Are Veneers Cheaper In Turkey? How Much Do Veneers Cost In Turkey ?


What is Dental veneers in Turkey ?

Especially in the case of front teeth, the dental veneers to be made to look natural is asked. An artificial tooth image makes a negative impression on the other person as much as it bothers the person. The first problem is the difference in color and the fact that tooth forms are incompatible with natural teeth. For the treatment of lost tissue or aesthetic defect in the natural structure of the tooth, artificial organs that resemble the natural structure of the tooth and are created in the laboratory are called dental veneer.

When veneers are applied ?

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Dental veneers must be applied in the following situations ; Excessive loss of tissue in the tooth (such as bruises, fractures due to trauma ) cannot be repaired with filling Large or common restoration involving structural weakening of the tooth Tooth discolorations (tetracycline, fluorosis) that disrupt the aesthetic image on the tooth Crooked or gap between teeth (diestama) that cannot be corrected with orthodontic treatment) Splinting of mobile teeth Correction of contours or angles of teeth Cases where the closing relationships of teeth need to be reconstruction It is applied on teeth with root canal treatment that require post treatment.


Dental veneers are applied with different materials and techniques in dentistry. Dental veneers are named according to the material used. According to its biological and physical properties, today all varieties can be applied in the mouth.

  1. Metal supported porcelain veneers
  2. Porcelain veneer with zirconium 
  3. Full ceramic empress dental veneer

all of the dental veneer materials mentioned in our clinic in Antalya,Turkey are available. Provide the most appropriate material according to your case and request

Porcelain dental veneers with metal

In this method, which has been used for many years, impressions are taken after shaving over the tooth. In the laboratory, wax is prepared for metal framework by modelling on impression technique and metal framework is prepared in such a way as to fit on the tooth. On the metal framework in the mouth, the dental technician applies the porcelain layer by layer with their special brushes and gives the form of the tooth. It adjusts the dental contacts with the teeth in the opposite jaw and completes the aesthetic appearance. The dentist checks the color and occlusion of the dental veneer prepared in the patient’s mouth. If necessary corrections are available, veneer is ready to be inserted into the mouth. This procedure takes 6-10 working days.

Metal supported dental veneers are preferred because they are very durable veneers and their prices are appropriate. However, veneers containing metal are not much preferred today because of the need to make more cuts from the tooth to tolerate the color changes that occur at the edge of the gum and the thickness of the material.

Porcelain dental veneer with zirconium

It is the veneer variety of choice for getting aesthetically satisfying results. Reflect the light like natural teeth and avoid gum recession and gums cause discoloration on the edge are just a few of the biggest advantages of the lack of. 

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - are-veneers-cheaper-in-turkey

Zirconium dental veneers produced by computer-aided CAD CAM systems as application technique are used successfully in veneers made on single teeth and in bridges made in case one or more teeth are missing.  Since the material color is the same as the tooth color in the mouth, it is not necessary to use the opaque layer of the color covering as in metal veneers. For this reason, veneer can be applied by shaving less than the tooth to be made.

Zirconium veneers are fixed onto the teeth with special stabilizing cement. Porcelain veneers with zirconium applied on implant applications are the most preferred dental bridges and veneers Turkey today due to their biological compatibility. This procedure takes 5-7 working days.

Full ceramic empress dental veneer

They are the most aesthetically developed dental veneers that have strengthened porcelain in its substructure or are made entirely of reinforced porcelain as blocks. Such dental veneers do not have metal framework or zirconium framework as in other dental veneers.

Because the light permeability of the complete ceramic materials is very good and the closest permeability to the natural tooth, they give the closest aesthetic to the natural tooth. It does not produce gray coloration at the gum level. Less shaving is done on the tooth surface compared to zirconium or metal framework dental veneers. Therefore, the sensitivity of hot or cold is very low. No allergic reaction is observed. This procedure takes 3-5 working days.

