Full Set Of Veneers In Turkey

The concept of Full set of veneers is a treatment that seeks to gain a whole new smile to the person. In the concept of Full set of veneers, ‘ what is full set of veneers? how much is the full set of veneers in Turkey? where can I do full set of veneers in Turkey? How to make full set of veneers in Turkey? how long does the full set of veneers take in Turkey? ‘ it includes questions like.

What is full set of veneers?

In some cases, even though the teeth are healthy, the relationship between the teeth needs to be regulated. In cases where the relationship between teeth is not correct, not only aesthetic but also functional problems occur in individuals. Full set of veneers comes to mind primarily when it is called aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. Full set of veneers; due to various reasons, aesthetic appearance of the teeth and gums deteriorated by taking into consideration the face shapes and requirements of the patients as natural and beautiful as possible to make the process. Many treatment methods are used together in full set of veneers, which is a multidisciplinary approach.

How much is shaving from my teeth for full set of veneers?

The natural tooth surface should be shaved according to the selected material so that dental veneers do not appear rough and can provide natural dental relationships. At least one tooth is shaving in full ceramic dental veneers and approximately 0.5-1 mm is shaving in the teeth. In zirconium dental veneers,approximately 1-1.5 mm from the tooth surface is shaved. In Metal dental veneers, approximately 1.5-2 mm shaving is done on the teeth. The amounts given may vary according to the location and shape of the individual’s natural teeth. The values given are standard values and vary from person to person. Because the relationship of each individual’s teeth to each other is different.

How many teeth are included in the Full set of veneers?

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In the full set of veneers concept, it is possible to obtain preliminary information about how many teeth will be included in the treatment. However, the most accurate information is obtained after the clinical examination. Because we need to dynamically evaluate your smile, your teeth relationship with each other. In addition, in our clinic located in Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, we perform your 3D examination with free tomography. Normally the number of teeth to be included in the full set of veneers is determined according to the smile line of the person. The smile line is defined as the relationship of the curvature of the lower lip to the curvature of the biting edges of the upper jaw incisors during the smile. The buccal corridor is a gap between the cheek-facing surfaces of the back teeth and the corners of the lip when the individual laughs, giving depth and naturalness to the smile. In some cases the buccal corridor gap may be more than normal and needs to be regulated. Depending on these reasons, the number of teeth that need to be included in the full set of veneers can be increased. In the full set of veneers, which usually includes applications of upper front 6 teeth, upper front 8 teeth or upper front 10 teeth, the ideal closure relationship and the lower and upper jaw should often be included in the treatment in order to avoid color mismatch between the lower and upper jaw.

Which materials are use in Full set of veneers?

The full set of veneers concept uses metal framework porcelain dental veneers, zirconium framework porcelain dental veneers, and reinforced full ceramic porcelain dental veneers. The dental veneers prepared in porcelain dental veneers with metal and zirconium support consist of two separate layers (substructure and porcelain layer). When the dental veneer is produced with one of these two materials, a break in the porcelain part of the material may occur over time. Reinforced full ceramic materials (e.g. Emax, Vita suprinity, Celtra duo) have been developed to prevent this situation. The front and back teeth can be used safely in dental veneer applications and implant veneers. Below you can find the properties of each material. All of the materials have wide color options. So you can have your dental veneers prepared in any color you want. But reinforced full ceramic materials are not recommended to apply especially in individuals with bruxism and/or teeth creaking.


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Vita suprinity is manufactured by adding zirconium to high-strength glass ceramics. Its reliability is high thanks to the glass ceramic matrix with zirconium added in it. It is a delicate fit with the teeth and gums. Its surface is bright. Light permeability and aesthetics are similar to natural teeth. Dental veneers for front and back teeth can also be used safely in dental veneers prepared for implants.

It has transparency, fluorescence and opalescence at values close to the natural tooth. Thus it creates a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Its strength is high thanks to its zirconium and reinforced full ceramics. It is thus reliable in the long term and exhibits long-term clinical success. With VITA SUPRINITY technology, it is possible to produce dental veneers that are more precisely attuned to the tooth. This restoration is created digitally. Due to the properties of the material, dental veneers can be prepared with minimal shaving from the teeth. It is not recommended to apply especially in individuals with bruxism and/or teeth creaking. So you can have your dental veneers prepared in any color you want.


