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Change your smile with the lowest price and the best quality dental lumineers in Turkey. Dental Lumineers are perfect for asking
a smile design that requires subtle changes in shape on your natural teeth and overall smile design

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Reshape your smile with Dental Lumineers in Turkey

Because of being so thin the Dental Lumineers are often called dental shells. Dental Lumineers are perfect for asking a smile design that requires subtle changes in shape on your natural teeth and overall smile design. Dental Lumineers are so thin, such as a contact lens and do not need a preparation for your natural teeth. We provide our dental cement from around the world, ensuring the strongest bond between your tooth and lumineer.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Lumineers

Used For: Covering the front surface of your tooth for the purpose of improving its cosmetic appearance in shape and color.

Dental Lumineers veneer is a protective treatment preferred by those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth and experience aesthetic anxiety. It has a natural tooth appearance in terms of its thin structure and non-metal content. Lumineers veneer is also an ideal veneer solution for people who are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. It is often preferred by patients and physicians as it has proven to maintain its permanence for 20 years. Lumineers veneer method preferred by people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth; it is a type of ultra-fine restoration that is applied to the front surfaces of teeth without the use of needles and without any etching from the tooth surface. Dental Lumineers in Turkey, providing quick and effective results. With the Lumineers veneer treatment, the colorless and voluminous teeth can gain an aesthetic appearance and the individuals’ self-confidence can be renewed.

What is Lumineers Dental Veneer?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Lumineers

Fast and effective results are obtained with this method developed by a brand named Lumineers and widespread all over the world. Antalya Myra Dental Clinic, which follows dental technological developments in the world and applies it in its treatments, provides its patients with an aesthetic appearance with Lumineers Veneer method. Unlike traditional veneers, it is a pain-free procedure without needles, without rasping the delicate tooth structure. There is even a return to this process, so you have nothing to lose but a beautiful smile to gain. It is an excellent cosmetic procedure that is the solution for many dental disorders that negatively affect your appearance. It is one of the most conservative treatments that can be done. Because they are very thin and do not contain metal, they are very successful aesthetically. Lumineers have a unique feature that allows light to pass through, making the teeth to be applied seem completely real. Lumineers reshape the smile, providing the perfect smile. It is a treatment for tooth decay and discolored teeth.

The fine structure of Lumineers makes the tooth look more aesthetic. The Lumineers process does not require cutting teeth and anesthesia. It is applied directly to the surface of the tooth without cutting the tooth at all. While traditional veneers are made of porcelain, Lumineers are produced using a patented ceramic material known as Cerinate.

Lumineers are incredibly powerful, as they are made from a different material. Cerinate ceramic material may look delicate, but it can actually withstand a lot of pressure and allow you to use it for years. Although they are stronger, Lumineers may be surprising, being thinner than traditional porcelain veneers. This not only improves their appearance, but also reduces the preparation time on the tooth or tooth in Lumineers application first. In the Lumineers procedure, the tooth structure remains intact. Lumineers are powerful and incredibly durable. This durability is twice that of other types of porcelain veneers.

Like veneers, Lumineers are versatile. They can be used to treat various defects, including spotting on teeth, worn edges, and cavities between teeth. They can treat even misaligned or crooked teeth as well as chipped teeth. Lumineers are produced exclusively by Cerinate, each shell is custom assembled and placed separately for a perfect fit.

What material is Lumineers Dental Veneer made of?

Lumineers material is a special type of ceramic thinner than normal porcelain. It does not require piercing when preparing the teeth for operation. Porcelain has all the possibilities and is known for its excellent results. It has high durability. With proprietary technology and over 30 years of experience, you can always have the smile you want in less time and with more comfort than you ever imagined. Lumineers are digitally designed ultra-thin, so they can be applied to your teeth without any problems to provide a natural-looking smile. That's why Lumineers is the most popular veneer system preferred by patients in the world.

How is Lumineers Dental Veneer applied?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Lumineers

Lumineers veneer treatment is an effective solution if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth and this affects you negatively and you have dental problems like this. It is among the most protective methods in dentistry.

