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Myra Dental Center Turkey as it makes us proud to serve patients from all over the world. USA,Canada, Norway, Germany, UK (United Kingdom), Austria, Belgium, Holland, Poland, France, Italy, Dubai.

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Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a concept and treatment planning technique in dentistry that combines aesthetics, dentistry, and digital technology in Myra Dental Centre.

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Most advenced Implant Center.Latest generation Swiss Implants.Qualified professional Doctors.Superior expertise in the field.Treatment of complex cases.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of dental treatments and services, with a strong emphasis on creating the ideal smile for each and every patient who visits their clinic. They prioritise affordability and strive for complete transparency in their pricing, ensuring there are no hidden fees to cause concern. Patients are provided with a comprehensive quotation during the free initial consultation, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the cost associated with their dental care. The centre is known for offering high-quality treatments and services, which leads to significant cost savings for their clients.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey has an international clientele, ranging from the United States and Canada to Norway and various countries across Europe and the UK. The wide range of patient reviews amply demonstrate how much the centre values the diverse experiences and feedback of its global patient base. The testimonials past patients have provided demonstrate the satisfaction of individuals who have received treatment, showcasing the centre's dedication to providing exceptional dental care.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey stays up-to-date with the latest technology in dentistry to ensure exceptional services for their patients. The centre utilises cutting-edge tools and techniques, ranging from soft tissue lasers and smile design software to in-clinic CAD/CAM milling machines, to deliver top-notch dental care. They are at the forefront of dental innovation, utilising the finest materials and equipment.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey prioritises quality and never compromises. A group of qualified professionals run an implant centre there that uses the most recent Swiss implants. They are highly-skilled in handling intricate cases, guaranteeing that every patient receives superior care.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey offers a dentist Turkey experience designed to be thorough and convenient. The centre’s comprehensive range of treatments includes fillings, implants, veneers, bridges, and teeth whitening. Their expertise lies in smile design and comprehensive dental care. They guarantee that patients receive the best Turkey teeth treatment in a short amount of time, regardless of the issue they want to fix, from closing gaps between their teeth and aligning crowded teeth to replacing missing teeth and enhancing their smile's brightness.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey Antalya is situated in the picturesque city of Antalya. It’s a premier destination for dental tourism and offers the added benefit of being a stunning vacation spot. The centre is an appealing option for patients seeking dental treatment and a pleasurable travel experience.

What Are Myra Dental Centre Turkey Dental Treatment Services?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey

The Myra Dental Centre Turkey dental treatment services are listed below.

