Gum Shield in Turkey: Definition, Importance, Types, Procedure and Advantages

Gum Shield, produced in Myra Dental clinic, is made in Turkey.

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Gum Shield in Turkey is recommended by dentists to their patients, particularly for individuals who participate in contact sports or other activities where the mouth and face are vulnerable to harm. Gum Shields in Turkey are very important because they serve as an essential preventive precaution against dental injuries, particularly those sustained during sporting activities. The protective device works by absorbing and dispersing the impact force caused by accidental hits or collisions, lowering the risk of dental damage, fractures, and soft tissue injuries

Stress or improper tooth closure are common causes of chin and face pain. Gum Shield or mouth protector gives long-term benefits, while muscle relaxants and painkillers provide just temporary comfort. The clear mouth guard is made of soft, flexible, or hard plastic and is a chemical-free, premium product made in Turkey by Myra Dental Clinic. It is created specifically and made in a few days. Gum shields of poor quality are prone to serious problems.

Using a gum shield has several benefits, such as protecting the teeth's quality, preventing mouth injuries, and lowering the need for costly and uncomfortable dental operations. The downsides include early discomfort and difficulty speaking or breathing while the appliance is in place. Mouth guard dental protectors are important in Turkey because they offer a straightforward but efficient way to safeguard oral health when engaging in physical activity, encouraging preventative dental care and damage avoidance.

How to Explain the Concept of Gum Shield in Turkey?

Gum Shield in Turkey Definition Importance Types Procedure and Advantages

The concept of Gum Shield in Turkey entails detailing a dental device designed to protect the teeth and gums from potential injury during physical activity, particularly sports. The soft plastic device acts as a cushion and absorbs the impact force that arises from unintentional hits or accidents, protecting against tooth damage, fractures, and soft tissue injuries. The idea stresses how crucial oral hygiene is, particularly for individuals who do contact sports or participate in other activities where there is a greater chance of facial and tooth injuries.

Dentists advise their patients to wear gum shields as a vital preventative measure against potential issues resulting from sports-related injuries. The gum shield serves as a barrier between the lower and upper teeth. Gum shields are supplementary devices that stop reflexive movements of the jaw joint, such as bruising, grinding, and squeezing, from damaging teeth and gums. They are produced after a dentist's assessment and diagnosis. Gum shields with transparency are appropriate for use throughout the day or at night, particularly for bruxism caused by stress. They must be taken out before consuming hot food and liquids, even if they are normally used for eating.

How does Gum Shield in Turkey work?

Gum Shield in Turkey works for two purposes, absorption and prevention. The device is custom-fitted to the patient's dental structure, ensuring a secure and pleasant implantation. It typically is made of flexible plastic. The gum shield works by taking up and distributing the force produced by a blow. The absorption process is essential for reducing the risk of oral trauma and damage to the mouth's soft tissues. The gum shield serves as a shock absorber when worn during sports-related activities, spreading the force over its surface area and avoiding concentrated pressure on a single tooth or area of the mouth.

The primary objective of a gum shield in Turkey is to avoid dental injuries by acting as a preventative measure, encouraging the maintenance of oral health, and averting any issues that occur from unintentional strikes or collisions during physical activities. Gum Shields differ in terms of features and functions. The patient's involuntary motions are stopped from harming their teeth by utilising the device that the dentist determined after performing an examination and making a diagnosis. A gum shield is custom-made based on measurements of the patient's mouth and teeth obtained during the initial assessment. The translucent gum barrier is versatile and used during the day or at night.

Patients are advised to wear them because daytime involuntary motions occur in the jaw joint. A factor in the use of Gum Shield is bruxism brought on by stress. The patient requires continuous psychological assistance in addition to utilising a gum shield. Gum shields are not used for eating. It is best to take off the protective night plate before consuming hot meals or liquids. It is simple to put on the transparent gum shield during the day and at night.

Why are Gum Shields Important in Turkey?

Gum Shield in Turkey Definition Importance Types Procedure and Advantages

Gum Shields are important in Turkey by protecting mouth wellness when engaging in active activities, especially sports. The value of gum shields is found in their ability to serve as a barrier of defence, reducing the threat of dental trauma and injuries from unintentional hits or accidents during sports-related activities. Gum shields assist in absorbing and distributing impact force by covering the teeth and gums with a custom-fit, shock-absorbing layer that guards against fractures, soft tissue injuries, and other dental emergencies. It is significant in a society where sports and physical activities are popular and extensively practised.

