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Used For: dental implant in Turkey is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. They may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason.

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The dental implant is a screw-shaped artificial tooth root that is made from titanium, which is used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. Since the jawbone perceives titanium as part of the body and has a high success rate due to high tissue cohesion, implants are usually made of titanium. It is placed on the jawbone by a small surgical procedure in sterile environments by dentists. Dental implant treatment after a few months the implant clings completely to the jawbone. After this process, the implant, which replaces a real tooth root, becomes the position to carry the prosthesis that will be placed on it.

The biggest advantage of separating Implant treatment from other treatments is that it does not damage neighboring teeth. In other words, the adjacent teeth do not need to be cut during treatment. Chewing sensation is very close to normal and there is the possibility of treatment without interfering with other teeth. This is why dental implants are one of the most widely used methods of treatment. Dental implants in Turkey are one of the most widely used dental procedures.

How is dental implant performed?
Dental implants are performed by opening slots in a suitable position, diameter and length for the implant to be applied to the jaw bone by a surgical procedure. Since implant placement is a surgical procedure, the quality of the materials used in the operation, the clinic or hospital where the procedure is carried out are the most important criteria to ensure the necessary sterilization and hygiene conditions. Implant surgery begins with local anesthesia and numbing of that area. Dental implant treatment can be applied with 4 different dental implant methods :

In the first method, the tooth is pulled and the implant is placed immediately in the formed cavity. This is the most comfortable and practical method for patients and doctors. It is a painless method that does not require stitching and surgical intervention.

The second method is closed technique. In this method, a cavity is created using a laser without opening the mesh and the implant is placed in this cavity. It is a comfortable, painless and one-step procedure that takes a very short time.

The third method is applied for mini implants. In this method, direct implant application is made over the mucosa.

The fourth method is the most common classical surgical method. With the surgical procedure, a suitable gap is opened in the patient’s jawbone, an implant is placed there, and the stitches are removed after about a week. In this method, if the patient’s bone density is low, a procedure called bone transplantation can be applied. For a dental implant, you must be over 18 years old and have a general health condition. For this operation, you need to have healthy gums and proper jaw bone.

Non-smoking patients are more advantageous. When done by an experienced dentist, very successful results can be obtained. It is the closest treatment method to natural tooth with today’s technology.

Why is dental implant performed?
In areas with a lack of teeth, melting occurs in the jawbone over time. Applying the implant after tooth extraction reduces the melting of the jawbone. It is a more protective treatment than traditional bridges because it does not receive support from neighboring teeth. At the end of the jaw in cases where the teeth are missing, crowns or bridges such as a fixed denture when you cannot follow a prosthesis in the mouth when it is not preferred issued or fully edentulous total jaw bone implant a prosthesis because it lost the functionality of the play are hard to use inside the mouth to dental implants in order to prevent and is applied.

The implant can be applied immediately after the removal of single rooted teeth that do not contain inflammation tissue at the root tip and around them. Sometimes 2-3 weeks can be expected. You may need to wait 5-6 months after tooth extraction. This depends entirely on the patient’s jaw structure. Depending on the patient’s condition, the type, length, and treatment method of the implant material can be changed.

All these applications are determined after detailed examination. The dental implant in Turkey is applied due to the following reasons:

In the lower and upper jaws without teeth, when the patient is unable to use the full prosthesis as a result of excessive bone meltdown, retention is increased by sitting on the implants placed in the prosthesis.
If the posterior region is left toothless in the loss of large molars, a fixed bridge can be made on several implants instead of a segmented prosthesis that can be inserted and removed in patients.

In long toothless cavities, the long trunks of bridges that are made can be problematic. The support and durability of long bridges can be improved with one or more implants to be applied to the toothless area.
In case of loss of a single tooth, a single implant can be placed in place of the missing tooth without the need to shrink the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth.

What is dental implant material?
Dental implant materials are titanium or alloys. It is not affected by oral fluids and is manufactured to withstand the forces that will form within the mouth. The tissue-friendly properties of titanium, which is coated with some special substances, have been increased and the recovery time has been shortened. There are more than 500 implant brands used in implant treatment in Turkey. There are around 1500 different dental implant brands in the world. Turkey is one of the most active countries in this regard.

Metals and Alloys are as follows: Titanium, Titanium 6, aluminum 4 vanadium
Ceramics are as follows: Aluminum oxide, Tricalcium phosphate, Hydroxyapatite,
Carbons are as follows: Polycrystalline carbon and carbon silicon
Polymers are follows: Polymethylmethacrylate, Polyethylene and Polytetrafluoroethylene Implants according to where they are placed; Endodontic implants (Stabilizers), Intramucosal implants (Insert), Subperiostal implants, Endosteal (Endosserous) implants

Dental implant types

There are multiple types of dental implants. The most common type of implant today is a screw-shaped implant. Dental implant types are determined according to the area they are used and the supporting tissues. They are categorized as Endodontic stabilizers, Subperiostal implants, Intramucosal inserts, Transosseous implants, and Endosserous implants. The patient cannot decide which type of implant to use.

The dentist decides which implant treatment is suitable for this subject, again the patient’s mouth x-ray, jaw structure, health conditions, whether he has any other illnesses and also the way of treatment according to the examination results.

In fact, all implant types have almost similar features. In general, the point of separation from each other comes from the differences in the surface properties of the implants on titanium surfaces. All kind of implant types can be easily applied in Turkey dental implant treatments. 

Is dental implant for everyone?
People with good general health, healthy gums and enough bones to support implants in the jawbone, and those who care about oral care have a high success rate in dental implant treatment. In some cases, the amount of bone may not be sufficient for the implant. In such cases, implants can be placed by applying advanced techniques and providing the conditions for implant placement. It can be easily applied to any adult with a good general health condition, and after the recovery process is completed, it provides the renewal of the appearance and function of the lost teeth.

The risks and complications associated with dental implants can occur due to reasons such as not planning the case correctly, using reliable materials, not having enough experience of the dentist or not following the patient’s specified instructions. If you do not have any health problems to heal, your general health is good and you have adequate bone structure, you can be an implant treatment.

There is no upper age limit for the implant treatment in Turkey; the lower age limit for the completion of the growth phase is the 16-18 age range. Implants may not be preferred for people whose bone development has not been completed. Gums must be healthy before implant treatment. There is no upper age limit to prevent implant application as long as the person’s overall health is in good condition and after having enough bone development. It is imperative that the implant to be placed in the jawbone has sufficient thickness and height.

The quality of the bone in the place where the implant will be placed is important as well as its quality. Implants are very likely to cause problems in bones with poor calcification and large pores. While installing the implant, it should be checked whether there are infections, inflammation and similar problems.

Planning before dental implant

Before the dental extraction process before the implant treatment, the patient’s x-rays are evaluated and an idea about the quality of the jaw bone is obtained.

Dental implant planning is just as important as the treatment process. After the first examination, the type of implant to be used by the dentist is decided. This step is very important as implants are produced in shapes and sizes according to different situations. At this stage, the patient is informed about all the procedures and the image after the completion of the procedures is shown. Thus, the possibility of encountering any negative results in the treatment of implant is minimized. First, a detailed medical and dental history of the patient is examined.

The planning process is prepared by a dentist who specializes in mouth, jaw, face and gums. Since dental implants require one or more surgical procedures, you need to undergo a thorough assessment to be prepared for the process, including:

Detailed dental and jaw examination:

Dental x-ray and jaw tomography are performed, making a detailed examination of the teeth and jaw bone.

Dental Implants Treatment plan:

This plan, which is prepared according to the condition of the patient, evaluates factors such as how many teeth are replaced and the condition of your jaw bone.

After Dental Implant

You should be careful to feed for 2 hours after implant treatment. For the first 24 hours, you should avoid hot drinks and consume only soft foods. Do not consume as much hot food and drinks as possible in the first week. You can start eating after the operation is over. However, you may delay eating for a while because you will feel tired because of the general or local anesthesia applied. Blood can be seen in the saliva for the first 24 hours. This is normal. You can even see blood scars on your pillow when you wake up in the morning. Don’t panic!

