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Myra Dental Center Turkey provides a more aesthetic appearance for laminate veneers. Laminete veneers in Turkey are done with best quality products and cheap prices compared to other countries.

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Laminate Veneers

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Laminate Veneers in Turkey

It is a dental treatment performed by replacing the yellowing and deformed teeth. This treatment, performed by cutting and thinning the main tooth, is very important both visually and for oral health. Extremely beautiful results are obtained with Laminate Veneers treatment, which is the most applied in aesthetic dentistry. Most patients with crooked teeth prefer this method. Laminate Veneers in Turkey is one of the most frequently used treatment methods. Since the laminated tooth is applied in a thin layer, it does not create a rough appearance on the tooth and becomes compatible for the mouth and tooth. Being applied in a short time is also an advantage for patients.

One of the most requested treatments is laminate veneers Turkey. For this reason we provide you different types of this treatment depending upon budget and preference

Very little tissue is removed from the tooth without damaging the gum. In this sense, laminated application is a protective treatment method. In many cases, it is applied without any abrading from the tooth. Laminate Veneer, also known as leaf porcelain veneer, is one of the most preferred dental applications today. Its thin appearance is as sensitive as a leaf due to its fragile-looking structure. However, this is just an image. When applied to the tooth, it has a very resistant and solid structure. Laminated tooth veneer, especially preferred by those who care about its visuality, gives very successful results when applied by successful physicians. It is preferred because it does not harm the tooth; it is aesthetic and long lasting.

What is Laminate Veneer?

It is a technique that is applied by thinning only the front faces of the teeth 0.3-0.7 mm without cutting and where solid tooth tissue is lost as a minimum. This treatment takes place by adhering porcelain tooth laminates to the thinned area. For this veneer variety, we can briefly say that it is a practical and effective cosmetic solution. It is a form of treatment that aims to eliminate these problems by gluing the porcelain layer to the front faces of the teeth in front of the front teeth, which are mainly aesthetic problems in laminate veneers.

In most cases, they are sufficient to give a natural function to the teeth with their solid structure and non-deteriorating colors together with their natural beauty. The treatments carried out with regard to teeth have started to be presented with different options along with technological developments. Many different treatment options, such as root canal treatments, veneer options and prosthetic applications, are available for those who have problems with their teeth. Dental care and control is neglected because of the most common problem is seen as one of the areas.

Lamina dental veneer and similar treatments are generally applied after the disruption of dental care and controls. Dental veneer is preferred for the formation of different colors in teeth, damage to tooth enamel, formation of gaps between teeth, crooked teeth and the formation of conditions such as caries or fractures in front teeth. This is due to the very low amount of tissue removed from the tooth so that veneers can be made. If the teeth need treatment before laminated tooth veneer, this treatment process is started. After pretreatment, the measurements of the teeth are taken, special laminate tooth veneers are prepared for the teeth that are measured precisely and the production of veneer materials is fixed to these veneers with special material.

Laminate Material

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Laminate Veneers in Turkey

It is porcelain that is too thin to be noticed, glued onto the patient’s teeth. This porcelain, although very thin, is a structure that shows extremely strong when adhered to the surface of the tooth. Laminate Veneer is the most preferred application among veneer treatments. Laminate Veneers are the most aesthetic solution that is applied to close the spaces between the teeth called diastema. The Laminate Veneer material is a kind of porcelain. Especially in people who are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth, Laminate Veneer treatment is preferred if the results cannot be obtained from the teeth whitening process. In fact, although orthodontic treatment is the most accurate method, it is not preferred by patients because it requires a long process. In these cases Laminate Veneers are an alternative treatment to gain aesthetic appearance in a conservative way.

Porcelain lamina may be preferred for the correction of the damaged color and structure of teeth and old fillings, which have material loss due to fracture. The wear on the teeth is an element that affects a person’s facial expression. If the vertical size of the tooth is shortened, the percentage collapse occurs. Therefore, the vertical size of the tooth is restored using Laminate Veneer. This gives excellent results, especially in the front teeth.