Although their structures are thin, they do not contain metal. Therefore, it can be preferred for aesthetic purposes. Lumineers veneers allow light to pass through and therefore look like natural teeth. Veneers make your smile more aesthetic and perfect. It is the preferable treatment method if your teeth look colorless and worn. Anesthesia is not performed when this treatment is applied. Teeth are adhered directly to the tooth surface without cutting.

Lumineers veneers can be made over a 1-week period. Teeth measurements are taken in the first session. In the second session, Lumineers are prepared. They are prepared in 4 to 5 days. At the last stage, the adhesion processes are done and the treatment is completed.

After the first appointment, the dentist will get an impression of your upper and lower teeth and send the mold to an authorized Lumineers lab, along with photos and other records that provide the best condition for you.

Unlike traditional coatings, typically extensive chipping, cutting, and similar applications are not needed. In the next session, usually a few weeks later, your dentist will place Lumineers. Before placing Lumineers, it is important to try them to ensure a good location. The teeth are then moderately cauterized to prepare for placement, and then tied one by one.

Why I should prefer Lumineers?

There are a lot of people who want to have whiter teeth. As you get older, it's not unusual to find that your teeth are increasingly stained and discolored, especially if you're a smoker, coffee drinker or red wine enthusiast. Your first step should be to consult your dentist to discuss what treatments they are providing and which might work for you.

Lumineers can be described as the next generation in veneers. While traditional porcelain veneers make your teeth look great, they are also time-consuming to produce and fit. Attaching them to teeth is also a painful process that involves bringing the teeth into the necessary shape so the veneers can fit over them. Lumineers is a completely different proposition. Lumineers is an ultra-thin veneer that can be worn quickly and painlessly for your teeth. They are made of advanced cool porcelain and because they are so thin, your teeth don't need to be shaped and shaped. They are so flexible that they can be replaced by veneers and bridges without being directly attached.

Another impressive benefit of Lumineers is that they are very quick to hang out. Normally, only two visits to the dentist are required - which means you can significantly boost your smile in less than a week. Unlike traditional veneers, fitting Lumineers is a completely reversible process. This is because there is no punching or reshaping in existing teeth. Lumineers are so thin that they can be inserted directly into your existing teeth without any physical adjustment to the underlying teeth.

Lumineers is a successful and growing product. Currently, thousands of dentists worldwide have licenses to use Lumineers technology. Lumineers are also much more durable than traditional veneers. While we expect traditional porcelain veneers to last about a decade, Lumineers have been clinically proven to last two decades. Lumineers is a major breakthrough in whitening techniques. However, they can also be used for much more than just blanching. So if you want to improve your smile - but don't want to spend two years relying on full orthodontic treatment - Lumineers can be perfect for you. In just a week, your smile can look perfect!

Who is suitable for Lumineers Dental Veneer?

Lumineers Dental Veneer can be determined by the dentist's recommendation or the needs of the patients. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, it can become a must in various situations. This procedure can be applied for dental caries, loss of teeth, excessive damage to the teeth, loss of function of the teeth and Smile aesthetics. It can be applied to all patients over 18 years of age who do not wish to receive orthodontic treatment.

In what cases is Lumineers Dental Veneer performed?

In front teeth, which are mainly aesthetic problems, it is a form of treatment aimed at removing these problems by gluing the Lumineers layer to the front faces of the teeth. With Lumineers Dental Veneer, you can smile confidently!

Often because of aesthetic concerns,

In the restoration of a large filled tooth that does not have enough dental support,

In closing the gaps between the teeth,

In correcting the shape of the teeth with disfigurement,

To prevent weak teeth breakage,

As the superstructure of dental implants,

In order to change the color of the teeth with a color problem to a more aesthetic appearance,