For the first 24 hours, do not spit or rinse your mouth for the healing process to begin. Do not exercise after a dental implant. This can negatively affect treatment. Any impact on your face or implant tooth where the surgical procedure takes place can affect you badly. You should be very careful even when brushing your teeth when the dental implant process is new. Following implant operations, pressure can be applied slowly with a soft, sterile tampon to stimulate coagulation and stop bleeding. After 36 hours, you should mouthwash twice a day for 2 weeks with mouthwash or salt water. Do not consume food for 30 minutes after gargling.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

The dental implant benefits listed below are only valid if the treatment is applied correctly. Before treatment, the patient should be examined, and the appropriate implant and implant placement method should be determined. Complications may occur if the patient cannot take good care of the implants after the implants are applied by the dentist.

Implant treatment is a much longer lasting and reliable method compared to other dental treatment methods. It does not harm other teeth during the operation since it is applied alone and without support from any teeth.
Since it has the appearance of natural teeth, it does not cause any deformation in the mouth and teeth structure of the person. In other treatments such as canal and bridge, because the structure of the tooth is damaged, visual impairments occur, but this method does not occur.
It provides the patient to eat whatever they want, as it can fully perform the chewing function. Eating hard foods worries patients because venous or filled teeth are very likely to break teeth and re-treat.
Its teeth are smooth and aesthetic, which ensures patients’ self-confidence.
The lifetime of the teeth made with implant treatment is much longer than the usage period of other treatment methods. Even Turkey implants are available for lifetime. After treatment, teeth can be cleaned easily. Since there is no difference between normal teeth, the same methods can be used when cleaning the teeth made with implant treatment. It allows you to continue your daily life and allows you to socialize more.

What is the success rate in implant treatment?

The success rates of Dental Implants vary depending on where they are placed inside the jaw. The country with the highest success rate among European countries is Turkey. Usually dental implants in Turkey have a success rate of up to 98%. With proper care, you can use implants for a lifetime. Failure in dental implants is usually seen within the first 6 months.

The most important factor affecting success in the long term is the patient’s failure to perform the necessary care in accordance with the instructions, not to come to regular checks and negligence. Other factors that affect success are the amount of horizontal and vertical bones, the condition and quality of the bone, systemic conditions affecting the patient’s recovery, alcohol and smoking, and teeth clenching problems. These problems are prevented by good evaluation and planning.

The success of the dental implant application varies with the patient’s anatomical-systemic status and oral hygiene, the knowledge and experience of the physician, the suitability of the implant used for the patient, and brand success. It should be noted that the success rate for a patient who has lost his implant is 0%, while the success rate for a patient who has 10 implants in his mouth and uses them all happily is 100%. Although it varies with all factors in general, the success rate of dental implant applications is in the range of 95-98%. This rate is higher than all conventional treatment alternatives.

Is dental implant safe?

This question is actually very easy to answer. The material used in Dental implant treatment depends on the experience of the dentist and the success of the preferred technique. Normally a dental implant is a fairly safe procedure. Especially in Turkey implants are very safe. Improvements in implant technology today have facilitated the implant’s applicability as well as ensuring long-lasting successful results. Implant procedure with local anesthesia is safe after all necessary examinations and examinations are performed before the procedure. However, complications that can be seen in any other treatment method applied by the dentist can also be seen in implant treatments.

The titanium substance used in implant construction is a metal structure that does not react with the tissue and has high biocompatibility. Titanium has been used in dental treatments for nearly 50 years. If the implants made in a clinic with a good planning and an experienced medical team with good sterilization is sufficiently well maintained by the patients, success rates are quite high. Anamnesis is important in patients with implants. Due to systematic diseases, some patients may have factors that decrease implant success. Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension are important systematic diseases that adversely affect implant success. Patients with such systematic diseases should be contacted with their doctors, and if the disease is under control, implants can be performed. Of course, even if some diseases are under control, implant may not be suitable.

Dental implant risks

There is no risk during implant application. Dental implant risks are almost non-existent. There is no risk other than the risks that may be encountered in intraoral or other surgical treatments. These may occur in the form of infections and allergies in the early period and inflammations due to insufficient mouth cleaning in the late period after the completion of the prosthesis, and smoking during the early period may increase the risk of infection.

