Dental Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to dental treatment questions that comes to your mind regarding your dental health treatment(s), or ask directly to us from the phone number given below.

The length of time you will need to stay depends on the dental treatment you’ll undertake. For implants you will need to travel twice in a period of 3 months and the each visit you make will only take 5 days. Other dental treatments such as veneers, crowns, dentures, root canal and teeth whitening may take place over a few days. As soon as we have agreed on the treatment plan, we will advise you how long your procedure is likely to take and how many visits you may require.

Dental Implants Prices in Turkey are significantly lower than those in other countries and United Kingdom. The main reason for this; the cost of living, running a dental clinic and wages are much lower in Turkey. Therefore, we can offer you the best materials (Strauman Implants and E.Max Veneers for impant treatments) along with the best service of our well-recognized and well-experienced dentists for your dental operations with much lower prices.

If you decide your treatment will be done in Turkey, you’ll find that significant savings can be made very easily. In the Europe countries, the average price out-of-pocket is about £2698. Savings vary depending on your dental treatment and the method of payment. As a rule of thumb your savings will range between 50 to 70% compared to Europe countries prices. There are no hidden costs.

Turkish dentists are highly qualified and are obliged to fulfill the same regulatory obligations as their colleagues in the Europe countries.

We just don’t follow the latest trends and technologies, we also provide them to our patients in our clinic. Therefore, we only use the highest quality materials and implant brands such as Straumann, Bicon, Alfa Gate which are all manufactured in Switzerland, Germany and the USA and comes with min. 10 years max life time guarantee.

Even though, it is very rare for a dental operations to fail, but as with any medical or dental procedure it is also possible. We are very confident about the quality of service after giving treatment to over thousand people in the past 12 years. Therefore, all of our dental treatments fully guaranteed and we guarantee that if you face any problems, we will be happy to resolve them free of charge.

Flight Selection : Antalya is the tourism capital of Turkey and each year almost 15 million tourists visit Antalya. Therefore, you have wide variety of airlines and prices to choose according to your budged. The price of a flight ticket from London to Antalya, usually starts at £130. We recommend you to use SkyScanner to compare all the prices from different airlines and to get the best bargain possible for your flight tickets.

Hotel Selections : Antalya is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort, where there are many 5 Star hotels all around the city looking forward to accommodating you. There are some closer city hotels to our clinic. You can either select those closer hotels or other five star hotels. We can recommend you few hotels depends on your budget.

Transfer Option : Myra Dental Clinic handles all of your transportations between your hotel and clinic during your stay here with us.


All dental treatments are performed under local anesthesia, by our skill-full dentists, who take the outmost care of our patients. There might be some discomfort and bruising depending on the individual situation. After certain major procedures, such as dental implants, the patient might be advised to use common painkillers for maximum comfort.

There is no better way to cope with our fears than talk about them. Talk to us and we will take the time to discuss with you your anxieties. Often patients relax once their treatment is thoroughly explained to them and their questions answered. For others a friendly smile and a warm welcome are enough. Dental phobia is a common situation and we are very experienced in dealing with nervous patients.

Please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp-or-Viber : +90 543 938 3350 and we will be happy to answer all of your answers.

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