How much are dental implants in Turkey?

Understanding the quality and technical options of dental implants is key to understanding how much dental implants cost are. The question you must ask is, how much are dental implants in Turkey?

In a tooth deficiency, you get the highest savings and quality treatment by going to Turkey for dental implants. The difference between the cost of dental implants in Turkey according to the US or UK is thousands of dollars. With only one dental implant, especially for the UK, you can justify the short journey to Turkey, both for the holiday and the dental work

The average cost of dental implants in Turkey is $650 – the best implant brand Straumann Roxolid SLA Active is $1,350. This includes all parts of a complete tooth change – the cost of the implant, abutment, and zirconia porcelain croon. The corresponding cost of full tooth exchange in the US is $3,500-$5500. The average cost of treatment in the UK is 1500 – 6000 pounds. 

best dental implants in turkey

How much can you save by going to Turkey for dental implants with Crowns? About 60-75%.

There is an uncontrolled cost comparison mistake in dental implant treatments.

Implants are the most expensive dental treatments. A lot of people get bill shocks when they hear about the cost of dental implants in the UK and the US. You may experience additional prices that you do not understand during treatment.

Dentists share only the partial cost of dental implants (in the UK, US, or Canada). If you are not informed about this, you may get a surprise after learning that the single tooth replacement price is higher than advertised. As you will learn later, technical options are always added to the invoice extra.

How much does a dental implant cost? It is important to know that full-one tooth change by using implants has 3 components commonly: 

Implant: the main part placed inside the bone. This piece acts as the root.

Abutment: the screwed part to the implant. Connects the implant and crown.

Crown: a tooth-like piece. 

dental implants turkey
best dental implants in Turkey

In most countries, each part and process have a cost in the treatment of implants. In Turkey, you only pay crown and implant cost for implant treatment.

When a price is offered for dental implants, the question you should ask is: “How much does the full dental implant cost, including implants, abutment, and crown?”

How much is full dental implants in your dentists in the US and UK?

In the US or UK, determining the cost of a single dental implant can sometimes be confusing and exhausting. To complete the restoration of a dental implant, you may need to see two different dentists as implantology and prosthetic specialists in separated dental clinics. If you look at your treatment plan for taking a dental implant in detail:

Examination: In the US and UK, you will surely pay an initial examination fee

Xray: In the US and UK, you are going to pay an extra fee for panoramic Xray or CT

Abutment: When selected for the abutment required in the US and UK, you are going to pay again at varying prices.

Sinus lift and bone graft: In the US and UK, you are going to pay an extra fee if you need these transactions.

Crown: In the US and UK, you pay a fee that varies depending on crown material.

In Turkey, however, you only pay the implant placement and crown fee. If necessary, you will pay for sinus lift and bone graft. In Turkey, these fees are much more suitable.

  • Stage 1: local dentist
    • Examination
  • Stage 2: Implant Specialist
    • Implant placement
    • Placing selected abutment on the implant
  • Stage 3: prosthetic specialist Dentist
  • Fixing abutment-assisted crown

First, you made an appointment with your local dentist. For dental implant needs, you are directed to an implant dentist taking implants and abutments. However, you still need to go to your prosthetic specialist dentist to finish tooth change with a crown on the abutment. 

In your first examination, you will learn that many local dentists do not place a tooth implant. They are going to direct you to an implant specialist dentist, or you will find it by searching. The fee you pay after the implant may be the price excluding the crown. Many poorly informed patients who pay the exact cost of implant placement also learn that they must pay the cost of implant crowns and abutments. 

That is a second expense for you. Many specialist dentists do not make dental crowns. Sometimes patients consume their budgets and they wait with implants that they cannot use with tooth crowns. After all, if you are lucky, the first dentist you go to can be a specialist.

After all, you can get a new tooth at the end of long examinations and appointments. But rest assured, your implant will be in your mind for an exceptionally long time.

How much are dental implants in Turkey?

teeth implants turkey price

Many dentists in Turkey offer you a simplified version of the cost of a dental implant. Unlike the US or UK, you get all stages at the same dental center. In the dental center, dentists work together in coordination. During the first examination, specialist dentists, who will make treatment, plan every stage together. They decide together everything that will be used from the first examination to the final stage. When there is any distress, the dental center and dentists are informed about all your treatment stages. 

When you have a problem with your dental implant in the US and UK; At best, one of the dentists must accept the mistake. In case of implant failure and complications, will you be able to figure out who made the mistake?

You will receive a single price for the cost of dental implants in Turkey: the cost of implants and crowns is planned together as an offer and presented to you.

You are carefully told what treatment you need, and the appropriate budget is issued. There is no surprise.

When you accept the treatment, a written contract is made with you. As soon as you accept this treatment plan, at the end of the treatment, you will eventually have your new teeth at no other cost.

If your dental implant treatment is required for an unspecified procedure in the contract, it is the responsibility of this dentists in Turkey. You are only obliged to pay for the signed contract you have.

An exemplary implant cost comparison between a Dentist in Turkey and the US:

Treatment and cost compareDental Implant Cost in the USDental Implant Cost in Turkey
Zinedent Implant $ 1800$ 400
Multi Abutment $ 750$ 250
Zirconia Crown1200 $
Total Cost$ 3750$ 650
Dental implants prices in Turkey

How much are dental implants with bone graft and sinus lift in Turkey?

Advanced surgical methods may be required to prepare the implant site for the implant. Apart from the cost of dental implants in Turkey, there are common procedures where you can pay extra for bone treatment:

Bone Grafting – If you have an insufficient bone for implants, the specialist in Turkey creates enough bone before or during the placement of dental implants. In the planning of your implants, bone deficiencies are shown to you in the simulation software. There must be at least 1 mm bone thickness around the implant. 

Sinus Lifting – used to create new bones in the upper jaw close to sinuses, at the alignment of the molars. Sinus dangling with premature loss of teeth; originally converted into.

How much are you willing to pay for a treatment and a tooth crown. Make sure you compare the prices in Turkey with other offers. You must ask which brand of implants and crowns they will make.

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