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Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Teeth Whitening With Zoom

Teeth are the most prominent limbs of man. We do all our needs, such as speech, smile and nutrition, with teeth. Even human self-confidence is achieved with white and glittering teeth. Over time, yellowing teeth can cause both health and psychological problems. With Teeth Whitening, you can have pearly teeth. You can benefit from all dental treatments, especially Teeth Whitening in Turkey. This procedure involves lightening the teeth by applying chemical solutions to colored teeth for various reasons.

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The whitening process for aesthetic purposes to lighten the teeth is a very protective method compared to other treatment methods. The integrity of the tooth does not deteriorate during the process, so your teeth can be lightened up to a few tons with the teeth whitening method. Healthy and white teeth are very important in terms of aesthetics and health. Teeth whitening treatment, which is applied to have whiter teeth, has been applied frequently by dentists in recent years. Teeth whitening; It is made by removing colored, organic and inorganic substances formed in the porous enamel structure on the surface of the teeth with tooth whitening gels.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Teeth Whitening With Zoom

It is a color lightening procedure performed using hydrogen peroxide or its varieties. The substances used in treatment release oxygen. With the separation of oxygen, the color of the tooth opens and whites. Teeth that change color allow people to have whiter teeth. Teeth whitening is a procedure applied to patients with healthy teeth and gums that is good oral hygiene. The teeth whitening system, which is a cosmetic product, may not be suitable for every patient. Teeth whitening methods applied at home with simple methods, the methods applied by the dentist in the clinical setting are not the same. And of course the implications are different, too. The dentist must decide whether the teeth whitening method is appropriate for the patient. Whitening toothpastes, gels and similar products sold on the market are not enough to whiten teeth.

A dentist must perform this procedure. Individual treatments that you do wrong can damage your teeth and cause serious health problems. Over time, unwanted stains may occur on the teeth due to food and drinks such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, acid drinks and genetic reasons. Teeth whitening is a process done to remove these stains and yellowing. With the special gel used in this process called bleaching, dentists can lighten your teeth a few tones.

Why do teeth change color?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Teeth Whitening With Zoom

Tooth whiteness may disappear over time due to various reasons. Regular maintenance and brushing of teeth can be seen in this problem. Sometimes, even though you brush your teeth regularly, you are likely to experience this problem. Some antibiotics, including cigarettes, coffee, acid drinks and similar foods and drinks, and even the amount of fluorine in the water can cause discoloration of the teeth during childhood, during the formation of teeth, during infancy or in the womb. This color change in teeth is divided into two:

Internal coloration: stains that are usually genetic or processed into the tooth and cannot be removed by brushing. Structural defects that occur during tooth formation are also evaluated in this category. In these cases, the whitening process is very successful.

External coloration: some foods, such as cigarettes, tea, coffee and acidic drinks, adhere to the surface of the tooth. In short, we can call it a problem caused by user error. You can get rid of these stains after cleaning your tooth stone.

It is important to determine the source of color changes in teeth. Because each problem requires a different treatment method and the person who will decide it is the dentist.

How is Teeth Whitening performed?

The tooth may not always be as white as desired. Regular brushing of teeth is necessary to bring the desired whiteness of teeth, but sometimes the teeth can be congenital yellow color. When the structure of the tooth is not white, dentists can make the color of the teeth whiter with the drugs they use. Teeth whitening can be applied according to the method of; office whitening by your dentist - biological whitening - process can be applied within about an hour. After this whitening program, your teeth can get between 4 and 6 tons of natural color. Home whitening can be applied in some cases. The amount of whitening in each tooth structure may not be equal. For example, in people who already have very light teeth, dawning can be between 1 and 2 tons.

Not every tooth can whiten. In the teeth which have a very high proportion of grey, see-through area, 4-6 tons of results cannot be obtained with bleaching. You can get information from your dentist about the application of teeth whitening results, your expectations. There are different Teeth Whitening methods. The first is professional whitening (Office bleaching) with the help of the dentist, and the other is home bleaching system, which is applied at home according to the advice of your dentist.

Why Teeth Whitening performed?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Teeth Whitening With Zoom

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic solution applied to people who are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. However, in some cases it can also be done because of genetic factors. It is an oxygenation method used to whiten teeth that have changed color for various reasons or to turn a few shades of the color of their individual teeth. There are currently two different teeth whitening methods known. The first is a method that the patient can apply on their own, while the second method is the whitening procedure performed by the dentist in the clinic.

Although both methods are effective, which one should be preferred, the degree of coloring, how quickly the treatment is desired to be terminated and the decision of the dentist depends. This practice can only be applied to healthy mouths, otherwise tooth sensitivity may develop. For this reason, the dentist can perform whitening procedures after removing decay, abrasions and gum ailments. Bleaching is known to be particularly successful in people who have yellow-toned teeth. The rate of bleaching depends on the tone of our teeth before the whitening process is applied and varies from person to person.

The natural colors of the teeth darken over time. Tooth color cleaning and polishing can be done to remove the discoloration on the tooth. However, it is possible to remove discolorations that cannot be removed in this way or to open a few more shades of the tooth's own color. These teeth are porcelain etc. instead of having the whitening method applied, which is a more protective method, and this process can be opened up to 8 to 10 tons depending on the state of the teeth.

Who is suitable for Teeth Whitening Treatment?

It can be applied to anyone with a healthy mouth structure, as teeth whitening do not have any side effects. However, small children, nursing mothers and pregnant women should be controlled by a doctor. In addition, people who have advanced cavities in their teeth and who have advanced gum problems should have their teeth whitening done by a doctor. If your teeth are dark, yellow, grey and brown, or if there are spots on them, the examination and diagnosis will determine whether they are suitable for whitening the teeth. The process of bleaching teeth is applied smoothly in a healthy mouth. It is a safe solution for a whiter and natural smile.

Teeth whitening treatment is not applied to patients under 16 years of age. In patients of this age, the pulp chamber and the nerves of the tooth are in their widest dimensions. If whitening is applied, the pulp becomes irritable, extreme sensitivity occurs and the results that reach the root canal treatment may occur. Bleaching should not be applied to pregnant women, patients who have sensitive teeth and pulled gums due to tooth discomfort, patients who are allergic to bleach solution peroxide.

How Long Does the Teeth Whitening Treatment Take?

It can be completed in a single session depending on the patient's tooth structure, but it can take up to 3 sessions depending on the natural whiteness of the patient's teeth. Dental caries need to be treated before teeth whitening. If this is not done, the bleaching solution can reach the inside of the tooth by passing through the carious areas of the solution, thereby increasing the sensitivity in the tooth. Teeth Whitening treatment also does not work on roots without enamel layer. Pulled gums cause roots to appear. It also does not work on teeth that are dental veneers. The approximate duration of the sessions is 15 minutes. Bleaching in the clinic takes about 60 to 90 minutes. When the examination is over, the dentist cleans your teeth and starts the whitening process. For home whitening, the dentist makes molds that fit your mouth and contain a whitening gel.

Home whitening usually takes a few weeks. Sets sold in the pharmacy can also be used easily. However, you need to consult your dentist for the sets you will use at home. Dental cleaning is done first. In general, bleeding occurs during dental cleaning, and the paste used during cleaning enters the pores of the enamel and prevents the whitening gel from reaching the pores. Therefore, no bleaching is performed in the same session. It is expected until the next day so that the cleaning pastes get away from the pores with the help of saliva. Teeth whitening can be done at the first appointment after this procedure.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

The appearance of teeth plays a role in people who are a social entity to express them better in society. The appearance of the teeth is also important in terms of the effect we will have on the other side in our social life. An effective smile and white-looking teeth, which are an important part of this, are the factors that increase the self-esteem of the individual. Teeth Whitening Treatment is a form of treatment usually applied due to aesthetic concerns. Turkey is quite widely applied in patients coming from abroad just because of the potential for this treatment is quite high. Turkey Teeth Whitening Treatment is an economical and practical treatment method. Teeth Whitening Treatment in Antalya is performed by specialist Turkish dentists in fully equipped Dental centers and clinics, one of the popular cities where Dental treatments are applied extensively.

