E.Max Dental Crowns / Veneers

Teeth that are damaged or broken. Crowns can be sculptured to bind your existing teeth and close the gaps.

If you’re considering ways to restore your teeth and enhance your smile, then you have a great option with dental crowns in Turkey


The premium crown selection we prefer includes the cutting edge smile technology, making us to copy the design of you are going for or create a custom made design in which you have full control over the final result.

  • Period: 1 - 5 Day(s)
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E.max© is made of ceramic, considered to be the best match with your own natural teeth, the crown is a tooth-like cap that helps to restore the beauty and function of teeth that are partially damaged but not badly enough to warrant complete replacement. 

E.max© allow us to amend the shape of your tooth completely. 

Crowns can be sculptured to bind your existing teeth and close the gaps. E.max© is fabricated aesthetically to reflect like natural teeth, and mimic the shape, colour and size of the teeth surrounding and also protect your tooth underneath, preserving your own tooth for a long time and also provides you a smile with in every shade including Hollywood white. If you need only a single E.max©, our dental team can also apply shading, therefore you’re the new crown is in conformity with surrounding teeth. In this situation, it is not possible to notice which is the crown or your natural teeth.

After your consultation, we make E.max© crowns in our own dental clinic with CAD CAM Tech. We create your new smile design on the CAD CAM Computer System and you have a chance to see the design and request for changes according to your choise of tooth or smile shape. If you want you can give us a reference picture of a smile that you wish to have, we are able to copy the design you want. If you are not sure which design you want, our dental team have a plenty of experience and is able to create a custom made design that suits your mouth and facial shape perfectly. In your happiness with your tooth and smile design, our technicians get to work on crafting your E.max© crowns.

We have our own dental ceramic studio fully equipped with all required technology providing opportunity us to make your crowns in our own clinic by using related software and the best CAD CAM machine that mills the E.max© crowns, therefore without need for an outsource laboratory to complete any phase of the procedure, saving you time and money. Also we would proudly inform you that if you just need a few crowns which can be completed in a single day.

By the reason of the brand name and CAD DAM technology, in your home country you see high prices. Myra Dental Clinic, as a professional aim, would like to make available and reasonably priced premium dentistry brands like E.max© for every patient of ours.

In the 5 days period for the treatment is expected that you can have 3 appointments to fulfill your dental crowns for smile design. And patients usually prefer 7 days minimum to get treatment for 5 days except the flight arrival and departure days.

Any products such as whitening products or cosmetic dentistry, do not work on teeth whitening for your dental crowns. In the case of maintaining good oral hygiene, it will take many years to discolour for your E.max© crowns. Even if you are smoking, it will still take many years to the shade to be darken.

We have a vita colour shade card including 30 tooth colours which called universal tooth shading system. Known as BL1 and Hollywood white (the whitest one available in the world.) can be applied. We have all opportunities that available on universal colour range, such as Hollowood white to natural white to yellow and even brown. The most popular colours are Hollywood white and natural white. Within your consultation, we discuss with you about your choise to make you have the perfect matched colour with your eye, skin, hair colour, and other facial details.

Your all treatment including cosmetic treatments such as dental crowns with smile design is effected with local anesthetic which numbs the related area. Therefore you will not feel the treatment.

On your first appointment, you will get a full consultation in our clinic, including tomographic X-Ray to check the teeth under your gum line. After this consultation we will make any required preparations. If required, we will provide you temporary teeth. Therefore there is no need to hesitate this treatment will affect your daily life till you return a few days later for trial fitting. At following appointment we will check if the adjustments need to be made or not before your final appointment. On the final appointment, your new dental crowns will be placed into area. If there is a need for further adjustment, this will be done in the next 24 hours.

Any finance plans including monthly payments can not be provided for our patients.

At Myra Dental Clinic we believe in patient satisfaction, in this sense we arrange everything upon your availability; just let us know which dates you want to have your appointment with our dental team or ask us for arranging your holiday for you. If it’s your first visit to Turkey, before we organise your whole dental holiday at your request. We arrange everything including; your first quotation for your flight tickets and hotel along with bring you to our dental clinic to get your treatment and bring back you to your hotel again. Our aim is to make your dental holiday comfortable and make your treatment easy for you – as we already have for many patients from all around the World till now.

Please note that we do not get your credit or debit card details on the phone, for this reason we are not able to book the flights in behalf of you.