Gum shields are an easy and useful solution for people who don't want to use braces to cure their crooked teeth, which is a common issue. Patients who struggle with clenching or grinding their teeth are not the sole individuals who utilise gum shields. It serves as an excellent treatment for straightening crooked teeth. Wire therapy is a treatment that uses brackets and memory wires that are attached to the teeth and remain on the teeth until the completion of the treatment to fix the teeth with right-left, front-back, forward-backward, and up-down movements.

Gum shields are recommended by Turkish dentists to their patients, who highlight the protective effect they have on teeth structure and the reduction of expensive and uncomfortable dental procedures. Gum shields are important in Turkey, but their application goes beyond sports and encompasses a proactive approach to dental health and injury prevention in a variety of athletic circumstances and activities.

What are the situations in which Gum Shield in Turkey is preferred?

The situations in which Gum Shield in Turkey is preferred are listed below.

  • Professions at High Risk: The use of gum shields during training exercises or specific tasks is often recommended for people in professions where there is a greater danger of face injuries, such as law enforcement or the military.
  • Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment: Gum shields are a common tool used by patients receiving orthodontic treatment, particularly individuals with braces or other dental appliances, to protect the soft tissues of the mouth and lower the possibility of harm to the appliances.
  • Recreational Activities: Gum shields are recommended for leisure activities, including mountain biking, skateboarding, and even rollerblading in parks where there is a chance of facial trauma.
  • Night Guards: Gum shields are commonly worn as night guards in cases of bruxism or teeth grinding to screen the teeth from excessive wear and injury while patients sleep.
  • Involvement in Sports: Gum shields provide vital defence against unintentional hits to the face that cause tooth injuries. Gum shield is a must for anyone playing contact sports, including football, rugby, boxing, and mixed martial arts.

How is Gum Shield in Turkey Treatment Done?

Gum Shield in Turkey Definition Importance Types Procedure and Advantages

Gum Shield in Turkey treatment is done by following the steps below.

  1. Begin with a dentist's appointment. A consultation with a dentist, especially one who specialises in prosthodontics or sports dentistry, is the first step in the procedure. The dentist examines the patient's dental health, talks about the kind of physical activity or sports they participate in, and determines whether a gum shield is necessary.
  2. Observe and customise. The dentist takes imprints of the patient's teeth if a gum shield is advised, which fits over the teeth and gums perfectly. Customization guarantees a comfortable and pleasant fit for maximum defence.
  3. Choose the appropriate materials. The patient has the option to select the gum shield's material after consulting with the dentist. Typical materials include malleable, soft polymers that absorb shock and offer comfort.
  4. Do not skip fitting. The patient goes back to the dentist for a fitting session once the gum shield is manufactured using the dental impressions. The dentist checks if the gum shield fits correctly during the visit so that it is safe to use while facilitating speech and breathing.
  5. Ask for adjustments if needed. The dentist implements any required changes during the fitting consultation to ensure a better fit or level of comfort.
  6. Follow the instructions for use and maintenance. The gum shield must be used, cleaned, and maintained according to the dentist's instructions. It covers storage tips, routine cleaning instructions, and when to replace the gum shield if needed.

How Long Does Gum Shield in Turkey Treatment Take?

The duration of Gum Shield treatment in Turkey treatment takes an average of 3 to 5 months, depending on the placement of the teeth.  It varies based on several variables, such as whether the gum shield is custom-fitted by a dentist or is an over-the-counter choice. The treatment is simple for pre-made gum shields, it usually just requires choosing the right size and modifying the fit as necessary. It is normally done in a single trip to a sporting shop or dental supply store

The procedure takes longer if the gum shields are custom-fitted and purchased from a dentist. It starts with a consultation to evaluate the person's oral health and talk about the particular dental treatment needed. Imprints of the teeth are taken and a custom-fitted appliance is created after evaluating whether a gum shield is required. It is necessary to make an additional appointment for the fitting, during which the dentist ensures the gum shield fits naturally and properly.