Advantages of Lumineers Dental Veneer

One of the primary advantages of Lumineers is that it enhances the smile without compromising the patient’s natural appearance. If you have a cracked tooth, a chipped tooth, gap problems, or irregularly sized teeth, this dental solution offers a chance to be highly effective. However, when you open your mouth to eat, laugh, chew, your teeth will not look artificial. So you will see your tooth as a natural part of yourself. You will look and feel as you normally would. Lumineers can be implemented surprisingly quickly. There is no need for any temporary teeth before placing Lumineers. There is no need for anesthesia. It only needs to be prepared for a while. This allows the patient to retain more natural tooth structures than is possible with conventional veneers. As a result, Lumineers is a much faster option than the relatively slow porcelain veneer option to correct a flawed smile. If you don’t like the results, don’t worry! The dentist can easily remove the veneers from your teeth. So don’t assume Lumineers are permanent. If you find Lumineers annoying or believe that they are not as effective as launched, remove them and try a treatment method. Many oral health professionals agree on Lumineers durability. They resist micro leakage better than normal porcelain veneers. Lumineers generally last as long as normal porcelain veneers. In addition, Lumineers cost less than regular porcelain veneers. Colorless and voluminous teeth acquire an aesthetic appearance with Lumineers application. Patients have self-confidence. The advantages of Lumineers Veneer are as follows:

If the teeth are suitable and not perplexed, no grinding is required.

If there is perplexity in the teeth, light abrading can be done.

Needle is not used during the procedure.

The patient does not feel pain during and after the procedure.

Veneers can be easily removed when the patient wishes.

Dental Lumineers are an excellent alternative to dental veneers because they provide the same function without having to damage the tooth.

Disadvantages lumineers veneers

There may be some risks of this dental treatment. Making teeth feel thicker among disadvantages of lumineers veneers is at the top of the list. This is because this veneer layer is laid on the surface without the need to cut and reduce the surface of the enamel. Due to thicker teeth, there will be more friction between the layer and gums. This will cause more contact, which can lead to gum diseases such as gingivitis and scurvy. This can only be corrected if the dentist applying the layers is able to correct the contact points and allow both pieces to slide neatly together. Another disadvantage is that because these are significantly thin veneers, they may not cover the natural coloration of the teeth. Unfortunately, laboratory dentists are unable to correct this condition unless the patient has received prior whitening treatment. The essence of having this layer of treatment in your teeth is that it can protect it for a very long time. To a certain degree, these successfully hide small spots in the enamel and provide a safer smile for the patient. Against all odds, Lumineers are still an outstanding product for protecting your teeth.

Differences between Lumineers Dental Veneer treatment and other dental treatments

Lumineers veneers are thinner than other veneer types. For example, in many other veneers, teeth are cut. It is converted to smaller surface. Lumineers veneer does not need this process. It is a good solution for stained and damaged teeth. It is applied without anesthesia and pain is not felt. These are the most prominent differences between Lumineers Dental Veneer treatment and other dental treatments. Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers do not require needles or rasping the delicate tooth structure in the placement process, and the process is painless. Lumineers are placed on the existing tooth due to its ultra-thinness only after two short visits to the dentist.

Veneers require some removal and reshaping of the original tooth or teeth. To create a natural look that is not bulky or overly large, the dentist etches about 0.5 mm from the tooth surface. It is removed, leaving the tooth unprotected until the veneer is applied. Therefore, if the cladding needs to be removed in the future, the tooth will once again be unprotected. As a long-term solution, this permanent removal of the enamel may be for some patients. With the veneer, the r can be placed in about two sessions.

Lumineers function the same as porcelain veneers, but they are not invasive. To achieve this, Lumineers are much thinner than veneers but still strong and durable. Therefore, if you want a flawless and natural smile with Lumineers, it is important to choose an experienced dentist. Finally, because the teeth are not chipped in advance, Lumineers need to be applied faster than veneers.

As a point of comparison, traditional coatings are usually at least 0.5 mm thick, whereas Lumineers coatings. İt is 0.25 mm – comparable to the thickness of the Contact Lens. The added bulk can always be eliminated, which is a real plus. And, since Lumineers often do not require any changes to the natural tooth, your teeth remain strong.

Lumineers Dental veneer lifetime

No matter what veneers treatment you get, you need to know that you can’t use it forever. The life of any veneer is unlimited. You can use it from 15 to 20 years. Lumineers Dental veneer lifetime depends on how you use it. If you maintain it regularly and follow the dentist’s instructions, you can use it for a very long time. Breakage, cracking and other problems caused by user error are the responsibility of the patient. In such cases, you can get a new one. Lumineers are very durable, but if you want to use more you need to take good care of them. We can advise you on what foods you should avoid. You also need to provide a high level of oral hygiene, including brushing twice a day, using floss at least once a day, and coming for check-ups for your regularly scheduled examinations. With proper care, Lumineers can last more than 15 years.

Lumineers Dental Veneer care

Just like natural teeth, the golden key to making Lumineers veneers look and feel better is to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine. This means that you need to brush your teeth regularly and use dental floss for tooth cleaning. If you do this, you will help remove particles and bacteria that can damage the veneer surface as well as teeth. This will help keep your teeth and gums healthy, and if there are any stains on Lumineers veneers, the dentist can clean them before these problems become permanent. Foods and beverages with dark tones such as tea, coffee, acid drinks, and alcohol can stain Lumineers-coated teeth over time. Tea, coffee, some dark juices and smoking can cause staining of the tooth surface over time. Lumineers veneers are stain resistant. You should leave your habits of eating nails, biting hard objects, eating hard shell foods. Although Lumineers veneers are very durable, such actions can harm them. So avoid these behaviors.

How long Lumineers Dental Veneer treatment takes?

You may need at least two appointments after the first appointment. The first appointment will be shorter because your dentist does not need to cut or prepare your teeth. It is only required for general analysis and measurement. Your teeth are molded and sent to the lab. Customized Lumineers veneers will be available in about 1 to 2 weeks. Unlike traditional veneers, you do not need temporary veneers while waiting for special Lumineers. When they are ready, you will be invited to a second appointment for your dentist to apply to your teeth. Lumineers represent the most advanced technology in cosmetic dentistry. As thin as a contact lens, a stain is placed on the front of the teeth, permanently illuminating the stained and discolored teeth. This means that unlike a whitening procedure, you won't need repeat applications if the Lumineers procedure is successful. Having a Lumineer on board requires two appointments, one for receiving impressions and the other for placing a permanent Lumineers. One benefit of Lumineers is that the tooth does not need to be filed.

Is Lumineers Dental Veneer an expensive treatment?

Dental Veneers are generally not covered by insurance as they are considered a cosmetic procedure. The cost of your veneers depends on what type of veneer you choose, which brand your dentist has, the cost of living in your area, and the dentist's expertise. Dental veneers prices are very expensive in European countries. That's why most patients prefer to Turkey. Every year, many Lumineers Dental Veneer treatments are accepted in Antalya. Dental Lumineers in Turkey prices are much cheaper to European countries. Lumineers are a popular coating option because they are minimal preparation or impromptu procedures that are attractive to both dentists and patients who benefit from the concept of dental protection. This technique is best used in patients with a gap in their smile and only minor dental rotations.

Lumineers Dental Veneer treatment in Turkey

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey offers you a variety of options to restore a damaged or lost tooth. Veneers and dental veneers are two of the most common options. Both can correct a variety of cosmetic and general dental problems, such as crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, old or discolored fillings, broken teeth, or cracks. Dental Lumineers in Turkey is completed in a shorter time than in other countries. Lumineers is a simple, painless process to boost your smile. Lumineers has over 30 years of experience; it is designed to be digitally ultra-thin. Traditional veneers are usually thick. They also require removal of healthy tooth structure, which can sometimes be sensitive and painful. This procedure can be performed with local anesthesia, but minimal and less invasive techniques are used with Lumineers without the need for a needle. Coffee, cigarette or red spots and discoloration that occur over time can be removed with Lumineers, providing a longer lasting white smile. Teeth whitening are normally a common option, but it does not remove all stains and is not used for very long periods. Usually if you have a chipped tooth in the front, these can fall off and need to be replaced from time to time. If you have a gap between your teeth, this can eliminate the problem. Lumineers is a quick, practical and non-invasive procedure to eliminate gaps between your teeth.

Antalya Lumineers Dental Veneer

Lumineers is a type of veneer produced in contact lens thickness. It can be applied to teeth without abrasion and anesthesia. This allows us to turn your teeth into a naturally beautiful smile that looks flawless. It is a painless and permanent cosmetic treatment for stained, crooked, colorless or misaligned teeth. Antalya Lumineers Dental Veneer treatment is one of the most preferred treatment methods. Extensive health facilities, well-equipped clinics and specialist healthcare team in Antalya are the main reasons for this preference. While waiting for Lumineers veneers to be ready, you can enjoy the unique beauties of Antalya and have a holiday during that time. Antalya offers important advantages to patients in this regard. It is the only choice of patients both in terms of price and social opportunities. If you want to have Lumineers Veneer treatment in Antalya, you can call us and create your first appointment.

Turkey Lumineers Dental Veneer prices

The cost of Lumineers veneers or other veneers should not prevent you from reaching the smile you always want. Achieving this perfect smile is an important investment for you. Because you invest in yourself, which can provide significant gains in terms of self-esteem, trust, career and relationships. Treatment cost with Lumineers is budget friendly. We offer the most suitable payment options and prices for you. Turkey Lumineers Dental Veneer prices vary depending on individual cases and needs. Factors that will affect the cost of treatment are case difficulty, size, and the dentist’s experience. Based on your specific needs, only your Certified Lumineers Dentist can clearly determine the cost of treatment. In most cases, dental insurance does not cover elective cosmetic treatment such as Lumineers. Check with your health insurance company to see if there is any coverage for the veneers. For dental treatment in Turkey, we offer different packages of services to our patients. Our service packages, which include flight tickets, accommodation, transfers and other services, are very affordable. You can call our customer service and get information about these packages. To ensure that our guests leave happy and with a beautiful smile from Turkey, We are making all our efforts.

Antalya Lumineers Dental Veneer Clinics

Myra Dental Clinic; It is determined to provide open, honest, reliable and highest quality oral and dental health service that respects human dignity without compromising scientific, conscientious and ethical principles. In the future, it is determined to be an institution that is known for its good things, is aware of its responsibility towards the society and is constantly developing and renewing itself in order to contribute to the profession of dentistry. It is a candidate to be a respected oral and dental health that is accepted as a reference not only in our country but also in the world with its understanding of service centered on patient satisfaction. We provide services to patients regularly to provide access and high quality dental health at all times. Our clinic aims for the most successful outcome and full patient satisfaction. Human and medical ethics-focused work and respect for the dentistry profession form the basis of our clinic’s corporate culture. In our clinic, the patient’s needs are answered by the use of advanced panoramic and 3D volumetric tomography X-ray devices. It is one of the most demanded clinics among Antalya Lumineers clinics. The international patient satisfaction rate is 100%.

Lumineers Dental Veneer Frequently Asked Questions

We have recently seen a lot of demand for Lumineers Dental Veneer. Now patients want to try this innovative veneers method and naturally they ask us various questions about it. We have compiled these questions together with their answers.

