Should I get a full set of veneers in Turkey?


Myra Dental Centre Turkey - should-i-get-a-full-set-of-veneers-in-turkey

Why not get full set of veneers in Turkey at more excellent quality and attractive prices? Skewed teeth for beauty may be seen aesthetically in some countries but be sure that’s not the case in the UK and the United States. A nice smile is absolutely very important in the first 5 seconds rule that applies to social relationships. For celebrities’ white new teeth like pearls, veneers may be a good choice. For a full set of veneers, one of the most preferred countries in the world is turkey.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - should-i-get-a-full-set-of-veneers-in-turkey

Porcelain veneers are the process of covering the teeth with materials in the Shape of teeth by shaving the appropriate amount to protect the teeth that have suffered the excessive material loss for various reasons (broken teeth, crooked teeth, decayed teeth etc.).

All products and techniques with advanced technology in Dental veneer construction are preferred in dental veneer construction in Turkey.

eeth veneers can be made for many reasons.

  • Veneers, which are made mainly in cases where the structure of the teeth due to fractures, cracks or bruises is very weak, are often also for aesthetic purposes,
  • A conclusion that cannot be reached coloured teeth advanced methods such as whitening, orthodontic treatment is not recommended in the treatment of diastema as a discrete genetic structure coloured or less obscure,
  • Dull teeth colour and structure of corrupt ex-filling,
  • Restoration of teeth with excessive material loss in back teeth or as a coating in the back group teeth,
  • İn the front teeth group can be used to regulate the aesthetics of prosthesis on implants and smile design.

Dental veneer applications in Turkey are prepared when the tooth is suitable to be veneered. İn dental veneer applications in Turkey, it is necessary to have sufficient base structure for the first coating of the tooth. For example, in the case of a very bad tooth, if it is necessary first, the root canal treatment should be followed by the filling treatment that the tooth needs. In some cases, even if only the root structure remains, the health status of the root is evaluated and the tooth is rebuilt and covered and the health of your tooth is maintained.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - should-i-get-a-full-set-of-veneers-in-turkey

Thanks to the dental veneers made in Turkey, the person has achieved both the ideal mouth functions and the smile he wants in a perfect way. Each patient’s dental prosthesis is specially designed according to the tooth he needs. It is designed with high quality and capable of representing natural appearance.

The types of dental veneer in Turkey indicate that there are more than one treatment methods that the patient needs and that the dentist considers available.

Types of porcelain dental veneers in Turkey are as follows;

1.Full metal dental veneers,

2.Metal framework porcelain dental veneers,

3.Monolitic zirconia porcelain dental veneers,

4.Full ceramic dental veneers.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - should-i-get-a-full-set-of-veneers-in-turkey

The main preferred material in these veneer types is full ceramic dental veneer material. However, the substance that supports the dental veneer may be metal, zirconium or ceramic. It is important to take into account the person’s own natural tooth colour when dental veneer applied porcelain teeth. The porcelain veneer is made according to the colour of the teeth, so the dental veneer is compatible with other teeth in terms of appearance. If more than one dental veneer is to be applied, then dental veneers of the desired colour can be prepared. In the patient, the type of tooth dental veneer material may vary depending on the front or back zone in the mouth of the tooth to be coated.

In the process of preparing dental veneer in Turkey, the treatment process begins after the person decides to get it. In the next stage, people who want to have their teeth veneer, dental veneer material, metal framework dental veneer, zirconium framework dental veneer or full ceramic dental veneer etc. As the decides on the material by choosing one of many options. In Turkey, the dental veneer preparation process is completed within an average of 5 to 7 days unless any problems are encountered. However, laboratory preparations may vary depending on differences in dental veneer material. Thus, the process can increase by 2 to 3 days and as a result, the process can extend by up to 7 to 10 days.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - should-i-get-a-full-set-of-veneers-in-turkey

The physical properties of the materials used in the dental veneer preparation process in Turkey are different from each other. These features affect both the preparations in the mouth, that is, on the surface of the teeth and laboratory preparations. The oldest known and reliable method of dental veneers, metal framework dental veneers are the veneer type with the most shaving requirement in the tooth. Because it contains metal in its infrastructure, it needs to turn off the bad image that metal can cause. If the required amount of shaving is not done on the teeth, the prepared dental veneers will have a rough appearance. Since this view will not be aesthetic, the necessary preparation must be made. However, thanks to the dental veneers in Myra Dental Centre, which are prepared together with the latest technology products that are developing, you can have very aesthetic dental veneers with very little shaving done from the teeth. Among the materials used in aesthetic dental veneer preparation in Turkey, porcelain veneers with zirconium support and dental veneers prepared from complete ceramic materials can be used. In Turkey, dental veneers prepared from zirconium or full ceramics are dental veneers prepared with advanced state-of-the-art technology. You can reach your desired aesthetic, dynamic and beautiful smile with dental veneers in Turkey. All the technical methods and materials necessary for a smile are available in Turkey. In our clinic located in Antalya Turkey, we have the opportunity to prepare your dental veneers in the shape and colour you want by using highly advanced technological facilities and materials.

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