Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey

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How much do new teeth cost in Turkey ?

Myra Dental Clinic dental treatment prices for International Patients from around the world.

TREATMENT DIAGNOSTICSPrices (GBP)Clinic visitLength of stay
(in Antalya)
Examination including quotationFree1 Year1 DayN/A
Dental Check-up including examination, 3D tomographic X-Ray and quotationFree1 Year1 DayN/A
Annual control examination (including examination and X-Ray and tartar cleaning)£551 Year1 DayN/A
TEETH WHITENINGPrices (GBP)Clinic visitLength of stay
(in Antalya)
Laser Teeth Bleaching£3501 Visit--
(Implant+Titanium Abutment)
Prices (GBP)Clinic visitLength of stay
(in Antalya)
STRAUMANN Roxolid® SLA® Implant+Titanium Abutment£6952 Visit1-2 days on first visit, Second visit in 2 months 6-8 daysLife Long
STRAUMANN Roxolid® SLActive® Implant+Titanium Abutment£8501 Visit6 daysLife Long
BICON Implant+Titanium Abutment£6952 Visit1-2 days on first visit, Second visit in 2 months 6-8 daysLife Long
Tekka Implants£5001 Visit6 days10 Years
AlfaGate Implant+Titanium Abutment£4502 Visit1-2 days on first visit, Second visit in 2 months 6-8 days10 Years
DIO Implants£3501 Visit6 days10 Years
Sinus Lift£1492 Visit6 DaysN/A
Bone Grafting£60 - £2902 Visit6 DaysN/A
DENTAL CONSERVATION FillingsPrices (GBP)Clinic visitLength of stay
(in Antalya)
Tooth-coloured filling - white composite£451 Visit1 Day1 Year
(X-ray included)
Prices (GBP)Clinic visitLength of stay
(in Antalya)
Tooth with one root canal£451-3 Visit4 Days-
per Canal£441-3 Visit--
VENEER, CROWN & LUMINEER PRICESPrices (GBP)Clinic visitLength of stay
(in Antalya)
Inlay/Onlay Ceramic£2203-4 Visit5 Days3 Years
Inlay/Onlay Zirconium£2203-4 Visit5 Days3 Years
Crown (each)-Porcelain£1003-4 Visit5 Days5 Years
Crown (each)-Zirconium£1853-4 Visit5 Days5 Years
E.MAX© Crown (each)£2353-4 Visit5 Days5 Years
Celtra ® crown£3003-4 Visit5 Days5 Years
Temporary CrownFree---
Laminate Veneer£2403-4 Visit5 Days5 Years
Removable plastic denture (both jaw)£400---
Removable metal denture£400---
Partial Metal denture£4003-4 Visit7-10 Days3 Years
Overdenture supported by implants£4003-4 Visit7-10 Days3 Years
Temporary Denture£200---
ORAL SURGERYPrices (GBP)Clinic visitLength of stay
(in Antalya)
Tooth extraction-simple£251 Visit1 DayN/A
Tooth extraction-complicated£751 Visit1 DayN/A
Wisdom tooth extraction£801 Visit1 DayN/A
  • How much is dental treatment prices in Turkey?

    When it comes to dental treatments and dental health, Turkey is among the world's leading countries in terms of both service quality and patient satisfaction. Turkey, which stands out for its quality of Service, low cost and high level of workmanship, welcomes patients from all over the world, primarily European countries, to receive dental health services. The high cost of dental treatments in overseas countries is one of Turkey's preferred dental treatments.

    One of the most important reasons for choosing Turkey for this service is that a quality treatments is offered at a very affordable price. In Turkey, dental treatments is considered much more affordable in price compared to European countries. In the United States, in particular, overall health care cost are expensive. Dental treatments such as implants, cosmetics and aesthetics are expensive in many of the European countries. The dental treatment prices in Turkey is lower for patients who are not covered by state or private insurance.

  • How much small dental cosmetic treatments in Turkey?

    All the treatments that are included in cosmetic dentistry are applied in Turkey. cosmetic dentistry covers treatments such as whitening or veneers, luminers. These treatments are usually low cost compared to treatments such as having an implant or a smile design. However, patients can benefit from low prices even for these procedures.

  • Cost of Veneers and Crowns

    With cosmetic dentistry, individuals gain the opportunity to change the color, shape and appearance of their teeth with the help of dental veneers and lumineers. Many states ' health insurance does not cover the cost of these treatments because these treatments are cosmetic procedures. Therefore, individuals have to cover all of these cost themselves. The cost of Dental veneers and luminers depends on the material used. Our prices are available on our website.

    In Turkey, getting a zirconium veneer cost around 200 Euros. In Germany and UK, the cost is double in Euros. In the US, a zirconium veneer may cost around 300 euros. The cost would go higher depending on how many you get.

    Cost for Lumineers vary because their materials are more diverse. You can get them in Turkey for about 250 euros. For Western European countries, the US or Canada the price differs almost 2 times. in some countries, insurance may not pay for this treatments, in which case you need to contact expensive private clinics, which are very expensive.

  • Dental veneer, Bridge and dentures cost in Turkey

    The average price of one of the dental veneers in Turkey is around 200 euros and in the case of a bridge, the number of missing teeth and the number of supporting teeth are collected and a price is determined. But if you go to a private dental clinic for a veneer in European countries such as the UK, Germany or Belgium, your cost could be as high as 700 euros. In the US, having a veneer has a price range between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 per tooth. Many dental clinics in Turkey do not charge a consultation cost.

  • How much does Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

    Dental implants are a popular treatments option for repairing missing teeth in individuals with dental deficiencies. The Implant is a structure made of titanium and placed in the jawbone. The missing teeth are completed with dental veneer and abutment of the individuals who have had the Implant.

    In countries such as the United States, a single implant can cost between $3500 and $ 7000, while in European countries such as Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom, an implant can cost over $ 4,000 per tooth. While this fee does not include abutment and dental veneer prices, replacing a missing tooth can cost an average of $5000. The average price of dental Implants in Turkey varies between 350 Euro and 800 Euro.

    The All-on-4 concept has an average price between $ 25,000- $ 35,000 in Europe and the United States, while in Turkey, it has a price of about € 8,000 or close to € 10,000. The all-on-4 concept, applied in case of loss of all teeth, differs from person to person.You can contact us for more detailed price interest.

    All implant treatments, including the all-on-4 concept, have different options, from the world's best brands to mid-segment implants. These options also allow for proper planning in terms of price distribution. World brands in Turkey are not only quality but price difference.

  • Dental Surgery in Turkey And Prices

    The price is determined according to the details of the treatments to be performed.Our specialists assess your suitability for treatments for sedation or general anesthesia. In Turkey, dental surgery procedures are offered at a much more affordable price than in the USA and European countries.

    In some cases, advanced surgical techniques such as 'sinus lift or bone graft insertion' are required to be applied in individuals who lack teeth. These treatments range from an average of 2000 dollars in America to 1500 euros in Europe.In Turkey, you can get these treatments at more affordable prices with the same quality.

  • Are the best dental products cheap in Turkey?

    The pricing of Dental treatments may vary according to the treatment performed. for example, implant Prices vary according to the quality of implant brands and veneer prices vary according to veneer materials.

  • Why are dental treatments cheap in Turkey compared to European countries and USA?

    In Turkey, the same dental treatments and materials cost less than in the United States or Western Europe. A few reasons why dental treatments in Turkey are much cheaper than in many other countries:

    Low clinical costs

    The main reasons why dental treatments are suitable in Turkey are low clinical costs. Even in private clinics in Turkey, dentists work at a low salary. Health policies require the state to cover most dental treatments. Thus, dentists in private clinics have to keep their treatment fees at a reasonable level.

    Lack of third-party charges

    In the United States and Eurupe countries, all equipment charges for individuals ' dental treatments are reflected, and the costs of these equipment are very high. In Turkey, laboratory and assistant fees are not included in your treatment plan and costs.

    Currency Advantage

    In most clinics in Turkey, fees are determined in Turkish lira and the fee collection is regulated accordingly. In Turkey, exchange rates such as the Euro, US dollar and Canadian dollar are traded at higher rates against the Turkish lira.

    Amount Of Travel Expenses

    Turkey is a tourism-oriented country. Therefore, the cost is very cheap as you will find a lot of options in terms of airfare and accommodation. You can see that prices are very reasonable in terms of airline tickets as well as accommodation. By our clinic you can get free access to our clinic from the hotel or from the airport.