Dental Treatment in Mexico vs In Turkey

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Dental health is a sensitive health type that many developed countries care about. Turkey’s reputation and success in this area is a known fact throughout the world. But we don’t say the same for Mexico. It is difficult to say that it is a very developed country not only in dental health but also in other health fields. So the result of our Dental treatment in Turkey vs Dental treatment in Mexico review is already clear.

Dental treatment in Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - dental-treatment-in-mexico-vs-in-turkey

Dental veneers, zirconium veneers, laminate veneers, dental lumineers, dental bridges, 3D tomography, dental bridge, dental root canal, smile design and many other dental treatments are applied frequently in Turkey. Dental treatment in Turkey is done at European standards and prices are very affordable. You cannot find such a cheap treatment in any country in the world. Advanced dental clinics, equipped equipment and experienced dentists are your biggest advantage. Post-treatment services are also included in the price. Now do you understand why Turkey is so preferred for dental treatment?

Dental treatment in Mexico

Obviously, Mexico’s health system is very controversial. After the last corona pandemic, we have seen this more clearly. Health systems are too inadequate and far below Turkey’s success rate in dental treatment. Dental treatment in Mexico will be a difficult option for you. We do not think you can find what you are looking for here. Turkey applied for many years in many dental techniques, even yet unknown in Mexico. You can understand the difference here. Dental treatment in this country may not be positive for you unless it is very mandatory. It is helpful to review your decision.

Dental treatment prices in Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - dental-treatment-in-mexico-vs-in-turkey

The application phase of each dental treatment is different. Some are completed on the same day, while others may take a few days or a few weeks. Therefore, Dental treatment prices in Turkey are variable. Prices may vary depending on which treatment you have. Factors such as duration of hospital stay, medications, type of operation affect the price. However, we can say this easily; prices in Turkey will be more favorable than in any other country. Your dentist will give you a net price after the exam. Or you can find out the average price by sending your photos of your mouth and teeth to your dentist if you want.

Dental treatment prices in Mexico

Before researching Dental treatment prices in Mexico, analyze the health care system there well. Because, it may not really help you at all. While prices are cheaper – which we don’t expect-they can have bad consequences for your dental health. Transportation to Mexico, accommodation and, most importantly, your individual safety will not be a very advantageous option. As you know, Mexico is a very unsafe country for tourists. Under these difficult circumstances, it is not a wise idea to go there for dental treatment. Still, the choice is yours.

Dental treatment clinics in Turkey

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - dental-treatment-in-mexico-vs-in-turkey

You will find the best of everything for Dental health in Turkey. Dental clinics in Turkey are more hygienic and equipped than you will ever see in any country. They are too advanced to compare with Mexican clinics. Each dental clinic has different equipment. Depending on the type of treatment, you will be treated in clinics with different equipment. Because, some dental health equipment may not be available in every clinic. There are fully equipped clinics, especially for treatments that require surgery. It serves as a dental hospital and dental clinic. You can have all your dental treatments in Turkey easily and comfortably.

Dental treatment clinics in Mexico

It’s really hard to comment on that. Dental treatment clinics in Mexico do not have very advanced features. Because the country’s economy and health system do not have the proper conditions for it. You may think we’re exaggerating, but you might even lose your healthy teeth there. You should be very careful when making your choice about this. No kidding with dental health. If you imagine dental clinics in Mexico like dental clinics in Turkey, let’s say you will be disappointed.

Dental treatment in Turkey Pros

Which one do you want us to start with? There is much to be said about Dental treatment in Turkey pros. There are many pros such as specialist dentists, affordable prices, hygienic dental clinics, convenient transportation from European countries, pre-treatment and post-treatment care and interest. You cannot compare the dental treatments in Turkey with any other country. You can have the most advanced and best results in the world dental treatments in Turkey. In the success rates of these treatments, the contribution of Turkish dentists is quite high. Treatments are successful with their experienced operations. In short, Turkey has an advanced health system that is not only comparable to Mexico but also to other countries of the world.

Dental treatment in Turkey Cons

There is nothing we can write for Dental treatment in Turkey Cons. Because the first choice of everyone who cares about dental health is Turkey. You can already tell this from patient comments. You can read many reviews for it on social media and the internet. There is no disadvantage of dental treatment in Turkey. There are many advantages. You have an advantage both financially and in terms of health. If you are complaining about your dental health, book your place for treatment in Turkey immediately.

Dental treatment in Mexico Pros

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - dental-treatment-in-mexico-vs-in-turkey

Here’s how we can list so many things about it. The health system is not very advanced, the clinics are not hygienic and equipped, the treatment methods are expensive compared to Turkey and it is not a safe country. So Dental treatment in Mexico Cons is much more than its advantages. Many dental treatments and techniques, widely used throughout the world, are still not known methods in Mexico. So it is difficult for Mexican dentists to apply these new treatment techniques. If you live in a country close to Mexico, you can try your luck. If you are not satisfied, you may be treated in Turkey.

Turkish Dental treatment dentists

Turkish dentists practice professional techniques in all dental treatments. All are experts and licensed. Turkish dentists are licensed according to their area of expertise and they specialize in that subject. For example, a dentist who specializes in dental veneer and a dentist who specializes in dental bridge are different categories. In short, when you have dental treatment in Turkey, you are treated by the most competent dentist.

Mexican Dental treatment dentists

Obviously we have to say that there are many shortcomings for Mexican Dental treatment dentists. They can be very inadequate both in terms of education and practice. There are many dentists who do not yet know many new dental techniques. If you are experiencing serious dental problems, Mexico may not be the right option for you. But it can be preferred for simple dental procedures. (Such as tooth extraction, filling treatment). There are always very successful dentists in all countries. We respect this, but we generally evaluate it. It is clear that Mexico is inadequate in this regard.

Which is the best? Dental treatment Turkey or Dental treatment Mexico

What you have read so far is sufficient data for Dental treatment in Turkey vs Dental treatment in Mexico review. Turkey, of course, is much better than Mexico and has superior characteristics. There are many differences in terms of Dental health that cannot be compared. Turkey should be preferred both in terms of technical, equipment, experience and price and security. It can be difficult to spend time in Mexico on long-term dental treatments. But by having a great holiday in Turkey, you can turn the treatment process into an opportunity. You have the advantage of both vacation and treatment.


Turkey is among the top 3 countries in the world. We’re talking about Dental treatments. Turkey is at the top of the list. Dental treatment in Turkey has the best options in the world. Therefore, there is no country that we can compare with Turkey. Mexico is too inadequate to compete with Turkey in this sense. But as we mentioned before, Mexico may be preferred for simple dental treatments. It may be ideal for you, especially if you live near this country. But Turkey should be preferred for other serious dental treatments. But anyway, both countries have their own unique characteristics.

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