Alcohol and cigarette use after treatments are also factors that increase the risks. Dental Implant surgery may have some risks, as well as any surgical procedure. However, these risks are completely dependent on the patient’s post-procedure care. When everything is done correctly, it is a very safe treatment. In case of possible side effects, you should contact our dentist. Some dental precautions should be taken before the procedure. These precautions are provided by the tests performed whether there are any surgeries that the patient has had or any disease.

The risk is minimized by taking precautions against any known negativity. Unfortunately, there is always a risk in the face of any unknown illness or illness that the patient does not say, the drugs he / she forgot or the drugs he / she cannot use. For these reasons, proper dental precautions should be taken and risks should be minimized.

Lifetime of implants

Implant dental treatment, which can be used in a healthy way for many years, is also in direct proportion with the right planning at the beginning of the application. If you have dental implants treatment in Turkey, it will be much longer than the lifetime of the implant. Basically, the application can be used for a lifetime at the end of the procedures in which the patient has an artificial tooth tissue. In people who have diseases in the gums or who do not pay enough attention to oral care, the life of the implants naturally decreases.

Dental implants Turkey

Since the last 10 years dental implants in Turkey is performed with fully equipped with the latest treatment techniques and equipment. Specialist dentists in this field have successes across Europe. The implants are made and production in Turkey as well as its world-famous brands of implants is also used.

Antalya is the city where the most intense of Turkey’s health tourism. Professional dental clinics and hospitals operate in this city. Antalya dental implant treatment attracts many patients from Europe. In order to be able to communicate more effectively in social life and at the same time not to make a bad impression while communicating with the person in front of you, it will be extremely effective and will protect you from such negative situations. There are many Turkish dentists to help you with this. You can decide what kind of dental implant you need with your dentist and start treatment immediately in Turkey. 

Turkey Dental implant prices

Implant treatment, which is one of the missing dental treatment methods; In the case of one or more teeth lost, it is a treatment close to natural teeth. It has become popular with the high yield rates of treatment. Antalya’s reputation in this regard is known to everyone, but Antalya implant prices are the subject that patients are most curious about at this stage.

Dental Implant prices in Turkey include the cost of implant, abutment, veneer and surgery.  Many factors such as how many implants will be made, the brand of implants, the clinic where the treatment will be performed, the experience of the dentist, the patient’s oral and dental structure and whether the jawbone will be sufficient affect the price of the implant. Therefore, it is not possible to give a standard price.

You can call us and make an appointment to find out the current prices. Implant treatment is a long-term treatment. It is a method that can be permanent for a lifetime when it is applied by an experienced physician with appropriate techniques and materials and when the patient pays attention to oral and dental cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the implant prices considering these factors.

Full mouth dental implants cost Turkey

Varieties of full mouth dental implants, which are placed on the implant placed in the jaw bone, are also applied. This type of implant supported full denture provides users with a psychological relief by feeling as if they are chewing with their natural teeth. In addition, the mouth does not play much and is more stable. Users of full mouth dental implants may have trouble getting used to for a certain period of time. This period lasts about 4-5 weeks.

Full mouth dental implants costs in Turkey are variable. The price in implant application, which is one of the dental treatment methods, varies according to many factors.Full mouth implant prices also have varying prices.  The prices in Turkey also depends on the quality of the product used, the quality of the material and the success of the clinic in the field of treatment.

In general, you can call us for Antalya full mouth implant prices, which vary according to the patient’s complaint, the patient’s jaw structure, the type of implant, the success of the doctor in the field of treatment, and the duration of the treatment. You can be sure that the best prices are in Turkey.

The best implant clinics in Antalya serve their patients with their expert dentist staff in the field of implant surgery. Antalya Dental implant is the most preferred treatment option. Successful implant applications with warranty certified implant materials and the best dental hospitals in Antalya offer services to patient’s at the most affordable prices. The best service is provided from the initial treatment period to dental implant application and after surgery. If you are looking for the best dental center in Turkey , you can contact us for detailed information and make an appointment immediately.

