Are Implants Worth It?


Dental implants are one of the most effective treatments available today on oral, maxillofacial and dental diseases. Thanks to Dental implants, it is now much easier to overcome the jaw bone melts caused by tooth loss, the palatal strokes caused by dentures, the negative aesthetic appearance experienced by patients due to tooth losses, the difficulties of speaking, eating and chewing. Moreover, the implant treatment, which can be performed in accordance with each jaw structure, pleases many patients, while also providing the happiness of feeling as if they have regained their own teeth. Many patients may be prejudiced against implant treatment with hearsay information. But after all, it’s worth having a dental implant.

Are cheap dental implants healthy?

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In addition to the experience and knowledge of the dentist in this regard, the quality of the implant he will use in the mouth is very important for the positive outcome of the treatment. Unfortunately, in order to attract patients to some commercial-minded clinical centers, implant treatment is applied at a low price. However, the low price is not related to the fact that other specialist physicians receive more money from you. On the contrary, the quality of the implant, which is tried to cost at a low price, is also low. It is important that you have this treatment with good thinking and trust in your doctor, which is closely related to bone structure and jaw alignment. Otherwise, different problems can be experienced when performing the second of the failed first implant treatments.

Why is dental implant performed?

Implants are inanimate materials placed in a living tissue or organ. The branch of dentistry that deals with this issue is oral Implantology. A dental implant mimics the function of the root of the tooth. The Implant clings directly to the jawbone and makes a protrusion that will carry the crown from the gum to the oral cavity. This replaces a lost tooth. The Implant will not be cut to bridge the lost teeth on both sides of the cavity. At the same time, the implant prevents the dentures from playing in the mouth and therefore the painful pressure points are removed, so the dentures are fixed. The Implant can be applied in four different ways in general. In the first method, the tooth is pulled and the implant is placed immediately into the cavity. This is the most comfortable and practical method for the patient and doctor. It does not require stitches or surgery; it does not hurt at all. The second method is closed technique. In this method, the laser is used without opening the filep and a cavity is created. The Implant is placed in this cavity. It is a comfortable, painless and single-stage procedure, which takes quite a short time. The third method is for mini implants. In this method, direct implant application is made through the mucous membrane. The fourth method is the most well-known classical surgical method among the public; surgery opens a suitable space in the person's jawbone, implant is placed here and stitches are taken after about a week. In this method, if the person's bone density is low, another procedure called bone transplantation can be done beforehand.

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