How is Laminate Veneer performed?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Laminate Veneers in Turkey

You may need to visit your dentist several times to have a Laminate tooth done. The first appointment is for consultation. After the clinical examination, you will exchange ideas with the dentist and discuss your wishes and the smile aesthetic you have targeted in this appointment in detail. You should clearly specify the color, size, shape of the teeth you want to have. You can even bring a photo of a smile that you like as an example on your way to your first date.

In the treatment of laminate veneer in Turkey, your dentist may need to record your smile and intra-mouth photos and a small smile video in order to make a special aesthetic assessment for you.

Afterwards, you can talk to your dentist about whether laminate dental treatment is the right treatment for you and what the procedure includes, whether there are limitations. X-rays of the teeth suspected of health are created and thus a data is created. These data allow you to take your dental measurements and transfer them to the model, examine your mouth structure in 3D and examine how the planned treatment will be performed more clearly. Your other two appointments are for the preparation and gluing of laminated tooth veneer. The following steps are applied in the Antalya Laminated Veneer treatment:

First, oral and facial photographs are taken, dental models are prepared. A sample model study is performed by taking into account the patient's expectations.

The prepared model is tried in the patient and the necessary arrangements are made to decide the shape of the tooth.

If necessary, remove some enamel tissue from the front surface of the tooth, or in some cases without any treatment to the surface of the tooth is taken to measure the teeth.

The tooth color is selected.

In the laboratory, special ceramic veneers are prepared in accordance with the previously prepared model.

Veneers are checked for tooth and gingival harmony, color, shape, and features within the mouth. After the necessary corrections are made, it is adhered to the front surface of the tooth with special adhesives.

Who is suitable for Laminate Veneers?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Laminate Veneer treatment is an aesthetic veneer procedure performed as a very thin layer on the front face of the tooth. Instead of cutting and shrinking the entire tooth from the front surface, a more protective method is the veneer procedure performed by eroding only a very thin layer on the front surface of the tooth, there with a small porcelain plaque.

The main purpose of this treatment is to eliminate the bad appearance of the mouth of patients, especially those with open teeth called diastema. It is applied in patients with discoloration of the teeth, diastema between the teeth, and mild distortions in the teeth.

In this method of treatment, anyone who has completed growth development can benefit. It is a method used for the closure of diastemas in the anterior teeth, in the presence of restorations that do not provide aesthetic appearance on the front surfaces of the teeth, in the tooth enamel layer, in hypoplasia and malformations, in the rotation and malpositioned teeth, in the restoration of teeth that have been caused by various reasons and in various reasons. It is not suitable for people with teeth grinding and clenching habit, teeth with excessive perplexity and rotation, patients with high caries formation, patients with poor oral hygiene, and in cases where head-to-head closure between the upper and lower teeth is not sufficient.

During the procedure, which is applied with very little abrasion from the solid tooth tissue, anesthesia is generally not needed. At least 2 or 3 sessions are needed for Lamina veneer. However, depending on the condition and number of teeth, this period may vary. It can be applied to anyone over the age of 18.

Is Laminate Veneers durable?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Laminate Veneers treatment is extremely aesthetic and safe method which can increase resistance to the strength of teeth and Laminate Veneer in Turkey has been ongoing since 40 years. It can be considered as plates, which are usually placed on the visible surfaces of the teeth. However, dentists decide whether or not to apply laminate to the teeth by considering some issues. Not all patients may be eligible for Laminate Veneers treatment. It is enough to apply routine care to laminated teeth and natural teeth. You should not only do actions that damage natural tooth enamel, such as very hard foods, with laminated teeth. If there is a habit of clenching at night, you should definitely use the night plate recommended and made by the dentist.

