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Today’s dental implant industry (Turkey and around the world) does not try to offer all the desired features with cheaper tooth implants by increasing the satisfaction of patients during the treatment process. There are dozens of implant brands (Turkey and over the world) and there are hundreds of implant methods applied in the field of Dentistry. When making a comparison between Implant brands, it would be wrong to use terms such as whether brands are reliable or not reliable. However, it should be well known that those who want to have an implant, implant brands to choose between, the quality of the material to be used in the treatment and should be shaped according to the lifetime. Currently, many dental implant manufacturers tend to offer both the best quality and the cheapest implant for replacing the tooth. When manufacturers report the contents of the quality and cheapest implant they produce, this option should not be the priority selection criterion. Through the contents of the implant, the healing process with the bone will be directly affected. So if you choose the cheapest implant, you may have some problems.

So let’s look at the quality of the implant or what it means to have the cheapest implant in Turkey or high-cost implant in Turkey.

Dental implant application is mostly done in two stages. In the first stage, the missing tooth is numbed to the area with local anaesthesia and the removal of the gum is applied. The dental implant is placed in the jaw bone by taking into account the bone thickness and length determined by making the measurements before. In the second stage, the crown is screwed on based on the root that is placed in the bone. Age is not important for implant application as long as the person’s general health condition is good. However, the implant application may not be preferred if the person’s jaw bone structure is not complete.

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İmplant treatment is performed in two stages. If local anaesthesia is applied correctly in the first stage, there will be no pain during the placement. On the evening of the day the implant was inserted into the jawbone, a slight ache could be heard. This pain is easily suppressed by painkillers. The pain that will be heard is not very different from the pain that is heard in normal tooth extraction. Over time, your mouth will get used to the implant and you won’t even feel its presence in your mouth. The treatment process of modern dental implant is based on a biological process called osseointegration, which refers to the tight integration of materials such as titanium with bone. First, the implant is placed into the bone with appropriate materials, then healing occurs on the surface where the implant joins with the bone. After this stage, a prosthesis is applied over the healing implant structure.

However, the success of all these processes depends mainly on the quality of the implant, their content, the processes applied in the manufacturing process and the company’s global presence. Whether it’s the cheapest implant or the most expensive implant, the steps to implant are the same. However, the fact that the implant is the cheapest can cause the field service offered by the implant brand to be inadequate in some cases.

An ideal implant should be:

  • Compatible with the body and surrounding tissues (gum and bone)
  • Not to cause any allergic reaction in the body,
  • Not to contain carcinogen material,
  • Can be sterilized
  • Have sufficient mechanical properties against the inverter that will be met with the prosthesis to be applied to it.

During Implant production, there are various materials for use in the implant content. However, titanium or zirconium is used as a material in implant construction. During Implant production, there are various materials for use in the implant content. However, titanium or zirconium is used as a material in implant construction. The quality of the implant, which is manufactured based on the ratio of titanium or zirconium (or available in implant produced by a combination of these) in the content of the implant, affects whether it is cheapest or expensive.

The surface structure of the implant is also important when choosing the implant rather than finding the cheapest implant. Various procedures applied to the surface layer of the implant will affect the ability of the implant to merge with bone. Thus, the replacement time of missing teeth or teeth maybe longer. The production of these procedures with developing technology can affect the status of the implant being the cheapest implant.

The implant, which is a groundbreaking and highly effective method of dental treatment, is one of the healthiest methods close to natural tooth today. This artificial root tooth, which can be easily used by the person thanks to the material placed on the jawbone, pleases the patients both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of use. The use and popularity of the implant in such a widespread way has made a difference in the brands of the implant. The implant treatment, which is highly in demand, has led to a significant increase in the number of previously several implant brands. However, these implants, which are made with commercial concerns and financial concerns, can spread danger. These poor quality implant, which negatively affects human health, can cause discomfort in the patient over time, leading to tooth loss and bone loss. These events bring to mind the question of whether implant brands are important.

Implant called modes of produced in unsuitable conditions, remaining in the mouth with partial dentures and implant the bacteria in your gums makes it more difficult, due to problems with compliance consists of. At the same time, an implant of non-quality and no-name brands lead to fractures in the jawbone over time and the implant needs to be removed. This method, which is also difficult to remove, causes patients to experience serious difficulties. The question of whether Implant brands are important is of course quite important. For this reason, the treatment of the material must be made of titanium material is a quality product should be considered. At the same time, experienced teeth, certain constructed this application for the lifetime of the patient to use the teeth it will help.

A dental implant doesn’t cause jaw bone resorption. On the contrary, the implant, which contains the appropriate amount of titanium and is applied by a sterile and competent physician, protects the bone and prevents it from melting. However, after a while, the connections of the implant play out because the titanium material inside the imitation, under-stair manufactured, a no-name implant is not of the required value. The implant does not combine well with the cut tooth-shaped piece on top of it, leaving an opening in between and where the appropriate environment for bacterial growth occurs, gum disease and osteoporosis begin.

Currently, there are a lot of cheapest implant brands in Turkey. These are mainly German, American, Swiss, Italian, Swedish, South Korean, Israeli and Turkish manufactured implant brands. Dental İmplant in Turkey doctors pay attention to, high quality and affordable expectations of an implant are as follows. Many patients tend to find the cheapest and best quality implant.

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First, it is necessary to examine the scientific research about this implant. If you need to explain this briefly, the data about the implant should be evaluated on a scientific basis. Dental implant in Turkey can be applied to a patient to undergo many studies and experiments and be considered to suitable for health.

Second, the technologies used by the manufacturer to produce these implants also affect the quality of the implant. These are the grooved properties of the implant and the technologies used in surface roughening. Myra Dental Centre Turkey offers implant services based on all these.

İmplant produced especially in Turkey, Germany, the United States and Switzerland are the best quality implants. Relatively compared to other implants, the fees are a bit higher. However, the most important factors for the best implants are:

  • More advanced technology,
  • Osseointegration in a shorter time,
  • İmplant-abutment connection feature,
  • The company that makes the implant continuity,
  • İn the future if any part of the implant is needed in the doctors to supply them.

One of the biggest factors that will affect prices is the professional experience of the doctor who will perform implant treatment. Many physicians in Turkey are very experienced in this regard. However, there are factors that you need to pay attention to in the clinician you are looking for when you have a dental implant in Turkey. Especially the doctor factor is very important in determining the necessary. It should not be forgotten that the person who will perform the implant treatment is the doctor himself/herself.

It is mention that implant treatment in Turkey is performed in a sterile environment. Another important point is that we have to constantly think about dental distances to be made on the implant. Planning needs to be done very well. You need to have enough experience. Because patients often prefer to solve their problems with the least possible implant.

A good implant physician is a physician who constantly thinks in 3D. Sometimes, we encounter patients whose implant have been made but cannot be fitted with prosthetics. If you are looking for the cheapest implant in Turkey, you may want to make sure that you have a good implant.

The city where the clinic is located, its cleanliness, the knowledge of the auxiliary elements, the quality of the unit used, the quality of the material used and the price eligibility are all important. However, hygiene conditions will affect both implant prices in Turkey (the cheapest or most expensive) and will play an important role in successful implant treatment.

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