Are Veneers Haram

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Although there are some prohibitions in Islam, there are no haram or prohibited treatments for health purposes. Dental veneer is not haram. Don’t believe the false information you read about it on the internet. If there is a risk to a person’s health, it is imperative that it be treated. The importance of dental and oral health is better understood every day. Oral health means body health. It is necessary to pay attention to body health as well as to give importance to dental health. Treatment such as Veneer, filling and prosthetics are the remedies for oral health. If the filling and coating of teeth does not harm the ablutions and gusul, if the use of gold and silver mines in these coatings and fillings is religiously objectionable issues, the minds of believers are preoccupied. Researching and learning the provisions of Islam on these issues will remove Muslims from doubts and doubts and bring them to the peace of the heart. There is no clear provision in the Qur’an about dental veneers and filling teeth. According to this, imams, both in terms of ablution and gusul, gold and silver in terms of the use of the outer filling and coating can say that they do not mind.

Is Dental veneer an obstacle to worship?

We see that Imam Azam, Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad, who are famous Islamic scholars, agree that dental veneer treatment is not an obstacle to ablution and gusüle. Because all three of them are known to agree that it is permissible to bind the tooth with silver wire and to wear a silver tooth. The difference between the imams is that only the tooth that has been removed is returned to its place and the use of gold. There is no difference of opinion in coating or filling the female with silver. It is not permissible to use gold in this regard, while others say there is no harm. As a result, we can say that there is no problem for Islam in terms of covering, filling and prosthetics with gold or silver and using them. However, the Hanafi imams claim that the tooth covered by a woman during this period is not clean and therefore the woman is left without ablutions. But according to Imam Shafii, it is permissible for a woman to wash her teeth and have them covered. If the person is not arbitrary but really needs to fill or veneer, the transportation of water to the bottom of the filling or veneer in gusul ablutions is not necessary according to Hanafi sect. In some regions, we use the expression arbitrary gold coating of the tooth as a sign of wealth, or porcelain veneer for aesthetic to the teeth that are solid, or to avoid the gluing of the tooth stone. Because such practices are not permissible, and according to the Hanafi sect of people who do this practice will not be gusul ablutions. In short, dental veneer is not an obstacle to worship.