your accommodation in Antalya, we have connections lots of great hotels including boutique to luxury 5 stars and all-inclusive resorts changing upon budget to budget. Upon you request, we can make your reservations for your hotel, then you will pay after arrival. Also we would like to inform you that we do not get any commissions for any of travel services we give. Therefore payments are made directly to related company upon your arrival by yourself.

Zirconia Veneers Prices in Turkey determines the labor cost and the price of zirconium called precious metal. The price of the precious mineral the price of zirconium tooth varies from year to year, as the price of zirconium material varies from year to year. The prices that can be given on the internet and over the phone, by law, only include the labor fee. After the examination, the exact price is given as the amount of zirconium to be used is determined. Those who are curious about zirconium dental veneer prices should also get a direct examination instead of internet or telephone.

Porcelain veneers are made with dental ceramics. Because Dental ceramics are a very fragile material, metal bridges are used to support ceramics in this technique. The metal that remains at the bottom and acts as a support is usually a material that does not oxidize or interact in any way, such as gold, platinum, or palladium. As these materials are quite expensive, the material known as stainless steel, which is an alloy of chromium cobalt, is used. Stainless steel is blackened to stick to the tooth this can lead to oxidation. This can lead to discoloration of the gums and withdrawal of the gums in the long term. Because the metal used in this metal-backed veneer does not fit with the gum, problems such as accumulation of food residues may occur in the tooth. This application, which provides an advantage as a more economical solution, is shorter-lived and durable than zirconium.

Zirconium is a semi-metal and is a biologically compatible material used very often in medicine. Zircon is a material that has light permeability and has a higher robustness than metal. The fact that the material has light transmittance allows it to directly reflect the color of the tooth and thus make a natural appearance. A bonding occurs between zirconium and the gum, resulting in teeth that the person can use for many years. One of the advantages of zirconium is that it prevents the accumulation of food debris in the teeth due to its high alignment with the gum. However, this material is more expensive than porcelain or dental ceramics supported with metal. Zirconium veneer is recommended for healthy use of the constructed teeth for many years.

Zirconia dental veneer is among the top-level dental veneer treatments. Although health insurances are stakeholders in each patient regarding the cost of dental veneer treatment, there are certain criteria. A certain percentage of all treatment can be covered by insurance. But you can get the necessary information by calling the insurance company on this matter.

Zirconium is very often used for medical purposes. Being semi-metal makes it very durable. It is not possible to break the zirconium coating if it does not suffer very serious trauma. Perhaps the most robust of all dental veneers is zirconium veneer. So you can count on zirconium for durability. It is sturdy and durable.

Zirconia Veneers Advantages

Myra Dental Centre Turkey -  Zirconium Dental Crowns Veneers Turkey

First of all, getting to know the zirconium alloy is the best solution to understand its advantages. Zirconium is a good alloy with a great difference from metal porcelain, with its aesthetic appearance and high light transmittance. The advantages of zirconia veneers, one of the best methods in dental treatments, can be listed as follows:

The sensitivity of hot and cold is almost nonexistent. There are enough isolating properties to guarantee that this will not happen after treatment.

Zirconium, effective with its aesthetic and light permeability, is the preferred reason for patients with its elegant and natural appearance in the mouth. Metal porcelain, although made in a good way, dull and artificiality may have problems. Zirconium is a preferred treatment, even just for this reason.

Robust and durable. In this respect zirconium tooth veneer is preferred. While Metal-backed porcelain is mechanically bonded to the tooth, zirconium is attached to the tooth in both mechanical and chemical ways, thus achieving a more robust structure.

The natural appearance of zirconium is the closest reception to the structure and color of the tooth, so it has a more natural appearance than other veneers.

It can create a dark appearance in the gums of the substructure of other metals. Zirconium never forms a dark color appearance because it is not metal and provides advantages in aesthetic treatment.

Porcelain surface is smooth smoking and tooth stains and tartar that occurs for other reasons with the fact that the problems are minimal. It also doesn’t change color due to coffee and tea.