Teeth Whitening Stages

Before the teeth whitening process is done, the patient’s expectation is learned; the degree of whitening and the details that disturb the patient are evaluated. The patient’s daily habits are important for teeth whitening and its aftermath. For this reason, habits such as smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee are evaluated. During the examination, the patient is informed about whether tooth whitening is necessary, whether the application is suitable for the tooth structure, and how much the color of the teeth will change after the application. After this process, treatment and application stages begin. Teeth whitening treatment is generally done in 2 stages. In the first stage, the stains on the tooth layer and under the tooth enamel surface are removed, and in the second stage, precautions are taken to prevent new stains from forming. However, Teeth Whitening stages have different sub-processes among themselves:

External discolorations and tooth stones, if any, are cleaned with periodontal methods.

The initial picture is taken for the patient’s teeth. Thus, the starting color is determined with the color scale.

The soft tissues around the tooth are covered with a paste containing glycerin or vaseline to protect against the harmful effects of heat and hydrogen peroxide.

Rubber cover is attached. Rubber cover interfaces must be fixed with waxed dental floss or plastic thread. Because the use of waxless feminine can cause the absorption of hydrogen peroxide.

The tooth surfaces are polished and the residual protective cream from the rubber cover is eliminated.

Enamel surfaces are etched, washed and dried for about 7 seconds with phosphoric acid to facilitate the penetration of hydrogen peroxide.

To protect the lips from excessive heat, moist gauze is placed under the rubber cover over the lips. The patient is wearing protective glasses.

A single layer of gauze is placed on the dental arch to be whitened and wetted with hydrogen peroxide.

The heat source is placed about 30 cm away from the teeth to be whitened. In this way, activation of hydrogen peroxide is provided for 20-30 minutes.

Gauze is removed, if necessary, hydrogen peroxide is applied to areas with darker coloration, and heat activation is continued for another 5 minutes.

These stages may vary according to the preferred Teeth Whitening method. The success of tooth whitening done in this way depends on the cause and amount of Coloring. With aging coloration, fluorosis coloration is mostly 1 session is sufficient. In tetracycline-related coloration, 3 or even 4 sessions may be required.

Turkey Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a medical indication and a procedure to lighten the teeth that are applied aesthetically. Laser is a product of modern technology in the medical field in Turkey as it provides the results in a very different treatment in teeth whitening is an important medical tool. With Teeth Whitening in Turkey can make to have a whiter appearance of your teeth. Teeth whitening with laser can keep teeth whitened for a long time if the dentist’s recommendations are listened to. Teeth and mouth are affected by everything we eat and drink in daily life. Bacteria multiply, decrease and also affect tooth color. Therefore, oral and dental health is very important. When the right bleaching product is selected in the right patient, there is no harm in tooth bleaching treatment. Turkey Teeth Whitening is cheaper and practical compared to other restorative methods.

Teeth Whitening Methods

The process of bleaching teeth in order to give a more aesthetic appearance is called bleaching. If the whitening process is desired, bleaching should be done after the treatment of the teeth that are worn-broken-cracked and rotten. The effect of bleaching is limited in the colorings due to the use of antibiotics. Teeth whitening methods are divided into two as office and home methods.

Home bleaching is a bleaching process made by placing carbamide-peroxide based gels in plastic mouthpieces prepared by a simple measure taken by mouth and can be applied easily at home. The desired whitening can be achieved in an average of 5-7 days.

Office bleaching is a simple and painless procedure performed by the dentist and can be performed within 1 hour. A high concentration of whitening agent is also used in this whitening method. In this way, teeth can be opened very quickly, often in a single session. High concentration of teeth definitely does not damage.

Is Teeth Whitening Treatment safe?

Yes! According to research, bleaching of teeth under control and done by a specialist dentist is extremely effective and safe. Teeth can be discolored up to 6 tons. There is no harmful effect on teeth and gums. Sometimes there may be mild cold or hot sensitivity in the teeth, but this condition is completely corrected by intermittent treatment or discontinuation. With Turkey Teeth Whitening you can have eye-catching whiteness teeth. Some people may have hot-cold sensitivity after whitening treatment.

Products that are sold unsupervised in the market and may contain harmful substances to teeth should not be used. Teeth whitening products, which are used uncontrollably, can cause structural defects in the teeth and gums. After whitening treatment, you should stay away from cigarettes, tea and acid drinks for 1 week to prevent the teeth from returning to their former state. If these are taken into consideration, the whitening process will provide a permanence of 2-3 years.

What are the differences of home and office type teeth whitening systems?

In home whitening products, lower-strength solutions containing carbamide peroxide with percentages ranging from 10% to 22% are used. These gels have the same effect as the gel, which has a concentration of almost 3% hydrogen peroxide. However, gels with hydrogen peroxide concentration between 15% and 43% are used in teeth whitening products professionally applied by the dentist in the clinic. Thus, Office teeth whitening systems are very quick and effective results are obtained.

Home-type whitening systems are used for the application of gel in the whitening process of individual plaques suitable for the patient. The patient applies the bleach gel to the mouth after putting it into the plaque. Gums and soft tissues from the edge of the plaque is leaking into here irritation and burning may occur. However, in office-type applications, the dentist provides complete protection to the gums and soft tissues, and this is a very important difference. There is a slight difference in cost between the patient's own and office whitening methods. However, office-type whitening systems achieve optimal results in terms of patient health and whitening effect.

The teeth whitening system and its material should be chosen by the dentist if it is appropriate and appropriate for the patient to whiten the teeth. Teeth whitening systems should always be in constant contact with the patient and the physician. The dentist should check the stabilization of the plaque in the patient's mouth.

Before Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening procedure must be done under the supervision of a dentist and it is a procedure that must be followed by the dentist’s instructions. Dental caries, cracks and tooth fractures can be damaged by chemicals used in treatment. Similar problems should be treated before Teeth Whitening. During the whitening process, coloring foods such as tea, coffee and cigarettes should be avoided, and regular brushing and dental care procedures should be applied carefully.

Whitening treatment should be started after the gums and the surrounding tissues such as tongue and lips are carefully protected. It is imperative that the density and duration of use of the drug used are adjusted correctly. Color is determined by taking photos from the patient before the first session.. Before the procedure, the upper part of the gums is covered with a protective barrier to prevent damage, and then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Bleaching gel is applied to the teeth in 2 or 3 periods in approximately 15 minute periods.

After Teeth Whitening

After Teeth Whitening, it is beneficial to avoid foods that can color the tooth, such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, red wine, cherry juice and acidic beverages. Attention to general oral care will also prevent recurrence of colorations. Here are some instructions that Turkish dentists recommend and must follow:

It should be stopped one day for the intake of very hot and very cold foods.

You should prevent cold contact of your teeth.

You should stay away from acidic drinks

When brushing your teeth, use a soft tip toothbrush and do not touch the sensitive areas with the brush.

Do not contact the teeth with plaque-removing fluids after the procedure.

Do not use substances such as toothpick floss during this time, as the gums are sensitive

The sensitivity rate may vary depending on the patient. If a lot of pain is felt on the first day, painkillers can be used.

Products containing colorant dark color such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine, cherry, caramel, tomato paste should not be used for 3-4 days after the procedure.

Using whitening toothpaste will also prolong the whitening effect. Do not use toothpastes or tooth powders that contain abrasives.

Products with abrasives cause both coloration and sensitivity after a certain period of time.