What are the Benefits of Gum Shield in Turkey?

Gum Shield in Turkey Definition Importance Types Procedure and Advantages

The benefits of Gum Shield in Turkey are listed below.

  • Orthodontic Patients' Safety: Gum shields are beneficial for people receiving orthodontic treatment, such as people wearing braces. They guard teeth and soft tissues from harm and lower the risk of orthodontic malfunctions.
  • Injury Avoidance: Preventing tooth damage during sports or physical activities is one of the main advantages of using a gum shield in Turkey. It reduces the chance of fractures and other injuries by acting as a cushion and absorbing and distributing impact force.
  • Adaptability: Gum shields are adaptable and suitable for a range of sports and leisure pursuits where there is a risk of facial injuries. They serve individuals who play sports.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Gum shields are often inexpensive, making them an economical preventive strategy against tooth injury. The affordability of it encourages athletes and other physical activity enthusiasts to use it more frequently.
  • Personalised Fit: Gum shields are fitted specifically to each person's teeth, guaranteeing an accurate and pleasant fit. Its personalisation increases ease of use during a variety of activities and improves the tool's efficacy.

What are the Downsides of Gum Shield in Turkey?

The downsides of Gum Shield in Turley are listed below.

  • Trouble in Speaking: Wearing a gum shield momentarily impairs speech. The ability to speak effectively is difficult for users at first, but with experience, it usually gets easier.
  • Limitations on Breathing: Sometimes wearing a gum shield causes people to feel as if they have some breathing restrictions. It rarely affects regular breathing patterns, though, and the effect is usually minimal.
  • Replacement Over Time: Gum shields need to be replaced over time, especially in growing individuals or if the dental structure changes. Periodic examinations with the dentist help evaluate the gum shield's state and determine whether a replacement is required.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining hygiene with gum shields requires routine cleaning and care. Neglected maintenance results in the growth of bacteria and bad odours coming from the gadget.
  • Initial Discomfort: Wearing a gum shield causes some people to feel uncomfortable at first, especially during the adjustment phase. The soreness, however, normally fades with continued use.

What are Gum Shield Materials?

Gum Shield in Turkey Definition Importance Types Procedure and Advantages

The Gum Shield materials are listed below.

  • Silicone: Soft and flexible silicone is frequently used to make mouthguards with specific functions, such as avoiding teeth grinding. Silicone is not as impact-resistant as other materials, although it is more pleasant.
  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): Thermoplastic EVA is known for its resilience to impact and flexibility. Its capacity to absorb and disperse impact pressures and offer a comfortable fit makes it a popular option for gum shields.
  • Polyvinyl: Sometimes mouthguards are made of polyvinyl materials, including certain vinyl compounds. It provides a decent balance between toughness and flexibility.
  • Dual-Layered Laminate: Gum shields of superior quality have two layers, a softer inner layer for comfort and a harder outer layer for impact resistance. It offers structural support together with cushioning.
  • Hybrid Materials: Gum shields are made of different materials, such as an outer layer that is stiffer for impact protection and an interior layer that is softer for comfort.
  • Polyethylene: Another thermoplastic that is lightweight and has exceptional impact resistance is polyethylene. It is frequently applied to generic or entry-level gum shields.
  • Polyurethane: Polyurethane is a versatile polymer with high flexibility and durability. Polyurethane gum shields offer an excellent compromise between comfort and protection.

How is Gum Shield Performed?

Gum Shield is performed by following several steps to guarantee the patient has the best fit and protection. A patient in need of a gum shield initially gets a consultation with a dentist or other dental specialist. The dentist evaluates the patient's oral health, talks about any particular hobbies or sports participation, and decides whether a gum shield is necessary during the visit. The following step, if advised, is to take an impression of the patient's teeth. The imprints are used as a basis to create a personalised gum shield that closely matches the user's tooth structure.

The gum shield is made from materials, such as polyethylene, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), or other appropriate materials using the mould that was created from the imprints. The patient goes back to the dentist for a fitting session once the gum shield is prepared. The dentist checks if the gum shield fits comfortably and tightly during the appointment, facilitating speech and breathing while offering reliable protection.