You should consume foods of elastic nature such as carrots and quince by bite, not by tearing or biting them. Apart from these, you can eat all soft foods such as apples by biting everything. Lamina can be used for many years if you brush your gums regularly so as not to be pulled out and clean your teeth with dental floss before going to bed every evening. It should not be given a period of use, because the lamina teeth can be replaced because the gingival fit is impaired or in cases such as tooth decay. Your dentist knows the exact information about when the laminated teeth will change. Routine dentist control is required.

In terms of caries and gum health, it is absolutely necessary to go for a check every 6 months. These checks are a precaution for possible negativities. Now 3 times more durable porcelains are produced than before.

Naturally, the risk of breakage of lamina processed with these materials is very low. You will not encounter such a situation in laminate veneers made with new generation porcelains. The reflection on the edge of the gingiva that occurs on porcelain bridges that are metal supported does not occur on laminate porcelains. In addition, since there are no separate sessions such as metal rehearsal, polish, zirconium, substrate rehearsal, the total treatment period is a shorter application.

Rehearsal of laminate porcelain is done with polished. They are resistant to abrasion since they are made in porcelain ovens with high polish degree. At the same time, it is not affected by substances such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, and no tartar is formed on it. Laminate porcelain veneers can be used for many years if taken good care. They are highly resistant to staining and abrasion. Very hard and shelled foods should not be eaten; sticky foods should not be pulled with teeth.

Laminate porcelain veneer does not break easily if bad habits such as eating nails, biting a pencil are avoided. It has a lifetime as much as standard porcelain veneers. It is easier to remove, as they are glued to the surface of the tooth.

How to care of Laminate Veneers?

Since Laminate Veneers are very sensitive teeth, it is necessary to have some habits for long-term use. Besides routine dental care for Laminate Veneers care, there are some factors to consider. In addition to tooth brushing, using dental floss and mouthwash, not consuming hard foods with front teeth, not squeezing or grinding your teeth, and using dental plaque if you have such a habit, having your teeth checked by the dentist for a maximum of 6 months. When you comply with such conditions, you can use your laminate teeth more efficiently.

All you have to do is take the precautions you take while protecting your natural teeth, as well as for laminate teeth. In other words, it is necessary to perform daily dental care and to have the gum treated when necessary for the safe use of laminate teeth. After having laminate teeth, there may be tenderness and distortion in your teeth for 10-15 days of hot and cold food or drinks. At this point, it is useful to use sensitive toothpastes. You don't need to use whitening toothpaste because Laminate teeth don't change color, but avoid abrasive toothpaste under all circumstances.

Laminate Veneers vary between 5 and 15 years depending on the user. The application of Laminate porcelain is an ideal method for providing an aesthetic dental appearance and performing natural dental functions. Laminate porcelain, which can be very good results when used with simple protection measures, allows the teeth to appear healthy, white and aesthetic and allows the perplexities up to a certain amount to be resolved without wire treatment. As long as these measures are taken, no further protection is required. All recommended substances to be considered are not for protection specific to leaf porcelain, but for the oral and dental health of each individual should take precautions.

How long does Laminate Veneers treatment take?

The duration of the second session, in which the teeth are cut, varies according to the number of teeth to be done and takes an average of 1 or 1.5 hours. About half a mm of etching is done to the tooth or teeth under local anesthesia. Teeth are measured. Preparation of teeth may take 1 week, depending on the number of teeth. The bonding process takes about 2 hours. First, porcelain laminates are placed on the teeth without adhering to the color harmony and shape is looked at. Some can be changed with the color adhesive. If everything is liked by the patient and the dentist, the laminates are glued with special adhesives.

Laminate Veneer treatment in Antalya is performed during these specified periods. A tooth cutting is usually a process that does not take very long. Outer cutting procedure and cutting the veneer and veneer made of dental decay of the teeth is performed prior to the possibility of teeth than normal. Dental Aesthetics, made with aesthetic concerns, is completed in a short time with different technologies. For example leaf porcelain, full ceramic Bridge and porcelain filling ends in one session. During these processes, the teeth are scraped through three-dimensional images transferred to the computer environment and the teeth are prepared without rehearsing. These applications take place without the use of metal. The treatment duration for patients with Laminate Veneers in Turkey is not a very important. Because during the treatment period, you can enjoy Turkey and Antalya, and may have the chance to make a short vacation.