In which cases dental implants cannot perform?

Since dental implants have a certain thickness and heights, the jawbone must be thick and high enough to receive the implant. Bone volume and bone quality of the region where the implant will be placed is also important. Oral hygiene of patients is very important. There should be no infection, cyst, tumor and broken root residues in the area where the implant will be placed.

Dental implant treatment is very difficult and risky in the following conditions:
  • Since the bone formation of individuals who have not completed the adolescence period yet is not completed, they are not implanted. Even if there is loss of teeth in the early ages, bone formation is expected to be completed by using placeholders.
  • Alcohol and cigarette smoking prepare the ground for the bacterial plaque formed in the tissues in the mouth and increase the risk of infection. Smoking prevents implant integration with bone due to carbon monoxide and toxic effects. It delays the healing of the wound that will occur at the end of the treatment and has a blood-reducing effect. Patients who smoke are always at great risk.
  • Since the body resistance of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment is very low, the risk of infection is very high at the end of the patient’s implant procedure, which is a surgical application. Therefore, implant treatment is very risky for patients who receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy. They are not applied to these patients. Even if the treatment of patients who have received chemotherapy and radiation treatment is finished, implant applications can still be at risk.
  • Titanium implants are produced in a certain height and thickness. Depending on the condition of the jaw bone, the dentist selects the most suitable implant for the implant. In some patients, the jawbone may not be suitable for implant making. The dentist makes the jaw bone suitable for the implant by surgical operation. Bone thickening and strengthening is provided. This procedure is not performed for those whose jaw bone is not suitable.
  • Patients with diabetes and whose sugars levels are under control are implanted. Implants are not applied to diabetes patients whose blood sugar is not under control. These patients are also in the risk group.
  • Patients with heart disease should not be implanted without their doctor’s approval.
  • In patients with hypertension, an extreme reaction occurs to conditions such as pain and stress. Patients with hypertension should measure blood pressure and consult with their doctor. People who have blood clotting problems are not dental
How Many Dental Implants do I need?

It depends on how many teeth you have missing. To any amount of teeth- from a single missing tooth to full restoration, dental implants can be used. A treatment plan will be preapared to suit your special requirements by our expert dental team.

Usually we do not prefer to replace every missing tooth with dental implant. If you have no teeth on your upper jaws and lower jaws, we generally place 6 implant along the upper and lower jaw, 12 in total. The implants for the each jaws (14 along for each) supports a full set of 28 teeth.

In the case of having a gap that 3 or 4 teeth missing along the same row, we place two dental implants and these supports three or four dental implant bridge. And if you have just one tooth missing, we place a single dental implant and crown.

The treatment can be finished in two short sessions. The first session is for placing of dental implants. You should wait for minimum three months before your permanent implant crowns can be fitted after your implant placement.

Myra Dental Clinic uses titanium implants which made from 100 % grade 4 titanium. Titanium as it is extremely durable, and lightweight, is used for dental implants.This means it will not wear out and is hard to be rejected by your body. There are different types of titanium, used for various purposes such as building, industrial supplies and medical supplies, etc…

Only 4 grade or 5 grade of titanium should be used in medical field. As Myra Dental Clinic, we give a guarantee that we only use premium dental implants, made from 100% titanium.

What if I need Bone Grafting or Sinus Lifting?

For once a natural tooth is extracted, after a period of time the jawbone density will start to reduce. In some instances, a reduction in bone density can be the reason for loss of the tooth in the begining. In such situations, bone grafting is required in order to an effective implant placement. To assure a safe implant placement, the position of the sinus pocket is of vital impotance. A sinus lifting procedure may be advised, in the case of insufficient room under the sinus pocket. Mostly, we prefer to carry out bone grafting operation or sinus lifting along teh implant replacement.For more information please get in touch with our Professional team.

Dental Implants Brands in Turkey

There are thousands of brands in implants of different quality all around the world and if you are looking for famous dental implant brands, you will not make a mistake with choosing AlfaGate Implant or Straumann Implant. In the case having dental implants, it is a liftime changing procedure and it also very long lasting.

