Dental Treatment and Procedures in Turkey

Dental treatment in Turkey is becoming indispensable for Turkish and foreign patients living abroad. Myra Dental Turkey offers you professional dental treatments. Dental Procedures in Turkey and Dental Treatment in Turkey.
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Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Implants

Dental Implant

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Implants

Veneers Turkey

Veneers in Turkey are performed using many different techniques. Dental veneers Turkey prices are quite affordable.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Crowns / Veneers

Dental Crowns / Veneers

Dental crowns are also known to be a full Dental Veneer. They are also frequently used to restore dental implants and …

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - E.Max Dental Crowns / Veneers

E.Max Dental Crowns / Veneers

E.max© is made of ceramic, considered to be the best match with your own natural teeth, the crown is a tooth-like …

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

There are different choises to close a gap where a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing along the same row.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Laminate Veneers

Laminate Veneers

Porcelain is a non metal, inorganic material possessing glass like properties and resembling tooth enamel.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

If you want to have a much whiter smile in a short time, laser whitening is one of the fastest answer for your request.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Root Canal Operation

Root Canal Operation

If you have a very interior of the affected tooth, the pulp, dies and/or becomes infected, root canal treatment …

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

Enhancing your smile can dramatically rejuvenate your entire appearance. Most people don’t think of a smile makeover…

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - 3D Panoramic X-Ray

3D Panoramic X-Ray

In the case of implantological treatment, diagnostics has a decisive influence on the success of the treatment.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures

Great Aunt’s improper dentures which make clacking noise when he falls asleep after Sunday lunch.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Crowns in Turkey Premium Selections

Dental Crowns in Turkey Premium Selections

The Premium Crown selection that we have includes the smile design of the latest...

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Lumineers

Dental Lumineers

Because of being so thin the Dental Lumineers are often called dental shells. Dental Lumineers are perfect for asking a smile design...

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Dental Filling

Dental Filling

At Myra Dental Center, the teeth are only filled with the highest quality white composite materials.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring which is also known as Gum Reshaping, is a technique used to reshape the gum line.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Gum Shield

Gum Shield

Probably the most overlooked dental treatment is the humble Gum Shield or Night Guard.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays

When your teeth are broken, chipped or a cavity is present, Inlays and Onlays are used in order to restore them.

Myra Dental Centre Turkey - Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Modern anesthetics, modern technology and very effective local anesthetics make tooth extraction with the Myra Dental Center nothing...

Dental treatment and procedures in Turkey produce more alternative dental services. The dental treatment and procedures in Turkey involve check-ups, cleanings, and fillings to more interventions, involving orthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. Cosmetic dentistry operation is often done to boost the aesthetic qualities of a person’s smile, such as veneers, teeth whitening, and smile makeovers.

A dental implant is another usual dental treatment in Turkey that makes it easy to restore lost teeth with functional and aesthetically pleasing substitutes. Using the current technology and adherence to international standards guarantees that procedures are successful and safe. Dental treatment packages provide patients from abroad with a comprehensive and convenient experience by combining procedures with other assistance, including lodging, transportation, and travel help.

Using cutting-edge worldwide scientific methods and a team of highly skilled professionals, Turkish dental services provide patients with solutions that go above and beyond their expectations. Its primary goals are to raise public awareness of health issues, let people express themselves in a way that is harmonious with their identities, and eventually unite art and health. Turkey offers several dentistry services. Every dental operation pertains to dentistry and oral health.

Turkey continues to attract individuals searching for not just first-rate dental care but a distinctive fusion of healthcare and tourism too. Considering skilled and multilingual dental experts, low-cost, and friendly environment. Patients are free to ask for a private dental treatment price list from any dental clinic or hospital. Turkish dental care is becoming important to Turkey and overseas patients, who are missing teeth or who want dental care to prioritise finding quick, efficient solutions in the Turkish dental market.

What Are the Dental Treatment Options in Turkey?

Dental Treatment and Procedures in Turkey

The dental treatment options in Turkey are listed below.

