Are Veneers Painful?

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With new techniques getting veneers is easier and painless. Dental treatments such as veneers before digital anaesthesia were painful and laborious procedures. In old-type anaesthesia applications, the needle was thicker and longer. The anaesthetic material used was quickly losing its effect. Because more anaesthesia was performed for this, there was a long period of numbness on the cheeks and lips. Veneers and crown treatments start with shaving the tooth. With special burs and tools shaving is easier. İn Myra Dental Centre Turkey we use digital anaesthesia which is more comfortable and painless. This is a big advantage if you need a full set of veneers to get a smile design. And if you know the full procedures of veneer and crown treatments you can evaluate it.

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Some teeth may have existing or later disfigurement. The process that needs to be done before treating these disorders is called tooth reduction. Before treatment such as zirconia dental crown, Emax dental veneer or metal framework porcelain dental veneer, the teeth are shaved and made suitable for veneer treatment. As a result of the patient’s dissatisfaction with their teeth as an image or functionally, most of the treatments will be applied to shaved teeth. Also, some teeth are larger than other teeth to disturb the image, open and close the mouth and create difficulty in eating because of the shaving the teeth, the process of shrinking can be applied. Sometimes painful teeth may need to be covered.

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If the shaving process is performed before dental veneer treatment, the patient is expected to have a digital anaesthesia-effective needle to match the relevant area in the mouth. The process of shaving the teeth is completed to the extent that the patient needs the desired treatment. In some patients, the teeth needed are shaved. In some cases, all teeth are shaved and made suitable for veneer treatment. During the dental veneer treatment process, the first tooth is shaved and reduced enough. After this procedure, it is normal to experience tenderness or pain in the teeth and gums after the effect of anaesthesia has passed. To reduce the pain in the teeth and gums, the doctor recommended painkillers can be used. The patient is fitted with temporary teeth to avoid a bad appearance from an aesthetic point of view. The patient’s gums are expected to heal for 5 to 7 days. This time may be longer depending on the patient’s condition. But waiting is not always necessary. After the gums heal, a dental veneer is inserted on the surface of the tooth. Painkiller tablets and temporary teeth prevent the dental veneer process from becoming too painful.

Dental bridge treatment is done to close the gap between one or two teeth in case of loss. The loss of teeth or teeth creates problems both aesthetically and functionally. For this reason, dental bridge treatment is applied by getting support from adjacent teeth to the cavity formed due to missing teeth. During the dental bridge treatment, shaving is applied on the teeth adjacent to the gap. Depending on this, the process up to the delivery of the tooth bridge can be painful. However, it should be noted that this learning situation is temporary. To prevent this painful process, the dentist will temporarily cover the tooth. Thus, because your teeth do not receive air, sensitivity or painful process will be lost. If you go through a very painful process, you can use pain medication.

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It is quite normal to have tenderness or pain in the teeth and gums when the effect of the anaesthetic needle is reduced and passed after the shaving process by the dentist. The absence of a painful process in the dental veneer preparation process is quite rare. Because the enamel, which is the protective layer of the tooth, is shaved over the tooth and the nerves of the tooth get closer to the surface. Thus, the slightest stimuli (such as hot tea or cold water) becomes one that can be quite painful. In general, the pain threshold of patients who are not painful is very high. In the case of painful teeth or gums, the doctor’s recommended medication such as painkiller tablets or needles can be used. In cases where the pain is excessive and prevents sleeping, a recommendation may be asked from the dentist. In some cases, depending on the characteristics of the tooth during shaving, nerves may be very close. This means a very painful process after shaving your teeth. In some cases, root canal treatment may be necessary to resolve this painful process. The patient must consume soft and liquid foods and warm drinks for a certain time after the tooth has been cut. The fact that patients avoid consuming extremely hot and extremely cold foods and drinks ensures that it is not a painful process. The introduction of the new dental veneer, dental clearance and have passed more than a month, although if the process continues painful, and the patient to eat more even if it is hard for external trimming of the tooth during a problem may have occurred from shaving. In such a case, the patient should visit his physician. Because in some cases(very advanced perplexity) it may be necessary to shave more than teeth to provide the desired aesthetic.

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When pressure is applied to the gums after dental veneer, pain, sensitivity or pain is felt in the gums. Pain is caused by pressure on the teeth or gums. Such a situation cannot be fixed on its own. Be sure to check with the dentist. If you do not intervene in time, the painful situation can be serious and further problems may occur. When the dental veneer is first made, it stands in a way that creates large or pressure in the mouths of people. These can be met normally. However, long-term pressure or painful is not normal.

There are many reasons why a previously made dental veneer can cause pain. The first of these is that the underlying person’s teeth are rotten, people experience gum withdrawal, a dental veneer is not fully adapted to the surface of the teeth, the person is not suitable for the teeth, or pressure on the teeth can be such situations.

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Even if dental veneers do not show decay, decay can be seen in the teeth below. There will be a pain in the teeth with dental veneer applied again. Veneers can cause pain due to problems with the gums and teeth. In this case, the intervention of a dentist will be an on-site treatment method.

Toothache can be caused by many reasons such as the pressure of food stuck between two teeth, gingival diseases, cracks formed in the tooth, root surface exposed by gum withdrawal, abrasions on the enamel and even sinusitis.

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