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, have regular check-ups of 6 months, do not smoke and do not consume excessive tea and coffee. Thus, the effect of the operation is maintained for a long time.

Patients who do not follow these rules may need teeth whitening again.

Are Teeth Whitening Effects the Same for Everyone?

Teeth whitening treatment is done by using different methods for each patient and not everyone can get the same success. The effect of Teeth Whitening treatment depends on the tone of the tooth color and the structure of the tooth. Less impact is achieved as you get older. The teeth of young people tend to whiten much more than older people. If your teeth are very sensitive, it is helpful to have your dentist do the whitening with office-type whitening. Your dentist will perform a private treatment procedure for you. If some people have really very sensitive teeth, fluoride treatments can be used first to make the teeth less sensitive, or bleaching at a lower concentration can spread over a longer period of time.

How long does the Teeth Whitening effect last?

Generally, the treatment effect lasts from six months to two years, but some scientific studies have revealed that this period lasts up to 10 years. Red wine, acid drinks, coffee, and smoking can cause tooth staining. Staying away from them helps teeth whitening effects last longer. It can be supported with 1 or 2 sessions every 4-6 months. If you follow your dentist's advice and do your dental care as specified, your teeth may remain in ideal whiteness for many years after the teeth whitening application

Teeth Whitening Advantages

Many different products are sold on the market for this purpose, but many products have scientifically proven whitening effectiveness as well as side effects. As it is, it does not have an advantage for teeth whitening. You can have the benefits of Teeth Whitening only with the treatment methods applied by dentists. Teeth whitening is a fast, reliable and satisfying procedure. It is much more economical than aesthetic veneers. However, it may not give the same results to everyone. In whitening teeth, there is a return over time. During the whitening process and the next few days, tooth sensitivity may occur. Over the years, thanks to advances in whitening products, now dentists are able to offer their patients not only white but also stronger and healthier smiles. Some whitening products, such as potassium nitrate and fluoride, are added to the experience of whitening more comfortable, as well as people have been helped to improve oral health. Potassium nitrate relieves sensitivity very quickly and has an effect that usually ends within 24 hours. It crosses the enamel and dentin and reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth, where it works by calming the nerves.

Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Teeth whitening application has no harm in concentration applications. When it is done at the right time and in the right concentration, it has no side effects. The young patient, who will have the application, uses 10% materials in low concentration. If the patient has older and darker yellow teeth, it can be used at a concentration of 16% or 22%. Products with lower concentrations are preferred in young patients. Due to the structure and need of tooth enamel, there is no harm to the tooth when the right time and concentration is made. Teeth Whitening side effects are very limited. All whitening gels can cause more or less sensitivity. This can vary from person to person, with cold or hot drinks. In case of sensitivity, topical fluoride applied by the dentist will reduce the sensitivity of this tooth. In addition, toothpaste containing potassium nitrate and fluoride can be used to reduce sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Success Rate

Teeth become darkened over time due to natural aging. At the same time, some foods consumed, coffee, tea, and cigarette use accumulated stains such as the color of the tooth and thus the appearance of a significant negative effect. The teeth whitening process provides an aesthetic, beautiful and confident smile, a positive effect in the communication of the person’s society to leave, communication success and self-confidence as one of the most important factors comes across. It is very important that the methods used for teeth whitening are under the control of a physician. Because, the wrong teeth whitening methods can cause a person to lose their dental health! Teeth Whitening Success Rate depends on these criteria. However, it should not be forgotten that while this application provides success in cleaning only superficial stains, it is no substitute for a professional whitening process. If the patient’s teeth are yellow spontaneously, the teeth whitening process is very successful. However, the brown and gray tones of the teeth may cause the teeth to not whiten completely. In addition, the colors of the old fillings and coatings found in the mouth with teeth whitening procedures do not change in any way. Turkey Teeth Whitening is generally 98% successful.