Zirconium is a healthy alloy that in no way causes tastes disorders, gum problems and bad breath.

Unlike the pressure and bruising that Metal Veneers apply to the gums, zirconium disappears completely and has a natural aesthetic appearance.

A natural appearance occurs because zirconium is chemically similar to the tooth structure, while the appearance of metal veneers is in poor condition at the junction with the tooth.

We still owe the minimum level of allergy risk to zirconium. The risk of other metals creating allergies is very high.

It is easily used in individuals with gum disease because zirconium is the most adaptable alloy in the body.

If oral care is not disrupted, it does not create gum problems.

Disadvantages of Zirconia Veneers

It is true that zirconium veneers, which have been launched as an aesthetic veneer in recent years, have many positive aspects. Perfect compatibility with CAD-CAM technology, that is, the model prepared in computer environment, can be counted as one of its most important features. However, it should be known that there are many aesthetic and physical disadvantages in this material, which is described as the only solution for aesthetic restoration applications on the front teeth. There are a few disadvantages of Zirconia Veneers. The most important disadvantage of zirconium veneer dental treatment is that it is more expensive than other dental treatments. However, it can be said that it coincides with a much more reasonable price than other treatments in the long term due to its longevity and durability. Another disadvantage of zirconium plated dental treatment is that its crowns are hard. The disadvantages of the zirconium veneer treatment are very few. If done by an experienced dentist, these disadvantages can turn into an advantage.

In what cases is Zirconium Veneers performed?

If you want to have the treatment but are wondering if you are fit for the treatment, you can decide this after reading this article. Zirconia dental veneer treatment is a treatment that is applied to everyone without any age limit. However, even if the treatment can be applied to everyone, it is not recommended to apply the treatment before the dental development is complete. So treatment is not recommended until the age of 18 to 20. However, the person's physical development can affect this age. Zirconia treatment can be applied to people as well as the cases are investigated by people who are related to the subject. Zirconia dental veneer treatment can be applied in very different situations, but in general, it is applied in case of the patient's request:

Patients with broken or cut teeth

Persons with asymmetrical tooth appearance and split tooth appearance

People whose fillings have fallen or whose teeth are not filled

Patients with hereditary tooth color change problems

Patients with subsequent color changes in their teeth

Zirconia Veneers in Turkey

Tea and coffee drinks that we consume frequently during the day can cause us to lose our dental aesthetic. If you want to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, you should take time out for them. The small touches that you will make in the Zirconia Veneers in Turkey treatment plan that you will determine with your dentist can prevent tooth loss and also allow you to have a more aesthetic smile. First, the tooth is shrunk, as is done in metal-backed veneers. If the gum is healthy, measure with special, sensitive spoons appropriate to the mouth. In the laboratory, zirconium infrastructure is prepared in the most appropriate structure and color for the tooth. After the porcelain superstructure is completed, it is integrated into the tooth with special adhesives. Zirconium tooth colors are chosen and applied in a way that best suits the person’s natural tooth color. These procedures are applied by professional Turkish dentists. Zirconia treatment in Turkey is carried out in European standards.

Prices of Antalya Zirconia Veneers

Zirconium veneer has a much more aesthetic and natural appearance than metal supported veneer methods. In this respect, it is widely used in the restoration of anterior teeth and is often preferred in smile design applications. Antalya zirconia veneer treatment is a highly preferred treatment method especially for patients from abroad. Antalya Zirconia veneers prices may vary according to the material used, dentist and many factors. Turkey Zirconia veneers prices starting operations in all other treatment to provide quality materials and treatment is regulated by an understanding for transportation to patients at reasonable prices. In this way, patients can get the desired result with the minimum possible expense. If you want to benefit from a high quality service with a minimum payment, you can be treated at Antalya Myra Dental clinic. Zirconium materials, which are certified for compliance with health, do not pose any problems such as infection or wounds in the mouth. Failure to pose such problems is proof that the substance is safe. It is another plus that it does not cause any damage to the gums in the right applications.