Any necessary changes are performed to provide the best fit. Instructions on how to use, maintain, and clean the gum shield are given by the dentist. Periodic examinations are often suggested to evaluate the gum shield's state and handle any modifications to the person's oral hygiene or degree of activity. The whole process is made to be personalised, guaranteeing that the gum shield provides the user with the highest level of comfort and protection for their particular demands and activities.

Is Gum Shield Suitable for Me?

Gum Shield in Turkey Definition Importance Types Procedure and Advantages

Yes, Gum Shiles is suitable for you but depends on several factors, including activity, lifestyle, and oral health. A gum shield, sometimes referred to as a mouthguard, is appropriate for individuals who play sports or engage in other intense activities where there is a chance of suffering injury to their faces or teeth. Contact sports players in football, rugby, hockey, martial arts, and other sports benefit a lot from the protection that a gum shield provides. Gum shields are necessary for patients wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances to prevent oral injuries and lower the risk of harming their dental work. People who suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding benefit from custom-made gum shields to keep their teeth safe while they sleep.

A gum shield's suitability is typically assessed by consulting with a dentist or other dental specialist, who considers the patient's unique requirements, the type of activities they engage in, and any current oral health issues. The highest comfort and protection are provided by custom-fitted gum shields, which guarantee that they stay firmly in place throughout intense activity. The choice to wear a gum shield is determined by the circumstances of the individual and the potential risks related to their activities and way of life. A consultation with a dental practitioner gives personalised advice on whether a gum shield is appropriate for the individual's needs and which type is most beneficial.

How to Take Care of Gum Shield?

To take care of Gum Shield, there are steps to follow. A gum shield needs to be properly maintained to remain long-lasting, hygienic, and effective. The gum shield must first be thoroughly cleaned of any dirt or saliva right away after usage by rinsing it with cold water or a "non-alcoholic" mouthwash. Frequent cleaning is necessary, and keeping a fresh smell and preventing bacterial growth is easily achieved by gently brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Avoid using hot water when cleaning to avoid warping or damage to the material.

Placing the gum shield in a ventilated case while not in use prevents it from contamination and damage. The gum shield needs to be thoroughly cleaned regularly by soaking it in an antiseptic mouthwash or vinegar and water solution. The gum shield's form and durability are harmed by exposure to strong sunshine or extreme heat. Regular dental check-ups are advised to assess the quality of the gum shield and ensure that it continues to provide optimal protection. People must check for wear and tear on the gum shield and replace it when damaged or begins to deteriorate. Maintaining the gum shield's durability as a dependable and hygienic gadget for safeguarding oral health during different activities is made easier by following proper care guidelines.

How much does a Gum Shield Cost?

Gum Shield costs approximately £80 ($100) to £800 ($1,000) in other countries, more expensive than what Turkey offers. The kind of materials used in the gum shield, the degree of customisation necessary for a snug and comfortable fit, and any professional expenses related to dental procedures are some of the elements that affect the price. Premium materials are added to the price, examples are double-layered laminates and specialty polymers. The degree of customisation required relies on the particular body part, which is often the mouth. The total cost includes any extra treatments, modifications, or advice given by the dentist. It is advised that people speak with a dentist to learn more about the variables affecting the price of getting a gum shield tailored to their particular requirements and preferences.

How much does a Gum Shield Cost in Turkey?

The cost of Gum Shield in Turkey ranges from  £40 to more than £100. The costs are based on several factors, such as the type of gum shield, the materials used, and whether it is an over-the-counter or custom-fitted product. The price variance adjusts for the customisation process, the quality of materials used, and the dental professional's competence. The total price is influenced by the dental clinic's location and any related consultation costs. Higher-quality materials are more expensive, such as dual-layered laminates and specialty polymers.

The degree of customisation needed for a secure and comfortable fit depends on the body part in the issue, which is typically the oral cavity. Any operations performed by the dentist, such as corrections or consultations, add to the entire cost. People must speak with a dentist to find the best kind of gum shield for their needs and to receive an accurate quote based on their unique demands and preferences.

How much does a Gum Shield Cost in Antalya?

Gum Shield costs £50 in Antalya, Turkey, particularly at Myra Dental Centre. The cost is influenced by the materials used in the gum shield, the level of customisation, and any professional expenses related to dental procedures. Costs tend to go up for higher-quality materials, including dual-layered laminates or complex polymers. The level of customisation necessary for a tight and comfortable fit varies according to the particular body part, which is commonly the mouth cavity.

