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Dental Treatment Guarantee in Turkey

100% patient satisfaction and quality promise!

Patient Satisfaction

100% patient satisfaction and quality promise!

We believe in our high quality standards and will not let our patients down even after completing the treatment!

In accordance with our guarantee conditions, we assume all costs incurred for the necessary repair or new production of the dental prosthesis, including travel expenses up to 200 € and 3 days of your accommodation, for the duration of your treatment, in our partner hotel.

Duration of guarantee for each treatment:

  • Straumann implant treatment: Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Alfa Gate implant treatment: 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • E.Max and Zirconium Dental crowns and bridges: 5 years (except temporaries)
  • Laminate Veneer: 5 years (except temporaries)
  • Inlays / Onlays: 3 years (except temporaries)
  • Fillings: 1 year
  • Teeth whitening: 1 year
  • Dental Guarantee:

The guarantee for the dental treatment provided by MYRA Dental Clinic is confirmed. In the case of Dental Crowns / Laminate Veneers, this warranty is valid for a period of 5 years from the completion of dental treatment. In the case of a need for corrective or remedial action, this will be provided in the clinic free of charge. It is a state of warranty that annual check-ups of dental treatment will be performed by a qualified dentist, using a panoramic X-ray (if necessary, a copy of it must be provided to the MYRA dental clinic). Any dental treatment, without the knowledge or explicit consent of the MYRA Dental Clinic or its agents, which interferes with or may affect the integrity of the dental treatment in our clinic by another dental clinic, will be left to us without warranty of any kind.

The warranty is void or limited under the following circumstances:

  • Neglected oral hygiene
  • Failure to follow medical instructions (do not wear a full denture while sleeping)
  • Natural tooth wear (removal of teeth) and gum decline
  • Natural degradation of the periodontium (jawbone shrinkage)
  • Untreated temporomandibular dysfunction (temporomandibular joint syndrome)
  • Greater weight loss or weight gain in a short time
  • Accidental injury such as dropping the denture or implant prosthesis etc.
  • Inappropriate treatment of dentures (tooth splint with teeth grinding)
  • Non-compliance with the necessary inspection dates
  • Treatment by foreign dentists
  • Existence of a general condition that has adverse effects

Excluded from warranty are:

  • Temporaries in dentistry (Immediate Prosthesis as temporary provisional prosthesis)
  • Material incompatibility or a resulting metal allergy
  • Denture cleaning with alcohol, scouring agent, dishwashing detergent etc.
  • Treatment of inflammations of all kinds as well as unexpected root treatments after crowns or bridge treatment (tooth preparation trauma, which requires a subsequent root canal treatment).
  • Treatment services without prior consultation with the dental clinic.
  • Aftertreatments such as removing a suture after surgery or relining a prosthesis to better hold the denture due to jaw loss or tumor retraction are not part of the warranty.
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