Differences between Zirconia Veneers and Porcelain Veneers

It is important to remember that metal ceramic tooth veneers, such as zirconium crowns, are very similar to natural teeth both aesthetically and functionally. As for the difference between the hardness of metal ceramic and zirconium tooth crowns, zirconium is a much harder material due to its nature, but can sometimes have negative aspects. Porcelain gives a dull and dull image as it reflects the image of the metal at the bottom. As the underlying metal is oxidized over time, it also causes discoloration in the gums. These disadvantages were overcome using zircon. Zirconium is a material that passes light and is more robust than metal. Because it passes light, it reflects the original color of the underlying tooth. This results in an image that looks exactly like a real tooth, and very good results are obtained aesthetically. Because zirconium dental veneers do not contain metal, both light permeability is much more pronounced and a much more aesthetic material. Zirconium veneer is applied to patients who are allergic to metal and who care about aesthetic appearance because it does not contain metal. Zirconia veneer can be used in Bridge applications. Porcelain veneers are very risky. Zirconium and porcelain veneers can be used on individual teeth without any problems. But porcelain veneers are less durable.

Who is suitable for Zirconia Veneers?

Zirconium veneers can be applied to all patients. Since an allergenic finding has not been encountered until today, its usage area is very wide. Zirconia veneers are an advanced type of veneer used in dentistry to replace porcelain veneers containing old metal. The most important feature of these veneers is that they have a more aesthetic appearance than metal veneers. Zirconium has the same durability as other metals and is a very long-lasting material. In addition, since it is biocompatible, there is no possibility of causing allergies in metals. Zirconium veneers can be applied to anyone who completes dental bone development. Zirconium veneer can be applied to a tooth that needs veneer only in 2 sessions. In the first session, necessary arrangements are made on the tooth and the tooth size is taken. The second session is usually done after 4-7 days, and the veneers are integrated into the tooth in that session. Since the procedure is anesthetized, there is no pain. Afterwards, since temporary teeth are worn on the tooth, there is no pain or difficulty eating that will affect the daily life of the patient until the second session. Perhaps the most advanced method of all dental treatment is zirconium dental veneer. Even this is a reason for preference; there is also a solution for many dental problems at the same time. Zirconia dental veneer is applied to those who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth, those who want to preserve their natural teeth, those with small cross teeth problems that do not require wire treatment.

Zirconia Veneers lifetime

The substance used in zirconium tooth veneer, which is quite compatible with the gums, has started to be used quite frequently in dental treatments. In teeth that are broken, deformed or lost due to different reasons, zirconium tooth veneers are among the reasons for being preferred by patients with their aesthetic stopping feature and long-term usability. Although the service life of zirconium dental veneers, which is a very effective method, varies according to the care of the patient, it can be used for the mouth between 5 and 20 years. In short, it is about your personal care. Because the importance given to the oral and dental care of the patient, nutritional habits, zirconium life may change depending on different factors, but when we look at it, it can be seen that it can go up to 30 years and there are numerous examples of this. Considering such periods, zirconium dental veneer prices are quite affordable and it is the solution for a suitable aesthetic smile for you. If the patient regularly brushes his teeth after the zirconia veneer treatment and makes sure that there are no food residues between the teeth, both his own natural teeth and the zirconium dental veneers he has made can use for a longer period of time. Also, abandoning bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol, grinding teeth, clenching teeth is also an important factor in terms of the life of the teeth. This situation varies slightly depending on the habits of the person.

How long does Zirconia Veneers take?

