Narrow Smile Fixing Treatment

A narrow smile is often described as a smile with six or fewer teeth appearing while widely smiling. This may be the reason why you don’t show your smile as much as it should. This can be caused by a lack of width in the alignment of your teeth nd sometimes missing teeth, that make your smiles’ edges look as if nothing is there. 

Fortunately this is a fixable defect. With Myra Dental Clinic’s first-class aesthetic dentistry treatments, we can easily transform your smile with our premium  porcelain coatings designed to give you wider and fuller smile. 

Why Is My Smile Narrow?

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A smile may look naturally narrow, generally because of missing teeth or a narrow jaw bone. That can blacken the widest part of your smile. This is called ‘ a narrow buccal corridor’.

Narrow dental arches could be an inherited trait that means you may have been born with this genetic trait. In addition, a narrow smile is most probably due to the usual activities in the development process, such as bottle feeding, improper swallowing, thumb sucking or insufficient tongue position. All these factors can avoid arch development, which eventually cause a narrow and dark-looking smile.

How To Correct A Narrow Smile?

A narrow smile can be easily fixed with a variety of treatment methods that allow your teeth to spread evenly inside the mouth, creating a wider and warmer smile. A treatment applied to extend a narrow smile requires wearing a brace to extend the teeth slightly. This trreatment can be improved by whitening after the braces are taken out. 

In addition, using porcelain coatings is the most recommended and the most efficient method for improving a narrow smile and they are also guaranteed to create you a stunningly brighter and whiter smile. Her at Myra Dental Clinic, our specialist dentists can help you reach a wider smile according to your personal choices about shape, colour and size.

How Can Veneers Fix A Narrow Smile?

Veneers are made of natural-looking porcelain- that makes them an excellent solution for fixing a narrow smile. 

At our clinic, your dentist may re-shape and remove the required amount of enamel from your teeth, while preparing your teeth for their coatings. In some cases, they may decide if you are suitable for non-prep coatings that do not require tooth shaping or removal. After deciding on the method of preparation, your dentist will take the impressions of your teeth and create your dental mould to provide you a wider smile.

Then, your dentist will schedule your coating placement appointment, which includes checking that you are satisfied with the final result and then placing the coating with cement when you are completely pleased. When installed, you will notice that your smile shows you more than six teeth, providing a wider, whiter, and brighter smile.


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