What Are Veneers Teeth?


Veneers teeth are a cosmetic and restorative treatment that is applied to correct defects in teeth. It allows changing the shape, color, and sizes of teeth that are distorted, damaged, or have gaps between them. It is one of the methods that give the tooth an aesthetic appearance. It is similar to tooth enamel, provides a natural appearance and is durable and long-lasting. The laminae, also called Leaf porcelain, are a translucent layer that adapts quite well to the teeth. During the procedure, which is applied with very little abrasion from the solid tooth tissue, anesthesia is often not needed. At least 2 or 3 sessions are needed for lamina veneer. If you have no choice other than UK, we recommend that you research the treatment conditions well.

How to make dental veneers?

By dentists who work in health centers and dental hospital oral and dental veneer is applied to the patient during the treatment the sensation of pain for not hearing. The teeth to be treated are reduced to the appropriate amount and measured. At the same time, temporary teeth are glued to the place of the teeth that are shrunk by rasping. Tooth color selection is made with the patient. On average, the teeth measured within 5 days are prepared and the temporary teeth are removed and inserted in their place. Periodic doctor checks are recommended and the patient's treatment is completed. If Dental veneer treatment is not done correctly, the patient will experience many problems and may need to be re-treated. This will be a very difficult process. It is very important to choose the right clinic for this treatment. Patients do not expect a heavy recovery process after the dental veneer process is completed. As long as the patient does not want local anesthesia, he / she can drive himself / herself, go home and resume his / her life as he / she wishes. The patient can also return to work the next day or even immediately after treatment if he or she wishes.

Types of dental veneers

Veneers teeth indicate that there is more than one treatment method that the patient needs and that the physician considers appropriate. The main ingredient in these types of veneers is porcelain. However, the substance that supports the coating may be metal or ceramic. It is important to take into account the person’s own natural tooth color when covering porcelain teeth. Porcelain veneers are made according to the color of the teeth. The type of tooth covering may vary depending on the location of the tooth to be coated in the patient. Types of dental veneers include porcelain, zirconium, laminate veneer, empress and monolithic veneer. These methods can be used to relieve different ailments. However, they are often used to eliminate situations such as excessive spacing of teeth, deterioration of appearance of teeth with unwanted colors, disfigurement or curvature of teeth. In addition, if you have a strong tooth root, even if you have severe tooth fractures, treatment can be provided with a coating.

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