Dental Implants in Turkey

If you struggle to cope with your existing dentures or don’t like your gap, the most natural solution is dental implant.

Used For: dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason.

  • 1st Session: 1 - 2 Day(s)
  • 2nd Session: 7 - 8 Days

If you struggle to cope with your existing dentures, or don’t like your gap, the most natural solution is dental implant.

To replace teeth already missing or are in need of replacement, a dental implant is a tianium screw that is placed within the jawbone. Because of titanium is known to integrate with your bone, implants are made of titanium. Implant forms are like artificial tooth root which anchors in anew dental crown. If multiple teeth missing along the same row, implant bridge can be attached to the implants. The final look and feel will be natural, because the implant fuses to the jawbone.

Titanium screw is implanted into the jawbone; in addition to the implant abutment (attachment which connects implant to the crown) and porcelain crown itself to finised the treatment. Myra Dental Clinic always gives you a service that is all inclusive of all costs involved to your treatment, our implant price includes cost of abutment, assuring no hidden costs.

How Many Dental Implants do I need?

It depends on how many teeth you have missing. To any amount of teeth- from a single missing tooth to full restoration, dental implants can be used. A treatment plan will be preapared to suit your special requirements by our expert dental team.

Usually we do not prefer to replace every missing tooth with dental implant. If you have no teeth on your upper jaws and lower jaws, we generally place 6 implant along the upper and lower jaw, 12 in total. The implants for the each jaws (14 along for each) supports a full set of 28 teeth.

In the case of having a gap that 3 or 4 teeth missing along the same row, we place two dental implants and these supports three or four dental implant bridge. And if you have just one tooth missing, we place a single dental implant and crown.

The treatment can be finished in two short sessions. The first session is for placing of dental implants. You should wait for minimum three months before your permanent implant crowns can be fitted after your implant placement.

Myra Dental Clinic uses titanium implants which made from 100 % grade 4 titanium. Titanium as it is extremely durable, and lightweight, is used for dental implants.This means it will not wear out and is hard to be rejected by your body. There are different types of titanium, used for various purposes such as building, industrial supplies and medical supplies, etc… Only 4 grade or 5 grade of titanium should be used in medical field. As Myra Dental Clinic, we give a guarantee that we only use premium dental implants, made from 100% titanium.

What if I need Bone Grafting or Sinus Lifting?

For once a natural tooth is extracted, after a period of time the jawbone density will start to reduce. In some instances, a reduction in bone density can be the reason for loss of the tooth in the begining. In such situations, bone grafting is required in order to an effective implant placement. To assure a safe implant placement, the position of the sinus pocket is of vital impotance. A sinus lifting procedure may be advised, in the case of insufficient room under the sinus pocket. Mostly, we prefer to carry out bone grafting operation or sinus lifting along teh implant replacement.For more information please get in touch with our Professional team.

Implants Brands

There are thousands of brands in implants of different quality all around the world and if you are looking for famous dental implant brands, you will not make a mistake with choosing AlfaGate Implant or Straumann Implant. In the case having dental implants, it is a liftime changing procedure and it also very long lasting.

One of the world’s first implant plant brands Straumann established in 1957. AlfaGate is established in 1996, Alfa Gate is a global company focused in development, design, and manufacturing of dental implants through cutting edge technology solutions. Both brands are world exclusive players in the implant market and also world’s greatest suppliers. There are many various advantages to using either brand and all details of each one of all is preferred by every oral surgeon all arounda the world.In this conclusion these two brands are considered to be the very best in their field. Both companies spend multi millions of money every year for scientific researches and developement

Across the world, especially including the UK, USA and Europe both Alfagate and Straumann brands cost high prices and usually seen as on the high side. As we have large demand and for this reason buying power gives us chance to purchase wholesale. Also operating costs of owning a dental clinic in Turkey are mostly less than that of the operating costs of a dental clinic in your home country. Therefore; we are able to make available both brands aat highly competitive prices.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible for more information, if you intend to have dental implants in Turkey.

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