  • Veneers: Myra Dental Centre Turkey provides veneers as a cosmetic treatment that improves the look of teeth by concealing any noticeable flaws. Veneers are crafted with precision to fit the front surface of the teeth, providing a solution that is natural-looking and built to last. They are effective in addressing issues ranging from discoloration and chips to gaps between teeth.
  • Tooth Extraction: The centre prioritises patient comfort and safety when performing the procedure of tooth removal. Tooth extraction becomes necessary when a tooth has severe damage, is decayed beyond repair, or when overcrowding is an issue that needs to be addressed to avoid dental problems in the long term. The centre offers guidance regarding care and replacement options after the extraction, including implants or bridges.
  • Dental Crowns: The centre offers custom-fitted caps that are placed over damaged or treated teeth to restore their dimensions and strength. The crowns are a perfect match for the natural colour of the teeth, ensuring they blend with the patient's smile. They are perfect for safeguarding a tooth following procedures such as root canals or for fixing broken or worn teeth.
  • Dental Bridges: Myra Dental Centre Turkey provides dental bridges, which are a dependable solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. They restore functionality and aesthetic appeal to the patient's teeth through the combination of artificial teeth with nearby natural teeth or implants. They are effective in preserving the natural shape of the face and preventing any movement of the remaining teeth.
  • Dental Root Canal: The centre performs root canal treatments to remove infected or inflamed pulp from teeth. The procedure helps alleviate pain and prevents the need for tooth extraction. The centre prioritises patient comfort during the procedure, utilising state-of-the-art technology to perform efficient treatment on the tooth. The tooth is repaired using a filling or crown after the treatment to ensure its protection.
  • Gum Contouring: Gum contouring at Myra Dental Centre Turkey is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reshape the gum line, enhancing the appearance of the smile. The centre utilises advanced laser technology to eliminate excess gum tissue, allowing for a more prominent display of the teeth's underlying structure. Many patients seek such treatment to address a gummy smile or uneven gum lines.
  • Inlays: The centre offers inlays as a conservative approach to restoring teeth that have mild to moderate decay. Inlays are pre-molded fillings made from composite or porcelain materials, providing a durable and visually-appealing option compared to traditional fillings. The bonding process fixes them in position, resulting in a flawless restoration that enhances the integrity of the tooth.
  • Dental Filling: The centre’s dental fillings are effective in treating cavities through the removal of decay and restoration of the tooth's integrity. The centre uses materials that match the colour of the tooth, resulting in fillings that are difficult to detect. Fillings repair damaged teeth and prevent decay by sealing off spaces to block bacterial entry.
  • Onlays: Myra Dental Centre Turkey offers onlays to address significant tooth damage that regular fillings are unable to resolve. The restorations are similar to inlays, but they cover more of the tooth, including the cusps or a larger area. Onlays are made from strong materials and are effective in restoring the tooth's shape and function, blending in with the natural appearance of existing teeth.
  • Gum Shield: Myra Dental Centre Turkey specialises in crafting personalised gum shields that provide optimal protection for the teeth and gums. The centre offers custom-made gum shields designed to safeguard oral health, whether they're needed for sports or as a solution for bruxism. The mouthguards offer a comfortable fit over the teeth, creating a protective barrier against impact and minimising the risk of dental injuries. They help reduce the impact of tooth grinding, preventing damage and deterioration.
  • Dental Lumineers: Dental lumineers are a cosmetic option available at Myra Dental Centre Turkey that enhances the appearance of the smile with minimal invasiveness. Lumineers are thin laminates that are bonded to the teeth. They hide cosmetic issues ranging from stains and chips to minor misalignments. They offer a brighter and even smile without requiring extensive tooth preparation.
  • Cosmetic Dentures: Myra Dental Centre Turkey offers cosmetic dentures that are top-notch prosthetics designed to replace multiple missing teeth, improving their functionality and appearance. They are designed to perfectly mimic the look of gums and teeth, guaranteeing a snug fit. The dentures provide patients with the ability to speak and smile with restored confidence.
  • Dental Implant Treatments: Dental implant treatments at Myra Dental Centre Turkey provide a long-lasting solution for missing teeth. The treatment involves the careful placement of titanium posts into the jawbone. The posts serve as a solid base for artificial teeth, allowing the patient to regain their ability to chew and speak with ease. Implants aid in maintaining facial structure by preventing bone loss.
  • Digital Smile Makeover: The centre provides digital smile makeovers. Patients are given a preview of the final outcome of their Dental Treatment using cutting-edge software simulations. The centre’s service specialises in customising cosmetic procedures to meet each patient's unique preferences, guaranteeing complete satisfaction with the end result. The digital smile makeover involves a joint effort between the dentist and the patient to achieve the perfect smile.

What Are Myra Dental Centre Turkey Prices and Payment Options?

Myra Dental Centre Turkey prices and payment options are tailored to meet the needs of international patients seeking dental care services, accepting cash and cards for settling balances, with prices varying depending on the service being requested. The centre provides a detailed pricing system for a range of dental treatments, guaranteeing clear and reasonable costs. The examination is provided at no cost and includes a quotation, enabling patients to comprehend the extent and expenses of their treatment without any financial commitment.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey’s pricing structure provides transparent information on specific treatments. Dental implants begin at £400, with pricier options covering the titanium implant and abutment. The comprehensive service ensures that patients know the total cost upfront.

Teeth whitening procedures are priced at £350, which is a competitive rate for improving the appearance of patient smiles. Dental crowns, a popular restorative procedure, are available for as low as £140 for porcelain, showcasing the centre’s dedication to providing high-quality treatment at affordable prices. Sinus lifts are priced at £200 and are essential for patients who need dental implants but have insufficient bone height in the upper jaw.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey provides detailed information on the duration of stay in Antalya for each procedure, making it easier for their international clients to plan their travel. A root canal treatment is priced at £60 and requires a 1-3 day stay in the city. The procedure comes with a lifetime guarantee, giving patients peace of mind.