If you want us to arrange your accommodation in Antalya, we have connections lots of great hotels including boutique to luxury 5 stars and all-inclusive resorts changing upon budget to budget. Upon you request, we can make your reservations for your hotel, then you will pay after arrival. Also we would like to inform you that we do not get any commissions for any of travel services we give. Therefore payments are made directly to related company upon your arrival by yourself.

Zirconium or full ceramic materials, reinforced special porcelain without metal framework provides perfect aesthetic and biological harmony. While empresses are used in the front area due to their superior light permeability and natural appearance, zirconiums and full ceramics (emax, celtra duo, vita suprinity and cerec bloks) are preferred when there are aesthetic and high resistance demands.

Full ceramics crowns/ veneers and zirconium crowns are both aesthetic dentistry practices. Just as the light permeability of zirconium is higher than that of porcelain crowns, the light transmittance of Emax crowns is higher than that of zirconium crowns. Therefore, when Emax crowns are applied, a more natural and aesthetic image is obtained. Zirconium crowns are more durable than Emax crowns. In cases where there is a lack of more than one tooth, zirconium bridge dentures are applied because Emax bridges cannot be applied due to their fragility.

Compared to highly translusent full ceramics (Emax), zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate full ceramics (Celtra Duo, vita suprinity) exhibit a more opaque appearance.The main determining factor here is material thickness and surface property.

Lithium silicate ceramics reinforced with lithium disilicate and zirconia show sufficient aesthetic appearance with their mechanical properties and this results in improved structural integrity. Furthermore, high strength full ceramics can be used with sufficient mechanical and optical properties such as improved marginal fit in ultraince restorations (thickness of less than 0.5 mm). Because of its durability and versatility, CAD/CAM glass ceramic lithium and zirconium disilikat-powered lithium silicate ceramic blocks, inlays, partial and full crowns, implant rests, such as the restoration of numerous types of fixed partial dentures and the 3 unite bridges can be used in the production of.

Emax veneers may have gray reflections depending on the mechanical properties of the material during restoration. However, veneers produced using celtra duo are produced in a predetermined color and no color reflection is observed from the natural tooth. In addition, celtra duo material is easier to adjust color when other teeth in the mouth are healthy. With two different types of hardness, it can be used safely both in the front and back region. In the vita suprinity, an orange color is reflected from the bottom of the restoration over time. celtra duo is more durable than both materials. Because the zirconium in its content is uniformly distributed in the material.

In crowns, shaving is done from the all surface of the tooth. In laminate cases, only the front surfaces of the teeth are shaved also, in some cases, shaving is not necessary.

Dental veneers are used to cover the teeth with certain materials and bridges. This is done for functional or aesthetic purposes. If it is not done for aesthetic purposes, it can be used in many procedures related to tooth decay, broken tooth filling, tooth extraction and treatment of cavities in the mouth and, in short, tooth correction. Dental veneers, which are the most important building blocks of preventive dentistry, are made for functional purposes.; if there is a lack of teeth, this area cannot be treated with implants, the right and left teeth are reduced within certain principles and the bridge process is done. This is a coating process. If there is a lot of material loss or very large fractures and abrasions on the teeth, it can be covered by taking measures to protect and strengthen the function of the teeth again. These coating operations can be performed for aesthetic purposes as mentioned. If there are severe problems in the form of excessive discoloration of the teeth or in this case can also be covered. In this case, different techniques are applied according to the case.

With this method, the poor appearance in the front area of the teeth is corrected and an aesthetic image is created. Other treatment options include spotting, crooked and disproportionate teeth, and correction operations can be done. In this process, the method of treatment that we do bonding process consists of ceramic materials and will give the patient a beautiful aesthetic appearance. It is an advanced method that can be used in order not to disrupt the aesthetic appearance of the tooth. Laminate veneers show similar characteristics with dental structure.

Zirconium is a good material, but it is not suitable for porcelain that can stick to the tooth surface, such as porcelain laminate. It can only be applied as a crown, even if it is applied to the front teeth opaque that is saturated in terms of light transmission infrastructure makes it aesthetically disadvantageous alongside other materials. Porcelain laminates use ceramic materials with very high light permeability, which allows us to achieve an image very close to the natural image of the real tooth.

E.Max (emax formerly also had an empress version), materials known for the Vita and Dentsply Sirona brands are the most popular porcelain laminate veneer materials for today. Your dentist will decide which of these will be the most suitable material for you.

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