One of the world’s first implant plant brands Straumann established in 1957. AlfaGate is established in 1996, Alfa Gate is a global company focused in development, design, and manufacturing of dental implants through cutting edge technology solutions. Both brands are world exclusive players in the implant market and also world’s greatest suppliers. There are many various advantages to using either brand and all details of each one of all is preferred by every oral surgeon all arounda the world.In this conclusion these two brands are considered to be the very best in their field. Both companies spend multi millions of money every year for scientific researches and developement

Across the world, especially including the UK, USA and Europe both Alfagate and Straumann brands cost high prices and usually seen as on the high side. As we have large demand and for this reason buying power gives us chance to purchase wholesale. Also operating costs of owning a dental clinic in Turkey are mostly less than that of the operating costs of a dental clinic in your home country. Therefore; we are able to make available both brands aat highly competitive prices.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible for more information, if you intend to have dental implants in Turkey.

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Dental Implants in Turkey FAQ

Is dental work cheap in Turkey?

Implant brands that we use as a dental implant treatment in Myra Dental Turkey are high quality brands. Implant treatment fees are also more affordable because taxes, lab expenses, labor and daily needs are more affordable. 

How much is a full mouth dental implants?

You can select an All On concept (All on 4 or All on 6) which is best for you. The treatment in the United Kingdom can range from $ 18,000 to $ 60,000. Prices in Europe are not cheaper. Myra Dental Turkey, offers a solution to all those looking for more affordable price 4 treatments.

How much are dental implants?

In Turkey we prefer our patients best 3 brands of dental implant which are best quality and affordable for you .In USA and Europa these brands are more expensive.Our implant are around 315 pound and 695 pound. Straumann is our first brand which gives lifetime and World wide warranty. Straumann implant is the World best dental implant.

How long does dental implant treatment take?

Implant treatment is a procedure performed with a surgical operation. If it is a single implant procedure, it is completed between 10 minutes and 30 minutes. The duration of the implant treatment can also vary from half an hour to several hours, depending on the number of implants to be performed and the patient's jawbone.
After surgery, a period of 1 to 3 months is required for the implant and bone to adapt. Prostheses that will be placed on the implant when fused with bone are completed in a few sessions. As a result of implant treatment lasting 1-4 months in total, patients achieve the closest result to the natural tooth and get long-lasting teeth. Implant dental treatment, which varies in the duration of treatment according to the condition of the patient, goes through the same stages unless there is a very extraordinary factor for each patient.
First, a dental examination is made and some diagnoses such as tooth, jaw fit and tooth root calculations are made. The dental x-ray is taken and according to the result of this x-ray, the dentist will be given the length of the tooth, the shape of the jaw bone, the type of treatment and the mouth decides the fineness and suitability of the tooth area for placement and makes the necessary preparations. Although the treatment period is usually completed within 3 months, in some cases it may take up to 8 months.

What are the implant placement methods?

In Myra Dental Centre Turkey we apply 3 dental implant placement method.

  • Early immediate implant placement
  • Early-delayed implant placement
  • Delayed implant placement

In early immediate implant placement method you can get implant placement after teeth extraction.implant is placed original tooths extraction site and you don’t get another surgical operation.Also in early immediate implant placement method we can survive original bone wide and length.
In delayed immediate implant placement if you have a big abscess or cyst ,less gum for closing surgical site,bad bone quality we wait for 6-8 weeks after extraction .After firstly healing gum close extraction site and we apply implant .İn this method we can apply implant for continuous healing site.
In delayed implant placement if you are late then 9-10 weeks we called delayed placement.Gum and bone has contoured and healed.When we apply an implant healing process start from beginning again.After 10 weeks bone has circled so bone has losted wide and length .
Before using 3D dental tomography for dental implant placement gum was separated more from bone surface because of thıs operation was less comfortable. With 3D views we can see all details clearly and Myra Dental centre we are using Sirona 3D volumetric tomography and galileos 3D implant planning software for apply safety operation.

