Laminate Veneers

Because of being so thin the Dental Lumineers are often called dental shells.

Dental Lumineers are perfect for asking a smile design that requires subtle changes in shape on your natural teeth and overall smile design

Used For: Covering the front surface of your tooth for the purpose of improving its cosmetic appearance in shape and color.

  • Period: 1 - 5 Day(s)
lumineers in turkey
veneers turkey

Because of being so thin the Dental Lumineers are often called dental shells. Dental Lumineers are perfect for asking a smile design that requires subtle changes in shape on your natural teeth and overall smile design. Dental Lumineers are so thin, such as a contact lens and do not need a preparation for your natural teeth. We provide our dental cement from around the world, ensuring the strongest bond between your tooth and

Lumineer. If you are satisfied with your smile design and you have a plan for minor changes or a whiter color like Hollywood white, the perfect Cosmetic Dentistry form to achieve your planned result is Lumineer. If you have protruding teeth which are recessed, overcrowded or there are excessive cavities or damage, the corrective change required will destroy a Lumineer’s ability and Dental Veneers or Dental Crowns which are the other forms of Cosmetic Dentistry should be recommended. It can be wondered

how a thin porcelain shell can successfully withstand all wear and tear that it will be exposed to. Despite of being thin, Lumineers form a very strong and durable surface when firmly attached and supported to your teeth. Thanks tot he modern dentistry, Lumineers can give you an instant natural or Hollywood smile in a few easy visits. E.max © Lumineers which are produced in the clinic using the technology of the smile design are recommended by Myra Dental Center.

You can get more information about E.max © Lumineers below.

E.MAX© Lumineers (Premium Selection)

E.max© Lumineers are a kind of all-ceramic Veneer which has an attractive, transparent color combined with extra strength and durability. This is a Lumineer which is made of a single lithium ceramic block: it is a top grade material, that was harvested for toughness and durability. The appearance of the E.max © is  very attractive and this ensures that they compliment the rest of your teeth and makes it a highly prized Lumineer. It is a tough and durable glass ceramic Lumineer. What is the advantage of E.max © Lumineer? It fits best with your natural teeth. E.max © is strong, long lasting unlikely to crack or fracture when it is compared with many other strong Lumineers types. E.max © Lumineers are made of a pure ceramic block, available in all colors, including Hollywood white. When you need a single E.max © Lumineer to restore a worn or broken tooth, our technicians also apply shading to ensure that your new Crown fits your surrounding teeth. In these cases, it isn’t possible to recognize which is the crown and which is your natural teeth.

With the CAD CAM Technology (Premium Selection), E.max© Lumineers are produced in our own dental clinic.

Beside the following of your consultancy, we also make your new smile design with CAD CAM Computer System and you can review the design and request changes for your tooth or smile shape considering your preference. It is possible to bring a reference photo or picture of a smile you like and than we  copy the design. In case of not being sure about the design which is convenient for you, Our Dental team have a wealth experience and they will create a special design that fits your mouth and face shape. When you are satisfied with the tooth / smile design, our technicians then start by processing of E.max© Lumineers.

In our own clinic there are E.max © Porcelain blocks, and so we don’t have to cover the cost of outside laboratory fees

. At  Myra Dental Centre, we have our own place, dental ceramic studio fully equipped with all relevant technology which enable us to create crowns in our own clinic using computer-aided software and the best CAD CAM machine that mills Crowns. It means that we can prduce Lumineers using E.max © materials and technolgies to an exemplary standard and without the need for an external laboratory to complete any aspect of the procedure, wihout the need to save time and money, by having this special studio. When you need only a few Lumineers, it is possible to complete them in a single day.

E.max © Lumineers are offered by us as one of our premium choices. Because of the brand name and the required CAD CAM technology, you will see high prices in your country. Myra Dental Centre considers that premium dental brands such as, E.max © should be appropriate and affordable for every patient. While considering this, you will find that our price for E.max © Lumineers is higher than the competitive and never compromises on quality.

While the glass ceramic blocks themselves appear in light purple color, they are in a softer form for the CAD CAM machine to mill the Lumineer shape. In the final stage when the cut E.max © Lumineer porcelain is cooked in the oven, the purple color changes to the convenient white color tone as the density of the material increases.

It is an advantage that you only need a few dental appointments for E.max© Lumineers and the finish result is a bespoke design approved by you before processing.

If you think about Lumineers in Turkey, please contact us today for more information.

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