How many veneers do i need?


Only the dentist can decide how many veneers you need. Veneer can be applied separately for teeth that need Veneer or, if necessary, full mouth veneer can be made. It is the dentist who will decide this and it is determined after the first period. Veneer treatment can be applied for one or more teeth. There’s no limit to that. If you need a single tooth veneer, it is made for one tooth. If your teeth are not brushed after eating and drinking food and drinks, they start to decay and should be treated first. In cases where filling is not sufficient, a single tooth veneer is made. When one tooth is missing from the mouth, adjacent teeth tend to move towards the resulting cavity. In other words, when the teeth next to the gap lie towards the gap, the gap in the opposite jaw begins to extend towards the gap in the tooth. In the case of the gap in the front area, speech and aesthetic appearance are negatively affected. As a result of the lack of one tooth, we know that other teeth shift to fill this gap and that this shift affects even the spine. Teeth are like the teeth of the jawbone due to their structure, and when one of these teeth is lost, the whole system is affected. For this reason, even a single tooth loss must be put in place. As a matter of fact, the first large molars are placed in the mouth at the age of 6 years and they take their place in the mouth when there is no brushing habit and sugar chocolate is snacked. It gets its first damages during 6-8 years of age when protective measures are not taken.

Single tooth veneer

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How long is the filling delayed tooth decay and the amount of filling gradually increases as the day goes on. If the tooth is too large to fill, the dentures that surround your tooth are better than the right and left teeth, or porcelain veneers that are made on zirconium or metal are called veneers. These dentures can be made as a whole or as a single dental veneer can be made. We recommend that dental veneers be made for single teeth, which have a lot of tissue loss, more advantageous than filling. If you ask if single tooth veneers are not made, we recommend single tooth veneers to reduce the chance of teeth breaking in large fillings.First, the tooth decay, such as old restorative materials or old fillings, suspicious formations need to be completely cleaned and the thickness of the material to be used from the teeth is reduced. The duration may vary depending on the type of material used and the system applied. From one session in 1 day, there is an application period of up to 10 days. A single tooth veneer can also be applied in an hour. If a person wants to have all the teeth covered in his or her mouth, this time can be extended. In addition, a large number of veneers or bridge prosthetics can extend this time.

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