Are you put to sleep for dental implants?

You must be ready for dental implants. İt is possible for put to sleep in dental implant operation. General anaesthesia is called “put to sleep” in daily conversations. When general anaesthesia (put to sleep) is applied, the patient loses consciousness and sleeps. But this is not a night of normal sleep. Consciousness has been lost and the functioning of many organs of the body has also changed. In this case, the anesthesiologist controls the organs of the body’s functioning and makes the necessary treatments for them. “Narcosis “is a term from earlier periods; it refers to the state of” deep sleep“.

In addition to the dental implant treatment, we do not prefer general put to sleep except in necessary and mandatory situations. The main reasons for this include the following factors.

General anaesthesia is a method of sedation treatment compared to local anaesthesia can experience much greater complications. If the patient and the physician are willing to take this risk, general anaesthesia should be preferred. The majority of dental implant applications are short-term operations and with local anaesthesia, the patient can survive the operation without feeling any pain, just because “I am afraid of pain” or “I am very irritable, I can’t stand to see blood” problems such as general anaesthesia to be directed to the patient, it is not right to treat by putting him to sleep. Dental implant treatment is a routine and widely performed treatment and can be done without being put to sleep. Today, many people receive dental implant treatment without being put to sleep. A Dental implant is a small piece of tissue that is attached to the tooth. In terms of short-term pain and pain that can be experienced after implant treatment, there is no additional advantage of having surgery performed with general anaesthesia, that is, by sleeping. İn fact, the patient cannot perform his / her breathing during sleep. Breathing is provided with specific and specially prepared intubation instruments.

A dental implant or other dental treatments with general put to sleep is a very expensive application because there is special equipment required. The presence of an anesthesiologist (anesthesiologist) is essential for the application of general anaesthesia. This is a very sensitive process. Also, all kinds of instruments, devices, materials for the installation of the general anaesthesia unit, etc. His presence is very important. If all these things are taken into account, it can be seen that the dental implant application with put to sleep increases the cost of the dental implant application, which is already an expensive form of treatment.

Dental implant treatment is possible when insufficient bone areas are transformed into sufficient bone area for dental implant application using several advanced surgical techniques and operations.

In today’s dentistry, in many cases, the dental implant procedure in the same session with sinus lifting and bone expansion, operations, transplantation, bone and connective tissue, and so on the procedures to place the dental implant regions with good implementation allows the artificial tooth to be conducive to inappropriate and toothless mouths. Therefore, all the necessary procedures can be provided in one session.

When the dental implant is made, the main treatment way is local anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is preferred in heavy surgery affecting the whole body. In this case, the patient is completely knocked out. Generally, patients with fear prefer put to sleep. However, this condition is not recommended by any doctor. Because the patient’s waking process is a risk in itself.

Anesthesiologist with a fully equipped hospital environment is essential for put to sleep. These conditions will make dental implant treatment more expensive. Therefore, painless dental implant surgery under general anaesthesia is an unnecessary and cost-free method.

This should not mean that put to sleep will not be performed at all. This method is rarely used in extreme cases which are a medical necessity. The risks of general anaesthesia, such as fear of blood or treatment, are insufficient.

Patients go into surgery without feeling pain. But the process of waking up from anaesthesia is also painful. This process can be said to be almost identical to the process experienced after the passing of local anaesthesia. There will be some pain after the operation. But it’s a process that can be overcome with painkillers. 

Having a dental implant with a general put to sleep requires you to stay in the hospital before and after general anaesthesia. Stop eating and drinking 8 hours before surgery unless otherwise indicated.

If you have old examinations, please bring them to our dental centre. Bring your routine medication with you by listing the dose. If you feel angry, hot on the day and one day before the surgery, consult your doctor. On the day of surgery, you can take your blood pressure (blood pressure), heart, antireflux (stomach) medication unless your doctor tells you otherwise. These drugs should be taken with a small amount of water at least two hours in advance, taking into account the fluid consumption hours before surgery are required. If you have diabetes, do not take your oral diabetes medication on the day of surgery. If insulin pump if using, bring with you an extra insulin reservoir and set. In Myra Dental Centre Turkey we will help you in every step.

It is normal to be tired and sleepy for a while after anaesthesia. This condition may grow longer depending on the type of anaesthesia applied and the drugs being given, there is no need to worry. 

How long after surgery and what kind of food can be taken varies depending on the surgical procedure. The dentist will be informed about this. If you are going home on the day of your surgery, you should go with a relative and not be alone the first night. Smoking and alcohol use in the first 24 hours after anaesthesia, active traffic, industrial machinery is not appropriate to use. Drugs used every day should continue to be used in the same order unless told otherwise.

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