Gum Contouring in Turkey

Gum Contouring which is also known as Gum Reshaping, is a technique used to reshape the gum line.

Used For: Creating a more attractive smile line in order to reshape the gum line.

  • Period: 1 - 5 Day(s)
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Gum Contouring which is also known as Gum Reshaping, is a technique used to reshape the gum line. Sometimes, even with the perfect set of teeth, our smile can be disappointed by our gums.

If your gum line is low or uneven, which is often described as a ‘gummy smile’, or if your gum line is not straight, the Gum Reshaping will make your smile looks more balanced and symmetrical. A  significant portion of healthy tooth which  once revealed can be transformative, changing the way your entire mouth presents,  is often concealed by a  gummy smile or uneven gum line. Your smile may seem wider, brighter and healthier. Teeth appear whiter and stronger; in turn makes you feel brighter, happier and healthier. Various dental procedures can often be improved by the addition of Gum Contouring, including the increasingly popular Smile Design and Dental Facelift. The procedure is completed with the special soft tissue laser technology, which provides excellent results in a short period of time. We can restore the natural proportions of your teeth by Reshaping the gum. There are two procedures used in order to be successfull at this, simple laser-shaped soft tissue gum for a thin but effective improvement, or in more complex cases,  the gum  surgical lifting.

The Benefits of Gum Contouring:

  1. The greater symmetry for your gum line
  2. Improved gum-to-tooth ratio
  3. The reduced bleeding and swelling
  4. The Removing excess gum tissue while talking or smiling
  5. Almost painless procedure

Eventually, the gum reshaped by Myra Dental Center can help you bring out a bright, vibrant smile.

If you are not satisfied  with your gummy smile, contact with us today and we can give you more information and no obligation quotation.

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