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Myra Dental Center Turkey as  it makes us proud to serve patients from all over the world. USA,Canada, Norway, 
Germany, UK (United Kingdom), Austria, Belgium, Holland, Poland, France, Italy, Dubai.

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Myra Dental Center Turkey | Best Dental Clinic in Turkey, Antalya

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. more…

Dental crowns are also known to be a full Dental Veneer. They are also frequently used to restore dental implants and more…
E.max© is made of ceramic, considered to be the best match with your own natural teeth, the crown is a tooth-like more…
Laminate-Veneers - Turkey
Porcelain is a non metal, inorganic material possessing glass like properties and resembling tooth enamel. more…
If you want to have a much whiter smile in a short time, laser whitening is one of the fastest answer for your request. more…
If you have a very interior of the affected tooth, the pulp, dies and/or becomes infected, root canal treatment more…
In the case of implantological treatment, diagnostics has a decisive influence on the success of the treatment. more…

Here at Myra Dental Center Turkey, we are available for  the excellence in dentistry and customer service.

Myra Dental Center Turkey offers first class quality dental treatment at affordable prices in Turkey.

Every year, we ensure beautiful smiles for our patients who come from around the world and provide a wonderful holiday for them.If you have a plan for a dental treatment to straighten misaligned teeth, close gaps between the teeth, redesign your smile or replace the missing teeth, we are with you as an experienced Dental Team, Patient Coordinators and Travel Agents to ensure you get the best dental travel experience throughout the process.

We offer the most advanced dental products and dental services at international health standards to our patients. Our experienced dentists in are specialised in the cosmetic dentistry area and oral surgery. In Turkey, we offer dental treatments such as Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Dental Crowns, Smile Makeover,  all on 4 procedure and Professional Teeth Whitening via Laser. The  dental products that are used in Myra Dental Center Turkey are known all around the world with their  brands and there is an extended warranty for all dental procedures. The Turkish Dental Association  have approved our maximum hygiene and sterilization protocols.

Our Dental Clinic is located in Antalya which is the capital of dental tourism in Europe. Antalya, the fourth most visited city in the world, is the pearl of the Mediterranean and It offers you a unique holiday experience with 200 blue flag beaches, delicious Turkish cuisine, sea-view hotels, historical sites in the city, nightlife and 9 months of sunlight.

It is possible to find direct flight tickets to Antalya from all European countries, the United States or Australia in all seasons. All you need to do is get a Free Quote for your planned dental treatment and Myra Dental Center Turkey will do the rest for you to provide the best dental care you deserve.

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FAQ About Dental Holiday in Turkey

Where should you go for best dental center in Antalya?

Turkey has the best dental treatment locations and Dental Centres which people choose the dental care and treatment.In our country,Turkey, patients could have dental treatments  such as get teeth implants , get full set of veneers and teeth bleaching with an affordable prices. The people from other countries, for example, United Kingdom, Germany , Belgium or United States,prefer to visit Antalya for their dental requirements

 Which treatments can you get in Myra Dental Center Turkey?

We always work hard to find the best solution and treatment plan for our patients.We make available for our patients to achieve the beautiful smile they have always wanted using a variety of high dental techniques with quality materials. if you need to replace for straight teeth or replace as missing tooth, chipped or a broken tooth then you are in the correct dental center in Antalya. Please contact Myra Dental Clinic in Antalya to Schedule an appointment with us in today.

Why dental services are lower cost in Turkey?

If you compare in Turkey,get new teeth is cheaper than other countries which includes laboratory costs and dentist cost. The materials and qualities used in Turkey are the equal as in the United Kingdom or the United States. International brands provide materials or products to most countries worldwide, the difference is the taxes the materials or products have to pay to enter the country and those taxes are pass to the consumer making the same material or product price different according to the country. Turkey has a lower tax rate for imported goods making them more affordable so, you can get the same quality brand at a affordable price. Everyone has a dream for making their smile which looks straighter and shine like a star.Myra Dental Centre Turkey will offer a dental work plan and make an organisation for you. Since around 8000 teeth implants are performed annually in Myra Dental Center Turkey, we offer the reduction in purchase prices as a price benefit to our patients.

How can you start to plan your dental travel?

In first step contact Myra dental Center Turkey team; we will inform you on your specific dental needs, you can contact us on website , instagram , facebook , twitter or pinterest and you can send us your information from all our  social media accounts.

What happens when you arrive in Turkey?

Myra Dental Center Turkey Team will show you your best solution on xray and give you all details step by step in your first appointment about dental treatment.Then we will take before photos of face ,teeth and smile in our photography room .We will start your dental treatment..In end of the day our transfer bring you back to  your second appointment after four days later ,our transfer pick you from hotel to Myra Dental Centre Turkey.If you get full set of veneers We will show new full set of veneers shape and color to you and after your approval we will take temporary teeth out and we will fix your new teeth.In your third appointment,Our transfer will bring you to Myra Dental Centre Turkey and we will make a control for biting control,shape control,chewing control and we will take after photos.The last appointment we will give you documents about aftercare of dental treatments and warranty form and get last control.In your flight back day to your country our transfer bring you from hotel to airport.

After one week later ,our team will call you and check that about how is your last situation and than one month later and three months later.
You need to check new treatment in every 1 year or when you visit Turkey ,you can get a Free control in Myra Dental Center Turkey.

Does get dental treatment include package system in Myra Dental Center Turkey?

We give you below free package for all treatments.Unfortunately,We give free VIP Transfer all your treatment time.if you want ,We can recommend some hotel name around clinic so you can check and have a book for accommodation.When you book your flight and hotel ,we need times of your flight details so we can arrange your appointment and transfer for your dental treatment.


  • Consultation and check up FREE
  • Panoramic X-Ray (2D Scan) FREE
  • Volumetric Tomography (3D Scan) FREE
  • Transport Services in between hotel and clinic for  every visit  FREE
  • Airport Transport Service ( Pick up and Drop back ) FREE
  • During your treatment an
  • Patient coordinators services. FREE

Are the dental team on Dental Tourism the best?

Our dental team is the best doctors in Antalya ,they have experiences in many years and graduated from  best schools from turkey . They give perfect services to dental patients. In Myra Dental Center Turkey, our Dentists are members of many international organizations such as ITI(İnternational Team for İmplantology), ICOI(İnternational Congress of Oral Implantology), EDAD(Turkish Academic of Estetic Dentistry) and develop their professional experience.

How can I understand the dental centre uses the best quality?

Myra Dental Center Turkey is a member of CEREC Club and Digital Dentistry practitioner in Turkey. We are one of thae clinical practitioners on Straumann teeth implants in Turkey.

Clinic doctors open your dental materials next the patients and you can see the all parts of material.When we finish dental treatment ,you  will be have warranty form of your dental treatment.

What does the teeth warranty form include?

Our dental warranty procedures include implants,veneers and lab work. Although nobody can guarantee 100%, you will have lifetime warranty for teeth implants also five years for veneers and five years for lab work in Turkey.If you have a problem with your dental treatment, we will cover up to 200 dollars of your flight expenses and three day free accommodation and free VIP transfer from airport to hotel and clinic with free dental treatment

Can I speak English with You?

Turkish is the main language in Turkey, but English is spoken in Myra Dental Centre Turkey with all team.

How many days can I book an appointment?

For get full set of veneers in Turkey (zirconium veneers , Emax veneers  or Celtra veneers) or teeth implant treatment for missing teeth can be finished in 5 days and it is expected that you will have 4 dental appointments during treatment time therefore it is advised that you travel for a 7-day holiday to Turkey allow for your flight arrival and departure days.

Do you have a Youtube channel?

To watch our patients travel, treatment and holidays on our yputube channel. Click Here...