The development of technology in Turkey and many dental treatments are now done with computer support, allowing most applications, including zirconium veneers, to be done in a short time. 2 different methods of zirconia treatment, the treatment process only evolves to 1 Week. In the first method, zirconium is transferred to the virtual environment with three-dimensional scanners after the tooth cutting is completed for the dental veneer. After the tooth cutting, the inside of the mouth is taken with the help of a scanner or camera and a complete, trouble-free design is made in the computer environment and production is started. The second method is to obtain the original of the measurement by using special casts in the laboratory after the mouth size of the individuals is taken. It is then transferred to digital media. And porcelain is processed and sent to the laboratory to finish the construction of zirconium porcelain teeth. Zirconia veneers in Turkey are soon completed.

Before Zirconia Veneers

Detailed examination is essential before zirconia veneer treatment. Although this method is easily applied to many patients, some examinations should still be performed prior to treatment. The patient’s compliance with the treatment is evaluated and the necessary measurements are made of the patients who are eligible for the treatment. The patient should have oral and dental examination as a priority. The teeth and gums that will be covered with zirconium are examined. If there is a problem with the gums, the gum is treated first. For patients who do not have any problems, rehearsals are started. Its compatibility with zirconium veneer gum made with computer-aided design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) is seamless. During the examination, gum compatibility is checked again and treatment can be started if there is no problem. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient before zirconium dental treatment is applied. In this case, the patient does not feel any pain or pain. The treatment will take a very short time to pay attention to have a few days. Then you can resume your life. Treatment process will be completed within 1 Week. Before the treatment of zirconium there are some considerations to be considered. The shapes of the veneers to be made into the mouth must be compatible with the face. Square, oval and rectangular face shapes, whichever is the patient’s face shape should be adjusted accordingly. It is important that the ratio of the face to whether it is cambered or the outward appearance of the face is very important and that the teeth to be prepared should be designed and adapted in accordance with the facial structure of the people. There should be design differences between the dental design that will be applied to women and the dental designs that will be applied to men, such as sharpness and ovality that will affect the appearance.

Things to consider before treatment

Dental design involves all the characteristic issues related to the face of the patients and should be studied according to these issues. Even eye color has become an important factor in designing patients ‘ teeth. The most important issue in dental design is that the teeth have a natural appearance and are unnoticed by other people. All the issues mentioned above should be addressed and all these factors should be balanced and the teeth should be prepared and fitted. These issues are evaluated and the patient’s opinions are taken and rehearsals are made. There are major questions to be asked to the patient during zirconia veneer treatment. The main ones are: the size of the teeth prepared for the patient, aesthetic, color of the patient is appropriate for the patient, the patient liked the teeth are such questions. If there are problems such as the alignment of the teeth, susceptibility to the face, size and shape of the patient, none of them should be corrected by the dentist without being ignored.

After Zirconia Veneer

It is necessary not to chew anything for at least half an hour after zirconium veneer treatment. The dentist will also give information about what the patient needs to do. After Zirconia Veneer, a schedule is prepared for dentist checks. In accordance with this control plan, the patient should come to the examination on the specified days and evaluate his condition. First times Control times will be close dates. Checks are carried out monthly and yearly over time. During the treatment period, especially if an application has been made to the front teeth, temporary veneer is done. This veneer is made similar in shape to the zirconium veneers to be made. The patient will have no problems until the permanent zirconium veneers are made. Temporary veneers are made of acrylic material and are resistant to force. For this reason, care should be taken when chewing something until the actual veneers are made. After the treatment of zirconium veneer, the veneer of the tooth may be a little sensitive. One of the most important issues patients should pay attention to after zirconium dental veneer treatment is sensitivity. They should take care in the consumption of hot and cold drinks in order not to be disturbed by sensitivity. Dental and gingival care should not be neglected. Oral health is important if the prosthesis is desired to last longer. Teeth should be brushed at least 2 times during the day. Dental floss, mouthwash and mouthwash are also recommended. As a result of the examinations, the procedures of the patients without problems in the gums are completed in approximately 1 Week. Treatment time may also vary depending on the number of teeth to be made. The veneer can be changed according to the patient’s taste. A few more rehearsals can be done until the doctor and patients are satisfied. The teeth are made without problems and the quick recovery is seen. If there is a problem, you should contact your dentist again.