  • Veneers: Veneers are porcelain or composite resin shells that are custom-made to cover the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance and correct problems, involving chipping, discolouration, or irregular forms.
  • Dental Crowns: Dental crowns are restorative and protective prostheses that are used to strengthen and enhance the appearance of teeth that are weak or damaged.
  • Dental Bridges: Dental bridges are fixed prosthetics that fill in the gap left by lost teeth by securing replacement teeth to nearby teeth or dental implants.
  • Dental Lumineers: Dental Lumineers are a type of ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain materials used to improve the teeth’s appearance without requiring major tooth reduction.
  • Dental Laminates: Thin shells called dental laminates improve the appearance of teeth's front surfaces.
  • Dental Filling: Dental fillings are used to repair and restore teeth that are damaged by cavities or minor disorders.
  • Inlays/Onlays: Custom-made dental restorations, called inlays and onlays, are used to fix broken or decaying teeth. Onlays cover one or more cusps, while inlays fit inside the tooth cusps.
  • Gum Shield: A mouthguard, sometimes referred to as a gum shield, is a piece of equipment used to protect the teeth during sports or as a remedy for conditions, such as bruxism, or tooth grinding.
  • Cosmetic Dentures: Removable prosthetic devices, called cosmetic dentures, are made to restore lost teeth while enhancing the smile's appearance.
  • Digital Smile Makeover: A computer-assisted procedure, referred to as a "digital smile makeover," involves a dentist or technician digitally enhancing and changing a patient's smile to see potential cosmetic changes in advance.
  • Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental technique in which bleaching agents or other methods are utilised to lighten and eliminate stains from teeth, resulting in a whiter and brighter smile.
  • Scale and Polish: Scale and polish removes plaque and tartar on teeth and cleanses the tooth surfaces enhancing facial appearance and oral health.

Why is Dental Treatment Popular in Turkey?

The reasons why dental treatment is popular in Turkey are listed below.

  • Cost: Dental procedures in Turkey are affordable compared to many Western nations, which makes it an economical choice for anyone without full insurance coverage or looking for less expensive options.
  • Location: The nation's advantageous location as a bridge connecting Europe and Asia makes it simple for patients to go there.
  • High-Quality Dental Services: The availability of knowledgeable and skilled dentists, who often complete the studies and training at recognized universities around the world, is an essential factor. Dental professionals use cutting-edge technologies and adhere to global standards to guarantee patients receive the best care.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: Turkey is a special place for people to combine travel and dental treatment due to its ancient landmarks, rich cultural legacy, and friendly people.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey?

Dental Treatment and Procedures in Turkey

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey creates an appealing and aesthetically pleasant smile. Treatments range from relatively easy procedures to more extensive interventions. Cosmetic dentistry, known as “aesthetic dentistry,” works to make a person's teeth, gums, and smile look better. Dental veneers or laminates are often used in Turkey to cover flaws in the teeth, orthodontic treatments, including braces or clear aligners are used to straighten teeth and enhance the smile's symmetry, and teeth whitening is a common treatment in aesthetic dentistry. Crowns and dental implants are explored as part of cosmetic dentistry to flawlessly restore missing or damaged teeth.

Turkey is famous for its dental tourism, and cosmetic dentistry there frequently offers competitively priced, high-quality care to foreign patients looking for excellent, but economical price and aesthetic dental solutions. Expert dentists in Turkey use state-of-the-art tools and supplies to offer an extensive range of cosmetic treatments that improve patients' oral hygiene. Turkey's broad approach to aesthetic dentistry places an extreme value on giving individualised cures, accounting for individual preferences, and producing outcomes that not solely result in an appealing smile but boost patient satisfaction levels too.

What are Aesthetic Dental Treatments in Turkey?

The different aesthetic dental treatments in Turkey are listed below.

  • Root Canal Therapy: A dental procedure utilised to keep a tooth with a harmed pulp is root canal therapy. It includes getting out the pulp, internal cleansing and disinfection, filling and sealing the tooth, and maintaining the original tooth to avoid extraction.
  • Tooth Restoration: A process of restoring damaged or compromised teeth with dental operations, such as veneers, crowns, bridges, or fillings. Restoring the tooth to its original strength, function, and appearance is the primary objective.
  • Routine Cleanings: Routine dental cleanings are preventive procedures dentists perform every six months to remove plaque and tartar on teeth and gums, promote oral hygiene, and enhance general dental health.

What are Dental Services in Turkey?

Dental Treatment and Procedures in Turkey

The dental services in Turkey are listed below.