The total expense includes any extra treatments, modifications, or advice given by the dentist. People are encouraged to speak with a dentist in Antalya for an accurate estimate. Professionals evaluate their particular demands and provide a personalised cost breakdown based on the materials selected and the degree of customisation.

What are the differences between Transparent Braces and Gum Shields?

The differences between transparent Braces and Gum Shields are appearance, function, material composition, price, and patient comfort. Transparent braces are orthodontic devices used to straighten teeth and correct malocclusions. They are commonly referred to as clear aligners or invisible braces. Transparent braces are custom-made, translucent trays that progressively reposition teeth into the appropriate position over time. They are an attractive and functional alternative for clients seeking a covert orthodontic treatment.

Gum shields or mouthguards are protective devices designed to avoid harm during intense activities, especially in sports. A gum shield is a kind of device that covers the gums and teeth for protection. It protects the gums, lips, and teeth from clenching or grinding of the teeth, which is why it is termed a gum shield. They are often composed of soft, flexible materials and are tailored to fit an individual's teeth and gums. Gum shields operate as a cushion, absorbing and dispersing impact forces to lessen the risk of dental damage, fractures, and soft tissue injuries.

Gum Shield Frequently Asked Questions

We receive hundreds of emails every day for Gum Shield treatment in Turkey. We publish these questions asked by our guests with their answers. In this way, you will learn the answers to the curious questions for Gum shield treatment in Antalya. And here are the gum shield frequently asked questions:

Force is applied to ensure the movement of the teeth and therefore domination occurs during Gum shields application. This pain, which is felt when applied to the teeth for the first time, is not felt when adjusted after a certain time.
You will have checks once a month. You will receive 2 new transparent plates each time you check. These plaques are changed every 15 days.
Gum shields must be worn for approximately 20 hours in a day, and it is necessary to remove them while eating. You can only take 1-2 hours a day and rest.
You can drink normal temperature or cool drinks. Gum shields are thermoplastic so they can be deformed in heat.
It is not noticed that patients who have been treated have a gum shield in their mouths unless they say it themselves.
You may have some problems while getting used to the first days, but you will have no problems afterwards. You can remove it for a short time when you make a long speech.
It is cleaned twice a day with warm water using a toothbrush.
There will be no yellowing compared to someone who has never used cigarettes, and of course you will only replace it with 2 weeks apart.
Since computer technology is used, force is not applied to the area where motion is undesirable in the treatment of gum shield. Transparent plaque treatment time may be shorter than normal orthodontic treatment time, since it is used in mild to moderate intricacies. Patients who received gum shield treatment in the observed patients do not have any concerns about the end of treatment.
It is a cost-effective treatment compared to standard braces, as it has special features. But gum shield treatment in Turkey is very affordable.
Your inside and outside mouth photos, X-rays and 3D digital measurement taken by the mouth digital scanner (cad-cam) are transferred with a button. The 3D digital treatment plan is created by Orthodontic Experts within 3-4 days. In this invisible system consisting of aligner in removable series, each aligner is produced specially for your teeth.
Before treatment, oral care and all carious teeth and dental stones are essential. Depending on the condition of the patient, your doctor decides whether or not to pull your teeth 20 years old without gum shield treatment. Then the measurement is taken and the construction begins.
It is valid for all orthodontic treatments. After your treatment, very thin, invisible wires are attached to the inside of the teeth. These wires are attached to the teeth in order to prevent movement or return. Your orthodontist determines the duration of these wires.
Immediately inform your dentist if the gum shield is lost or broken. Your dentist will probably tell you to use the next plate. A few days after your doctor orders new plaque instead of the missing plaque, your renewed plaque will arrive to you.
There are alternative methods of many treatments in dental treatments. If the desired result cannot be obtained in the gum shield treatment, your orthodontic problem is advanced and if you are disturbed by the appearance of the brackets, the frequently preferred porcelain braces treatment can be applied as an alternative treatment. Since they are less pronounced than metal brackets, they provide a more aesthetic appearance throughout treatment. They are also known as transparent brackets. The dentist can apply the most suitable bracket option after performing your orthodontic examination.