CELTRA Duo Sirona is a material made of glass ceramics with zirconium addition, produced with the latest technology, highly durable, developed aesthetic properties. Celtra Duo offers the closest and highest aesthetic results to nature thanks to the materials it contains in its structure. Natural opalescence provides natural appearance by reflecting the color of the underlying tooth to the dental veneer with fluorescent and pronounced chameleon effect. The dental veneers prepared with Celtra duo are carefully prepared in perfect harmony with the natural tooth. Celtra duo offers a wide choice of colors to produce the most aesthetic dental veneer. So you can have your dental veneers Turkey prepared in any color you want.


Dental veneers Turkey made from full ceramics do not contain metal. Therefore it offers a highly aesthetic natural look. The support is closely attached to the tooth. Thanks to its reinforced structure, it can be prepared even in very fine quantities (0.3-0.5 mm). E.max material has many color options. So you can have your dental veneers prepared in any color you want.

FAQ About Full Set of Veneers

How to make full set of veneers in Turkey?

With the full set of veneers created for people who are not happy with the mouth structure and smile, individuals get the beautiful smile they want. First of all, the structure of the person's mouth (the relationship between the position of the lower and upper jaw relative to each other, the condition of the teeth and gums) should be carefully examined before the treatment is made. The main purpose of this examination is to determine clearly what kind of problems are manifested during the person's smile. When the person laughs from different angles, the pros and cons of the resulting image are determined and treatment planning processes are initiated.

Where can i do full set of veneers in Turkey?

If you have the idea to make a full set of veneer, we will be waiting for you in Antalya, Turkey. Our clinic is located in Lara, one of the eminent districts of Antalya,Turkey. You can find out your address information in detail in the communication section.

Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast in the south of Turkey, suffers an influx of local and foreign tourists every year. In this sense, it is one of the most important cities of Turkish tourism.Antalya,Turkey is a very big place and there are a lot of holiday resorts in it. KAS, Kalkan, Belek, Kemer, Olympos & Çıralı, Alanya, all of them are holiday destinations alone. You can get a new smile by coming to Antalya,Turkey and you can make your holiday during your treatment.

What processes does the full set of veneers involve in Turkey?

Since the aesthetic requirements of each individual are different, the procedures to be performed are determined by taking into account individual factors (such as facial features, gender, age and expectations). If you have bad teeth and gum disease, you should be treated first. Afterwards, if necessary, called a gingivectomy, gum surgery, procedures, tooth whitening (bleaching) methods, with applications in implant and prosthetic tooth to be compensated for, porcelain laminates and veneers (metal, zirconium or full ceramics), orthodontic treatment (braces) can be considered as.

After the planning is completed first of all, the level disorders of the gums are regulated. In cases of lack of tooth planned implant procedures and other surgical applications considered necessary are performed. After the healing periods of surgical applications are completed, if needed, teeth whitening procedures are applied. After this stage, when there are visual and formal defects in the teeth, laminate veneers or dental veneers come into play. For porcelain laminated applications, usually no shaving or minimal abrasions are performed on the teeth. If dental veneers are considered appropriate, a number of changes can be made by taking the patient's ideas again in rehearsals during the stages. During all these gum and dental applications and rehearsals, lip shape and contour are also taken into consideration and the intended design is given its final form.

How many days does it take to full set of veneers in Turkey?

Making treatment plan by taking panoromic and 3D tomogrofi X-rays

Filling, root canal treatment and gum treatment in necessary cases

Preparation of the teeth by shaving

Taking impressions both of jaws

Making the same day temporary veneers

Laboratory stages

Trial stage

Fitting and bonding of the dental veneers in the mouth

This procedure usually takes 5 working days. But, the working days may be extended in some cases.

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Dentist Dr. Dt. Erdem CETIN
Dentist Dr. Dt. Erdem CETIN

He started his professional career in a private practice in Antalya in 2005 and served there until 2012. Between 2012 and 2016, he continued his work as a partner at the institution named KlinikAntalya. In 2016, he founded Myra Dental Centre Turkey and continues his professional activities there. Additionally, he has strengthened his expertise in the field with his membership in the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI).