Dental Implants In USA Vs Turkey – Compare Clinics, Prices,Pros And Cons

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Although it is a country of dreams, it is hard to say that health services are excellent in the United States. You will already see the differences in detail in Dental implants in turkey vs Dental implants in USA review. Especially in the coronavirus process, everyone saw how bad the United States’ health system was. Turkey, dental implants, including all dental health is primarily in the category of countries with the best and most advanced technology in the world.

Dental implants in Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - dental-implants-in-usa-vs-turkey-compare-clinics-pricespros-and-cons

The fact that dental implants in Turkey is done with very different techniques and is much cheaper than in the United States encourages patients to use their preferences in favor of Turkey. Patients from many countries of the world, especially Europe and America, come to Turkey for dental implant treatment. Not just because it’s affordable, of course. Turkey is preferred for equipped and hygienic dental clinics, specialist dentists, hospitality and long-lasting dental implants. Health care in America is very expensive. Even its own citizens are offering all treatments for money. In Turkey, health services are completely free of charge.

Dental implants in USA

You can be sure that even the material of dental implant treatment made in America is imported from Turkey. But most of the implant materials used in Turkey is made in Turkey. Dental implants in USA are both very expensive and take a lot of time. America is one of the most expensive countries in the world. It will be very difficult for you to go there for treatment. Even getting a visa could take weeks. In America, treatment times are very long. You may need to reserve at least 1-2 months for Dental implant treatment. In this process, you need to calculate the individual expenses you will make there.

Dental implants prices in Turkey

Prices in all countries vary according to the number of teeth to be treated. Dental implants prices in Turkey are the same. First the dentist will examine you or send you pictures of your teeth and you will be given a net price. The most important advantage of Turkish prices is that transportation, accommodation and hospital costs are included in the price. You won’t find that option in any country in the world. You can stay in Turkey for the duration of treatment, or you can go back to your country and complete your treatment at the time recommended by your dentist.

Dental implants prices in USA

Before Dental implants prices in USA, your round-trip fee to America, individual expenses there, accommodation and other expenses will be at least 3-4 times the cost of treatment. So there will be no advantage for you in terms of price. You may experience expenses that far exceed your budget. You pay a lot more than a dental implant treatment costs in Turkey and still you cannot have the same successful results.

Dental implant clinics in Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - dental-implants-in-usa-vs-turkey-compare-clinics-pricespros-and-cons

Turkey, especially in recent years, is a country in the field of health attacks. Turkey, which is in competition with the most developed countries in the world, has the most advanced and equipped clinics in dental health. Dental implant clinics in Turkey provide services in two different ways. It serves as a dental hospital and dental clinic. You get the same quality of service before and after treatment and you are always greeted with a smile. After treatment, dentist control and interest continues. Even if you are away, they continue to support you online or on the phone.

Dental implants clinics in USA

Although America is known as the most developed country in the world and one of the most state-of-the-art countries, it is not possible to say the same about health care. Dental implants clinics in USA may have equipped and advanced equipment but treatment methods and prices are not comparable to Turkey. It’s not enough just for clinics to be good. How the treatment process works is important. It is also important how soon the patient receives this treatment.

Dental implants in Turkey Pros

There are many things we can list for Dental implants in Turkey pros. First of all, the right treatment method and affordability are the primary advantages. Dental implants, made from quality material by experienced dentists, are long-lasting. If you care as recommended by the dentist, you can use it for at least 20 years. No clip can provide this guarantee in other countries. The warranty period for treatment in different countries is 1-2 years. You will both have longer lasting teeth, and you will be treated more cheaply. You will also be visiting a heavenly country like Turkey.

Dental implants in Turkey Cons

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - dental-implants-in-usa-vs-turkey-compare-clinics-pricespros-and-cons

So far, none of the tens of thousands of patients with dental implant treatment in Turkey has left the country dissatisfied. You won’t see any complaints about it, even on the internet and social media. This shows us that Dental implants in Turkey have no disadvantages. We carry out this review objectively, but despite this, we could not find cons for Turkey dental implant. If you have a complaint about this you want to write to us, write to us and we will publish it here. So far, we have not received any complaints from patients about this issue.

Dental implants in USA Pros

If you have dental implant treatment in America, it may be too luxurious for you. It would be a treatment that would push your budget too far. For Dental implants in USA Pros, there’s obviously not much that can be said. It is not an advantageous method because it is very expensive, it is very remote and it is very difficult to obtain a visa and most patients cannot go. But if you live in countries close to America and transportation is not a problem for you, you can get treatment there. Other than that, it doesn’t have much of an advantage.

Dental implants in USA Cons

We can say that it has disadvantages rather than advantages. We have a lot to write for Dental implants in USA cons. First, treatment costs are 3 times more expensive than Turkey. Transportation is very difficult. It may be difficult and long to obtain an American visa. You need to stay there during the treatment, which means expense. Hotel, accommodation and individual expenses will be many. These are all disadvantages. It is also doubtful that even though you have spent so much money, you will have the right treatment. It is also very difficult to go for a check again.

Turkish Dental implants dentists

When comparing the dental implant services of the two countries, we also examine the expertise and training of dentists. When we compare Turkish and American dentists, we see that Turkish Dental implants dentists have much more superior features and more experience. Dental universities in Turkey are the most distinguished universities in Europe and the world. The attention shown to patients after treatment and the follow-up process after examination are admirable. You can’t see this warm attention and hospitality in any other country. Turkish dentists are also very experienced in the latest technology dental equipments.

American Dental implants dentists

Dentists in each country provide services according to their country’s safety systems. The health system in America is very different from Turkey. If you have money, you get health care. But if you don’t have the money, you can’t get any health care. American Dental implants dentists serve as part of the system in this way. You may have to pay extra for tests, post-treatment checks, medications and everything else. So basically, the treatment you receive in America can cost you a lot. Most American dentists are interning in dental hospitals in Turkey and learning new dental implants techniques. Turkey is a country that exports health care abroad.


We know that Dental implants in turkey vs Dental implants in USA review may surprise you. You may be surprised how such a developed country is behind Turkey, but these are real proportions. Turkey is a country with far superior opportunities in dental implant treatment than the United States. Every year thousands of people visit Turkey for dental implant treatment. It’s impossible for so many patients to make the wrong decision, isn’t it? As a result, Turkey is really the best in the world in this regard. While you make your choice, consider Turkey’s advantages.

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