Laminate Veneers Advantages

Lamina porcelain veneers are porcelain tooth designs that eliminate the aesthetic appearance anxieties, specially prepared against breakage and deformation of the teeth and adhered to the front faces of the teeth. Briefly, it is possible to say that there are porcelain leaves attached to the front surfaces of the teeth. It is an aesthetic treatment that can correct the shape and color of the teeth in a short time. It is applied on the teeth without any abrasion. Lamina porcelain veneers, which are among the most preferred applications of aesthetic dentistry in recent years, increase your quality of life with their advantages as well as giving them a natural tooth form. Laminate Veneers Advantages are as follows:

The colors of the Lamina veneers are invariant, robust and strong.

Veneers can be applied without eroding your teeth.

It has a highly aesthetic appearance.

It can be applied to single teeth or multiple teeth.

It’s made like your real teeth. No one will not notice it!

It shows no coloration.

It has a smooth structure

Their fracture resistance is quite high.

Laminated dental veneers are very high in resistance to stretching and pulling forces.

Total treatment time is also kept to a minimum. Separate sessions are not applied for metal rehearsal, zirconium substructure rehearsal and glaze.

The biggest advantage is that it can be applied to the teeth with very little treatment. It is comfortable for patients with its short processing time feature. In addition, it is a more conservative treatment method for teeth due to its minimal intervention.

Lamina veneers are rehearsed polished. The polish is made in high-grade porcelain furnaces; therefore, its wear resistance is high. Therefore, it is not affected by factors such as cigarettes, tea and coffee, and no tartar are formed on it.

Disadvantages of Laminate Veneers

Compared to other dental treatment methods, it has advantages in terms of health. However, it is a slightly more expensive dental method than others. A very sensitive technique is used. An experienced dentist requires good clinical and laboratory work. The technical knowledge and ability of the dentist and dental technician should be complete. Laminated teeth have no harm, except that the front surface of the tooth to be applied will be slightly abraded. However, some disadvantages should not be neglected in this treatment method.

Disadvantages of Laminate Veneers can be listed as follows; the process is not a reversible process. Leaf porcelain applications are more costly than composite laminated applications. It cannot be repaired in case of broken or cracked. It needs to be done again. Your teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold foods, as etching will be done on the enamel surface. It is impossible to whiten them with teeth whitening process. If you are considering whitening your other teeth, you should have your teeth whitened before this treatment. It does not protect your teeth against caries like veneer teeth. People with dental caries or gum problems cannot be applied without treating these conditions. It is not applied to teeth that have become weak due to large tooth filling or fractures.

The teeth grinding and clenching habit can cause damage to your laminated teeth, so patients in this group are not suitable for this method of treatment. Its application and construction phase is very sensitive compared to other methods. It requires high technical skills. The construction stage in the laboratory and the gluing process in the mouth require meticulousness. So it is an expensive application.

Laminate veneers are limited in use and cannot be used in all dental disorders. Your dentist will decide whether laminating is suitable for you. As a result, if you have only aesthetic anxiety for your teeth and you do not have missing teeth, laminate veneer production can be preferred. There should be no tooth deficiency in laminate application. Having missing teeth means dental bridge requirement.

Before Laminate Veneers

Laminate Veneers treatments are first of all treatments to save the main tooth as much as possible, and unlike metal-supported coatings, they are generally preferred in the front teeth as they have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Great attention should be paid to the quality of porcelain used in Laminate Veneers, and at the same time, another important detail is the correct measurement of the tooth size and mouth size. Because Laminate Veneers treatments are artificial treatments, the high or low of the new artificial tooth can prevent the jaw from closing completely, even bringing some problems while talking or eating. Therefore, mouth and tooth size should be taken carefully. Your dentist will show you the teeth you will have after treatment on the computer.

You can look at these photos and decide. You should also learn the cost of treatment before starting treatment. Start treatment knowing the net amount you need to pay.

Laminate Veneers treatment in Turkey is done for very economical prices, but it will still be useful to learn the net amount.

After Laminate Veneers

In the preparation before the porcelain veneer, the tooth usually needs a temporary veneer because it is cut a little. In cases where larger cuts are made, if your doctor deems it necessary, temporary veneer can be performed and used until permanent veneer is placed. Only minor corrections can be made after placing the veneer. There is no need to make a big change as the Laminate Veneers are produced exclusively for you in the laboratory. Your dentist will invite you after 1 week and check your condition.

Sometimes, your doctor may want to make some changes, even though veneers are ideal. The true color of Laminate Veneers is only revealed with the cement to be glued. Since the laminates are very thin, you cannot see the exact clear color, as they are not glued during proofing. In this case, the color you decided at the beginning will be shown only after you have glued Laminate Veneers.

You will find that this color is the same color agreed with your dentist. For this, there are test pastes that can be dissolved with water. These test pastes can also provide information in seeing the final color. The bonding technique is different from the bonding of other porcelain crowns. Both tooth and laminates are prepared at the same time for gluing. Both are washed and dried. In the first step, the front surface of your tooth is etching with phosphoric acid. This acid roughening is microscopic and allows the adhesive to hold onto the tooth surface. Then bondings are applied to the tooth. While all this is done, laminates undergo chemical processes at the same time. It is slangs sequentially, hydrofluoric acid is applied and porcelain bonding is applied.

Applications of these chemicals are very demanding processes. After all these processes are finished, the adhesive cement is placed on the inner surface of the laminate so that it overflows very slightly. Surpluses are cleaned very precisely. Light of certain wavelength is emitted from each surface of the tooth. Your closing is checked for the last time. The last rounds are made. With the new Laminate Veneers, you can start smiling at life!

Can Laminate Veneer be broken?

We often hear the question of whether to break a Laminate tooth. Every patient worries about it. Obviously, it can break if you don't take good care of your teeth and follow the instructions prescribed by your dentist. But if you care well and pay attention you won't have any problems. You should eat hard-built fruits and vegetables in morsels rather than by ripping them off or biting them. Apart from these, you can eat all the soft foods by biting. Laminate veneers can be used for many years if you brush your teeth regularly and absolutely every evening with floss.

Laminate Veneers are artificial materials. It would be a wrong definition to say that it never breaks for these materials. It has an average lifetime of 8-10 years depending on the material quality. However, this does not mean that it will never break. Laminate Veneers can be replaced if fractures or cracks occur or if there is a condition that will deteriorate dental health.

Laminate Veneers treatment in Turkey

You can get high quality services for dental treatments in all cities of Turkey, especially in Antalya. Turkey, which is the most demanding country in Europe for dental treatments, is the best in the sector. Patients wishing to have Laminate Veneers treatment in Turkey prefer Turkey from all over the world. In doing so, of course, there are many valid reasons. By following the latest technology and innovations within the framework of professional ethics, you can be treated in fully equipped clinics that have created a sterile and peaceful working environment by prioritizing the maximum comfort of their patients.

Antalya Laminate Veneers treatment methods are applied in European standards. The success rate of Turkey Laminate Veneers treatment, where experienced Turkish dentists, expert medical team and all-inclusive service are provided, is very high. We would also like to remind you that an unforgettable and fun Turkey holiday awaits you during and after the treatment.

Antalya Laminate Veneers Prices

Many factors should be taken into account when determining Antalya Laminate Veneer Prices. Laminated tooth; It is a veneer method such as zirconium veneer or porcelain veneer. It is made by coating the damaged teeth with synthetic materials as well as losing its usefulness as well as its aesthetic appearance. These damages can occur in such ways as teeth are shorter than they should be, they are perplexed, color changes are observed, there is too much space between them or teeth are broken. Effective solutions can be brought to these problems with the Laminate Veneer application. With the popularization of aesthetic dentistry practices,

Turkey Laminate Veneer prices are in the interest of many people. People who want to have a natural and bright smile or especially those who experience wear, breakage, cracking in their front teeth prefer this treatment method. Prices may vary depending on factors such as case, planning and clinic. The question of why prices are higher than other dental treatment prices is often asked dentists. It should be noted that the two most important factors that determine the price in dental treatments are the quality of the labor of the dentist and the prices of the materials used for dental treatment. Prices may be relatively higher, as the materials used in making Laminate Veneer are special, clinical and laboratory procedures are difficult and precise, and dental preparation, measurement and application require special, technical knowledge and expertise. If you want to get a special price, you can call us.

Best Laminate Veneers Clinics

Bringing an innovative and sincere approach to dentistry by taking its strength from its international education and experience, Turkish dental clinics create confident smiles with its expert healthcare team and the technology it uses. Oral and dental care, which is always kept at the forefront in Turkey, personalized presents effective solutions related to aesthetic dentistry and dental health plans with special treatment. Best

Laminate Veneers Clinics in Turkey provides services in many different languages ​​with its trained and experienced staff. Through preliminary interviews before starting treatment, a transparent treatment plan is made about the process by drawing up a treatment plan that is suitable for the patients’ conditions and wishes. With the professional treatment process and the dental laboratory in the clinic, perfect results and perfection are achieved in a short time.

Antalya Laminate Veneers Clinics, equipped with the latest technology, where every detail is considered for painless and painless treatments, performs dental treatments comfortably and economically. During the treatment, you can listen to the music you want with the headphones provided to you, or you can leave all your concerns aside by watching your favorite movies on the screens integrated in the dentist chair. All clinics are fully equipped and exceed European standards. Turkish dental clinics are always ready to make you smile by designing permanent and healthy smiles. To change your life and have impressive teeth, you have to make the right choice. For both cheap and high quality service, we invite you to Turkey now!

Laminate Veneers FAQ

We get hundreds of questions about Laminate Veneers treatment. In particular, they were wondering when answering questions for Laminate Veneers in Turkey. If the frequently asked questions we compiled below are not enough, you can reach us from the contact page and ask each question. Our customer service answers your 7×24 questions.

Pain is usually not felt during the procedure. However, in some cases, local anesthesia can be performed so that the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. After the procedure, temporary laminates will be placed to protect your tooth until the bonding session. Therefore, the patient does not have an aesthetic problem until the next session and the sensitivity is prevented.
It is a practical and easy treatment. In the first session, the tooth surface will be prepared for later placement of porcelain laminates. About 0.3-1 millimeter thick enamel tissue from the front surface of the tooth will be removed and measured. In this measure, the color and form appropriate to the tooth, to complete the smile, almost leaf-thick porcelain laminates will be made and the appropriate color of the tooth will be glued with special adhesives.
What are the possible problems in Laminate Veneer treatment?

Turkey Laminate Veneers Reviews

You can read many reviews about dental clinics and dentists on the Internet. Patients from various countries of the world evaluate the services they receive on social media and the internet, allowing other patients to benefit from these comments and plan accordingly. When we look at the Turkey Laminate Veneers Reviews rate, we see successful rates up to 100%. The most important factor in this is, of course, the success of Laminate Veneers Treatment in Turkey and the experiences of Turkish dentists. You can understand why Turkey is so preferred by looking at these positive reviews and rates. So far, there are no patients in Turkey who have been treated and are not satisfied.

Laminate Veneers Cost in Turkey

Laminate Veneer £240 (5 YEARS GUARANTEE)