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Veneers Treatment Process    

First of all, we bring you to our clinic with a free transfer from your hotel or airport. Then the examination process is carried out in detail by our specialists in the field. the free consultation process is carried out in the following order of steps:

  1. Making treatment plan by taking panoromic veperiapical X-rays
  2. Filling, root canal treatment and gum treatment in necessary cases
  3. Preparation of the teeth by shaving 
  4. Taking impressions both of jaws
  5. Making the same day temporary veneers
  6. Laboratory stages
  7. Trial stage 
  8. Fitting and bonding of the dental veneers in the mouth

All dental veneers materials type treatment procedures have the same steps. However, the duration and process of the laboratory stage are different.


How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

Our treatment prices are available on our website. The number of teeth included in the selected material and treatment affects prices. The price of dental veneers in Turkey are cheaper than UK,EU and USA

How long do veneers last from in Turkey?

In Turkey, dental veneers treatment procedure continues in the following order. Dental veneers treatment is completed on average 5 days. You only need to visit our clinic 2 times during the treatment period. You can enjoy Antalya,Turkey for the rest of your days.

Will dental veneers change color in the future?

All dental veners have porcelain surfaces. It does not cause plaque accumulation due to its smooth and slippery porcelain surface and is not affected by colorants such as coffee,tea and cigarettes. The color remains constant

Dental veneers are also brushed 2 times a day like teeth. Flossing to clean between dental veneers and superfloss for toothless areas (such as under bridge) should be used every day, preferably just before sleeping. When the dentist checks regularly every 6 months, the problems that may already occur are foreseen and precautions are taken.

How long can I use dental veneers?

When regular checkups are performed, dental veneers can be used for a long time when the individual is doing very well in oral care. Especially in individuals who have clenching teeth and bruxism, controls are very important. A clear time cannot be given with the duration of use because the life of the dental veneers varies depending on the individual's cleanliness, lack of bad habits. Dental veneers, which are properly prepared to fit with the teeth and gums, extend their lifetime if the recommended care recommendations are followed.

The natural tooth surface should be shaved according to the selected material so that dental veneers do not appear rough and can provide natural dental relationships. At least one tooth is shaving in full ceramic dental veneers and approximately 0.5-1 mm is shaving in the teeth. In zirconium dental veneers,approximately 1-1.5 mm from the tooth surface is shaved. In Metal dental veneers, approximately 1.5-2 mm shaving is done on the teeth. The amounts given may vary according to the location and shape of the individual's natural teeth.

Do I feel pain during the procedures?

Shaving procedures are performed under local anesthesia and then a temporary veneers in the color of the teeth is done to prevent hot and cold tingling. A very small number of patients experience a slight tingling, and the process is completed without any difficulty.

Do dental veneers have a fracture or remove out problem?

Ideally prepared dental veneers break or remove out problem does not occur. However, cracking can be seen in reverse and breaking at an excess force. Dental veneer may fall if decay begins in the tooth below the dental veneer over time and the structure of the tooth has deteriorated. In such cases, the tooth is treated if possible and the dental veneer is fixed again.

Can dental veneer be applied in those who are allergic to metal?

Zirconium and full ceramic dental veneers do not contain metal in the content of the metal allergy does not cause. It can be used safely in individuals with metal allergies.

Where can I get my dental veneers done in Turkey ?

Our clinic is located in Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Antalya, Turkey is a magnificent city founded 4 thousand years ago at the request of the King of Pergamon who said “Find Me a heaven on earth”.Antalya,Turkey is a coastal city with many historical beauties. Antalya,Turkey is a city where you can have a pleasant holiday during your treatment. In Antalya,Turkey there are facilities for these tourism options, especially cultural tourism, sea, sports, health, Winter, Congress, Highland, cave, camp and faith tourism. So you can spend a pleasant time between treatment with various activity options in Antalya,Turkey. One of the biggest advantages when you choose Antalya,Turkey for your holiday is that the city has many holiday areas and the number of accommodation facilities that are available in these areas. You can find out the detailed address of our clinic in Antalya,Turkey by contacting us.

Where Is Your Dental Clinic in Turkey?

Myra dental clinic is located at an average distance of 7-8 km from Antalya airport. Our clinic can be reached from Antalya airport for an average of 20 minutes. We provide you with a free transfer from the airport or the hotel where you are staying.

You can contact our dental team about veneers Turkey now ( Click WhatsApp :  +90 543 938 3350 ! Get Low cost veneers in Turkey ; discover our benefits and best prices.

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