Antalya Teeth Whitening

In recent years, Turkey has successfully offered modern and aesthetic dentistry practices to patients from various countries, especially European Union countries and Arab countries. The high cost of dental treatment in European countries allows the citizens of this country to choose Antalya for dental treatments. Due to the widespread use of Teeth Whitening treatment, hotel, flight ticket and dental treatment costs of tourists coming to Antalya are much cheaper than other European countries. So it is preferable. Besides the treatment, they also have the opportunity to visit the historical beauties of Antalya. Due to the high level of service quality, patient care time and interest shown in Antalya compared to European countries and the high level of health investments, the new technologies used are also very effective. Our guests who come from abroad for treatment are most likely to come for teeth whitening in Antalya. In our life, where aesthetics and a healthy smile are very important, teeth whitening and laughing designs are other applications that patients prefer. This application can be done in as little as a week at most.

Teeth Whitening Frequently Asked Questions

Dental treatments are the treatments that patients are most curious about and ask questions. We receive many questions about Teeth Whitening from our patients and guests every day. We have compiled some of these questions as questions – answers. If you have questions about Turkey Teeth Whitening, you can contact our customer service. You can also call us to take advantage of Antalya Teeth Whitening privileges.

After the end of your bridge treatment, to have teeth whitening is more appropriate. If your bridge prosthesis is in the back area, it will not be a problem, but if it is in the front area, your teeth will whiten and your porcelain will remain darker, and in this case, if it is time to renew your bridge or crown and be done according to the newly whitened color will be more appropriate.
No. Teeth whitening treatment is not a permanent treatment method. Whitened teeth can keep their color for an average of 2 years. Of course, regular and effective care of the teeth is very important here after the whitening process. Routine care should continue after teeth whitening.
It would not be right for us to recommend a treatment method without seeing your dental condition. Although they all work, some gels can produce faster results. There may be very little bleaching on some teeth, no matter which product is used, although some teeth whiten very well. Our advice is to use the brand you used before or try a new brand or quality if you are dissatisfied. After all, the bleach used is really a personal choice. You can make the best decision with your dentist based on your previous experience in this choice.
When the use of gel ends, it is determined by your personal and your dentist's decision. Teeth whiten in a few weeks and eventually get to a point where they won't whiten any more. This is the last point you'll reach and it won't whiten any more. It is normal for them to fade a little and then stay in a stable color. Do not use for more than 4 weeks. Most teeth whiten thoroughly during the first week of treatment.
There may be some sensitivity during the process and within 2 hours following the process. This is normal and temporary. Sensitivity can persist for 24 to 48 hours. Your dentist will reduce your tooth sensitivity with fluoride. After the application of fluoride and will recommend toothpaste to remove your sensitivity.

Spotted teeth are caused by excess fluoridation during tooth development. This is called fluorosis. Even if they don't look perfect, these teeth are extremely resistant to decay. Spots can also be seen after orthodontic treatment. In the case of this decalcification caused by inadequate hygiene, these regions are more susceptible to decay. There was no research done on children and bleaching, but there were no side effects except temporary tooth sensitivity. We recommend that you wait until the teeth are fully developed for whitening, otherwise the areas that have not come out will not whiten.

Although the white spots whiten faster, the difference disappears as the area around them whitens. Since the surrounding areas will be whiter, the white spots are more difficult to spot. Results vary and cannot be guaranteed. In general, if the pulp chamber is too large in children, teeth whitening treatment is not recommended. Your dentist will decide if it is appropriate with X-rays to be taken. Under Normal circumstances, this treatment is not applied to children under the age of 16.

When you place the plaque on your teeth, it will spread the whitener. You can see where the bleach covers the tooth, and if some places are too small, you can play with the plaque and spread the gel evenly. The gel should always be dense and fluid. The whitening gel you get in your routine already has these properties. If you use a distressed product in this regard, you should consult your dentist. Teeth whitening gels are usually not kept at room temperature because the consistency will be intense it is recommended to wait at room temperature for a few hours to be more fluid.

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