Procedures such as veneer, crown, and lumineer involve a 5-7 day stay. The costs for inlay/onlay ceramic work start at £220. Patients enjoy a guarantee of up to 5 years, depending on the chosen treatment.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey offers oral surgery services to meet patient needs. The centre’s prices for simple tooth extractions start at £50, while more complex extractions are priced at £100. Wisdom tooth extraction, a procedure that involves surgical intervention, is priced at £100. The rates are competitive in the field of international dental care.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey offers a variety of payment options to ensure the best service for their international patients. Cash payments in multiple currencies (GB£, US$, EU€, and TR₺) are accepted, ensuring convenient transactions for visitors from all over the globe. The centre provides the option to pay with debit and credit cards, offering patients flexibility and convenience.

Turkey is renowned for having affordable and cheap dental services while maintaining the same high standard of care and materials as other countries. Myra Dental Centre Turkey maintains its reputation by providing affordable Dental Treatment Costs in Turkey, making it accessible to a wider range of people while delivering top-notch treatment. Their dental treatments offer patients the assurance of transparent pricing, a range of payment methods, and service guarantees. It allows patients to approach their treatments with confidence and clarity.

What Is the Centre's Contact Information and Appointment Process?

The centre’s contact information and appointment process are designed to ensure ease and clarity for prospective patients, offering several options for individuals who want to inquire about the dental services being provided. Myra Dental Centre Turkey’s administrative staff is reachable through their email, [email protected]. The centre has a direct phone number for immediate help or to have a one-to-one conversation with a representative, at +90 5439383350. The same number is used for their WhatsApp.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey has a comprehensive website at The website contains additional information about services, pricing, and treatment processes. The centre is found at Sirinyali Mah. Ismet Goksen Cd., No. 114, Antalya, Turkey, for in-person consultations. The location is the central hub for treating international patients.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey has a strong presence online, utilising social media platforms to support outreach efforts and offering opportunities for engagement and information sharing. The centre is found on Facebook, Instagram (@myradentalcentre), Pinterest (@myradentalcouk) , and YouTube (@myradentalcentre).

The Myra Dental Centre Turkey team gives patients comprehensive information tailored to their dental needs during initial contact. The centre prioritises providing patients with available treatments and the most effective procedures to address their dental concerns. The centre helps with planning the dental travel after making the decision to proceed with treatment, ensuring a smooth experience from the initial contact to the completion of dental services.

The process from initial contact to arrival in Turkey is smooth and focused on the needs of the individual. The Myra Dental Centre Turkey team performs a comprehensive examination upon arrival, which includes an x-ray to determine the most suitable treatment approach. Complete explanations are provided to pave the way for a clear outline of every step of the procedure.

Patients have their pictures captured in the clinic's dedicated photography room prior to commencing their treatment. Myra Dental Centre Turkey’s transfer service guarantees patients safe and secure transportation back to their hotels after the treatment day concludes. The centre schedules follow-up appointments for patients who underwent veneer installations to ensure their ongoing care and maintenance. The follow-up appointments include the fitting and approval of new veneers and control checks for biting, shape, and chewing.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey gives patients aftercare documents and warranty forms during the final visit to the centre. The centre arranges transportation for patients going to the airport when they depart. The centre contacts patients one week after treatment to inquire about their progress and maintains regular follow-ups at one month and three months. They advise having an annual check-up, offering patients a complimentary follow-up when returning to Turkey.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey offers a complimentary package with all treatments, which adds to the value for patients. The package offers a complimentary consultation and check-up, along with panoramic and volumetric tomography scans. Transport services are provided between the hotel and clinic for each visit, as well as airport transport services. Patient coordinators are ready and available during the treatment to provide assistance and address any inquiries.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey assists patients with every step, from initial consultation to aftercare and follow-ups. The centre suggests accommodation options and coordinates appointments and transfers based on flight details. They ensure a stress-free experience for individuals in need of dental care from start to finish and beyond.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey
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