Yes, Lumineers and other porcelain veneer brands can be applied on old porcelain veneers. This is advanced cosmetic dentistry and doing so requires special equipment and materials that most dentists don't have. The old porcelain must be prepared, scraped and primed; otherwise the new porcelain will not stick to it. If there is bruise under your old snatches, this creates serious problems. In this case, it may be necessary to remove and clean. Obviously, doing this with Lumineers veneer may not give healthy results. Instead, we recommend that you deposit new skins. Lumineers are special design coatings that can last for many years, in some cases proven to last more than 20 years. For some patients, unlike traditional coatings, there is no pulling or puncturing of the tooth structure and therefore no pain! This also means that if you change your mind, they are completely reversible as they do not change the underlying tooth. You have nothing to lose when choosing the Lumineers, and the smile of your dreams to win!
The material applied for Lumineers veneer is a quality and ultra-thin porcelain material. The teeth are not made of a different etching or thinning process, so no deformation occurs in the structure of the natural teeth. People who want to achieve a white and smooth tooth structure experience the satisfaction of getting an aesthetic smile after Lumineers veneer.
Anyone who doesn't like dental aesthetics can get Lumineers veneers. It is a veneer method that can be applied to anyone without age or gender discrimination. People who are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth or who think that their tooth size is insufficient may have Lumineers Veneer treatment in Turkey. In the presence of tooth fractures or in cases where there is more than one tooth gap, Lumineers veneer may be preferred.
Lumineers veneers derived from fine porcelain and it can be used for many long years. However, any kind of procedure or harmful behavior that can damage your natural teeth can damage Lumineers veneers. Lumineers veneers can continue to be used as long as they stay away from any form of behavior that may damage teeth, such as trying to break nuts.
If your tooth structure is in the proper arrangement for Lumineers veneer, absolutely no etching process is applied on your teeth. However, if there is a distortion in your teeth that may prevent the veneer, there may be some etching process. This method, which is applied painlessly and without the use of needles, takes about 1 weeks. The patient's teeth are measured during the first session with the specialist physician. The patient is contacted within about 7 days. The process of gluing Lumineers veneers to teeth is performed.
Patients may request that these restorations be removed at any time. The veneer removal process certainly does not cause pain or pain. Natural teeth can continue to be used as before after the removal of the veneers, or a different application can be performed according to the preference or need of the patients. The Lumineers veneers removal process can be done in short time.
People who want to achieve aesthetic smile design can try Lumineers veneer treatment. In Antalya Dental Clinic, where advanced technology devices and materials are preferred, completely hygienic and personalized and appropriate materials are used. All the information that patients need is given during the treatment period performed by specialist physicians. The treatment process is completed in a healthy way by collaborating with the patient.
Drink and eat what you want safely. However, Lumineers do not replace good hygiene, so your teeth and gums are healthy and look your best Lumineers for a cleaning and a check to ensure that you should continue to visit your dentist once every 6 months.
At the first appointment, your dentist will create a delicate mold. Then you and your dentist will determine the color that is right for you. After your first visit, your dentist will send the mold to the lab for the creation of Special Lumineers. No temporary veneer required. When your dentist takes special Lumineers, they are checked for harmony and color. Then during your second visit, Lumineers veneers are painlessly applied without pulling or puncturing the delicate dental structure. And now you're ready to smile!
Clinical tests have proven that lumineers can last more than 20 years. However, practically porcelain veneers range from 5 to 15 years or more, and the lifespan of a veneer depends on the amount of "wear and tear" the veneer is exposed to, how well you follow good oral hygiene practices and personal oral habits.
Whether lumineers or porcelain veneers are the right choice for you largely depends on your preference. Lumineers is the perfect way to do this. Both of these options involve placing thin shells on your existing teeth to cover chipped, worn or stained teeth, but these have a big difference: while Lumineers can be reversed, porcelain veneers are permanently placed on the teeth. By calling us, we can decide together what is best for you.
Lumineers veneers are a type of dental veneer. Dental veneers are thin slices of bark made of materials that are close to the natural enamel of teeth of textures and colors. The difference between Normal coatings and Lumineers is thickness and quality.
Lumineers veneers are a popular variety of veneers known worldwide. It has a long history with a history of over 30 years. Thousands of patients are using and are very successful in Turkey. It is the most practical, reliable and easy veneers. It is 100% safe.
Another big benefit of the Lumineers veneers treatment is that it in no way restricts your diet. Whether its gum or the sticky candy you love, there's no need to let them go thanks to Lumineers. However, it should be noted that while there are no food restrictions, Lumineers treatment does not replace good oral hygiene habits. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating sticky candy and maintain proper brushing and flossing habits to increase the durability of your veneers.
Patients under 16 are advised and teeth are still improving. Therefore, it is not recommended that coatings do not disrupt the natural course of this process. The only absolute contraindication for lumen or coatings is for very badly damaged teeth. This type of restoration is suitable for relatively robust teeth with some defects.