  • 3D Tomography: 3D tomography is a dental imaging procedure that produces three-dimensional images of the teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures to aid in diagnosis.
  • 3D Panoramic X-Ray: An imaging method, called a 3D panoramic X-ray, helps with diagnosis and treatment planning by giving a thorough three-dimensional picture of the complete mouth and jaw structure.
  • Dental Check-ups and Cleanings: Routine evaluations to evaluate oral health is a must. Professional cleaning of teeth is to get rid of tartar and plaque.
  • Teeth Whitening: Whitening and brightening treatments for teeth, either in-office or at home.
  • Fillings: Cavity treatments include extracting decayed tooth material and using composite resin or amalgam to fill the space.
  • Crowns and Bridges: Crowns are used to restore and protect teeth that are weak or broken. Bridges are prosthetics that attach to neighbouring natural teeth to replace missing teeth.
  • Dentures: Prosthetic teeth that are removable and used to replace lost teeth.
  • Braces and Orthodontic Treatments: Conventional braces are for realignment correction. Consider Invisalign or other clear aligner systems for orthodontic treatment that is more discreet.
  • Root Canal Treatment: The excision of diseased or damaged pulp from a tooth's root canal, frequently preventing the tooth from needing to be extracted.
  • Tooth Extractions: Removal of a tooth or teeth, especially wisdom teeth.
  • Dental Implants: Artificial tooth roots or implants are surgically placed to support prosthetic teeth.
  • Dental Veneers: Tiny shells that are applied to the front of teeth to enhance their appearance, the shells are often used to correct minor misalignments or discolourations.
  • Dental Bonding: The application of a resin that matches the colour of the tooth to improve or repair it.
  • Smile Makeover: A thorough cosmetic procedure that addresses every facet of the smile's look.
  • Gum Disease Treatment: Scaling and root planing are procedures used to treat gum disease and preserve gum health.
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Treatment: A treatment of conditions involving the jaw joint and related muscles.
  • Oral Surgeries: A variety of surgical operations, such as jaw, gum, and teeth extractions.
  • Paediatric Dentistry: The paediatric dentistry with a focus on prevention, education, and treatment.
  • Sedation Dentistry: Methods for calming down nervous or scared individuals before or during dental work.
  • Emergency Dental Care: Prompt care for dental emergencies, including severe toothaches, shattered teeth, and other crises.

What are the Dental Service Packages Offered in Turkey?

The dental service packages offered in Turkey differ based on what the dental clinics or hospitals offer to patients. For example, the package at Myra Dental Centre, involves consultation and check-ups, Panoramic X-ray (2D scan), Volumetric Tomography (3D scan), transport services, an English-speaking translator 24/7, and pink aesthetic. The transport services include complimentary transportation between the hotel and the clinic for every visit and pick-up and drop-off at the airport. The pink aesthetic involves a complimentary gum design with a crown procedure.

What are Dental Procedures in Turkey?

The dental procedures in Turkey are listed below.

  • Dental Implant: Dental implants are man-made tooth roots that are surgically implanted in the jawbone to support prosthetic teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.
  • Dental Root Canal: A dental root canal is a technique that removes diseased or inflamed tooth pulp and fills the gap with a biocompatible material to relieve pain and preserve the integrity of the tooth.
  • Tooth Extraction: Extracting a tooth from its socket in the jawbone is a surgical process used to remove a tooth that is seriously decaying, injured, or dangerous.
  • Gum Contouring: The goal of gum contouring, sometimes called gum reshaping, is to improve the appearance of the gum line and provide a more symmetrical smile by removing or reshaping extra gum tissue.
  • Sinus Lifting: A surgical operation, called sinus lifting, is used to expand the volume of bone in the upper jaw, which makes it easy for dental implants to be placed successfully.
  • Dental Facelifts: A combination of dental and cosmetic operations, known as a “dental facelift,” is used to improve a patient's bite, facial proportions, and dental aesthetics.

What are the Dental Prices in Turkey?

The dental prices in Turkey depend on the type of dental treatment a patient requires. For example in Myra Dental Centre, dental procedures start at £50 up to £850, from simple extraction of teeth to Titanium dental Implant. Additional services, including 3D tomography and 3D panoramic X-rays, cost around £13 (€15) to £9 (€10). Turkey offers cheaper dental pricing, which attracts more patients searching for superior dental care at a lower rate. The nation's dental treatments are economical, particularly due to the competitive foreign exchange rate and reduced operational rates. The usual treatments including veneers, teeth whitening, and dental implants are cheaper than in most countries in the West.

Turkey's dental care is well known for its high quality, reasonable prices, and accessibility to certified dental specialists. The country has emerged as a leading dental tourism destination, attracting visitors seeking a range of dental treatments, such as oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative work. Turkish dental offices often have state-of-the-art setups with cutting-edge equipment, offering patients complete and cutting-edge dental care. Turkish dentists have a reputation for their skill, multilingualism, and patient-centred philosophy, which guarantees that foreign patients are at ease and receive exceptional care during their dental treatment. Individuals considering dental treatment must conduct a thorough research and select popular businesses with experienced specialists to assure high-quality care and a great holistic experience.

The quality of care is not compromised by the low cost of dental treatments. Modern facilities with cutting-edge technology and skilled dental specialists are what patients need to anticipate. Clients are appreciated and budgeted for the total price of their dental care because of the clear pricing structures and extensive treatment plans that clinics or hospitals offer. Potential patients interested in getting dental work done must look for reliable facilities that give high-quality service at reasonable rates. The country is a desirable tourist spot for people needing economical and perfect dental care due to the aggressive dental treatment costs in Turkey and its offerings.

What are the Dental Clinics and Hospitals in Antalya?

The dental clinics and hospitals in Antalya are listed below.

  • Myra Dental Centre: The Myra Dental Centre uses premium materials sourced from around the globe to provide affordable dental procedures in Turkey. It makes use of in-clinic CAD/CAM milling machines, smile design software, and soft tissue lasers.
  • Sevil Dental Clinic: The goal of Sevil Dental Clinic is to provide patients with a healthy, attractive smile through accurate diagnosis, planning, and treatment of oral and dental health. Skilled dental professionals provide post-operative care, vacation packages, lodging, transit services, and reasonably priced procedures
  • Dental Centre Turkey: Dental Centre Turkey in Antalya, Turkey, provides precise diagnosis and individualised treatment plans using cutting-edge technology, such as smile design software, CEREC digital imprint equipment, and soft tissue lasers.
  • Attelia Dental Clinic: Over 40,000 domestic and foreign patients have received dental care at the Attelia Dental Clinic in Antalya, Turkey, since 1996. The dental clinic offers dental implants, smile design, laser teeth whitening, zirconium coating, and orthodontics using modern technology and innovative equipment.
  • Cayra Clinic: Advanced dental care is provided by the Cayra Clinic in Antalya, Turkey, which uses laser therapy to treat various dental diseases in addition to digital implant planning software.
  • Dental Excellence: A well-established dental practise in Antalya, Turkey, known as Dental Excellence, provides top-notch care in a welcoming setting. It is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, such as CAD/CAM machines and digital X-rays.

Why should you prefer Dental in Turkey?

Dental Treatment and Procedures in Turkey

You should prefer dental treatments in Turkey compared to other countries because of lower-cost dental treatments and materials than the United States and Western Europe due to low clinical expenses, low dentist salaries, and state-funded health policy. Treatment plans do not cover laboratory and assistance fees in Turkey, however, charges are expressed in Turkish Lira. Foreign currencies that are traded at higher rates than the Turkish lira include the Euro, US dollar, and Canadian dollar. Turkey offers dental surgery at a much lower cost than the UK, USA, and Europe, even if complex procedures, such as sinus lifts and bone graft insertion are needed. The same quality is provided at lower rates with the same procedures, which normally cost between 2000 and 1500 euros in America.

Choosing Turkey over other nations for dental care has grown in popularity for several reasons. The most important factor is the availability of reasonably priced, top-notch dental care. Turkey is home to innovative dental clinics with the newest technology and knowledgeable staff members who frequently win awards for their accomplishments on a global scale. Turkey offers dental care at much lower prices than many Western nations, which appeals to people looking for excellent care without going over budget.

The nation's well-established dental tourism infrastructure guarantees an easy experience for patients from other countries, including help with language barriers, lodging, and transportation. Turkey's attraction is further enhanced by its advantageous location as a bridge connecting Europe and Asia. Patients have the chance to discover Turkey's breathtaking scenery and rich cultural legacy in addition to receiving first-rate dental care. Turkey's status as a top choice for people looking for high-quality dental care in an affordable, culturally diverse setting is further strengthened by its priority on patient happiness, individualised care, and the wide variety of aesthetic and restorative dentistry procedures offered.

What are the Advantages of Dental in Turkey?

The advantages of dental treatment in Turkey are listed below.

  • English-Speaking Dentists and Staff: The Turkish dental teams have strong English and Arabic language skills. Patients simply speak with their dentist and explain any of their problems or goals immediately.
  • Innovative Facilities and Technology: Turkey's dental facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. The nation offers a wide range of dental services, such as implants, cosmetic dentistry, and oral operations, keeping up with technological breakthroughs in the field.
  • Affordable Price: The cost-benefit is one of the main reasons for selecting Turkey for dental care. The price is less expensive compared to Western countries. It opens up access to dental care for a larger group of people, including patients without full insurance coverage.
  • Dental Professionals: Turkey is home to many highly qualified dental professionals who pursue their studies and training at internationally renowned universities. Effective communication with overseas patients is ensured by the fluency of many Turkish dentists in English and other languages. The focus on training and education aids in upholding the highest standards of dental care.
  • Tourism Opportunities: Turkey's unique geographical location and extensive cultural legacy offer a fantastic venue for integrating dental care with travel. Patients are allowed to explore historical places, gorgeous landscapes, and thriving cities before or after their dental procedures, making their visit more holistic and pleasurable.