In Myra Dental Centre we have aiming best final restorations .Teeth implant placement is a long process .Before the teeth implant placement we have to plan angles and positions of implants.How much implant  enough and necessary is important.All on 4 and All on 6 implant placement concepts change all treatment types.wished life quality change all treatment plans and final restoration.

In Myra Dental Centre for implant dentistry we have some treatment protocols like All on 4 ,all on 6 concepts.When you have an toothless jaw and you want to get a fixed system All on 4 ,ALL on 6 treatment concepts are available .Your age ,gender, state of health,bone quality are important for preferred treatment concept.In first visit Turkey we take an impression and 3D dental tomography from you for control gum and bone and decide which concept is available for you.4 days later yor temporary fixed bridge is ready and we start to implant treatment .After implant operation we take an final impression from jaws and 2 days later we fix non removable teeth on implants. We use resorbable stitches .You leave and 4 months later in second visit to Turkey  we finish your treatment with a non removable zirconium bridge system.These concepts advantage is you wait healing time with a fixed system which is more comfortable and functional.All on concepts protect jaws and stop bone Myra Dental Centre Turkey we prefer these all on concepts for a permanently treatment .If you have a gum disease or toothless jaw and don’t want to be toothless in healing time or don’t want use an temporary denture we prefer you All On concepts .

All 4 dental implants in the U.S. can range from $ 18000 to $ 60,000. Prices in Europe are not cheaper. Myra Dental Turkey, the All on 4 much more affordable for those seeking treatment offers a solution. Our operational costs in Turkey are low and we made bulk purchases directly from vendors implants and to offer our patients the best dental products at the best possible prices reflect these reductions are possible advantage. Therefore, we can offer you a lower cost for the All 4 treatment procedure, from initial screening to post-operative care. The treatment you receive will be the same branded products offered elsewhere in Europe or the United States. However, the total cost of the entire treatment process will be much less.

How long do teeth implants last?

Implant treatment is a successful treatment .If you have a damaged tooth or gum disease or a cyst-abscess implant treatment is the only substitution treatment type. Implant treatment isn’t a alternative of root canal treatment. In Myra Dental Turkey implant treatment is a complementary treatment for toothlessness and missing teeth.We offer implants to our patients as a long term treatment .

Can dental implants be done in one day?

One working day is enough for implant placement. We called that Teeth in One Day method.Properly implant treatment is easier than teeth extraction.After teeth has taken away bone and gum will hurted and it will made a hole which will be healed uncomfortable after 2 or 3 weeks this recovery time anything will be migrated to extraction implant treatment we close gum with stitches.

Do teeth implants hurt?

Teeth implant operation isn’t a painful operation .In Myra Dental Turkey we make local anesthesia and it make uncomfortable but painless.If you want to get general anesthesia it is possible for you. Dental implant Treatment is more easy than teeth take away.

How long does a dental implant procedure take?

For one implant it takes 10-15 minutes.For some cases patients needs sinus operations and bone operation.For a All on 6 implant operation to bottom and top jaw  it takes 2 hours nearly.

Why should I choose Turkey for dental implants?

The biggest advantage of implant treatment is that the implant is a stand-alone structure. It does not damage any tissues because it does not support the neighboring teeth. In addition, it prevents bone loss in tooth extraction areas over time by keeping the bone tissue around. Tooth loss due to various reasons negatively affects our lives in all aspects. There are solutions to tooth loss if we experience difficult moments in terms of aesthetic aspects, the difficulties we experience while eating and communicating. Thousands of patients undergoing dental implant treatment in Turkey got rid of all these problems in a short time. For this, we will give you a few tips on why you should choose Turkey.

Latest model of health care equipment is used in dental implants in Turkey.
Turkish dentists are licensed and experienced.In Turkey, post-operative care and service are high level. After the procedure, recommendations are made in the most accurate way for implant care.Most of the materials used are made in Turkey and are extremely safe.Even if you are away, your doctor can give you various advices on care and treatment. Support is provided from the Internet.Turkey dental implant prices are very cheap.

Dental implant application is an ideal option for you if you have been experiencing toothlessness for a long time and you are bored with dentures. Dental implant application is the best material that can replace your natural tooth in cases of tooth deficiency.

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