Dental in Turkey FAQ

We have compiled frequently asked questions about dental in Turkey. You can learn everything you wonder about dental surgeries in Turkey from this guide in question and answer format. Let’s get started!

Treatment quality is not related to the country of treatment. Dental clinics in Turkey is to ensure that high-tech equipment with the careful and painstaking work and get after your treatment will be given to you in writing by a lifetime warranty for the implant treatment, other treatment covers the period of guarantee that clinical specify.
Once your treatment is completed, the dental clinic in Antalya gives you a 5-year warranty on porcelain treatments for a lifetime of implants. You can call the clinic and request support and assistance. Of course, you can apply to any dentist you want during this time or afterwards for a fee. In this way, small problems can be solved quickly.
Although it may seem a little more costly than other dental treatment methods, it is seen that the fee is not that much considering the comfort and function in the following years. Although it seems more appropriate to build a bridge when teeth deficiency is considered, implant is one of the most comfortable and useful methods in case of losing teeth in the future or when the porcelain needs to be renewed. Because this is not the case with the implant. After the dental implant is done, oral health is taken into consideration and if the teeth are taken care of, the titanium screw remains fixed, only the porcelain on top may need to be replaced. Briefly considered in the long term dental implants in Turkey is the most cost-effective and reasonable method.
Various types of anesthesia can be applied dental surgeries in Turkey depending on your preference. The first is local anesthesia, numbing the relevant area. The second is sedation, you are partially conscious. The third is general anesthesia, your consciousness will disappear completely for a temporary period, and you will not remember the operation.
Clean your dentures daily with soap and water using a standard toothbrush or a special dentures toothbrush. If you use toothpaste or solutions specifically formulated for prosthetic dental systems, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Always clean your prosthetic teeth over a bowl in case they slip from your hands. Never use chemicals such as bleach or boiling water to clean your dentures. If you are using partial dentures, brush your remaining natural teeth thoroughly, as the prosthesis acts as an anchor for the tooth and is more likely to suffer decay. Even if you use full dentures, do not neglect regular checkups by regular dentists.
Zirconium began to replace metal porcelain with advancing technology. Now unnatural porcelain veneers caused by metal infrastructures and black shade close to the gums have disappeared thanks to zirconium. However, zirconium is mostly used to make bridges where teeth are missing. If one tooth is to be made or too many teeth are to be made one by one, full aesthetic crowns designed and shaped with pressed porcelain or computer technology are recommended instead of zirconium. This porcelain can provide a more natural image. It is often used in dental applications in Turkey.
Keep the sterile gauze firmly pressed on the tooth removed for at least 15-20 minutes. After removing this buffer, do not place a second buffer. Because this tampon will never be sterile. In addition, each time the clot on the wound will stick to this buffer and prevent the bleeding from stopping. Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 24 hours if possible. Otherwise, you will prevent the formation of blood clots that will heal after the shooting and delay the healing of the shooting wound. You may bleed as a leak. This bleeding can continue for a period of 6 to 24 hours. Don't be alarmed by the fact that blood is too much to bleed because of the way it paints your saliva. Call your doctor if you bleed a lot. You might be in pain. In this case you can take painkillers. Aspirin-derived painkillers increase bleeding. This is why it is not recommended after tooth extraction. Pain reaches its highest level, especially when your lethargy passes. This is a normal condition and it will be helpful to take painkillers before going into drowsiness.
Implant surgery is a more controlled procedure than many surgical procedures performed in the mouth. It is an extremely comfortable application when performed in a sterile environment by well-planned and experienced physicians. The procedure averages 10-15 minutes per implant. When applied under local anesthesia, it is no different from any dental treatment.
ou can have the safest dental treatment in the world in Turkey. Your treatment will continue until you are satisfied. Transactions are guaranteed and provide satisfaction. Every year thousands of people benefit from dental in Turkey. The success rate is 100% and the quality of service provided is above the standards. You will not experience the slightest security weakness during the treatment process and while visiting Turkey, and you will complete your treatment safely.

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